Climbs 130 – Rocktype Gritstone – Altitude 300m a.s.l – Faces all

Crag features
Roundhill is part of what Tony Barley intended to share with the climbing community as "Wild Bouldering II".

An extensive boulder field high on Ilton Moor. Very pleasant on a Summer’s day, but can feel very exposed in rough weather. There are many excellent lower grade problems, but there are some real test pieces, particularly on the Roman Walls.

Great for families, all bilberries and no ferns. Nice and flat. Yorkshire’s answer to the child-friendly bouldering in Derbyshire’s Burbage Valley.

A download is availiable on the Leeds Wall Website. This is published in memory of Tony Barley and has the full backing of his family.

Access notes
From Lofthouse, turn off the Healy road at the bottom of the hill once the reservoirs come into view. Drive down the single-track road and park considerately near the dam of Roundhill Reservoir (SE 153 773). If travelling from Masham via Healy: cross the bridge over the Leighton Reservoir inlet, and after a few hundred metres take the single track road on the left. There is a spot for a small car at the end of the dam; if you aren’t first you’ll have to walk a little further. Walk up hill from the end of the dam towards a five bar gate in the wall; after this follow the path uphill and cross a curious stepped green metal gate. From here continue along the straight moorland path until the boulders are reached. About half a km.

Temporary access restrictions are posted on a sign at the head of the dam. The boulders are on access land under current CRoW arrangements, but you have to cross some non-access land, so please stick to the foot paths.

YMC Yorkshire Gritstone Vol 1 (2012)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2ScrabbleV1 4
3ScribbleV2 5
4Right of RibV1 7
5Top Pocket finishV1 ***11
6Head BangerV2 5
7BackbreakerV2 *4
8Little Step StartV2 8
9Two Pocket WallV0 **14
10Left of RibV1 9
11Hewn PocketVB 12
12Twin ScoopV0- 12
13FlutingsVB 13
15Wall PocketV0- 11
16Little Top PocketV0- 10
17Bigger Top PocketV0- 10
18Left of Arkte PocketV0+ 10
19Arkte PocketV1 9
20The True Bum StartV2 7
21Right Arkte PocketV1 8
22RipplesV0 9
23All PocketsV1 3
25GraspV1 21
26GripV0+ 27
27Billy-No-Matsf5+ 14
28GutsV1 **20
29GnatV0 *26
30KnottV0 23
31KnitV1 *18
32Nose SpanV2 *20
33KnottyV0 *25
34Team Sowden Traversef6A *3
36Kings of Northumbria Overmantelf6B **1
37Middle Lipf6C 1
38Right Endf6C 2
40Roof Centralf4+  
41Roof Aretef4+  
42Left Flakesf4+ 1
43Major Flakesf5 1
44JacobV0- 8
45Jacob SittingV1 6
46RamesesV0+ 11
47AbdullahV1 8
48Tribal Wars SDV4 **9
49JonahV1 13
50JugsV0- 16
51Pair of EyesV0- 18
52High JugV0- 16
53The ScoopV0 4c 3
54Right FaceV0- 14
55Prepare For Pumpf5 *2
57Off Big Flake SDnone 1
58MusgrovelV1 4
59RollerballV2 **5
60Little GruntV0 4
61Roof 1 SDf6A 1
62Roof 2 SDf6A 2
63Huge Block Arete SDnone  
64Fangy MouthV3 *1
65Fangy Mouth SDnone * 
66CrackV0- 9
68SinistraV2 1
69Left of Rib SDf6C  
70Right of Rib SDf6B 3
71Good EnoughV0 8
72Tiny CornerV7  
73Jumping LeftV6 3
74Trends RightV6 1
75SenatorV1 13
76Senator SDf6A 7
77Gladiator's Aretenone  
78GladiatorV1 ***11
79Gladiator SDf6A+ 4
80AhenobarbusV3 **10
81Wall Directf6C **5
82SlaveV2 4
83AreteV1 11
84Top Traversenone  
85Middle Traversef7A *** 
87AreteV1 16
88Arete Eliminate (sit start)f5+ **5
89WallV0+ 6
90OverhangV0+ *5
91Scoop WallV0+ 3
92Wall and RibV1 2
93Scoop DirectV0+ 2
94Left Aretenone 2
95Right Aretenone 1
97Strictlyf6A 1
98Pinch Slapf5 1
99Freedomf5+ 1
100Velcro Crabf6C  
102South AreteV1 9
103East Finger WallV1 4
104Lower WallV1 5
105Tiny Wallf5 4
106Finger Holds Traversef6A  
108AreteV0- 8
109Right of ScoopV0- 6
110Top PocketV0- 7
111Left of CrackV0 9
112Tiny PocketV1 *8
113Large Pocket FinishV1 8
114Blunt AreteV1 *6
115Right StepV1 5
116Scoop it LeftV1 6
117Scoop it RightV1 6
118Wall AreteV1 5
119Steve Rhodes' Warm Upf4+ *4
121Genuinely EasyV0- 12
122Weather WindowV1 *9
123Use the CornerV1 **9
124Eliminate the CornerV2 7
125Corner ClimbV0- 11
126DynoV1 11
127Very Squeezed InV2 7
128Looks HarderV1 5
130Opening Wallf4 3
131Severusf5 *3
132Snake Flakef4 3
133Boulder 1 Traversef5+ 2
135Converger If5+ 4
136Converger IIf6A 2
137Bulbousf5+ 2
138Many Holdsf5+ 4
139Mega Traversef5+ 1
141To Hornf5+ 3
142Pompey Moonf6A 3
143Tough's Aretef3 3
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There is no access agreement about parking - the boulders themselves are on access land and a footpath leads to them. It might be wise to park on the main road and walk down the little road to the dam. I never had any problems parking near the dam and other people, walkers etc, also park there. However, if more people are climbing here, it might be causing concern. I'll pass this on the Gritstone Access Rep, but a sensible position for now would be to park further away and enjoy the slightly longer walk.
John Hunt - 07/Sep/10
I seems that there are some acess problems brewing here concerning car parking. Last night I was asked by the person who lives in the house near the dam not to drive up the road as described in the access notes and not to park anywhere beside the approach road. He was reasonable but adamant that there was no access agreement as described and maintained that Yorkshire Water and the farmer of the land were strongly against car access but pedestrian access was fine. If anyone has new information or can clarify the arrangements this would be welcome.
balnakiel - 07/Sep/10
Yes you are right about this boulder field, a great place, great problems and fantastic location. Myself and a group of mates first bouldered here in 2005, we documented and photographed most of the problems that appear on the Leeds wall site. I shall post some of the photo's here when i dig them out! - Robin Warden
Robin Warden - 18/Jan/10
A topo is availiable at:
John Hunt - 28/Nov/09