Climbs 115
Rocktype Gritstone
Altitude 400m a.s.l
Faces SW

Sunset at Windgather Rocks © Jake

Crag features

A beginner-friendly crag amply provided with square-cut jugs and picnic spots. Good quality, well travelled gritstone. Generally easy, slabby climbs popular with beginners and outdoor groups. Belays can be awkward to arrange.

Most routes are approx 9m high and in the lower grades. Obviously very popular on summer weekends. Most rewarding climbs are High Buttress Arete (D), Missippi Crack (S 4a), Green Crack (S 4a), North Buttress arete Direct (VS 4c) and Portfolio (HVS 5b).

Approach notes

From Kettleshulme Village (SJ 988797) on the Whaley Bridge - Macclesfield Rd (A5002) turn left near the Bull's Head (signposted Goyt Valley). The rocks are on the left after 1 mile.


Western Grit

The 2009 edition of the award-winning guidebook to Staffordshire, Kinder, Bleaklow, Chew, Lancashire and Cheshire areas covered with photo-topos and descriptions.
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Well worth a visit its a great crag with lots of lower grade climbs you just need to be carfull setting up belays at the top as there are no stakes
Derek.cttn - 19/Apr/15
Soloed all the rockfax routes today except 'portfolio' which I roped up for! Great little crag
Deezel65 - 12/Jul/14
Great crag, with climbs for everyone, superb location. Shame about some peoples parking efforts. (Using both sides of the road so that larger traffic cannot pass )
Dan_M_MCR - 07/Oct/13
Ticked the crag in a morning ..very enjoyable !
mux - 22/Jun/13
Christmas Buttress topo at
rockman - 16/Jun/12
Here is an editable topo of the "Two Nose Buttress" at the far left of the crag - just before the path up to the top.
rockman - 15/Jun/12
There are some hi-res images of this crag I took ages ago for the fun of it. Hope they are of interest to anyone thinking of going.
eonuk - 31/May/12
I went to Windgather for the first time this morning and discovered that the overhang in the gully of Overhanging Arete has collapsed. Some of it is at the bottom of the crag and some of it is still in the gully. The stability of this is unknown, please be careful.
Mark Collins - 30/Oct/11
Perfect for an evening chill out. Or the 'gather 30, 30 routes < 90minutes. That's actually a good workout and all below VS.
ColinD - 27/Sep/11
Tick the whole crag in a day. Superb training for long alpine routes.
A Crook - 31/Aug/11
excellent little crag, loads of routes and great if you want to just practise leading and setting up belays anchors (which is a little awkward on some places), overall easy access and some great climbing.
mlmatt - 04/Apr/07
if you plan to just boulder, go far left on the crag, plenty of tricky problems and its unpolished rock, fairly quiet aswell.
Mr Wild - 12/Dec/05
14 routes in one hour, including south butress arete direct!
Andrew Emery - 08/Oct/04
A great little crag, unusually (for grit) it abounds with juggy holds, with very little jamming, so it's ideal for visiting with those climbers who are always moaning about jamming cracks (you know who you are ;)
Nick Smith - 12/Jul/04
Easy crag for starters. If you plan on top-roping take some gear with you as there is only one stake and very few natural anchors. Good fun and confidence builder.
tsunamisurfer - 10/Aug/03
Buttress 1 is left of South Buttress, not Christmas Buttress as implied.
Paul J - 01/Apr/03
Obviously, as the name suggests, the wind gets very fierce here sometimes. The climbs are very satisfying though, as are the views. A fun climb to try is to traverse the entire length of the wingather rocks, this takes a while and has a few slighlty tricky sections, and numerous routes!
Will Cannon - 11/Dec/02
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
2PointVB 11
3EZE WallVB 16
4EZE CrackVB 15
5GunnVS 5a *15
6AsideD 2 20
7BulgeVS 5a *13
8Slant CrackD 16
9Peter GunnHS 4b 10
10Cave LeftV0- 16
11Pure CracklingV1 *16
12MidwayV1 *12
14Papgather arÍteV0- 13
15Left Quarry CrackVB 5
16North Bay CrackV2 *5
17North Quarry Right CrackV0- 7
19Nigel PleaseVB 16
20Arete and crackV0- 16
21Pwon Fri RiV2 19
22Wrinkled left crackV0 17
23Wrinkled right crackV0- 18
24SlabbaV0+ 16
25Wrinkled groove areteVB 16
27HexenV5 6
28GrooveV4 10
29Rib DirectV3 3
30PocketV3 5
31EdgeV3 6
32Windgather BopV4 8
33Smooth WallV4 4
34Bay WallS 4a *80
35Bay Wall DirectVS 4c *19
36Christmas NoseVS 5a 37
37Red Nose RouteD 47
38Christmas AreteHS 4b 63
39Christmas SlabVS 5a *37
40PlayVB 15
41Two FingersV0- 10
42Wackgather BulgeV2 *17
 North Buttress 
44Girdle TraverseS 4b 28
45The RibVS 5a 440
46The Rib Right-handHVD 4a 627
47The StaircaseM *1088
48Green SlabS 4b *653
49Black SlabHVD *628
50Green CrackS 4a **1170
51North Buttress Arete DirectVS 5a **726
52North Buttress AreteHVD 4a 706
53Chimney and CrackVD 631
54Heather ButtressD 576
 Middle Buttress 
56Taller OverhangVS 5a 345
57Small WallS 4b 810
58Small Wall AreteVB 14
59The Other CornerM 536
60PortfolioHVS 5b *859
61Wall Climb VariationHS 4b 77
62Wall ClimbHVD *1156
63The Slant StartHVD 477
64Central RouteS 4a *808
65Chockstone ChimneyD *1351
66Mississippi CrackS 4a **1686
67Mississippi Crack VariantVD **209
68The MedicineHS 4a *712
69Middle Buttress AreteVD *890
 High Buttress 
71Bulging AreteS 4a 546
72The CornerD 997
73ZigzagD *439
74Toe NailVD *979
75FootprintVD *651
76Nose DirectHVD **879
77DirectorVS 4c *670
78High Buttress Arete DirectHVD *248
79High Buttress AreteD **1932
80Heather FaceHVD *558
81Broken CracksHD 74
82Rib and SlabM 614
 Buttress Two 
84Buttress Two GullyM *782
85Not CricketHVD 49
86Leg StumpD *782
87Middle and LegD *932
88CentreHVD 3c *920
89Squashed FingerHVD *760
90StruggleVS 4c 557
91Corner CrackVD *1146
92Face upHS 4b 14
93Aged Crack Alternative StartVD 63
94Aged CrackS 4a *1075
95TraditionalHS 4a *910
96Broken Groove AreteHS 4b *109
97Broken GrooveD *922
98CheekVS 5a 286
 Buttress One 
100Face Route 2D 650
101Face Route 1HVD *632
102First's AreteVD *723
103Side FaceS 4a 618
 South Buttress 
105Overhanging AreteVD 374
106Leg UpVS 4b 314
107Route 2VS 4b 529
108Route 1.5HVS 4c *350
109Editor's NoteVS 5a *258
110South Buttress Arete DirectE1 5b 306
111Route 1 superdirectE1 5a *24
112Route 1 - Left hand variationVS 4c 34
113Route 1 - Right hand variationHVS 5a 48
114Route 1HS 4a 412
115South CrackD *634
116W.H.FaceS 4a 8
117Left Triplet CrackM 538
118Middle Triplet CrackS 4a 459
119Right Triplet CrackS 4a 439
120Overlapping WallS 4a 383
121GrooveM 231
122Discontinuous Rib and GrooveM 64
123Instep *S 4a 5
124Less Bulging Arete *VD 2
125Break with Tradition *VS 4b 1
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