Cratcliffe Tor

Climbs 228 – Rocktype Gritstone – Altitude 220m a.s.l – Faces SE

Crag features
A superb, quick-drying outcrop of excellent quality grit up to 30m high. An ideal early year venue on a sunny day. Remove the cobwebs with the marvellous Suicide Wall (HVS 5a 5a), Tom Thumb (E2 5b) and the very fine E2 5c's Fern Hill and Five Finger Exercise. You could also push the top grades by an ascent of 'The Groove' (E9/10 7a). Fine, open bouldering at the top of the crag.

Access notes
Since the vandalism Feb 2013 ( please be vary weary of the boulder problems with chipping - The exposed core in incredibly soft. It's going to take years to recover.

Limited roadside parking below the crag on the B5056 (SK 228618). Follow the track leading to the left of the Tor. To maintain access you MUST NOT take a short cut through the farm or across the field. A stile opposite Robin Hood's Stride allows access to the wood left of the Tor.
Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

Eastern Grit (2015), Peak Bouldering (2014), Peak District: Bouldering (2011), Froggatt to Black Rocks (2010), Peak District : Climbing (2008), Eastern Grit (2006) (2006), On Peak Rock (2003), Peak Climbs - Chatsworth (1996),
Out of print: Peak District: Bouldering (2004), Peak Gritstone East (2001), Peak Bouldering - Fax09 (1998), Bouldering in the Peak District Vol 1 (1994), Rock climbs in the Peak - Derwent valley (1981)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
3Middle SlabV0- 4c 108
4Middle Slab RightV1 5c 62
5Look at Me!f7A+ *42
6Look RightV0+ 5b 104
7Look Right - Sit Startf7A 32
8Look Right Eliminatef7A 8
10Razor Aretef7A *26
11Razor Rooff6C *492
12RZA rooff7A+ ***53
13RZA roof RH finishf7B 6
14Razor Traverse Reversef7A 2
15Cave WallV3 *230
17Slab in the Middlef5+  
18Crimpsf5 1
19The Blobf7A  
20Green Lipped Musclef7C 1
21Thrutch Overf6C  
22Blob Overf6C  
24Low Slab LHf5 2
25Low Slab Archf5 2
26Low Slab Middlef4 2
27Low Slab Traversef5+ 3
28Low Slab RHf6A 2
31Christmas Shoppingf7A+ 6b  
32The SquirmV0+ 5b 270
33Scoop AreteV0 4c 261
34Chips SlabV0 5a 89
35Leg PressV0 4c 18
36Scoopf3+ 253
38Top RibV2 5c **260
39Left AreteV3 6a *133
40Flake ProblemV0- 4c 207
42Bob MantelV1 5c 35
43Blob MantelV1 5c 49
44Wall Right of Blob MantelV0- 4c 15
46Hidden AreteV1 5b 58
47Hidden Arete With TraverseV2 5c 11
48Suicide BummerV3 6a **10
50Junior Flake (sit-start)V0 5a 6
51Junior FlakeV0- 4c 110
52Junior AreteV0+ 5a 99
53Junior SlabV0 5a 133
54Junior ChipsV0- 4a 43
55Back SlabV0- 55
57Last Aretef6B **31
58Last Arete - Standing StartV0 5a 54
59Through MantelV4 6a 13
60Lip SlapV5 6b 29
61Johnny's GrooveV4 72
62Foot TicklerV0 5a 73
63Right SlabV0 5a 83
65Easy SlabV0- 4b 89
66Pink SlabV0- 4a 343
67Pink AreteV0- 4c 324
68Pink Slab RightV1 5c 225
69Pink Slab Right - With ChipsV0 4c 85
70Pink Slab Right - No AreteV3 6a 69
72Blind Pocket Rib - Left EscapeV1 5c 28
73Blind Pocket RibV2 5c 212
74Blind Pocket WallV1 5c 226
75Blind Pocket AreteV2 5c 188
76Blind Pocket TraverseV2 25
78The RompV0 5a 15
79The RampV0- 4c 176
80The Ramp - Without HandsV3 *27
81The Ramp Trending RightV0- 4a 21
84Left Egg AreteV0- 4b 77
85Left EggV2 163
86Eggy ScoopsV0+ 5a 243
87Egg Arete Leftf5 5c 34
88Egg Aretef6A+ *230
89Eggs is EggsV8 *6
90Eggs is Eggs - Easier Startf7A 36
91Egged OnV2 5c 80
92Scrambled Eggsf6A+ *3
94T Crackf7B ***124
95Mr Tf7B 1
96T Crack Slabf6C 1
98Slopey Green Traversef6C+ 2
99Green slopey traversef6C 18
101Little Robinf5 *51
102The Larkf7A **69
103Optimistic MegV4 6b 7
104Jerry's Traversef7B ***94
107Serpicof6C *11
108Shunting Biscuitsf7A+ *1
109Munching Biscuitsf5 2
110Tim's Flutef5+ 3
111Marc's Schemef5+ 2
112Les and Lenf5 4
113Sam's Gamef4 1
115Divertedf3+ 1
116Convertedf7B ** 
117Oatibix Flakef3+ 3
119Low Slungf7A *33
120Lower Slungf7C  
122Tit Traversef7A *6
125KilroyE1 5c  
126Creeping FriendE5 6b  
127Burning BuddhistE4 5c  
128Tomorrow's WomenE4 6b  
129The Nemesis ExitHVS 5b *8
130Hermit's Cave Traversef6B ***62
131The FenceV0 5a 29
132The BishopV3 6b 20
133Chip and ThinV1 5b 36
134Hermitage RibV2 6a *10
135Hermitage GrooveS 5a 13
136Sleight of HandE4 6a 3
137Hermitage CrackVS 5a *21
138Hermitage Hand JamV0+ 5a 18
139Problem 32f6B  
140Problem 33f6B  
141Hermitage ChimneyM 15
142Reticent Mass MurdererE4 6b ***8
143GenocideE6 6c ***8
144Tom ThumbE2 5c **74
145Enigma VariationsE5 6a *2
146Giant's StaircaseHVS 5a *118
147Giants ChimneyM 3
148NoperuE4 6a *1
149Magic BeansV5 6b 4
150BeanstalkE2 5c **114
152Amphitheatre CrackM 6
153Bramble GrooveVS 4b 18
154Bramley's TraverseHS 4b 2
155Oblique ChimneyVD *25
156Darren Hawkins' Invisible NeckE4 5c  
157Elliott's UnconquerableHVS 5a *78
158Mephistopheles ExitHVS 5a * 
159Elliott's Right-handE1 5c 13
160Hey Turkey NeckE2 5c 4
161Weston's ChimneyVD 31
162Big Trianglef6B  
164Boot HillE3 5c ***134
165Trick or TreatE3 5c **1
166300 Pounds of Musclin Manf7C+ 2
167Percy's CornflakeV7 2
168The GrooveE9 7b *** 
169NutcrackerE2 5c **5
170Fern Hill IndirectE4 5c ***15
171Fern HillE2 5c ***329
172Owl GullyVD *117
173Tiger TraverseE2 5b *15
174Nettle WineE4 6b ***13
175Five Finger ExerciseE2 5c ***319
176Liquid AssetsE4 6b *1
178Pleasant Streetf7A  
179Bower Route 1HS 4b *129
180Direct StartVS 4c *2
181RenaissanceE2 6a *2
182RequiemE3 6a ***48
183Bailey BridgeE2 5c 8
184The Long Distance RunnelE5 6c **2
185Suicide WallHVS 5b ***658
186Suicide Wall DirectE1 5c **2
187The Children's HouseE5 6c **3
188Stihl LifeE5 6a **2
189Oak Tree ChimneyVD 22
190SepulchraveHVS 5a **91
191MordauntE2 5b ***24
192Savage MessiahE2 5c **109
194Stretch LimoE5 6b *2
195North ClimbS 4a *76
196The Little GreenieE2 6a 1
197Niche DirectVS 4c *11
198Oak Tree GullyM 2
199Pinchers' Wallf7A+ **1
200North WallVD *11
201Jimmy's CrackHVS 5b *59
202Invasion of the Cider Women Directf7A ***7
203Invasion of the Cider WomenE4 6c 1
204Samantha MuesliE3 6a  
205Oi Grimer!E1 5b 2
206Rocky's RevivalVS 4c *2
207Whose Line Is It Anyway?HVS 5a **1
210Chess BoxerE6 6c **1
211Bagu Yaguf7B **1
212GrimoireE6 6c **6
213Bonfire of the Manateesf7A *1
215Sparrow/My Best Friend the Water Melonf7C  
216Sparrow Right Wingf7B  
217Thigh Masterf6C+  
219The Archf6C+ *3
220Arch Aretef6A  
222Brian's Private Aretef7B *7
223Little AreteV3  
227Brain Deadf6C *59
228Skin DeepV7  
230QuercusE4 6b *1
231Slot Ladderf6A 3
232Edgucationf6A+ 4
234Percy's Startf6C+ *2
235House of the Holeyf7C **1
236Chapel of Restf7A+ *21
237Wishf7A+ *42
238No Huecof6C+ *28
240Soaperstitionf6B 6
241Soap Dogerf6B *4
243Seventy-Twof6C *15
24472 Cratcliffe *f7A ***1
245Seventy-Two Directf7B *2
246P Crackf7B *4
248Brother Lee LoveV8  
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Left my lovely green Rab pullover fleece here. If anyone has spotted it a private message and possible pick-up location would be greatly appreciated :D
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