Climbs 91
Rocktype Limestone
Altitude 310m a.s.l
Faces S

An evening of climbing © Wendy14

Crag features

A delightful, open mini-edge around 6m high. Along with Rainster Rocks offers a unique experience of climbing on dolomitic limestone, a highly pocketed, juggy rock. Super soloing or family picnic venue in summer (if you can zone out the factory noise). Nothing too hard except the short but sharp VSs, and if you don't like polish... Best routes are Steeple Arete (VD), Trident Arete (HD) and Creased Wall (VS 4c). Other strange shaped pinnacles in the area to explore and some low grade bouldering on both tiers. Breezy and therefore midge-free and quick-drying.

Approach notes

From Longcliffe (SK 227557) on the B5056 head south for Brassington. After 3/4 mile turn left and in a similar distance the edge will be seen on the left. Follow footpath which starts just after the 'Brickworks'.

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Polished... Polished... Polished! What else can be said.
Jordanh031 - 21/Apr/14
Parking is realy close to the rock just a bit right of the quarry as a warning though if you go in the week the quarry is realy noisy so best to wait till the weekend. from the carpark area (suitable for about five cars) its a short walk to the rocks. The rocks themself are realy nice to climb and there realy is something for all the family. Theres plenty of places for protection while climbing and when you get to the top more than enough to setup a few top ropes and let them get on with it.
ophielle - 17/Jun/11
Great little crag once you zone out the (noisy) factory below. Giant holds abound and natural protection appears relatively reliable for a limestone venue. Polish was present in places but was considerably better than somewhere like Hutton Roof. I'll be back
davidparkinson - 22/Feb/11
Was I having a good day after a long time on the grit or is the whole crag undergraded?
fenclimb - 06/Jul/05
Very cute place, pity about the factory below. Best boulder problem is the obvious smooth wall some yards left of Creased Wall - fingery V2-ish direct up the centre.
Fiend1 - 14/Jan/05
Climbing here is great - lots to do, some good routes with interesting things to hang off and an excellent place to learn to set belays, lead etc. But dont expect a peaceful 'get away from it all' experience as the Brickworks emits a steady stream of earsplitting noise! Arghhhhhhh!
Patrick Carmichael - 12/Sep/04
According to the OS maps, this crag is spelt Harboro Rocks. Popoular with groups.
Paul - 17/Apr/03
the guide book refers to two rusting water tanks when it talks about how to find the cave at the lefh hand edge. These are no longer there. But the whole area isnt that big if you follow the footpath up to the edge and walk a few meters to the left the cave is very easy to find
annie - 13/Apr/02
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 The Steeple 
2Introductory WallD 377
3Cave ChimneyS 4a 142
4Gobbler's RoofE7 6c * 
5Skylight ChimneyVD *145
6Cave Buttress AreteD 41
7Cave crackVD 89
8Overhang Wall DirectVD *56
9Overhanging Wall VariantVD **587
10Overhanging WallS 4b **390
11Overhanging Chimney DirectS 4a **304
12Overhanging Chimney IndirectVD 173
13PocketsS 4c 299
14CracksHVS 5b 147
15JugVS 5a *390
16Jug Right-handf4+ *42
17Pedestal CrackS 4a *562
18Concave WallHVD 4a *440
19Steeple AreteVD *653
20Arachnidnone 6a/b 10
21Spider ChimneyHVD 3c *213
22Unknown 4HS 4c *21
23Harborough CrackHS 4b *177
24Orange Peelnone 5c 8
25Little AreteD 421
26Useful Gully Aretef4 *26
27Bow RidgeVD 351
28Bow CornerHVD 291
29Bow-Shaped WallVS 5a 226
30Suzannes shoulderMS 4a 13
 Creased Wall 
32Bow AreteD 438
33Bow Arete Rightf4 57
34Pocketed wall 1f3 21
35Pocketed Wall 2f3+ 25
36Pocketed Wall 3f3 22
37Pocketed Wall 4f3 *23
38Thin AirVS 4b *371
39Creased WallHVS 5a **259
40Crinkle CrackHS 4b *361
41Steep RidgeVD *573
42Little GullyD 308
43Adderley's RouteD 236
44The FurrowS 4b 220
 Trident Buttress 
46The BlasterHVS 5b 232
47Little DiagonalVD 244
48Little CornerVD 252
49Little CrackS 4b *347
50Little WallVS 4b 39
51Little Little CrackVD 298
52Little ChimneyM 273
53Chimney AreteVD 263
54Scooped WallVD 282
55Scooped DirectHVS 5a 39
56 BecE1 5b *21
57DesperationS 4a 218
58 Leesey PeasyS 4a 9
59Trident FaceVD *535
60Trident EliminateHS 4b *428
61Trident GrooveVD *621
62Trident AreteVD *780
63Trident ObverseD 212
 The Arete 
65Shortyf4+ 71
66Mantel Wallf4 79
67Cracked WallHVS 5b 179
68 Unknown1HS 4b 10
69Overhanging CrackVS 5a 249
70Unknown2VD 12
71The AreteS 4a *507
72BlinkersVS 5a *238
73Legs OverVS 4b *306
 Lower Tier boulder problems 
75Left Bulgef5+ 78
76Right Bulgef5 *86
77Cracked Aretef3 87
78Slab Wallf5 **80
79Flake Mantelf3 87
80Cod Eye Wallf5+ **70
81Cod BellyV0+ 10
82GroovyV0- *4
83Groove Aretef4+ *17
84Sharp Bulgef5 64
85Flake Sitter Leftf4 79
86Flake Sitterf4+ 67
87Final Wallf3 65
 Unknown Problems and Routes 
89Dudley *
V2 *1
90The Arete (Harborough Rocks)
S 4a 5
91Cristiana Swing
S 4a  
 Little Buttress 
93Pockets Traversef5+ 1
94Noodle's AreteV2 1
95Noodle's WallV4 1
96Bulge Traverse *V3 1
97The missing link *V6 **1
98The Arete (Direct Start) *S 4b 1
* Climbs listed in red are waiting to be checked by a crag moderator, and may not be accurate.

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