Climbs 574 – Rocktype Granite – Altitude 1m a.s.l – Faces W

Crag features
Lies off the Devon coast (and is officially part of Devon, but we think of it more as a place in its own right).

Info on rocktype, and crags, welcome.

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Access notes
For details on accommodation, sailing times of the ferry and camping, contact The Landmark Trust, Shottesbrooke, Maidenhead, Berks SL6 3SW or call 01628 825 925

Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

South West Climbs Volume 2 (2014), Lundy (2008)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
3Silver StoneVD 2
4Wright Hand RibS 4a 3
5Anna's AreteD 2
6The SickleVS 4b 3
8The Washing MachineVD  
9First BloodS 7
10ClementineVD 5
11JustineS 4a 58
12Alexandria AreteVS 4b 4
13Laurence DuracellHS 4a 4
14CleaHS 4a *57
15Mount OliveVD 28
16Bitter LemonsS 4a 19
17Sour GrapesHS 17
18The Dark LabyrinthS 4a 2
22Satan's Second ChoiceVS 4b *1
23Rubber LegsVS 1
25The KilnHVS (td) 4
26Flashing into the DarkHVS 5a  
27The End of the WorldE4 5b  
28The Exorcist (Devil's Limekiln)E3 5b ***12
29LoosiferE6 5c  
30The AntichristE6 6a ** 
33Messin' with the KidE3 5b  
34Focal FaceVS 4b  
35LuciferHVS 5a  
36Ulysses FactorHVS *55
37Of Myth and LegendE4 6a  
38AtlasE5 6b ** 
39OlympicaE5 6a ***9
40Wild CountryE4 5c ** 
41Golden GateE4 6a ***8
42The Great DivideE3 5b ***4
45UmbgoziE3 5b  
46Mirage OasisE3 5b  
47WodwoE2 5b *1
48ApsaraHVS 4c  
49Astral TravellerE4 5c * 
50NavigatorE3 5c ** 
52HookaHVS 4c  
53The Good Ship LollipopE1 5a  
54Montagu PythonE1 5a  
55The Queen's GambitE1 5b  
56VerdictE1 5a  
57A Dose of NoroS 4a 1
58Built to DestroyHVS 4c  
59SalvagedE2 5c * 
60Cable and WirelessHVS 5a 1
61Cable WayS 4a *43
62Montagu's HarrierE4 6a * 
63It's Hartland Point, Sir!E2 5c  
64SparkyVS 4b 2
65SundanceHS 4a 5
66Flash DanceVS 5a *3
67Pocket BattleshipE1 5b *4
68Jack AdcockVD  
69Flight of the ValkyrieVS 5a  
70Gollum's RevengeVS 4c  
71Uncle MontyVD  
72Black BeardVS 4c  
73Chequered Sports Shorts of YesteryearVS 4c 1
74StriderS 4a  
75Ferdia's NemesisE2 5c **1
76Deep GoatE1 5b  
77Goats on the WingE2 5b *1
78Easy Come, Easy GoatE2 5c * 
79The Yuppiefication of Lundy IslandE3 5c * 
80AristotelisE2 5b **2
81ShagtasticE2 5b **4
82Duelling BanjosE3 5c * 
83Celtic ShieldVS 5a  
85Atlantic RejectVS 5a  
86Irish RouletteHS 4a  
87CorbettD 6
88Harry-HS 4a 9
89SueS 4a 4
90SweepD 5
91Sooty and the SheepVS 4c 4
92Quay Hole CornerVD *19
93NewquayHS 4a 21
94Quay WestHS 4a *27
96SaffronE2 5c *6
97AsafoetidaE1 5b **44
98AlbacoreHVS 5a **43
99Lady in WhiteHVS 5a 2
100SamboHVS 5a *4
101Blue JauntE3 5c *1
102My Life in my HandsE6 6a **1
103The Colour of LifeE6 6b ***1
104Emergency Ward TenE6 6b ***3
105Intensive Scare (Intensive Care)E7 6b **1
106Mexico SpeaksE7 6c ***1
107Mayan SkiesE7 6b ***1
108MetamorphosisE5 6b ** 
109Golden OldiesVS 4c 5
110Team Keen's Excellent AdventureHVS 5a  
111Sunset WallE2 6a  
112Bleed for SpeedE2 5c **2
113Ark of the CovenentE6 6b ***1
114Voyage of the AcolyteE6 6b ***1
115The Dog's BollocksE6 6b ***2
116Knees UpVS 4c 1
117SexcrimeHVS 4c 3
119Venus FlytrapE2 5c ***56
120Silent StormE5 6b *2
121Midnight HourE4 6a **7
122Wolfman JackE3 5c ***74
123An American Werewolf on LundyE6 6b ** 
124AlplessE6 6a **1
125Scorched EarthE2 5c **20
126The Black HandVS 4c **68
127Beam UpE2 5b **1
128EclipseVS 4b ***112
129Eclipse Right HandHVS 5a 1
130Occidental GrooveHS 4b 21
132Gulf StreamHVS 4c 5
133Hot RodVS 4c *56
134The Indy 500E1 5b ***207
135Nigel MansellE4 6a 2
136Formula OneHVS 5a ***224
137The Wacky RacesE4 5c  
138The Italian JobE3 5c *14
139Le MansE5 6b **12
140Kyalami CaperE3 5c 2
141Al's AreteE1 5b  
142Spider Blood PumpE4 6b  
143ScrabbleHVS 5b 2
144Naughty but NiceE3 5c  
145IceE3 6a **64
146I ScreamE6 6b  
147Road RunnerVS 4c **116
148Wile E CoyoteE3 5c  
149CentaurHVS 5b **70
150A Wiggy Trip on JugsHVS 5b *8
151Loose LivingVS 4b  
152Wet 'n' WildHVS 5b  
153Wall Street ShuffleHVS 5a  
154Small is BeautifulE5 6b  
155Dreaming of St Katherine'sE3 5c  
156Toni's Little Head FitVS 4c  
157Escape RouteVS  
158HarbingerHVS 5b *22
159TomorrowE4 6b ** 
160DestinyE2 5c **57
161Mammoth-Sandwich IslandE5 6c * 
162Forgotten SunE4 6a  
163MeninironsE1 5b **80
164Cow PieVS 4b *59
165UdderwiseE1 5c  
166Second ComingE3 6a **9
167Slip TideE2 5b **18
168RampartE3 6a ***53
169CrampantE5 6b **2
170ShamrockVS 4c ***219
171LeprechaunerE1 5b 5
172Holiday in CambodiaE1 5a **36
173Russian GiantE5 6a * 
174Too SalsifyE5 6b * 
175EvictorE2 5b *1
176Vincent PriceE6 6c ***2
177The Price of AdmissionE6 6b *** 
178Bella LugosiE6 6a  
179Boris KarloffE5 6a * 
180Bertie's RouteE4 6a * 
181Oshun Coming BigE4 6a * 
182Charles MattlessE6 6a * 
183Matt BlackE3 5c **27
184Matt BlancE7 6b * 
185Ocean RainE2 5c 2
187DuracellVS 4c 1
188VoluptuousE2 5b *2
189Wow! Jazz Mags!E3 5c *3
190IncantationsVS 4c 3
191AlternatorE2 5c *11
192SuperchargedE5 6a **7
193Supercharged DirectE5 6b **1
194Power PlusE3 6a *1
195Ever ReadyE3 5c *5
196The Inky BlacknessE4 6a * 
197Free RangeE2 5c  
198The Exorcist (Flying Buttress)VS 5b 17
199Solitaire ViewVS 5a 10
200Show Of HandsE2 5c 1
201Diamond CrackVS 5a *78
202Shine OnE4 6a *2
203AlouetteS 4a *130
204CappuccinoVS 4c *71
205Cappuccino (Direct Finish)HVS 5a *4
206Brinkman's ShipE6 6b ** 
207Puffins' ParadeVS 4c *15
208The CullinanE5 6a ***16
209Flying the ColoursE5 6a ***3
210Double DiamondHVS 5b ***206
211Diamond SolitaireVS 4c **282
212Horseman's RouteHS 4b *227
213The Flying ButtressM *118
214Rhubarb CrumbleE5 6a  
215The Flying DutchmanE7 6c *** 
216The ShadeseekersE2 5c 1
217McVitie ManE2 5b *10
218Duelin Mk 1VS 4c 1
219Friends In Low PlacesHVS 5a 1
220Under The BridgeE3 5c 1
221VallumS 4a 18
222Battery RibVD *93
223Spotty DogS 3
224Buried GoldE2 5c **5
225Pieces of EightVS 5a 1
227Steve BullE2 5c **7
228Spare RibE1 5b **11
229JumpersHS 4a *14
230Oxtail SoupVS 4c *9
231Heinkel 111E3 6a ** 
232JetsetE3 5c **7
233BenderE3 5c **3
234Mellow YellowVD 2
236San FranciscoE4 6b  
237The Dar-Zim AxisE2 5b *1
238Half Man, Half Hob-NobHVS 4c  
240Livin' Outa TinsE2 5b  
241The Obverse RouteS 4a *50
242Sea of TranquillityE4 6a **1
243IntegrityHS 4b ***101
244InvincibleVS 4c **31
245IndefatigableHVS 5b *4
246IncognitoVS 5a **2
247The Ordinary Route (Needle Rock)D 27
248Return of the TeletubbiesE2 5b *1
249PromisesE1 5b **17
250The Green LightHVS 5a *3
251PretenderVS 4c *18
252Punchbowl AreteS 4a 8
254Hob's LaneE2 5b **2
255The Devil's ChimneyHVS 5b **41
256PoltergeistE1 5b **2
257Eye Of The NeedleE3 6a ** 
258White RiotHVS 5b *4
259SpacewalkE3 5b 6
260StalingradE3 5c **1
261The Promised LandE3 6a ***17
262The BeguiledE4 6a ** 
263The Fifth AppendageE1 5b ***43
264PsilocybinE3 5c ** 
265PeyoteE3 5c ** 
266MescalinE4 6a ** 
267OverboredHVS 5a *3
268Tindale RouteHVS 5a *11
269SliverHVS 5b *8
270Shy TotE1 5b **4
271Head-strongE4 6a ** 
272Arm-strongE4 6a ** 
273In at the Deep EndE2 5c ** 
274TimelordE3 6a ** 
275UnderworldE3 5c **1
276Play GeneticsE3 5c *** 
277The Stone TapeE3 5c **1
278AntiworldsE5 6a ***7
279QuatermassE2 5c ***41
280SupernovaE5 6b ***6
281The Sadistic Snakes SymphonyE3 5c 2
282The SerpentE1 5b **31
283The Silver HighwayVS 4c 3
284What if I Was on That Rock?E3 5b *1
285Scouser's BonusE1 5b *4
286Ivory CoastE1 5b *2
287Gold DustE1 5b *3
288Jack-in-the-BoxE1 5b ** 
289SilveradoE1 5b 1
290The Ride and the ViewE2 6a *3
291The GemE2 6a *11
292Immaculate MisconceptionE3 6a **18
293Immaculate SlabHVS 5a ***107
294On The BeachE3 6a **4
295Sphinx CrackE5 6b ** 
296Carnage In CarthageE5 6b ** 
297A Wild Trip On JugsE4 6a *** 
298SakkaraHVS 5a 2
299NefertitiE1 5b 1
301Saturday NightS 4a *39
302Vikings Tea PartyHVS 5b *15
303Boys from the Black CountryE3 6a *2
304Sunday MorningVS 4c *32
305Half NorwegianVS 5a *46
306Ailsa BVS 4c 41
307Where Am I?VD 74
308LouisD 29
309BryonyD 36
310A River Runs Through ItE1 5b *3
311BeebeeVD 1
312White SquallE3 5c *5
313Time for TinaHVS 5a 4
314Beach BarbieE1 5b 7
315Out with the BoysHS 4b 1
316The Archers of LoafS 4a * 
317Bridge of SighsHVS 5a ***3
318BadfingerD 5
319Living On The EdgeVD 6
320Every CloudE1 5b *1
321Wild DiamondVS 5a 1
322Black CountryVS 4c 1
323IllusionS 4a  
324The Perfect StormE1 5b ** 
325Blood PoisonE4 6a ** 
326DihedralE1 5b **3
327What's the Worst Job You Ever HadE1 5a  
328Puffin SimonHS 4b 6
329Stony TonyHVS 5b  
330Freewheelin' FranklinHVS 4c *4
331Fat FreddyVS 4c 1
332You Rollin'?HVS 5a  
333Mike's Bad TripHVS 5b * 
334PhineasE1 5b *2
335Norbert the NarkHVS 5a  
336Space OddityE5 6a ** 
337AndromedaE5 6a ** 
338Out Come the Bolts Again (Out Come the Freaks Again)E6 6c ** 
339Milky WayE4 5c ***4
340Salty DogVD *11
341The Lost BuoysVS 4c **3
342Diabetic DogE3 6a  
343Hot DogE1 5b 3
344Dog Day AfternoonE1 5a  
345Deputy DawgVS 4c *7
346Dog WatchVS 4b 8
347A Salty CatVS 4c 3
348Ship's CatVD 2
349StreakyVS 5a **89
350Capstan's AreteVS 4b *121
351HurricaneHS 4a *123
352Force EightS 4a *169
353Gusset SnifferHS 4a 25
354StukaVS 4b **107
355Stuka, DirectVS 4c **144
356Admiral's AreteE1 5a *70
357Fifty PumpsVS 4c *56
358MinesweeperHVS 5a *29
359Wing WalkerVS 4c 1
360You Know What You Should DoHS 1
362American BeautyHVS 5a ***171
363American ShrapnelE3 5c *2
364The Road to MoscowE2 5b **13
365Grand Falls RoadHVS 5a *8
366Going CommandoE1 5a 1
367A Seperate RealityE1 5a *25
368Zorba The GreekE5 6b **2
369CithaeronE4 6a ***19
370Ex-CathedraE6 6a ***2
371Too PreciousE6 6b ***3
372The Same Old StoryE3 5c *1
373Mal de MerE4 6a ***16
375The OceanE1 5b ***32
376Uncle FesterVS 5a *13
377FinaleVS 4b  
378Pancake ShuffleE1 5b  
379The Bottom InspectorsE4 6a  
380Three Mile IslandE4 6a * 
381Funky ChickenHVS 5a 2
382Crepe PouletteHVS 5a  
383Conga CornerHVS 5a *8
384Stiff Green GallonVS 4b  
385Norma ShearerHVS 5a  
386Bigus DickusVS 4b 2
387TalcumVD 33
388DevoniaS 4a 15
389Quadratus LumborumS 4a *60
390Ligamentum FlavumS 4a *50
391Nonexpectis JugsimisiusHVS 5a **57
392E Tenebris LuxE1 5b ** 
393The Gold RunE3 5c **1
394RibsnorterVD 1
395Lobsterisimus BummerkissimusHS 4a *2
396Scomberomous RegalisVS 4c 4
397Julie's SeizureHS 4a 5
398Another Drink Dear?HS 4b 4
399GoldmotherHVS 5b ** 
401Some CrackHVS 5b ** 
402Starship TrooperE2 5b *2
403MoondanceE1 5b *1
404SolarisE4 6a ***1
405AraucariaE6 6c ***2
406GollumVD 1
407The Devil's SlideHS 4a ***643
408The Devil's Slide Direct FinishVS 5a **12
409Fear of FaustE1 5a **34
410Muffin the Puffin Meets Dykinbad the TongueflaylerE1 5a 2
411Satan's SlipE1 5a ***270
412AlbionVS 4c ***377
413Devil's DownfallE1 5b *10
414The Opium DenE1 5b 1
415Ticket to RideE5 6b  
416SharkE1 5a *48
417Devil DodgerVS 4a 2
418Devil's SpineVS 4b *37
419Devil's HoneymoonVS 4c 3
420DexterVS 4c 7
421RedspeedE2 5c ***35
422LightspeedE3 6a *2
423Magic FluteHVS 5a 8
424PerformanceE1 5b **11
425Surf CityE2 5c ** 
426Technicolour CruiseE5 6a ** 
428ZedVS 4b 4
429Smear Or DisappearE5 6a ***1
430Smear? No FearE5 6a ***2
431A Widespread Ocean of FearE5 6a ***22
432Chase the AceE6 6b ***1
433Watching the OceanE6 6a ***6
434Wild HeartE5 6a ***4
435Ace of DiamondsE5 6a ***8
436Diamond LifeE4 6a ***26
437Coast To CoastE4 6a ***1
438Good VibrationsE1 5a * 
439Certainly SquireE2 5b *2
440The Brown LineE2 5b **1
441Carol Ann Butler CornerE1 5b **3
442GordoVS 5a 2
443Slender BorisE1 5c *5
444Jane EugeneHVS 5a 1
445Worlds ApartHVS 5b *7
446DelgadoVS 4c 2
447HelHVS 5a 1
448ValhallaVS 4c *15
449Ceaseless TideE2 5c 1
450ProsperoHVS 5a 1
452Pelmets of DeliriumE1 5b *9
453StingrayE1 5a,4b 2
454Controlled BurningE4 5c **36
455Rehabilitation SlabVD 22
456NorsemanVS 4c *6
457PortiaHVS 4c 1
459Marisco StripteaseHVS 5a *2
460Seal AreteVD 4
461Seal SlabD **134
462WalrusS 4a *75
463The CarpenterVD 1
464Bed Bugs Bite My BollocksVS 4c *9
465Atlantic GreyE2 5c *3
466Cunning DevilE1 5b *4
467Hyperspace BypassVS 4c *1
468Dark PowerE1 5b ***31
469An Audience of SealsS 4a *5
470GhostbustersE2 5c 1
471Signed And SealedVS 4c 2
472Short StoryS 4a 2
473Jug of PunchVS 4b *4
474Debbie Jane FayHS 4a *2
475OaunounouVS 4a 2
477German BightVD *2
478TyneD 4
479Arch EnemyHVS 5a 1
480Archimedes PrincipleE1 5b *2
481ArchaeopteryxE1 5b *8
482The ArchVD *4
483Hell's Mouth HoneyVD 2
484Arch FiendHVS 5b *5
485RainbowHVS 5a *4
486BlizzardVS 4c 1
487PawsherE4 6b **1
488HeadlineE1 5b ***70
489Stop PressE2 5c **24
490My Little PonyS 4a 7
491FrontispieceVD *32
492BulletinE1 5b *17
493MarginVS 4c **79
494The NewsHVS 5b *5
495ValentiaVS 5a *6
497Mussel UpE3 5c  
498Ain't No Wienie RoastE4 6a * 
499PamplemousseE1 5b *3
500Serious Lobster JugglingE4 6a * 
501The Lundy BugVS 4b  
502ReverberationsHVS 5 1
504Mary Patricia RozaliaHVS 5a **11
505Date with the DawnE1 5a  
506A Night Out with DorisE1 5b *2
507PromenadeHVS 5a *5
508Sea FrontVS 4c  
509The PearlE1 5b *2
510Struggler's SidestepVS 5a  
511The Full MontyHVS 5b *3
512Little ArthurVS 4c *5
513Rock ObsterVS 4b 1
514White LieVS 4b 3
515It's the TruthVS 4c 7
516Scotland the BraveS 4a 4
517Zawn YawnD 4
518John O'Neil Very Nice ManS 4a 7
519Mervyn's Marvellous MedicineVD 14
520Plum-LineS 4a 7
521Flopsy's Got MixyVS 5a 3
522Corset Lace CrackHS 4a 11
523Euro 96VS 5b 3
524Big Fat BuddhaVS 5a 2
525Bananas, BananasVS 4c 8
526Bertie Bassett's AllsortsHS 4b 15
527What's the Crack?VS 4c 9
528Baldy's BirthdayD 13
529JugmungasS 4a 4
530Billy The SquidS 4a 2
531Crumble StiltskinHS 4a 2
533The Original RouteHS 4b 42
534EveninawlVS 4c 9
535ThugE1 5b 6
536The SummonsHVS 5b 1
537Caught in the ActE1 5b *2
538Naked GunE2 5b 1
539Serious Climbs SquadE2 5c * 
540Jude the ObscureHVS 5a  
541The Chief ConstableE4 6a * 
543Clankers not SwishersE3 6a 1
544Burma WayVS 4c 5
545St Swithin's XXIIIA2  
546St LoosiferE2 5b  
547Lichened to MasonE1 5c  
548LoganVD 34
549RubusHS 2
550No ShotsHVS 5a  
551Sea EnemaHS 4b 1
552ShelterstoneHVS 5a *3
553Hard LabourVS 4c  
554BoredE1 5a 4
555Twelve BoreVS 4b 3
556Permanent Nerve DamageE2 5b *5
557Friction AddictionE1 5a  
558Bideford RidgeVD 23
559Blood CrystalE1 5c  
560SepulchreVS 4c 2
561ScafoidVS 4c *10
562Flake RouteS 4a *53
563HeatwaveVD 1
564Knight CapE2 5c *12
565Fat Freddy's CatHVS 5a *9
566CrusaderVS 4c 12
567Sir GarethS 4a  
568Big EdVS 4b 2
569SaladinVS 4c *28
570InfidelVS 4c 3
571Split InfinitivesS 4a  
572Fag AshD  
573White HorseVD 1
574Can I Have a Mars Bar Please? / The Jolly RogerHVS 5a *2
575Sir Patrick SplendsE2 5b  
576GannexVS 4c 1
577Sula BasanaHVS 5a 1
578Gannet FrontHVS 5a **26
579Gannet's Rock CrackHS 4b 2
583RachelE2 5c 4
585Slayvering Dobermans hit the serious boogie (in Greece) HVS 1
586Carpenters Route VD 3
587Lost at three HS 4a 1
588The Edge of Reason S 2
590Blood Diamond *E3 5b 1
591Beamsplitter *E1 5b *4
592Quetzalcoatl *E9 6b *** 
593The Crinkly End *5c 2
594The Old Light *6a **2
595The Column *E2 5b **1
596Tuna Steakout *HS 4b 2
597Sara *S 2
598Tea at the Ritz *S 4b *2
599La Isla Bonita *VD 1
600Days Like This *E1 5a *1
601Piece of Cake *VS 4b **2
602Johnny's Makeshift Harness *HS 4a 2
603Mankini *HS 4b 2
604Luxor Nothing *HVS 5a 2
605The Silver Shocker *HVS 5a 2
606The Vice *E1 5a 1
607China Syndrome *HVS 5a 2
608Bosch Street Kids *E5 6a 1
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