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Lancashire, ENGLAND

Climbs 171 – Rocktype Grit (quarried) – Altitude 260m a.s.l – Faces S

Crag features
An excellent venue all year round, with many areas drying very quickly after rain. Can get very hot (and midge ridden) in Summer.

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Access notes
Approaching from Wilton Quarries, follow Scout Road for about three kilometers. Brownstones is on the right behind a row of cottages. Please be careful when parking as cars travel quickly around the bend.

Weather forecast

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0.0mm rain
20 °C
17 kph

0.0mm rain
20 °C
17 kph

0.2mm rain
19 °C
14 kph

0.0mm rain
20 °C
15 kph

3.2mm rain
17 °C
14 kph
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Western Grit (2009), Lancashire Rock (1999),
Out of print: Western Grit (2003)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGradex
2warlon's wallf5 4b 8
3somersaultf5+ 4c 18
4DC10f7A 1
5Test Piecef5+ 5a 41
6Magic Circlef4+ 4b 70
7Amphitheatref3 14
9Pocket Hole Wallf3 *112
10Obscenityf5+ 5b 84
11Ridiculous Dynof7A+ **6
12Ridiculous Eliminatef7B 8
13Bunnie's Dilemmaf3 2a 47
14The Pockf3 5a 20
15green wallf6A 5b 20
16short cornerf3 23
17Slab Directf3 4a 113
18Tiptoef4 4b 53
20dezis wallf5 4c 10
21Grass Groovef4 d 25
22beanof6A 6a 22
23bittof6A+ 5c 20
24Boopersf6B 6a **36
25Dezeritf6A 5b *58
26Dezertion Sit Startf7A+ **6
27Dezertion Eliminatef7B 6c 6
28Dianef4 vd 76
29finelinef5+ 5c 44
30Blurt Variantf6A 5b 26
31Blurtf4+ 5a 96
32Haltf3+ 4a 65
33The Prowf5 4c 32
34Delicatessenf5 4b 35
36The Thrutchf4 34
37Don't play out in the darkf4 *7
38Applef4 4b 32
39Groovyf4 4a 43
40Noddy's Crackf5+ 5c **55
41Wall Climbf6A 5c 22
42Climber and Ramblerf4+ 4a 59
43Ramblerf3 d 49
44The Nosef3 21
45Arurf4 4b 20
46Unjustf6A 6a 54
47Unpinchedf7A+ 3
48Unjusticef7A *5
49Unjust Dynof7B+ ** 
50Corn Mantelf5+ 5b 109
51Hopperf4 4c 114
52Scraperf5 5b 75
53Degree Crackf4+ 5a *111
54Directissimaf6A 5c *157
55Analoguef4+ 4c 121
56Fraudf5+ 5b *105
57Fraudulent Slipf6A+ 6a *25
58Digitationf6A 5c **114
59Ash Pit Slabf3 vd 277
60Ash Pit Slab Directf4 4a *159
61Ash Pit Traversef5 4c **109
62ash pit traverse lowf6B 5c 26
64Nexusf4 4c 172
65The Nexus Dynof6C ***14
66one hand wallyf6B 6a 4
67Alec Analf7C+ 7a ** 
68Lancashire Pothotf7A+ 6c 6
69Wibblef5 4c 15
70The Chimneyf5 4c 24
71Parabola Directf6A+ (6a) 27
72Parabola Superdirectf6B+ 5c 2
73Parabolaf5+ (5b) *41
74Pigswillf6C+ 6b ***31
75Pigswill Sit Startf7A ***13
76PPf7A+ 6b 4
77Parr's Crackf6A 5c **88
78Hank's Wallf7A+ 6b *23
79Right Hand Hankf7B+ 6c **1
80Laybackf5 5b *127
81Alanaf6A 6a *15
82Haskit Left-handf5+ (5c) *59
83Haskit Right-handf5 (5b) 58
84Pinch Wallf6C 6b 4
85Dragnetf4 4c 99
86Infernof5 4c 35
87traditional mantelf6C 6b 3
88Vertigof4+ 4a 24
89Way Downf4 4a 20
 Climb nameGradex
90Gullible's Travelsf6A 6a *16
91Crooked Crackf4 4a 19
92Little Manf4 4a 23
94Butchf6A 6a 3
95Jerryf5 5a 8
96Tomf5 5a 7
97Y Frontf4 4a 6
98Finger Crackf5 5c 3
99The Latchf6A  
100The Lockf5+ 5c 3
101The Keyf5 5c 4
102Crackhorsef7A+ 6c **1
103Groundhogf7A 6b *6
104Groundhog Start Sitstartf7B 6c *4
105The Young Pretenderf7A 1
106Billf4+ 2
107Cracklef4+ 2
108Normaf5+ 1
109Impof6A 1
110Dylan aka Grand Theftf7A+ 1
111Lazarusf5+ 1
112Cremulatorf5+ 1
114Lifelinef6C 2
115Lifeline sitstartf7B 6b **2
116Big Mufff7A+ 6b **4
117Varf5+ 5c 6
119heartlinef5+ 5b 3
121Thunderf7B 1
122Ninja Fingerf7A+  
123The Slanterf5+ 3
125Dave's Other Routef6A+ 1
126Knepf6A 1
127Butt Endf6B+  
128Stop Buttf6A+ 5c *5
129Rusty Wallf6C 6b ***4
130Coltf7C *** 
131Black Wallf6B 1
133P's Podf6A  
135Dave's Routef6A  
136Midge Attackf5 2
138Herniaf5+ (5a) 191
139Lobotomyf5 (5a) 123
140Slimerf5+ (5b) *165
141Brownstones Crackf3 vd 215
142Moss Wallf5+ 4c *119
143Verdi Rampf5 4b *99
144Verdi Cornerf4 4a *99
145Verdinandf6B (6a) 15
146Verdigrisf6A+ (6a) *47
147Verdi Wallf5 (5a) *109
148Two Step left-handf5+ (5b) 124
149Two Step Variantf5+ 16
150no stepf6C 6b 7
151Two Stepf4 4b *136
152Mantelstrungf3 97
153dynostrungf6A 5
154dynamic eliminatef6A 6a 8
155pinch eliminatef6C 6a 4
156Chockerblock Cornerf3 75
157Fanny's your Auntf4 7
158Bobs your Unclef4 6
159Muddy Wallf5 4c *94
160Muddy Aretef5+ (5c) *52
161Between an Arete and a Slabf4+ *4
162Wet Cornerf4 vd 90
163Slab Variantf3 vd 67
164The I.L.T. Dynof6C 6b 4
165Muddy (aka Niche) Traversef6C 6
167Watery Aretef5 4c 68
168Wet Footf5 (5a) 31
169Splashf6A 5b 10
170Splishf5+ 4c 19
171Sploshf6A 5b 14
172The Cornerf5+ 5a 13
173Piddlef6A 5c 4
174Middlef6A+ 5c 5
175Riddlef6A+ 5c 4
176Ponderf5 4b 12
177Pondulef3 2a 25
178Pond Traverse6c **30
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Soloing with a matt in some areas at Brownstones along the quarry, is really fun, espiecially when your mates are underneath carring moving around with the Matt to keep it under you !!
Rhino - 16/Jun/09

Midge city on summer evenings like Wilton, especially the pool area
Orfio - 09/Apr/08

Sorry, that should be
GCW - 12/Aug/07

New online interactive Wiki guide plus loads of videos at
bentley's biceps - 15/Apr/07

The full topo can be found in the massive bible, beast of a book that is Lancashire Rock. Excellent problems though, can get very busy
Uncle Jim - 16/Jun/03

Not a bad little spot, although can be somewhat of a sun trap if the weather\'s nice. Take your suncream - I didn\'t and paid the price ! A range of problems (not found any topos yet, so it\'s a case of take someone who knows the place, or just have fun and create your own). A few of the landings are a bit rough; a mat is useful. I have a load of photo\'s of the place - if you drop us a line I will email them to you. Cheers
Matt - 05/May/02