Climbs 106
Rocktype Gabbro
Altitude 366m a.s.l

Climbing 'Fatal Poison Whisper' © Stuart Corns

Crag features

Most of the boulders are situated in the Coire nan Gruund boulder field. Pathside lowballer to Bog Nose are located down hill from the path. Dutch's slab is just above the path, whereas Giant slab to Trundle prow are located under the steep slopes of Hallival and around Loch Coire nan Grunnd.

Little Dumby is located on the western flank of Orval.

Harris Bay Seawall is located just below the Mausoleum at Harris.

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Approach notes

From the front of Kinloch Caste take a right and follow the road until it bends left. Shortly after the bend a small trails breaks right (signposted Dibidil 8.5km) through the trees. Follow this up the hill, it should then flatten out and after crossing two streams you will be in a boulder field where the Tunnel Boulder can be found. Walking downhill the Rites and Turtle Boulders can be found. Walking directly up valley towards the base of Hallival to Coire Nan Grund, the main jumble of the largest boulders can be found (Highballa and Bumpy).


Hi there, I visited these boulders in April 1999 and had a lot of fun... have you got a topo of these problems so I can add to the next Scottish Bouldering guide? email
JSWatson - 08/Apr/10
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Pathside Lowballer 
2The Big BlueVB 5
3Cornsy Retires his HarpoonVB 5
4Whale Riderf6B **7
 Tunnel boulder 
6Brown Trousersf4+ 5
71969f6B+ **7
81969 Sit-startf6C ***3
9Nae Tapef7B+ *1
10The Prowf6B *8
11Prow Sit-startf6C+ *3
12The Dyson Spheref6B **4
13Easy Aretef3 7
14Champ's Crackf5 9
15Flashf4+ 14
16Gordonf5+ *10
17Gordon's Aretef5 5
19Rite of Passagef5+ **7
20Font Belly Flopf5+ 3
21Hamish's Eliminatef4+ 4
22Razor Cakesf5+ 2
23Chicken-facef4 5
 Turtle Rock 
25Thundercatsf6A *5
26Thunderclawf5 *4
27Thawkwardf5 *4
28Sweet Baby Jesusf6A 5
29Deal with the Devilf6A+ *5
30Money Back Guaranteedf6A 5
31Retrogradef6A+ 3
 Bog Nose Boulder 
33Irish Princessf4+ 3
34Bloodsportf6A+ *5
35Corn Diddler's Riddlef6B *4
 Dutch's Slab 
37Pumping Iron (Project)f6B+  
38Whittle Manf6A+ 1
39Slab LHf4 4
40Slab RHf4 4
 Captain Morgan's Boulder 
42Captain Morgansf6C+ **2
43Howies Arete (left side)f5 2
44Howies Arete (right side)f5+ 2
 Riverside Bloc 
46Rum 'n' Cokef6C **2
47Captain Sealf6B 2
48Captain Seal Sitstartf6C *1
 Cube Boulder 
50Ice Cubef5 *2
 Giant Slab Boulder 
52Dhalsim vs. E-Hondaf6C ***2
53Butter Fingersf4+ *2
 Dwarf Slab Boulder 
55Friction Addictionf5 *1
 Sliding Cap Boulder 
57Shinobif5 4
58Shinobof7A+ *1
59The Krackenf6C ***4
60Cra-King Linef3 *5
61Sausage Bathf6A+ *4
62Wings Partyf6B *2
63Wings, Nae Partyf6A+ 3
 Guinea Pig Boulder 
65Renegade Masterf6A+ *1
 Holy Wall 
67Holy Wall + Aretef5 2
68Holy Wallf7A 2
 Last Minute Gems Boulder 
70Uppercut (Project)f6A+  
71Hold Rushf5 *1
72Last Round Last Minutef6A *1
73Just One Last Climbf4 1
 Whisky Boulder 
75Bushmillsf3+ 3
76Juraf3+ 3
77Dalwhinnief4 3
78Balvenie (Project)f6A  
 Spinal Crack Boulder 
80Spinal Crackf5+ 2
 Platform Boulder 
82Lauder's Delightf4 2
83Spotters Fearf4+ 2
84When in Rumf5 *3
 The Dundee Hulk 
86Go Dutchf6A 1
87Major Dutch Schaeferf5 4
88Get to the Choppaf6A 1
89Single Dutchf6A 2
90Double Dutchf6B+ **3
91Flying Dutchmanf6C+ **1
92Dutchman Finishf5 3
 Kindergarten Boulder 
94Who is your daddy..f3+ 4
95..and What Does He Do?f5 4
96I'm a cop you idiotf3+ 3
 Trundle Boulder 
98Crystal Mazef6B **5
99Rigamortusf7A+ **1
 Thors Revenge Boulders 
101Cornsey-kova (project)f8A  
102Stairway to Asgardf3+ 2
103Thunderf6C 1
104Thunder and Lightningf7B 1
 Chossy Leviathon Boulder 
106Just For Funf4 1
 Nature Reserve Boulder 
108Music, Seriously?f6C+ ***3
109Serious Musicf7B+ ***2
 Angle of Death Boulder 
111Cell Block Hf7C ***2
112Razor Crack (Project)f7A  
 Highballa Boulder 
114Diesel Power Sit-Startf7B+ 1
115Diesel Powerf7A * 
116Praying Mantisf7A+ ** 
117Highball Paulf6C+ **1
118Mantisf6C *1
119Snail Trailf6A 1
120Fatal Poison Whisperf5 **1
 Jura Jura 
122Get Yer Leg Overf4 1
123La Jura Juraf7C+ ***1
 Bumpy Boulder 
125Snapf4 6
126Scottish Frictionf4+ 1
127Cracklef4+ 2
128Popf4 3
 Little Dumby (Orval Jumble) 
130Horse Punchf4+ 3
131Conan the Barbarianf6B *1
132Camel Punchf6A+ 2
133Conan the Destroyer (Project)f7A ***1
 Harris Bay Seawall 
135Air Max's Not Includedf4+ *1
136Sea-Beastie-Alityf6B **1

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