Climbs 132
Rocktype Gritstone
Altitude 150m a.s.l
Faces S

Gavin Grey hanging that perfect rail on Elemental F6c at Thorn Crag © wilfbiffherb

Crag features

The crag is made up of 4 main sections; the crag itself is high up on the moorland up to a height of 11 metres, the popular Crag Boulders lower down from the crag and can be seen from the bottom, the Trackside boulders over to the west and then the Paradise and Seaview boulders which are further west than the Trackside boulders.

There are other boulders around (such as the Bad Moon boulder) The rock is brilliant untouched gritstone but is a little gritty after the winter, there are routes and problems of all grades from font 3 all the way up to an E10.

Approach notes


Been here a number of times and i can say that (apart from the walk in) its my favourite crag in Lancashire! It has some of the best gritstone climbing i've been on and it has a great view too! The only downside is the walk in (notice how its been mentioned twice) and the fact that because its not as popular as other locations and its so exposed, the climbs are a little gritty. So take a brush for some problems. Recommended!
joe.91 - 21/Apr/11
Very fun bouldering, and the only grit in the UK with a sea view! Lost half the skin on my shins trying jubilee tower. It's not grit climbing until someone loses some of their epidermis.
stewieatb - 07/Dec/09
Grade Spread is now V0 to V11 Free bouldering guide here...
Apollo - 19/May/06
This place has awe inspiring views over the sea to Lancaster and Blackpool. It can be windy too. It is a bit of a stretch up to the top, and there are no clearly defined paths from the roads to the boulders or the crag itself. You can pick bilberries at the right time of year. However, once you are there, it is great. The friction is excellent, there are routes of a variety of grades, and you can solo at lots of the climbs on the main crag with a bit of imagination. A great day out, especially when the midges are blown away, as well as the cobwebs.
SimonMH - 24/Oct/05
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Pit Stop Block 
2Pit Fight
f7A+ 1
3Pit Stop
f5 5
4Area 1: Pit Stop Block P1
f4 5
 Crag: Upper Tier 
6Pelvic Thrust
S 4a 19
7Raging Horn
E4 6a  
8The Fireman's Slippery Pole
HVS 5a **38
9A Moment Of SanityE5 6b 3
10Kissing the PinkE4 5c **27
11Toro Toro Aardvark
HVS 5a 7
12The Last Temptation
E6 6c ***14
13Accidental Death Of An Armchair AardvarkVS 4c 1
14A Moment of ClarityE10 7a ** 
15Doctor Shipmans Surgery
E7 6c **2
16Grimly Fiendish
E2 5c **1
17New Rose
E1 5c *2
18Return of The Flyf7C+ **1
19Fizzix of Popf7A+ 3
20Vectorf8A *2
21Patrickyf7B *15
22Salacious Crumbf7B+ *1
23Where's Garyf6A *1
24Jazz Handsf6A+ *3
25Tong Pof7A * 
 Crag: Lower Tier 
27The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies
E1 5b *14
28Pinch 'n' Pull
VB 2
29Prior Visit
VS 4c 24
30Flying Pleb
VB 2
31Long Shore Drift
E2 5c *7
32Bill Is DeadE2 5c *2
S 4b 35
34Look No Hands
S 4c 33
35Lower Slab Direct
HVS 5b 27
36The Omega ManE4 5c *1
37Left of Centre
E1 5c 5
38Epee Edge
E4 5c **7
39Aardvarks don't Dyno
E1 5b *9
40Air Aardvark
E1 6a 2
41Aardvark AntichristVS 5b 2
42ForgotVS 5b 2
43Ride a Wild Aardvark
HVS 5a *3
44Megalodonf6C+ 3
45Banana Land
f3 29
46Banana Splitf6C *3
47The Man From Del Monte
f7A+ *1
 The Diamond & Nearby Blocks 
49Cubic Zirconiumf6A 7
50Here I am againf6B **8
51Here I am again (right hand)f6A 1
52Ouzel Thornf6B ***16
53Monster Mindsf7A+ **11
 Bad Moon Boulder 
55Slice of Lifef7A+ **8
56Bad Moon Risingf7B+ ***17
57The Short Side of the Moonf6B 1
 Crag Boulders 
59Dimple Dance
f6A 45
60Perfectf6A 3
61Perfect plusf6B  
62Jubilee Tower
f5 *77
63Wiggling Crackf5+ *69
64Rising Smoke
f3 50
65Perving Arete
f5 88
66Slab Run
f2+ 106
f5 85
68Neil's Thorny Arete
f5+ 106
69Neil's Thorny Arete (sit start)
f6A **50
70Fire Wallf7C **1
71Burnt Heather
f6B ***158
72The Crackf3+ 60
73Grit Nose
f4 38
74Grit Nose (sit start)
f6A *80
75Easy Karmaf4 59
76And For My Next Trickf7A ***104
77The Latest Trickf6A+ 18
78Fix My Sinkf7B **23
79The Plumbers Linkf7C *3
80Shades of Jaef7B+ *2
 Trackside Boulders 
82Andy's Traverse
f4 4
83Area 6: Trackside Boulders P2
f3+ 4
84Sphagnum Arete
f5 3
85Andy's Wall
f4+ 4
f2 14
872001 A Grit Odyssyf6C+ **77
f6C ***78
89Resistance is Futile
f7A+ **7
90Resisstance is Futile SDSf7C+ *1
91RIF Light
f6A+ 1
92Area 6: Trackside Boulders P10
f5 6
f5 4
94Area 6: Trackside Boulders P12f4 7
95Deadly Sinsf2 15

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