Shining Clough Rocks

Climbs 115 – Rocktype Gritstone – Altitude 460m a.s.l – Faces N

Crag features

Probably the best crag on Bleaklow made of the finest moorland grit. A collection of buttress up to 20m high situated on the edge of high land. Exposed to the elements, cold, and green most of the year, it comes into its own on the hottest days of summer. Then a delight waits in store. Atherton Brothers (S), Phoenix Climb (VS 4c) or Pisa Superdirect (HVS 5a) are great, but more outstanding are East Rib (HVS 5a exposed!), Saucius Digitallis (E4 6b), well-protected, desperate finger jamming and the incredible Bloodrush (E6 6b) up the rib to the left of Saucius.

Approach notes

There have been problems using the approach described in the old BMC guidebook. The approach described in Western Grit is correct.
WESTERN GRIT APPROACH. Go through the 5 bar gate, turn left and follow the tarmaced track for about a mile until a sign points rightwards to Open Country. Follow the track (vague in places) to the cliff.

Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

Over the Moors (2012), Western Grit (2009), On Peak Rock (2003), Peak Climbs - Kinder and Bleaklow (1990),
Out of print: Western Grit (2003)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Nine Holes SlabHVD 3
3Short SlabVS 5a 9
4Centre-ForwardHVS 5a 7
5C30, C60, C90, Go!E1 5b 9
6Goblin's AreteHVS 5a 1
7Gnome's RibHVS 5c  
8Jigsaw WallVD  
9Jigsaw RidgeVS 4c 2
10Jigsaw ChimneyHVD  
11Harry's HiatusVS 5a  
12Delectable RibVS 5a  
13Choss CrackD  
14Chossier CrackVD  
15Birthday CornerVS 4c 1
16S.A.S.HVS 5b 1
 ---------------UPPER TIER (MAIN EDGE)---------------  
19Orang AreteVS 4b 9
20Grape EscapeE2 5c *1
21Monkey PuzzleVS 4c *32
22East RibHVS 5a ***176
23East Rib DirectE4 6a *1
24IconHVS 5a *3
25Green CrackS 4a *2
26East ChimneyD 6
27Atherton BrothersS 4a **133
28Phoenix ClimbVS 4c ***270
29Flaming EliminateHVS 5a * 
30AnniversaryHVS 5a  
31Via PrincipiaS 4a **178
32Subsidiary ChimneyS 4a 4
33AveVS 4c *16
34PowerplayE2 6a  
35Little Red PigHVS 5b 1
36Vanishing GrooveS 4a 1
37Birthday ChimneyVD 3
38Short CrackVS 4c  
39SatyrE4 5c * 
40SolsticeHVS 5a  
41Some ProductE4 6a * 
42BloodrushE6 6b ***4
43Saucius DigitalisE4 6a ***7
44Nagger's DelightHVS 5a *3
45NaadenE1 5b **33
46YerthE2 5c *20
47Goodbye Enemy AirshipE3 6a * 
48Cistern GrooveVD 1
50Y CrackVD 1
51PisaVS 4c *9
52GalileoE1 5b **102
53Pisa DirectVS 4c **32
54Pisa Super DirectHVS 5a ***222
55Stable CracksVS 4b **77
56Plastic SaddleE1 5c 2
57Typists' ChimneyD 5
58Unicorn CracksHS 4b 7
59Trungel CrackHVS 5a *2
60The Big WallE3 6a ***17
61Cover Me In Chocolate and Feed Me to the LesbiansE6 6c **2
62Big Bad WallE4 6a  
63Puzzle Weasel WallE5 6c *1
64Holme MossE1 5b *11
65Gremlin GrooveVS 4c **27
66Gremlin WallHVS 5a 1
67ArtifactVS 4c *7
68Teufel CracksD 2
69Goblin's CrackVS 5a  
70Flake GrooveVD 1
71Flake CrackVD 2
72Toadstool CrackVS 4c 1
73Parallel LinesE2 5b  
74Pinnacle CrackHS 4b  
76Ordinary RouteM 22
77Obverse RouteVD 1
78East FaceS 4a 1
79Pinnacle FaceVS 4c *13
81PhantomE3 6a  
82NimrodS 4a 6
83Free FallE3 5c *2
84Free Fall DirectE4 6b 1
85Stag PartyVD 1
86Ladies DayS 4a *4
87Ladies' Day DirectHVS 5a  
88Incomprehensible Chewing SoundsE5 6a *1
89Middleton GrooveHS 4b 2
90Valhalla CrackVS 4c * 
91Crack and ChimneyVD  
92SampsonE3 6b ** 
93Original RouteVD *10
94West RidgeHVS 5a *1
95West Wall Route 1S 4b *10
96West Wall Route 2VD 5
97FinaleS 4a 2
98EncoreS 4a 2
99Bits and PiecesVS 5a  
100The Girdle TraverseVS 4c  
 ---------------LOWER TIER---------------  
102Left FlakeD 2
103The Business TripVD 2
104ShandyVD 8
105Lager LoutHVS 5a 1
106Pint of BeerS 4b *4
107Omelette CrackD 4
108Blocked ArteryS  
109The Egg BowlVD 2
110The ViceVD 12
111Main Wall ClimbVD 22
112Captain ZepHVS 5a *5
113Dirtier GrooveD 13
114The RainbowD *38
115Dirty GrooveD 14
116Left RouteS 4a 12
117Central RouteHVS 5a *7
118Right RouteVD 17
120Shining Clough2 **6
122Shining Clough IcefallII *3
123Shining CloughIII **26
124The Big Wall GullyII 6
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This crag catches the late evening sun in summer and Friends are very useful!
Tom, UKC News Editor - 21/Jun/02