Simons Seat

Climbs 133 – Rocktype Gritstone – Altitude 468m a.s.l – Faces all

Crag features
Almost a tor surrounding the summit of Simons Seat, the crag has two aspects: the smaller faces south and consists of lower grade cracks and some good, harder faces. The northern aspect is up to 20m high and requires a fine spell to bring it into condition. Some routes can remain green or dusty. It is however home to one of the best VSs on grit: Arete Direct. Also worth doing are A Question of Balance E2 and a little bold; and The Naked Edge E3. [Bob Wightman]

Approach notes
From Bolton Abbey on the A59 Skipton- Harrogate road take the B6160 to Grassington. At Barden Tower turn right to Appletreewick and after a couple of km turn right down the track to Howgill Farm. Park with consideration and take the steep track through the woods to emerge on the moor. Turn left and head for the summit of the moor. The area is part of the Barden Moor access agreement, so no dogs and there may be days when the moor is shut for shooting.

Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

YMC Yorkshire Gritstone Vol 1 (2012), Northern England (2008), Yorkshire Gritstone (1999)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
1Simon's Seatsummit ***12
3Galaxy LHf7C+ * 
4Galaxyf7A 50
5Galacticf7A+ 1
6Milkywayf6B 2
8Red Hot Knobf4 4
9Corner CrackVD 28
10And She WasE3 6a **33
11I'll Bet She DoesE3 6a ***34
12Straight CrackVS 4c *17
13Inaccessible CrackVS 5a 7
14Big Ears and the battle of the MillipedesS 4a 3
16Left Hand AreteHVS 4a 18
17Out With the OldE1 5b 7
18Central CracksS 4b *34
19Gimp Left HandHVS 5a 3
20CentipedeHS 4b **4
21Right-Hand CrackS 4b *32
22Chunky ChickenE1 5b 9
23Rush HourVD 10
24Bite SizeVD 7
25Jug Aretef4+ 6
27Magnoliaf7B+ *1
28Orchidf6C 1
30Sargy's CrackS 4a *2
31Hidden CrackS 4a 25
32Hidden ChimneyVD 19
33Open FaceHVS 5b *3
34The Egg (of course)E2 5b *2
35Blinkers RibHVS 5b 1
36Grumpy's CrackHS 4b 6
38Drift Wallf5 1
39In the Framef4+ 9
40Canvas Aretef6B 10
41Masterpiecef7A+ 6
42Palettef6B+ 26
43Brushstrokef6A+ 12
44Eaself6A+ 3
45Legendf6B 7
46Cock-a-Hoopf4+ 23
47Edge Udgerf6A 25
48Prowlerf6A+ 4
49Splinterf5 5
50Mantel Upsetf5+ 6
51Wallenderf6A 8
53Funky Jamf4  
54A Life Less OrdinaryE6 6b  
55Trigger Happyf7B  
56The Shelff7B  
57??E3 6a  
58Whalebackf7B **20
59ObsequiousE4 6a  
60Pebble Aretef5+  
61Apple Crumblef4 1
62Endnotef5+ 1
63Beck and Callf6B 1
65Layback CrackVD 4
66North Gully ButtressVS 5a 5
67North GullyD 12
68Flake ClimbVD *13
69High Nose TraverseS 4a 1
70MosaicVS 4c 4
71Hair of the DogVS 5a 1
72Posh Spice and the Bend in Beckham's Set PieceVS 5a 2
74Dog LeadHVS 5a *29
75Arete DirectVS 4c ***101
76Arete WallS 4a *49
77Y FrontS 4a *56
78Brief EncounterVS 5a *2
79Gentleman's SupportE1 5b 3
80Chimney WallS 1
81Window ChimneyD 3
82Clappers CrackE1 5b * 
83Turret CrackHVS 5a ***12
84PanzerE3 6a *1
85Outside FinishHVS 5b **2
86The GunnerE1 5c  
87Square ChimneyVD  
88Baggin's VariationVS 4c  
89AzimuthE3 5b  
90FinesseE4 6a ** 
91Pothole ChimneyVD 4
92TartarusHVS 5a *1
93Blind AlleyHVS 5b  
94Chockstone ChimneyVS 4c *4
95Shush PopeyeE3 5c *4
96A Question of BalanceE2 5b ***31
97Wheres Grandma?E4 6a  
98Griffith's ChimneyD  
99Winter Finish to Griffith's ChimneyVD 2
100Another QuestionE2 5b  
101Question TimeE6 6b  
102And OthersHVS 5a  
103Real ChimneyD 1
104SlantVS 5a  
105Simple SimonS 4b **43
106Paws for ThoughtHVS 5b *2
107Low Nose TraverseVS 4c *6
108BeakyHVS 5a 6
109GymkhanaE1 5b **7
110Low Nose CrackVS 5a *1
111Flirtin' Cos I'm Hurtin'E4 6a 1
113Solipsismf7C * 
114Blood Brothersf7B+ ** 
115AmenHVS 5b  
116The PiemanE6 6a 2
117Simon SaysE2 5c *2
118Spondonicalf7B+ 7
119Pernod Spillsf4 3
120Ouzo For Twozof5 1
121Touch Your ToesVS 4c 3
122Not Too ShyS 4a *1
123BashfulE1 5b 2
126A Fall from GraceE6 6c  
127The Naked EdgeE3 6a ***6
128The Naked Edgef6B+ ***7
129Dino-ManiaE5 6b *3
130The Scoopf5 3
131The Scoop Directf6C 1
134Trunkf5+ 2
135Deltaf7B 3
136Monte Carlof7B  
142The Triadf7A 1
143Pinnaf7A+ ** 
144Simon Says Squeezef7C * 
145Victorian ClimbHVS 5a *4
146Little Simons Aretef7A **1
147OrcaE1 *1
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Good crag worthy of it's acclaim. Even during the showery pissy summer 2008 it was bone dry and almost all clean apart from a couple of routes right in the centre of the bay. The approach details in the Rockfax guide are partially bollox: from the South Face, walk to the trig point and then take a rocky gully down 20m or so to the right - this is a lot quicker, easier, and avoids the eroding mud path through the heather. Also it's a "good" 40 minutes to there! Aside from the climbing it is most noticable for the extensive millipede population - even the most hardened millipede enthusiast would not feel in want of millipede action here
Fiend - 24/Aug/08