Lakeside Boulders

Climbs 76 – Rocktype Granite – Altitude 220m a.s.l – Faces W

Crag features
A gift from the Great Earth Goddess Gaia! These boulders lay close to the Burrator Reservoir Dam. The Lakeside spot is an excellent venue for all. From total novices, to complete pro’s there is fun for all! Short problems to intense highballing! The best time to come here is March until the end of summer.

The granite is very nice, sticky and super sharp. Most boulders have been cleaned enough. The odd leaf sweeping or dirt blowing might be needed but on the most part it just needs a little bit of moss taken off the odd problem. More traffic will cure this.

The Main face is very prone to seepage and the ropes to assist topping out may or may not be in place. For your safety check for damp holds and top out ropes before embarking on these highball problems. The Great Roof is also slow to dry but all the other boulders will dry with a light breeze.

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Approach notes
General bouldering rules apply, obviously. Please park considerately, and be aware that the Access situation is unclear. No trouble has ever been had, but just incase, be nice, and leave if asked to. Its only a short trip to Combeshead tor!


Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Jungle V.I.Pf8A ***12
3King of the Swingersf7B+ **16
4Teasing BaricV4 6a **21
5Shorter SauceV2 6a *35
6DruluxV2 6a 20
7Drulux Extendedf6A+ 2
8JewluxV2 5c 15
9Captain CavemanV2 5c 27
10Kelly's Willy DirectV0 5a 22
11Kelly's WillyV0 5a 22
13I Cant ThinkVB 4c 20
14Easy Does ItVB 4b 28
15In BetweenV2 4c-6a 14
16Nobbie's NiblitsV1 5c 16
18Left the low hung fruit...V2 6a **5
19Short back and sidesV2 5c 13
20Shit RockV2 5c 19
22Angry FaceV4 6a/b **7
23Angry BitchV4 6a 5
24Its YOURS!V0 5b 7
26Love the skin you're inV2 5c *1
27The Great Roof TraverseV1 5b *4
28ChokedV0 5b *9
29On WidthV2 6a  
30West WayV1 5c 14
31Fer Feck Sake Alex!V4 6b 11
32Right DirectV0 5a 16
33BiBetaVB 4c 5
34BiBeta sit startV1 5c *2
35Turtle Rooff7A **6
36Heroes in a Half Shellf7A+ 1
38Afternoon DelightV1 5b *1
39Slow DownV2 5c 1
40TallistV2 6a/b/c 1
41Rib RouteV2 5c 1
42Rib RightV3 6a 2
43Forced inversion of the deltoid ligamentV0- 5a 3
44Billys the BestV0 5a 4
45Birch Tree WallVB 4c 10
46Squirrel QuirrelV4 6a 2
47Release Your SquirrelV3 6a *1
48DTTTf7B * 
50Divide and ConquerV1 5c *15
51Divide and Conquer Sit Startf7A *17
52One Way HallucinationV5 6b ***15
53One way Hallucination Sit Startf7B ***13
54Eliminating Hazelf7A 1
55Hazel AreteV0 5a 19
57EmflexV2 6a 9
58MerckV1 5c 16
59Midge WarfareV1 5c 10
60Spider Attack!V2 5c 9
61Mossy FibresV1 6a 3
62Spider RelaxV0 5a 13
64Gentleman JimVB 4b *14
65Rayond BriggsV1 5c *11
66Ape indexV2 5c *8
67Weibull distributionVB 4c 13
68Too shortVB 4b 12
70Hermit Cave ProjectV5 6b?? * 
72Roof of PayneV5 6b *1
73Hidden Roof TraverseV1 5b 4
74The Young OneV4 6a 2
75Herbert the PervertV0+ 5a 10
76Yard itV0 5a 2
77Style itV1 5b 2
78CrankedV2 5c 7
79Top it DirectV2 5c 1
80Just Top it AlreadyV2 5c 7
82Left AreteVB 4b 7
83Fat attackVB 4c 8
84Blair witch projectVB 4c *9
85Pyramid in the woodsV2 5c *7
86Chocolate RiverV4 6a *5
87Right areteV1 5b 10
89Right SideVB 4c 3
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The in situ ropes didn't last long before someone half hitched them (ok, removed them :-)). It's probably best to take your own rope.
Kafoozalem - 22/May/13
Went there yesterday and there is no rope at top of main face anymore for top outs like is said in the Topo/Guide, don't know how long its been gone for
SimonMarcYoung - 22/May/13
Unearthed a new boulder in the main area near the riverside bloc. A few minor routes including a good crack and a very nice arete, Topo to follow
Ed morris - 05/May/13
Surprised this place hasn't had more attention, easy to get to, short walk in, beautiful forest and some hard and nice problems!
Beastly Squirrel - 16/Oct/11
"Burra" tor is a corruption of Berra or Beara tor, which is what it used to be known as back in the day. References: HIGH DARTMOOR by Eric Hemery page178 and THE GAZETTEER OF DARTMOOR NAMES by Mike Brown gives it a grid reference of SX 55205 67905 on page9
JPM - 16/Nov/10
The boulders were covered in about a foot of moss. Most granite underneath is fresh, sharp and loose crystals. It Took a fair amount of unearthing, so i would say. There hasnt been much activity here, ever. I have spoken to some fairly old locals. Would be great to see an early topo of the crag! And if you give me the details i will update the relevant info. Not sure how you know this is called Burrator. No evidence i can find to support that theory. The Village under the lake was Part of the Burrator Parish council, and the focal of the surrounding areas. Thanks for your input.
El3ctroFuzz - 19/Oct/10
I think this crag was actually worked out at least 10 years ago and probably long before that but noone bothered to record it. Its good that people are getting out and finally climbing these problems
nolan - 19/Oct/10
The Crag is in fact "Burra tor" after which the dam was named. Did alot of these problems about 6 - 8 years ago. Got a topo somewhere of the original names, will dig it out.
JPM - 16/Oct/10
I have Been Developing this crag for about a year. Most boulders have been worked out, but there are many more problems to go! So get here quickly! Please Clean the boulders you climb. Check the Guidebook for accurate topo's and info!
El3ctroFuzz - 17/Aug/10