Climbs 95
Rocktype Sandstone (hard)
Altitude 63m a.s.l
Faces S

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Crag features

Well used local bouldering / training venue. A bit like Stoney's Minus10 wall but with better problems. Low level traverse is a neo-classic. Can be hot and midgy in summer, but can be used year round if the sun creeps in. [Jon Read]

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Approach notes

Just in the woods behind Bridge of Allan. No access problems.

There are quite a few videos online that are worth googling that show the eliminates / beta.
Burnsie - 06/Sep/16
If it's so eliminate that it's not clear what holds are in or out, it's just a personalised challenge or training sequence - once you start listing arbitrary challenges as named problems where do you stop? You know how hard it feels - make up your own grade :)
Andy Moles - 30/Nov/13
Agree about the eliminate nature of the harder problems. I've worked problems here and found I was using the wrong holds which is frustrating but symptomatic of manufactured crags like this - plus side is that its all good training :) I am trying to find time to do a Minus Ten/Pinches Wall (see Rupert Davies Peak Bouldering guides) style topo. Basically I will post some photos on UKC with all handholds/most footholds marked - then open the floor for debate on what holds you use for which problems. Once there is consensus, amend the descriptions to include the 'recipe' of holds used for the stated grade - intention is to do this for all the problems V4/6B upwards that are eliminate in nature. Not even entering the grade debate, I'm a shortarse and for example LH crack for me is hard due to reach - same old story :)
pebblespanker - 06/Oct/12
I was moderator's predecessor and at time the information in the database was taken from the SCWiki and then updated when Bouldering in Scotland was released. The problems not covered in BoS remained at the V grade. Having climbed at Wolfcrag alot, there was a notable change in my logbook when the moderator changed the remaining V grades to font grades a few months ago. So where is the justification for the grades in the database? Moderator's opinion, has there been new guide, or even general consesus, otherwise the answer is to describe the originally published / accepted problem in greater detail, adding another problem(s) with the grade to reflect the alternative version(s).
GrahamJ - 11/Sep/12
GrahamJ, I don't think this is the place for specific grade disputes, but since you raise it as an example Left Hand Crack illustrates my point nicely. It is probably best climbed as an eliminate problem, using holds in the crack only and reaching to the right (higher) side of the crack. This is probably easy Font 6a from standing (and with a sit start maybe hard Font 6a). A less eliminate version, reaching left at the top, allows an easier (and inferior) sequence and is perhaps Font 5. (The true non-eliminate problem is simply a jump from the ground without using the crack at all: a rubbish Font 3?). Which problem appears in the database? The grade is given as Font 6a, but at present there is a single submitted photo of the problem in which the climber is shown apparently doing the Font 5 version. What is the solution? Re-grade the climb for the easier/easiest version (and lose the better problem)? Describe the climb in greater detail, adding another problem with a lower grade to reflect the easier version(s)? Reject the photo? Rename the photo? Getting everything right becomes impossible, and I donít envy the moderator (who I donít know) his task. There will always be grade disputes (and there are plenty of grades in the current UKC guide for Wolfcrag which I might question), but I thought it worth stressing that a high proportion of the harder graded problems at Wolfcrag are eliminate in one way or another, that this is not always clear from the descriptions, and that confusion might be the result. The best solution is, of course, not to take the grades too seriously.
Wicamoi - 17/Jul/12
Got your e-mail, conversion on the low v grades to font is notoriously iffy even with the chart (which I am well aware of). The voting system is there so people can have there say on grade, not many people voting for downgrades on the problems you mentioned.....if I adjusted grades on things every time someone e-mailed me it would be a full time job with the grades constantly changing. So I don't.....
punkpunk - 08/Jun/12
Left Hand Crack at 6a? even from a sitter and holds in the crack only, it doesn't come close.
GrahamJ - 08/Jun/12
Wicamoi; Sorry but most of the easier problems here have been incorrectly put in the database. Explain how the holds on Classic Dyno Two Handed and Low Dyno could be confused, then explain how they get same grade? Moderator, get it sorted, I sent you email last month on this.
GrahamJ - 08/Jun/12
If the boulder problems seem stupidly easy for the grade given, it's probably because many of them are eliminate and you have used an 'illegal' hold.
Wicamoi - 02/Jun/12
Great Bouldering. Topo is available for free at - 10/Sep/06
The route to the right of the traverse is a bit tricky for small people like myself - I had to get a punty up to the first hold, plus you have to start off with your right foot and I'm left footed. All I'm saying is, if you're small fat chance in climbing it; if you're left footed, harder to climb it. [We can't remember if Jerry Moffatt ever used this excuse - UKC Ed.]
David Lee Baird - 09/Oct/02
Probably the best central belt bouldering outside Dumbie. Excellent in early season, dries quickly, sheltered from the wind and sunny aspect. JR\'s comments about neds misplaced - pretty harmless really as Bridge of Allan is very much leafy Mercedes Belt. Neds at Dumbie and Auchistarry are at least a couple of grades harder.
GFoz - 13/Mar/02
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 The Pillar 
2The Arete
f4+ **91
3Jason's Arete/Hard Aretef6C *33
4Wolf Wall/Facef5 *64
5Corner Aretef3+ *71
6Cornerf5+ 52
7No Hold/Corner Eliminatef6A 32
8Second AreteVD 7
9Limbof5 12
 Sector 2/block land 
11Blockland Traversef5 **24
12Blocky Overhangf5 22
13Painted Corner Lowf6A+ 28
14Painted Corner Highf5+ 17
15Slabby Aretef4 17
16Right Slabf4+ 16
17Slab Slapf5+ 16
18Funky Munkyf6B+ 22
19Funky Munky (with feet)f6A *44
20Small Overhangf3+ 44
21The Runnelf4+ *38
22The Cornerf3 39
 Large Block 
24End of the Beginningf6B+ *25
25End Of The Beginning (Stand)f6A+ 25
26Dave's Traversef6A+ 24
27Sloping Traversef5+ *51
28Sloping Traverse SSf6A+ **68
29Block Traversef5+ *33
30In Trance as MissionVS 4c *7
31Left Hand Crackf6A **108
32Low Dynof5+ *28
33Tim's Dynof6B+ **12
34Classic Dynof5 **115
35Classic Dyno (two handed)
f5+ 81
36Wallf5+ 28
37Jammed Blockf6B *54
38Jammed Block Variationf6C+ 18
39Jammed Block Full Eliminatef6C+ **1
40Molly's Bikef4 ***1
41Outsider Crackf3 161
42The OutsiderE2 5c 3
43Up On The CatwalkE2 6a  
 Main Face Left 
45Break Traversef6A **16
46Low Traversef7A **41
47Sidepullf6C+ *27
48Sidepull SSf7A **7
49Sidepull SS (with RH hold)f6C 10
50Hard Dyno/Wolfief6B+ **47
51Hard Dyno SSf7A 9
52Left Diagonal SSf7A+ *8
53Left Diagonal/Pockets 1f6A *50
54Diagonalf6B *29
55Pockets 2f5 *35
56Monkey PuzzleE5 6c *2
57The Shieldf6C *36
58Pockets 3f5 51
59Leonardo Half Heightf6A+ **11
60LeonardoE2 5c **27
61Leonardo Eliminatef6B+ **3
62The Crack/Tribal Lookf5 **145
63Low Pocketf6C 3
64Tribal LookE4 6a *7
65The Podf6B+ *35
66The Pod (Right Pocket)f6C+ 11
67Pod Dynof6B **31
68Pod Centralf5+ 63
69Pod Central SSf5+ *14
70Pod Rightf4+ **49
71Layawaysf7A *15
72Layaways into Edgesf6C+ *5
73Peg Crack / Lock It / Pod Crackf6A+ *49
74Edgesf6C+ *15
75Lock itE4 6a **4
76Pod Right SSf5+ *15
 Main face right 
78Experiments in Incest/Chimp Headf6B ***94
79Oval Pocketf6C *5
80Left Wallf6B ***53
81Mono Eliminatef6B 6
82Right Wallf6A **34
83Tendonitisf6B+ 13
84Slabf4 20
85Slab Eliminatef6A+ 5
 ian's wa' 
87Iain's Wall Traversef6A+ **12
88Iain's Wall Left Hand/Undercut Wallf6A+ 16
89Ian's Wa/Standing Break/The Wallf5+ **54
90Ian's Wa' (full route)E1 5c **16
91One Man Rock and Roll BandE4 6c 1
92Mentalshelff6C+ *1
93Waterfrontf6A+ 4
94Waterfront (full route)E2 6a *6
95KalahariE1 5a 1
96Long Reachf6A 5
97Greegsy's Wall Traversef5+ 9
98Greegsy's Wallf6A+ 15
99The Greegf6B+ *1
100Greeg Aretef4+ * 
101Problem 9 *f5+ 1
* Climbs listed in red are waiting to be checked by a crag moderator, and may not be accurate.

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