Climbs 52
Rocktype Grit (quarried)
Altitude 129m a.s.l
Faces NE

Setting up for the layback on Zig and Zag MVS © brownie0705

Crag features

A high concentration of climbs from 8-15 metres in a small quarry just outside Huddersfield. There are some with good overhangs and plenty of places for trad protection. At the top of most climbs there is a fence a few meters back from the top that has large stone posts that are great for using as anchors.

Approach notes

From Huddersfield travel out to Netherton and then take the back road to Honley. Follow the road to Moll spring and park next to Honley Old Wood.

The trees in the quarry have now been felled, this has significantly improved the venue, the rock is drying out and will be a lot easier to clean. Feel free to garden a route next time you visit!
Alex Thompson - 26/May/14
went to honley wood today, we set a top rope up because of the growth on the rock, had a good day though, helmet advised
gorza011 - 11/Jun/11
Has anybody been here since last year?
adi bryant - 17/Jun/10
I went for a walk up there yesterday looks like a really good crag just needs some TLC.
grubes - 24/Aug/09
I'm looking to organise a clean up at the moment, will be posting on the Forum shortly!
Alex Thompson - 10/Aug/09
I'm also happy to help with a cleanup if you drop me a line with a date/time.
bullethead - 30/Jul/09
Hi, I saw you post about a honley crag clean up, i can help, let me know ifyou organise a date/time
Simonj - 28/Jul/09
We are looking for people to help the cleanup of this quarry this summer. It is mainly vegetation build up that is the problem and moss on the rock.
JamesClare - 19/Jul/09
The asbestos are a few tiles from the roof of the quarry building that used to occupy one of the bays, these are now pretty much covered by vegetation. Also there's a lot less rubbish than I expected. The off-vertical walls are starting to green up as trees are cutting off light to the walls. Just needs a little TLC and this would be a quality venue!
Alex Thompson - 19/Jul/09
I would not recomend climbing here due to the asbestos dumbed around the quarry, which is a shame because, if given a quick clean, many of the routes here would be worthwhile.
Neftechalar - 08/Oct/07
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Lefthand Natural Edge 
2Problem 1VB  
3Problem 2V0-  
4Problem 3V0  
5Problem 4V1  
 The First Bay 
7Phil's TraverseHVS 5a  
8The Devil's StepsMVS 4b 6
9SuperstitionE1 5b 4
10LaddersVD 8
11Joe's ChimneyD 2
12Square Head PhilMVS 4b 3
13Zig And ZagMVS 4b 8
14White CrackMVS 4b 4
15Escape RouteVD 4
16Smoking SlabE1 5b *5
17Clever LeverHS 4b 3
18Watch Yer BackHVS 5b *5
19EvensongHVS 5b 1
20The Big DigHVS 5b * 
21Sore FingersHVS 5a *7
22Doing TimeE2 5b 2
23Sticky BunHVS 5b *4
24Kim SaigonMVS 4b 2
25Birch ClimbMVS 4b 2
 Big Bay Left Wall 
27ArÍte's RevengeVS 4c 2
28Tress PassMVS 4a  
29Bottle NeckMVS 4a 1
30Elasta PlastHVS 5a 4
31Halfway to FranceE2 6a * 
32What TreeHS 4a  
33The Graveyard ShiftE1 5b * 
35The Can CanHVS 5b *1
36Better Than Video GamesVS 4c 1
37Border Patrol
VS 4b  
HS 4b  
39Sue's ChimneyHVD  
40ShedpoojsizeE2 5b * 
 The Main Wall 
42Asbestosisf7A 1
43Triple Bad AcidE2 5c *3
44Good News (If You Like Bad News)E3 5c ** 
45My God Rides A SkateboardE4 5c **4
46Straight Outta CleckheatonE5 6b **1
47The Dog's BollocksE3 5c ***5
48Millions of Dead ChristiansE4 6c ** 
49Jesus Loves AmericaE3 6a ** 
50Joker Hysterical FaceE4 6b ** 
 Prow Buttress 
52Undilutable Slang TruthE6 6c * 
53My Brain is In The CupboardE3 5c * 
 Righthand Natural Edge 
55Problem 5V0  
56Problem 6V2  
57Problem 7V0  
 Waiting to be checked / for more information 
59Barkad VS 4c * 
* Climbs listed in red are waiting to be checked by a crag moderator, and may not be accurate.

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