Kinder Northern Edges

Climbs 291 – Rocktype Gritstone – Altitude 606m a.s.l – Faces N

Crag features
The major Kinder outcrop. An impressive natural edge situated in a fine moorland setting high up on the edge of the plateau. Good quality rough rock with routes up to 20 long. A huge variety of climbs of all grades. Best visited during a hot summer, can be sandy. Look out for Misty Wall (S), anything on Legacy Buttress (HVS to E4), Exodus, Jester Cracks (both VS 4c) and The Twisted Smile (HVS 5a). For something more demanding try Candle in the Wind (E3 5c) and Natural Born Chillers (E6 6a).

Approach notes
From parking just south of The Snake Inn on the A57 Sheffield - Glossop road, a footpath leaves (SK 115904) a few 100m south of the Inn. Follow this alongside Fair Brook to the plateau (40 min). The first climbs are found left of the brook (Chinese Wall). Or if heading to the ashop edge area follow the shoulder of land just west of the brook which brings you to the top just east of Cabin Buttress.

Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

Over the Moors (2012), Western Grit (2009), Peak District : Climbing (2008), On Peak Rock (2003), Peak Climbs - Kinder and Bleaklow (1990),
Out of print: Western Grit (2003)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Blackden PinnacleE1 5a  
3Keith's Last StandS  
4Moorland FanaticVS 5a  
5Reach ImpedimentHVS 5b  
6Silent WingsE1 5b ** 
7FutilityHVS 5a  
8SenilityHVS 5c  
9Wings of SpeedVS 4c  
11Socialist's AreteHVD 5
12Communist RouteVD *13
13Common RightE1 5b  
14Nationalist RouteHS 4b *12
15The WhistleblowerE2 5c  
16The TerroristE3 5c ** 
17ScreamadelicaE2 5c  
18Rickshaw RidgeVS 4c 2
19Coolie's ChimneyVS 4c 1
20Mandarin's AreteVD 4
21CarterwongHVS 5b * 
22Ancestor's TraverseVD 2
23Nose SkinnerVS 4c 1
24Three Thousand TakeawaysHVS 5a  
25Ooh Aah CantonaVS 5b  
26Canton AreteVS 4c *2
27CantoniuationHS 4b * 
28Sparkle in the ChinaE4 6b * 
29Hong Kong ChimneyVD 1
30Hong Kong AreteHVS 5b  
31The Beijing PillarVS 4c  
32Try a LittleS 4b  
33TendernessVS 4b  
34PasseHVS 5a *1
35Bobby GillespieE1 5b  
36MalaiseVS 4c *1
37Two Sixty-nines PleaseHVS 5b * 
38Mad Day ClimbS 4a  
39Narrow ChimneyVD  
40Good VibrationsHVS 5c  
41Quo VadisHVS 5b * 
42PhosphorescenceS 4a  
43Paddy Fields ForeverE2 5b  
45Rough 'n ReadyHS 4b 1
46Nice 'n' SteadyHVS 5a  
47Changed by BooksE3 5c * 
48Barton FinkE4 5c * 
49The Shock of the NewE7 6c **2
50Book of ChangesE4 6b * 
51SurpriseS 4a 1
52Wakey Wakey GlossopE3 6b * 
53Corner CrackHS 4b 1
54TryphonVS 4c *3
55NecrosisVS 5a **1
56Pound of FleshE5 6a ***2
57Kitty on a PlaneE6 6b ** 
58Give it Some Rice ManE3 5c * 
59Showbiz SherbertE2 5b  
60SilicosisS 4a  
62The ReachVS 5b  
63The ChimneyS 3
64The AreteHVS 5a 1
65Hangle FaceVS 5a  
66Hangle CrackVS 4c 1
67PavlovaHS 1
68Magic WallVS 4c *2
69Magic Wall DirectVS 5a  
70Magic Wall SuperdirectHVS 5c  
71Magic CarpetHS 4b * 
72Cloudy WallS 4a *5
73The WandS 4a  
74VendenisVD 5
75Pieces of EightS 4a 10
76DoubloonVS 4b 3
77StampedeE2 5b * 
78Round UpE1 5b *4
79Misty WallVS 4b ***80
80Wind WallVS 4c *8
81ZypherE2 6a * 
82Bean FeastVS 4c  
83DeviationVD 8
84FixationD *8
85CassandraE2 5c *2
86TrojanE1 5b *5
87MeanderHS 5a *1
88Meander AreteVS 5a *3
89Dependence WallS 4a 5
90Dependence AreteVS 4b *5
91John Henry's VariationHS 4b 2
92Means TestHVS 5b  
94Head MusicVS 4b  
95JogroansS 4a 6
96JubilationS 4a 2
97MaragonnaHVS 5b 3
98Mob RuleVS 5a *2
99G.P. AreteS 4a 10
101HoedownVD 2
102Sweet WilliamHVD *5
103The Two-Eyed SloperHS 4b  
104Lamb ChopVS 4c  
105HosannaHVS 5a  
106Pork ChopHVS 5a * 
108BoromirVS 5a  
109PetiteVS 4c  
110The Small AreteHVD 1
112Way OutS  
113Scrambled EggHS 4b 1
114PerseveranceHS 4b  
115GollumS 4a  
116The Dedicated Follower of FashionE3 5c * 
117BalrogVS 5a * 
118Short CrackVS 5a  
120Bag EndS 4b *2
121Gaberdine AngusHVS 5a * 
122BombadilloHS 4b  
123Hobbit's WalkVD 3
124Mantis CrackS 2
125Scorpion ChimneyHS 4b  
126Sugar BlueHVD  
128Black WidowHS 4b  
129Fond of ArachnidsHS 4b  
130Tarantula CrackVS 4c *3
131FlycatcherE1 5b **1
132VirtuosoS 1
133Made UpS 4a  
134Flog UpS 4b  
135SlaboveVD 1
136CraboveHS 1
137S RouteS  
138Sunday StrollS 4a  
140Tin PlanetS 4b  
141Jason and the JuggernautsS *1
142Moon RibVS 4c * 
143The Harem GlobetrottersHVS 5a * 
144CrescendoHVS 5b  
145Baby KateVS 5b  
 ******ASHOP EDGE******  
148QuandryS 4a  
149Lost OpportunityE1 5c  
150Snake CrackS 4b  
151Hanging ChimneyHVD 2
152PneumoconiosisVS 4c  
153Slinky MinkyE4 6b  
154Brains MissingE3 5c  
155HermaphroditeE3 5c ** 
156Little ChimneyHVD 1
157Twice BlessedS 4a  
158Cavern ClimbHVD  
159Jactation ClimbHVS 5a 1
160Scooped WallVS 4b  
161The MerchantVS 5a  
162East ChimneyD 1
163BacktrackHVS 5a  
164CowtrackVS 5a  
166George's CrackHS 4b  
167Downes' RouteHVD  
168Grease CrackVS 4c  
169Mole SoupE1 5b  
170Blood CracksVS 4c  
171ShylockVS 4c * 
172Grand CanalHVD  
173Red Tent WeekendVS 4c  
174Let the Red Cock CrowE1 5b  
175Red Arrow AreteHVS 4c  
177Ashop Corner ClimbHS 4b  
178Roman RoadsVS 4c *2
179Ashop CrackVS 4c **16
180Ashop ClimbHVD **38
181OrgasmoE1 5a  
182Sid's Population PasteE2 5c * 
183EurekaVS 4c **56
184Axilla The PunE3 6a  
185UreVS 5a  
186ToppleoverS 4b  
187TwisterHVD *2
188Britt's CleavageE1 5b **2
189Trial BalanceHVS 5b * 
190Eye for a LineHS 4b 1
192Njal's CrackHS 4b  
193Gray's ClimbHVS 5a  
194Thirty Six Hours in the Mystery ChairHVS 5b  
195Talcum CrackHS 4b  
196Bernie CrackS 4a  
198Tin Tin WallHS 4b 5
199BarbaraVD *19
200Jelly Baby SlabVS 4c *2
201Sliding ChimneyS 4a  
202SpacerunnerE4 6a * 
203LegacyHVS 5a ***115
204IntestateE1 5b ***48
205Big BrotherE2 5c ***22
206KinsmanE4 6b *1
207Brother's EliminateHVS 5a **5
208Squatter's RightsE3 6b * 
209Little Boy BlueE1 5c *1
210Blue JadeE3 6a  
211Dirty TrickS 4b 1
212Big TraverseVS 4b *6
214Round ChimneyVD 2
215Razor CrackS 4a *25
216The Les Dawson ShowE4 6a **11
217Growth CentreE4 6b * 
218DunsinaneVS 4b **58
219The Savage BreastE1 5b *7
220Not so happy Larry's gearboxE2 5c/6a *1
221Motherless ChildrenE1 5c *4
222Pot BellyE2 5c *3
223Tum TumHVS 5b 1
225Lobster CrackVS 5a *2
226Crab CrackHVS 5b * 
229TambourineVD 2
230Wellington SlabS 4a *3
231Scooper DooperVD **4
232Not Tonight JosephineE1 5c * 
233Back HammerHS 4b  
234Boston CrabVS 5a * 
235Three FallsE4 6a * 
236SubmissionE2 5b * 
237Per ArduaVS 5a ** 
238Swinging in the GalleryE2 5c * 
239Whit WalkVD *1
240Good Morning SheffieldE4 5c * 
241The Mad GardenerE1 5c  
242DownbyneHS 4b *1
243Cinder CrackVS 4c  
244The Kinder CaperVS 4c  
246Banjo CrackHVD 1
247Daddy CrackVS 4c *6
248Mummy CrackE1 5b *5
249Totally SpasticE6 6c * 
250Wicked Uncle ErnieE4 6a * 
251Campus ChimneyVD 4
252Mustard WallsE2 5c **12
253Machine Gun ChimneyHD 3
254The ScratcherVS 4c * 
255Toledo WallVS 4b * 
256Wire Brush SlabE2 5b *4
257Tweeter and the Monkey ManE4 6a **2
258Knapp HandHS 4b 2
259The SliceHS 4b * 
260ExodusVS 4c **3
261Highball That You Bastards!E7 6b ***1
263Jester CracksHVS 5a ***48
264Monkey MadnessE6 6c ***1
265Candle in the WindE3 5c ***8
266Twisted SmileHVS 5a ***59
267Count DraculaE1 5b *2
268Woe is MeS 4a 2
269HarlequinE3 6a **2
271Tramline CracksVS 4c *1
273Punch's NoseHVS 5a **2
275Act of FaithE4 6b * 
276Pan CrackE1 5b  
277CorinthiansVS 4b  
278EveHVS 5b * 
279Adam's AppleS 4a 3
280Noah's PairD 6
281Apostle's WallS 4a 7
282Mark's SlabVS 4c  
283MatthewHVS 5a * 
285ZebraE5 6b * 
286MarkHS 4b *4
287LukeE1 5b 2
288JohnVS 5a 1
289DeborahE4 6a ** 
291Fast HandsE3 5c  
292Honeymoon RouteVD 2
293KasebrotHS 4b  
294Socialist's VariationVS 5a 2
295Parliamentary ClimbHVS 5a  
296Dead ChimneyVS 4b  
297Natural Born ChillersE6 6a **1
298The Grey SlayerE4 5c ** 
300Chariots Of Iref7A+ ***2
302Fairbrook1 3
303Fairbrook Gully1 *3
304Nether Red Brook1 *10
305Nether Red Brook Alternative Finish 22 *4
306Nether Red Brook Alternative Finish 13 *2
307Upper Red Brook1 4
308Far Upper Red Brook1 2
309Blackden Brook1 4
310Blackden Brook Left Hand1 3
312Fair BrookI 1
313Fairbrook GullyI 1
314Nether Red BrookI 6
315Nether Red Brook - Lower right BranchIII 3
316Nether Red Brook - Upper right BranchI/II 2
317Upper Red BrookI/II 5
318Far Upper Red BrookI 1
319Blackden BrookI 2
320Blackden Brook Left HandI *1
321Gate Side CloughII 1
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Brothers buttress is marked in the wrong place on the map on p.145 of WG. It's much further E - about where Eureka buttress is marked on the map.
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