Kinder Scout Downfall Area

Climbs 249 – Rocktype Gritstone – Altitude 564m a.s.l – Faces W

Crag features
Rough, well-weathered buttresses in an amphitheatre containing the famous Downfall. Sandy, wet and green a good part of the year. Worth a visit in summer (particularly mid week - less Pennine Wayers!). Routes of all grades up to 25m high, in an easily accessible, but seemingly remote location. Classics are Zig Zag Climb (VD), The Mermaid's Ridge (30m! HS 4b,4c), The Great Chmney (HS 4b), Extinguisher Chimney (VS 4c), The Dark Side of the Moon (E3 5c) and The Gallows (E3 6a).

Access notes
From Hayfield (SK 037868) follow the road towards Kinder Reservoir to parking (SK 048868). Continue along the road past the LHS of the reservoir and a well-used path leading up to the LHS of the amphitheatre (40min).
Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

Over the Moors (2012), Scrambles in the Dark Peak (2012), Western Grit (2009), On Peak Rock (2003), Peak Climbs - Kinder and Bleaklow (1990),
Out of print: Western Grit (2003)

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
2Ultra LeftVD
3Outside LeftS 4a
4Right WingerHVS 5b
5Inside LeftVS 4c
6Inside RightVS 5a *
7Mill Hill Corner Climb/Outside RightVD
8Kilkenny RibHVS 5b ***
9Mill Hill Crack/Pioneer's CrackVD
10Pioneers' SlabD
11One KnowsVS 4b
12Two EyesS 4b
13Give it UpE4 6b *
14Crescent ArêteE1 5a
15Crescent WallHVS 5a
16VelleityE3 5c
17Gregory's FlakeHS 4b
18TrifleS 4a
19Yorick's DilemmaHVS 5c
23Via Left Hand FinishVD *
24TimewatchE2 5b *
25The EliminateE2 5c *
26Square Buttress CrackHVS 5a **
27Sheep in SituE2 5c
28Central WallS 4a
29Long Buttress AreteS 4a
30First TimeVS 4b
31Two TimerVD
32TwistHVS 5a
33Poor OutlookVD
35Wall and RibVD
36Snuff ButtressVD
37Lower Chimney RouteS 4a, 4a *
38Jolsen FinishVS 4b **
39Pythagoras crackS 4a
40Pythagoras ArêteHVS 4c
41MemphisVS 4b
42Spike ChimneyD **
43A Sticht in TimeE2 5b
44DisgustVS 4b
45One in the EyeE2 5c
46Right Hand RouteS 4a
47Central GullyS 4a
48Once in a Blue MoonE3 6a **
49The Dark Side of the MoonE3 5c ***
50Extinguisher ChimneyVS 4c ***
51Candle ButtressHVS 5a **
52Leaf ShelfVS 4c
53Intermediate RouteHS 4b
54South WallVD **
55Pedestal ClimbD *
5645 DegreesHVS 5b
57Curving CrackS 4b
58Rock ReptileHVS 5b
59Singer CornerS 4b
60M.G. RouteHS 4a
61Magic MonkeyE1 5c *
62Monkey MagicHVS 5b *
63Esgee CrackS 4a
64The FunnelHS 4b
65Eastern PromiseHVS 5b
66Eastern CrackS 4a *
67Eastern AreteHVS 5b
68End WallVS 4c *
70October GrooveVD
71October FlakesVD
72October FrontVD
75The NicheS 4a *
76Big VeeD
78West Wall ClimbHVS 5a *
79ForeignerE3 6a *
80The Mermaid's RidgeHS 4b, 4c ***
81Mermaids Ridge alt. start (Moron's Stunt)S
82Glory BoysVS 4c
83Left Twin ChimneyHS 4b 4c *
84Pumping IronyE3 5c *
85Right Twin ChimneyHVS 4c, 5a
86SemiE5 6b **
87Final JudgementE3 6a ***
88Blessed are the Interplanetary OneE5 6a *
89Boulevard TraverseS 4a
90NeptuneHVS 5a
91AtoneE1 5b
92JinnyVS 4b
93The RingHVS 5b
94UnnamedHVS 5b *
95Siren's WallE1 5b
96Annexe ChimneyS 4a
97Annexe CrackVS 4c *
99Finger in the VolcanoE1 5b **
100The Bud SamaritanE2 6a *
101AT AreteE1 5c
102Front FaceVD
103Cleft RouteD *
104Shallow CrackHS 4c
105Little Buttress RoofE1 5b
106Little ButtressM
107Little Buttress Route 3VS 5a
108Little Buttress Route 4VD
109Greater ThanS 4a
110The World in the EveningE3 6a **
111The World was Silent When We DiedHVS 5b
 ---------- THE AMPHITHEATRE AREA ---------- 
114Time for an EpicHVS 5b
115Hurry CrackVS 5a
116Sign of the TimesE3 6b **
117Slanting CrackVS 5a
118Loose Block AreteHS
119Camel RideHVS 5a
120The SqueezeVS 4c
123Royal TowerVS 5a
124DubrisHS 4a
125Autumn ChimneyVD
126Mushroom RibHS 4a
127Niche AreteVS 4b
128Incut WallHS 4a
129Suprise, SupriseE1 5a *
130Not So SuprisingVS 4c
131Friends AreteE1 5b
132Heaven sentE3 6a **
133Moac CrackE1 5b *
134Block Buttress ChimneyVD
135Withering ArmsE3 6a *
137BelialVS 4c *
138Wild HorsesE1 5b
139Italian StallionE2 5b **
140Monkeys OnlyE5 6a *
141OddityHVS 5b
142Minstrel CrackVS 4c
143Domino WallE1 5b **
144The Ledge ShufflersE6 6c **
145Raggald's WallE1 5b **
146Great Chimney Left-handVS 4c **
147The Great ChimneyHS 4b ***
148The Ensemble ExitHVS 5a **
149Loose ControlE8 6c ***
150Sorry LadsHVS 5a
151Professor' ChimneyD *
152Professor's Chimney DirectVD *
153Pegasus Left-handE1 5b *
154Pegasus Right-handVS 4c *
155Left Fork ChimneyD *
156Right Fork ChimneyS 4a *
157Embarkation ParadeVS 4c *
158Final FrontierE2 5b
159Crooked OverhangVS 4c
160Crooked AreteHVS 5a *
161RodeoVS 4c *
162ZigzagVD ***
163Zigzag CrackHVD *
164Spin-upE2 5b *
165Toss upHVS 5a *
166Chockstone ChimneyVD **
167The Last FlingE2 5b **
168Amphitheatre CrackS 4b *
169Amphitheatre Face ClimbHS 4a *
170Five TenS 4a
171Square ChimneyM
172DribbleVS 4c
173DrabbleVS 5a
175GerminationVS 4c
176HibernationE2 5c
177Termination RibHVS 5b *
178TerminalE2 6a
179Wombat WallVS 4c
180My Part in his DownfallE6 6c *
181North Tier ClimbVS 4c *
182Grotter's GullyVS 5a
183Stuck In A GrooveE2 5c
184Dud ChimneyE1 5a
185Slip Sliding AwayE3 5c
186The Glorious TwelfthE2 5b
187The HunterE3 5b *
188The BeastE2 5b
189The Bloody ThirteenthE1 5b *
190Shotgun GroovesHVS 5b *
191Poacher's CrackHVS 5a *
192Downfall GrooveHVS 5a *
193The GamekeeperE5 6b *
194Independence CrackE2 5c **
195Hard TimesE2 5c *
196Downfall ClimbM **
198Downfall South CornerVD **
199HarvestHVS 5a *
200Two Penny TubeVD **
202Trbutary CrackHS 4b
203Recess RouteVD
205Wall and Rib (Great Buttress)HS
206Central ChimneyD *
207Central Chimney DirectVS *
208Pillar RouteHS
209Don't Look BackHVS 5a **
210In Anger FinishE1 5b *
211GomorrahVS 4c *
212The Go BetweenE1 5b
214Saint's WallHVS 4c *
215Trio WallVS 4c *
216Pigeon CornerVS 4c
217Pocket WallVS 4b **
218Flake ClimbHS 4b *
219Bolster ChimneyS
220The GallowsE3 6a *
221Crescendo CrackHS 4b
222Great SlabS 4a *
223Arpeggio AreteS 4a
224The Girdle TraverseVS 4c *
226Double QuickVS 4c
227Treble TimeD
228CharangoE1 5b *
229Room to RomeHVS 5a
230Refuse to LoseVS 4c
231Hamster DamagedE1 6a *
232Grin and Bear ItVS 4c
234Birch Vale 6aE1 5b *
235Fragments of FreedomVS 5a
236Silent SeasonsVS 4b
237Time MachineVS 4b
238Disguise in LoveHVS 5b
239Asian TravellersVS 4c
240Sir PlumbHVS 5b
241ConstrictorVS 5a
242Robert the BruceHVS 5b
243Bob the BuilderS 4c *
245Last FlingVS 4c
246Lost Without TraceHVS 5a
247Ambulance BrigadeE1 5b
248Sunshine CracksVS 4c
249LasseweVS 4c
250KindermanE1 5c
251Respect My AuthorityVS 5a
252Comic ReliefHVS 5b
253WysecrackHVS 5b
254The Long Arm of the LawHVS 5a
255Justice is ServedD 4a
257Kinder Downfall (Direct Route)IV **
258Kinder Downfall, (Central Direct)III /iv *
259Kinder Downfall (Downfall Climb)II/III **
260Square Chimney ExitIII *
261Red Brook (winter)I **
262Arpeggio Gully (Winter)II/III **
264Arpeggio Gully (summer)3 ***
265Red Brook (summer)1 **
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