Giggleswick North

Climbs 122 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude ? – Faces SW

Crag features

Like its near neighbour the long thin line of well-disguised crags of Giggleswick Nouth offer only fleeting glimpses of grey limestone even in the middle of winter. The climbing is generally good with a wide choice of styles ranging from the extremely steep horizontal world of the Hollywood Bowl to a mix of easier sport climbs and traditional lines on the walls to its left. Due to its ease of access Giggleswick North is a popular evening or short-day venue and can be a viable venue in winter during a dry spell as it gets plenty of sun and is sheltered from northerly winds. The Hollywood Bowl is very steep and stays dry in the rain but it is prone to bad seepage and does not normally come into condition until late spring.

Approach notes

Giggleswick North is approached from parking pull-offs located on the road that runs west out of Settle towards the A65 (Ingleton amd Kendal). When approaching from Settle the parking place is on the right after the brow of the long hill 1 mile from Settle. When approaching from the A65 / Ingleton direction the parking place is on the left just before the brow of the hill about a quater of a mile from the junction with the A65. A path leads from the parking area and climbs to the base of the cliff line. The first crag to be encountered is the very obvious Hollywood Bowl. Further left just beyond an old wall and two yew trees the path splits take the narrow upper path above a broken crag. This path passes below the climbing on the North Buttess.

Access notes

The escarpment is on private land but access has rarely been challenged in the past. Several cave features including Hollywood Bowl and Sewell's Cave, which is well to the left of the main buttresses, are of significant archeological importance. Please repect earthworks and any other potentially man made features in these areas.

Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

Northern Limestone : Yorkshire, Cumbria, Lancashire (2015), Yorkshire Limestone (2005),
Out of print: Northern Limestone (2004), Yorkshire Limestone (1992)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Olympian Wife Beater6b+ 4
3Diaries of a Prestwich Pensioner7a+ 2
4Kells (The Prestwich King Pin)6a+ 3
6Honeymoon CrackVS 4b  
7September FlakeHVS 5a *1
8Ivy ButtressE2 5c **7
9Acid TestE4 6b **3
10Acid DropE5 6b *1
11Drop Test6b+ **11
12Close to Ivy6a+ *13
13No Picnic for Teddy Bears5c **17
15Northern Humour6c *14
16Sweet Gene Vincent6c+ *8
17There Ain't Half Been Some6c+ 1
18Hit Me with your Clipping Stick7a *12
19August GrooveVS 5a  
20Life on Mars6b 8
21New Bolts and Panties6b+ 10
22Ginger Jesus7a *3
23Tarciana6b+ *9
24Resins To Be Cheerful6c *25
25Poison IvyE1 5b 2
26Bad Genie6c *32
27The Boltergeist6b+ *31
28The Haunting6b+ 15
29Boisterous Bloater6b *46
30Final Offering6b *42
31The Last Fish Supper5c 45
32The Hearty Breakfast6a+ 30
33Root Sixty Six6a *39
34A Block off the Old Chip6a *49
35Rusty PartsE1 5b 5
36Mayfly7b *6
37Rampage7a *17
38Ramp Raiders6b **31
39Ramp DirectE1 5b 4
40RampantE2 5c *3
41The RampE2 5c *6
42Haggard Herring7b *6
43Breadsnapper6c+ *17
44Branching Out6c *9
45Muted Mackerel7b **11
46Mainlining7b+ *4
47Ivy SeptemberE1 5b 2
48Audience with Jello7c **1
49Stunned Mullett7b+ 2
50Flights of Fancy7a+ *10
51Jackdaw HoleE2 5c *1
52Pole Dancing6c+ *11
53The MaypoleE2 6a  
54Maypole Revisited6c * 
55MoribundHVS 5b  
56Northern Sole6a 29
57First Plaice5a 27
59DeceptionS 3
60TrepidationVD 2
61FellsmanE2 5c *5
62Soft Touch6c *14
63Ben Hur6a+ *38
64Retro-Killer6c *26
65Fellsman (Revisited)6b+ *35
66DebbieHVS 5b * 
67Debbie Direct6a+ **64
68The Craftsman6b+ *33
69Joinery6a 36
70Tong and Groove6a 49
71The Adze6a+ 21
72Stumpy5c 33
74BrinkmanshipVS 4c 1
75BottleVS 4b 1
76The BrinkVS 4b *4
77Sunset Boulevard7c ***27
78Divine Sunset7c+ **4
79Divine Brown7c+ **9
80Accelerator8b+ ***1
81Illywacker7b+ ***46
82Aladdin8c ***1
83King of Thieves8c+ *** 
84Whitelock Witchery7b+ *2
85Jorjas Connection7c ** 
86Hollywood Bowl (aid)A2 2
87Hollywood Bowl7c **1
88Molly's Bowl7c * 
89Superbowl7c ** 
90Joe's Spork7b+ * 
91Angel Eyes8b+ * 
92Kleptomania8a **11
93Tonto8c+ *** 
94The Jordanator8b 1
95The Sound of One Hand Slapping7c *16
96We Come in Fear7c *4
97Seconds Choice7a *47
98Taking The MikeyHVS 4c 1
99Dragon WallVS 4c  
100Jungle BunnyMVS 4b  
101ClearanceMVS 4b  
103Jack HornerVD 1
104Film Clips6a *18
105Blue Movies7b 2
106Cinemascope6a+ **2
107Pulp Friction6c+ *5
108ThunderballHVS 5b 1
109Yew Tree WallS 4a 3
110Honeyed Dwarf6b 5
111The Fakir Awakes5c *28
113Bed of NailsS 4a  
114Original ChimneyS 4b  
115Cat in Clarke's Shoes6a 6
116North of the Border6a 36
117Sport for All6a+ *35
118Dreams in which I'm Dying6a *29
119Broken Flake WallHVS 4c **4
120Liquid Acrobat6a *39
121Red RagE1 5c * 
122Skyline RouteVS 4b  
123Easy PickingsS 1
124The ReachHVS 5b  
125Lay-By Slabs DirectVS 5a 1
126Route 1S 4
127Soft Touch (sport)6b+ 6
128Sundowner6b *2
129Goldihood6a+ 2
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any idea where I can get an up to date topo or guide for Gigg north
daviesxxx - 26/Jun/13
May I withdraw my earlier comments; I was having a bad day, and say that, bar the noise, its actually quite good. Best place for 6'cs locally and a couple of decent easier routes too. I apologise unreservedly to the developers of the cliff!
Bulls Crack - 01/Apr/12
Some decent low grade routes, as well as the obvious and amazing Hollywood Bowl. Please, please crag moderator sort out the routes and grades!
chris_j_s - 31/May/10
Apart from the Bowl and a few of the harder routes + Ivy Buttress fairly dire. Short, cr*ppy routes in the main not worth excavating at the expense of habitats and wildlife.
Bulls Crack - 13/May/10
Good crag but noisey with the traffic. some routes are not in the guide book3.
Booey - 20/Sep/08