Blackstone Edge

Climbs 285 – Rocktype Gritstone – Altitude 470m a.s.l – Faces W

Crag features

Right in the heart of Bronte country. Not much in the HVS range, but plenty for the low-grade E climber. Aspect means it can be green, but pleasant in the summer. Lots of nice interesting bouldering scattered all around, potential for some new harder lines possibly.

Approach notes

Park at The White House pub as for Cow's Mouth Quarry, the path towards Blackstone edge is just on the other side of the road.

Lancashire Bouldering (2014), Western Grit (2009), Lancashire Rock (1999),
Out of print: Western Grit (2003)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Phase ChangeE1 5c * 
3Slim JimVS 5a 3
4Manibus et PedibusqueE4 6a * 
5Nor Nor' ChimneyVD 16
6North ChimneyM 6
7North CaveM 11
8North cave direct startVS 4c 1
9Belly on a PlateVS 4c 8
10The ManglerVS 5a *10
11CornflakeE2 5c * 
12Central EliminateVS 5a 10
13Central CrackVD **40
14Central GrooveS 4b 30
15Descent ChimneyD 2
16Master EgoE2 5c 2
17Little Miss Id VariationsE3 6a * 
18Little Miss IdE1 5c **8
19TrycheE4 6a *4
20PotsE2 5c  
21Outside EdgeVS 4c *5
22South ChimneyD *24
23Twin CracksD 33
24PalmistryE2 5c *2
25No Sign of ThreeE2 5c *4
26Slin and ThippyE4 6a 1
27Pendulum Swing DirectHVS 5a 6
28Pendulum SwingVS 4c 25
30Master Ego Travf6A  
311975f7A v6 *1
32Recalibratef7B v8 *1
33Recalibrate (Standing Start)f6A *2
34Wrestle Down the Windf7B  
36Sturlupf4 4
37Greenflintf4+ 4
38Danstenf3 4
39Naradamef4 4
40Argelf4 2
41Rifflessf3 3
42Puroustenf3+ 3
43Shallingf3 3
44Shalling Sitterf6C *3
46Get Setf5 5
47Diversion and Onf5+ 10
48Concavity Cons Gravityf6B v3 *10
49Robin's Dynof6C v5 *2
50Underwayf5+ v3 9
51Fridge Huggerf7B+ v9 ***3
52Fridge Hugger (standing)f6A+ *4
53We are not Amusedf5+  
54We are not Confusedf5  
55Blackstone Bestf6B v3 3
56Wallf5+ v1 4
57Nosey Thingf5+ 4
58The Easy Mantelf6A 2
59Backside Slabf5+ 2
60Lippy Traversef6C  
61Ugly Ducklingf3  
62The Fortressf5 1
63The Fortress Aretef4 *3
64The Cracksf4 1
65Slopey Wallf6C v5 1
66Short and Saltyf5 6
67The Midget Miraclef6C 3
68Mini Right Arete.f5  
69Elixirf7A+ v7 **1
70Robin's Slapf6B+ v4 *3
71One moverf5 3
73Off-sidef5+ *1
74Offwidth Your Headf6B  
75Proper Jobf6C * 
76Pony Clubf7A **2
77Fall and Chainsf6C+  
79Game of Groansf6C+ 1
81Basic Techf6B  
82Confessed Obsessedf6C  
83Gnome Aretef5+  
84Herof7A ** 
86Newfangled Slaptopf5+  
87Happy Mole Manf6C+ * 
88Lungefishf5+ *1
90The Right Honourable Runnelf6B * 
91Anvilettef5+ 1
92Oh Dearf6A  
93Oh Myf6A 1
94Eager Beaverf6B  
96Nik's Groovef7A v6 *1
97Squashed Nosef6B+ v4  
98Nik's Leftf6B+ v4 *1
99Nik's Aretef6B+ v4 *1
100The Big Crack Thingf5 4
101Nik's Slapf6C+ v5 *1
102Bum Fiendf5+  
103Nibble My Gritf4  
104Hand Holedf6B *1
105Try mef4  
106Home Improvementsf6C+ *1
107Home Improvements Rightf7A  
108Patiopiaf7A * 
109Sergeant Jumpf6A 1
110Coclewarmerf5+ 1
111Groove is in the Artf5  
112Frog Legsf4  
113Amy Pondf4 1
114Ricki Lakef4 4
115Billy Oceanf4 4
116Spaghetti Limbsf6B 2
117The Sneakf3+  
118The Runnelf5+ 3
119Pocket Dynof6B+ v4 *2
120Polly Pocketf6C v5 *3
121Pocket aretef6A v2 3
122No Pocket No Cryf5  
123Free and Easyf4+  
126The Wodgef7A+ * 
127The Wedgef7A ** 
128Wedge Witchf6A  
129Ledge Itchf6B  
130Obstinate Bactrianf6C  
131Deft Cleftf6C  
132Foxy Furtlingsf7B v8 * 
133Nutritionf6B v3 1
134Lock Stock and Smoking Heelf6C+ *1
135Boozy Brawlerf7A v6 *2
136Bottomless Gitf6B+ v4 1
137The Lady's not for Gurningf7B v8 *1
138Soul CalibreV5 *1
139The Iron Ladyf7A *1
140Hand Me Frownsf7A  
141Insouciancef7A * 
143Flip Mef6C  
144Leg Sandwichf5+  
145Stacked Like Arnief6A+  
146The Shelfish Wayf6C  
148The Underdogf7A+ *1
152Fine and Dandyf4 5
153Time for Tweedf3 4
154Pockington Lanef6B v4 *16
155Grrrf5 2
156Finders Feef4 1
158Triggerf6B+ v4 4
159Trig Crackf3 1
160Trig Slabf6A v2 *12
161Trig Aretef6C v5 *11
162Trigonomyf6A *8
163Trig Wallf3+ *2
164Trig Point Flakef2 *2
165No Nonsensef5+ 1
166The Lusheringf7A *3
167Done Years Agof6B *2
168Con Airf7A **10
170Sly Wayf6A+ 1
171Green and Blackf6A+ * 
172Troll Mohicanf6B+  
173Cleft of the Bravef5+ **1
174Fissure of Fearf6A * 
175Last Lashf6A  
177Belly Bouncerf6A  
178Go that Wayf6B  
179Go Lowf6B 2
180Go this Wayf6B+  
182First Laughf5+ 4
183Keep Laughingf5 1
184Under a Dark Dreamf4 *4
185Roaming Under a Dark Dream of Pleasant Pugsf4 3
186Roaming Pleasant Handsf4 4
187A Few Moves For New Lovef3 4
188Cutlery Creates Confusionf2 4
189Little Person's Pathf3 3
190Low High Traversef5+ 2
192Easy wallf4 3
193Uphill Aretef6B v3  
194Ape Hourf7A+ v7 **4
195Hueco Aretef5 18
196Hueco Arete Eliminatef6A *2
197Blackstone Slabf6A+ v2/3 *8
198Be Strictf6C 1
199Be Skilfulf6A **12
200Be Less Skilfulf5 *5
201Nothing Cubedf4 10
202Cubanf6A+ 17
203Cubic Crackf6B+ 7
204Cube Allf6A 7
205Shortarsef6B+ v4 7
206One Stop Pop Shopf7A v6 *1
207Nick's Traversef7A+ v7 ***4
208Hand Railf6A *1
209Crack Leftf6B+ v4 *4
211The Bounderf4+  
212Rough Lifef4  
213Naomi's Wallf6B *1
214Curving Aretef5+  
215I knowf3  
216Easy Peasyf2  
217Stay Coolf5 4
218Another!f4+ 4
219Twof5 4
220Easier Peasierf2 2
221Who? Me?f4+ 3
222Rubberyf5 3
225Poragef2 1
226Feetf4+ 1
227Balancef4+ 2
228Steppin' Outf4+ 1
229Foot Businessf5 2
230Leaning to the Left of Sloperf6A **4
231Softly Softlyf6A+ *3
232Catchee Monkeyf3 *1
233Beginningf2 1
234Endf2 2
235Forward Straightf2 1
236Corneredf2 1
237Floating Wigsf4+  
238Larn Summatf6B  
239Ruler Foolerf6B * 
240Old Silkyf6A  
241Old Milkyf5+  
243You Theref3 1
244You There ( Sit start)f6A 1
245Look Heref5 1
246Look Here (Sit start)f6A 1
247Just Do Itf4  
248Pheasant Walkf3 * 
249Grouse Matef5  
250Subtleteasef4 **2
251Paw Printf3 **2
252Queasy Facef5  
253Look to Windwardf5+ **1
254Andrex Guppyf5+ **1
256Crimpemupf6B+ 1
257Dodgemf4+ 2
258The Skelterf6B 3
259Merry Go Roundedf3 3
260Backseat Climberf5 2
261Granny's Got Movesf4 2
262Grandad's Hard to Holdf6C  
263Nooks and Granniesf4  
264Let Loose the Lionf6B 2
265Get Hornyf3 2
266The Rantlef7A * 
267Something from the Atticf5 1
268Shelf Lifef6B  
269Pack Up and Gof6A  
270Udge Repellantf6C  
271The Fop is on Formf6B+ * 
272Dandy Gets Handyf6A+  
273Chalk the Talkf7A 1
274Custom Eyesf2 * 
275Aesthete's Footf6B+ * 
276Merci Moif7A 1
278Fragmenf4 2
279Illustrionf3 2
280Scultisf3 2
281Kescatef3 2
282Swingersf7A *3
284Return of the Swingf7A+ *1
285Lunaf6B+ v4 **3
286Krakenf6A+ v3 *2
288Levithian Rightf6C v5 *2
291Ribbed for Applausef4+  
292Step into the lightf6C v5 *1
293Sneak up the Rightf6B+  
294Don't Stop to Fightf6B  
295The Butcherf6B v3 2
297Ricki Lake (Sit) *f6A 1
298Billy Ocean (Sit) *f6A+ 1
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Decent bouldering circuit over three areas. Not much above 7a but a complete mixbag of climbs around 6a-6c mark.
rice boy - 29/May/08
Some superb problems here. You just need to hunt them out. Give it 48 hours to dry after rain in Winter. An excellent venue.
bentley's biceps - 16/Mar/08
green green green green green I'm sure it'd be fine if we hadn't had 5 weeks of rain though.....
rginns - 23/Jul/07