Intake Quarry

Climbs 195 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude 300m a.s.l – Faces W

Crag features
CLIMBING IN INTAKE QUARRY IS NOT ALLOWED. The crag is included in this database purely to inform climbers that there is no access to it. Routes have been climbed in the past and they are only listed in the UKC Routes database for the historical record and should not be climbed any more.

Access notes
Intake Quarry is situated near Cromford. Climbing is not allowed.
Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

From Horseshoe to Harpur Hill (2004),
Out of print: Northern Limestone (2004)

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
4Triple barrel5a
5Geoff Capes5a
6A shot in the arm5a
7A shot to the head6a
9Shoot out5a
10Calling the shots.5c
12The Fatherhood6a
13Fatherly Advice5a
14in my fathers house6a
15Not Yet Named6a+
16Father, Dear Father6a
17Love Yer Dad6a
19Leaf Tea6b
20Not to be Taken Away6a+
21Crispy Duck6b
22Prawn Crackers6c *
23The Big Take Out6a *
24Who Flung Dung6c
25Blue Moon Night6c+
26Chop Suicide6b *
27Les Chinoise6a
28Order Number 696a+
29The Golden Duck6a
30Me Old China6a
31Flying Tonight6a
32The China Syndrome5c
33The Pagoda Tree5a *
34The Chinese Delictessan6c
35Chinese Debauchery6a
37Unhappy Hour6c
38Slap Happy HourE2 5b
39Nappy Hour5a
40White Tripe5a
41Unlimited Choice5a
42My Furious Tortoise6b *
43Life has no Porpoise6a *
44The Shambling6b
47Join the Dots5a
48See Spot Run6b+ *
49In a Dash6c
51Spots the Difference6a
52The Clumps5a *
53A Sharp Intake of Breath6b+ **
54Brain Candy6b *
55Stinking Rose6c *
56Prickly Rose6c+
57Rabbit Proof Fence6c+ **
58Brer Faced Cheek6c *
59Intolerable Cruelty7a **
60Intake it or Leave it6c
61Tuckers Grave6c+ **
62Plum Tuckered Out6b *
63Friar Tuck6b
64Tuck Shop Brawl6b+
65Can't teach em Nowt6b+ *
66Thatll Teach 'em7a+ **
67A Jam's as good as a restE3 5c *
68Red ZingerE3 5c *
69Dead Ringer6c+ **
70Looky likey6b *
71Flowering Beauty6b
72My Petal6b+
73Mon Dichor7a *
74Our Kids Orchid7a **
75Di Fontaine6c+ *
76Crack of DawnE2 5b *
78Bone Ible6b+ *
79Diedre EdwardsE3 53 **
80Ravens LunaticE3 5c **
81Raggere6c **
82Albert Matlock6c
83Hopton No GoodE3 6a *
84More than me Wirksworth6c
85Welcome To Poppy's6c+
87Footloose and Hangiing Free7a
88I Love Bakewell Tarts6a+
89Stone Broke7a
90Problems Afoot5a
91The Man Comes Around6c
92The Cucco Waltz6b
93Silencio6a+ *
94Dead Calm6b
96Up a Gum Tree6b
97Goin Full Boar6c+ *
98Finding Neverland6a+
99El Sergio6a **
100Add the Advil6b **
101Twelve O'Clock Nick5a
102Headline News6c+
103Heads will roll6a
106Orange Gina6b+
107My My TsunamiE4 6a **
108Caesarea6c+ **
109Un-named6c+ **
110Wolves Of The Calla6c+ **
111A L'Orange6c **
113Cam BoysE2 5c
114AgonyE3 6a *
115Hurt7a **
117Many mani Men6c+
118Sisters of Oriza6c+ *
120There is no Sanity Claus6b
121No Sanity6c *
122Is there life after turkey?6b
123More Pudding Please6a
124Flame the Sauce5a
129Freddy's final FinaleE1 5b
130Mercury TimesE2 5c *
131Don't Pontificate6b+ *
132Abrade with Me6b *
133Abide With MeE4 5c ***
134Friends, Romans, Countrymen.E2 5c *
135Pope On A Rope6a+
136Papal RainE3 5c
137Pope Idol6c
138Could I, Should I, Would I.E4 6a
139Hollowed Ground6b+
141A Brown Understudy6a+
142Totally Outa White6c
143A White Oversight6b+ *
145Reverential Rib6b *
146Lecherous Pig6b+
147Sacrificial Pig6b
148Crich AlmightyE4 6a **
149Frank CarsingtonE3 6a ***
150Big Thing ComingE3 5c ***
151Numero UnoE1 5b
152The Giant PotE3 5c
153For Intakes SakeE4 6a
154Everything Must GoE4 6a
156Ho HumE3 5c
157Mm MmmE3 5c
158I Love YouE2 5b
159Drink the Girl Drunk6b
160Crumbling Empire6c
161Living the DreamE4 6b
162No LogoE1 5a
163More Loco than CocoaE3 5c
165The Sound Of Music6c+
166Music To My Ears7a *
167Harmony in my HeartE5 6b
168Big MooseE2 5b
169Rat in a BucketE1 5b
170SlaveE3 5b
171ElkaseltsaE4 6a
172AmistadE5 6a
173You're Pushing a BroomVS 4b
174Girl Drink DrunkE1 5b
175Welcome to my drainsVS 4b
179Sunset Stripped6b
180Sunny Un-D6b
181Collapsing Sunset6a+
183Sunrise Sunset5a
184Rok It To the Moon6a
185Moon Landings6a
186Lunar Eclipse6a
188I Cairn, I Cairn't6b+ *
189Yes I Cairn6a
190Cairn You Believe It5a
191No i Cairn't5a
192Groove I Saw4a
193Slab I knew5a
194Arete I Know6b
195Unnamed climb6a
196Unnamed climb 26c+
197Route 8E4 6b
198Swept Aside7b *
199Predator 2E3 5c
200D.I.Y.VS 4b
201Route 11E1 5c
202Trunkline7a *
203AcrobatE1 5c
204Margin WalkerVS 5a
205Pipeline Arete5a *
206Route 166b+
207CrackedVS 4b
208ImpE1 5b
209No Country for Old Men6b *
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The owners of the quarry - Tarmac - have asked us to state that no climbing is allowed here. Please don't leave any further comments on this crag.
Alan James - UKC - 07/Jun/06