Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)

Climbs 219 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude 227m a.s.l – Faces SW

Crag features
A 'National crucible' of hard sport climbing. A huge bastion of overhanging rock giving short (10m) crimpy desperates and multi-pitch pumps over 50m long. Mostly good rock, a bit flaky in places, and polished in others. Top routes are Sardine (7b+), Indecent Exposure (pitch 1, 7b+), The Body Machine (7c), Chimes of Freedom (8a+), Mecca (8b+, Hubble (8c+) and the hardest route in the Peak, Mutation (9a). Not surprisingly, home of hard bouldering too. Powerband and Ben's Roof to name a few. A suntrap - can be too hot!

Access notes
From the B6049 Tideswell to Buxton road turn left at Miller's Dale (to Litton Mill). Limited parking is available in small laybys below the crag or at the southern end of Tideswell Dale 8 min walk away.

Peak Bouldering (2014), Peak Limestone (2012), Peak District: Bouldering (2011), On Peak Rock (2003), Northern Limestone Route Database (2001), Peak Limestone - Wye Valley (1999),
Out of print: Peak District: Bouldering (2004), Northern Limestone (2004), Peak Bouldering - Fax09 (1998), Bouldering in the Peak District Vol 1 (1994), Bouldering in the Peak District Vol 2 (1994), Peak Limestone - Fax03 (1992)

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
1Arabian NightsE4 6b
2Sheikh, Rattle 'n Roll7b
3Koran Direct7a+ *
5HubrisE5 6a
6Barely Decent7a+
7Barely Decent(right start)7b+
8Balls Out7c
9Indecent Exposure7b+ ***
10Indecent Exposure Direct7c ***
11The Full Monty7c+ ***
12Half Decent7c **
13Unzipped8a *
14Body Machine7c ***
15Body Machine Direct7c+ ***
16An In and Out of Body Experience8a ***
17Bodybuilder8a+ **
18Anger Management8a **
19Cross 'n Angry *8a+ ***
20The Prow (classic)7c ***
21The Prow8a ***
22The Crucifixion8a ***
23Rage into The Crucifixion *8b+ **
24Proud Whore7c+ ***
25Brazen Strumpet8a **
26Jehovah Kill8b+ *
27Revelations8b ***
28Rage8b ***
29Hubble8c+ ***
30The Whore of Babylon8a
31Brandenburg GateProject **
32Introducing the Hardline According to Terrance Trout7b+
33Make it Funky8c **
34Mega Whore8c **
35Mecca - The Mid-life Crisis8b+ ***
36Mecca Extension8c ***
37Hajj8c **
38Kaabah8c+ ***
39Evolution8c+ ***
40Mutation9a ***
41Stevolution9a ***
42Devolution8b+ **
43Devolution into Waddage8c **
44Roofolution9a **
45Chimes of Freedom8a+ ***
46Chimes of Freedom( the second pitch)E5 6b *
47Chimes short8a **
48Freedom Fighter8a+ ***
49Chimes of Resistance8b **
50The Resistance7c *
51Resistance is Futile8a+ *
52Waddage8b ***
53Right to Roam8a **
54Weedkiller/Chimes Link8b **
55The Green Alternative7c+ *
56The Green Rooster7c+ *
57Fowl Play8a *
58Weedkiller7c+ *
59Lets Get Green7c+
60Mecca Traverse8a+ *
61Chimes Alternative8a
62Alternative Chimes of Resistance8a+ *
63The Green Fighter8a *
64Cave Problem Chimes Link8b
65Cave Problem SS/Chimes Link8b+
66Weedkiller/Green Alternative Link8a *
67Cave Alternative8a+ *
69Too Hard for Mark Leachf6C *
70Too Hard For Mark Leach Footlessf7A
71Ben's Rooff7C+ **
72Ben's Roof Extension Startf8A **
73Belly of the Beastf8B+
74Keen Rooff8B ***
75Keen Roof (Standing)f7A+
77Cave Problemf7B+ *
78Cave Problem sit startf7C
79Shades of Greyf7C *
80Wee Dimensionf7B+ **
81Fat Lipf8B **
83Tumbleweed (Standing Start)f7C+
84Let's Get Ready To Rumbleweedf8A **
85Chimes Startf6A+ **
87Basher's Problemf6C+ *
88Basher's Problem Right-Handf7A+
89High Greenf7B *
90The Weedkiller Traversef7A+ ***
91Weedkiller footlessf7C *
92Weedkiller Extensionf7B **
93Perverse Reversef7A+ **
94Perverse Reverse Footlessf7C
95Perverse Reverse - Basher's Problemf7A+
96Perverse Reverse - Basher's RHf7B *
98Perverse Killerf7B
99Killerweedf7C *
100Killerweed Footless *f8A+ **
101Jive Turkey7b+ *
102The Missing Link8a *
103The Exterminator8a+ *
104Rooster Crossing8c *
105Rooster Booster (pitch 1)7c+ **
106Rooster Booster (Pitch 2)7c
107Cream Team SpecialE5 6b **
108Sardine7b+ ***
109Tin Of7b **
111Bullet the Blue Sky7b+ *
112Another Toadside Attraction7c **
113In Brine8a+ *
114Obscene Gesture7c *
115Obscene Toilet7c **
116The Toilet8a *
117The Call of Nature8a **
118Toilet Traversef6B+ *
119The Ribf6B+
120Bear Clawf7C *
121Chris Barr's Problemf7A **
122Verbal Abuse Startf6A+
123Verbal AbuseE7 6c **
124Hot Flushes8a **
125The Ring of Fire7c+ *
126The Flushings7b+
127A Little Extra7a+ *
128A Little Extra (Direct Start Problem)f7A *
129Little Boots7c
130Undercuts to Crimp Problemf7B+
131Undercuts to Sloper Problemf7C
132Cream Tea Special7b+
133Pump up the Valiumf7C+ *
134Hooligan8c **
135Hooligan Startf8A+ *
136Ben's Traversef8A *
137Boot Boys8a+ **
138Boot Boys Startf6C *
139Out of My Boots7c *
140Out of My Boots (Start)f7A+
141Out of My Tree8a *
142Out of My Tree Startf7B *
143Out of My Tree (sit start)f7B+ *
144Dialectics8a+ *
145Pump up the Power8a+ *
146Pump Up the Power Startf7C+ *
147Rattle and Hump8a *
148Rattle and Hump Startf7A+ *
149Rattle and Hump Start Footless *f7C *
150Rattle and Hump Start (hard way)f7B *
151Rattle and hump sit start *f7B
152Seraphim8b+ **
153Influxf8A *
154Wild In Me7c **
155Wild In Me (direct Start)7c+
156Wild in Me Startf6C
157Wild in Me Direct(Kristian's problem)f7B *
158Kristian's Got Staminaf7C
159Super High Intensity Body Building7a *
160Powerbandf7C ***
161Staminabandf8A ***
162Power Humpsf7B *
163Powerhumps (hard way)f7B+ *
164Strict Bluebandf7C+ *
165Blueband (Non-Strict)f7C
166Staminahumpsf7C+ *
167Staminaband/Pump Up the Power Link8c+ ***
168Out of Stamina8c *
169Staminaband/Ben's Traversef8A+ *
170Pump up the Powerbandf8A+ **
171Out of Staminaf8A+ *
172Stamina Boysf8B **
173Pump up the Stamina9a **
174Should be Bandf8A+ **
175Saline DripE5 6b
176Saline Drip Startf7A *
177Saline Drip (Sit Start)f7B **
178The Ministry of Silly WalksE1 5b
180Mortal Kombat7b+
181Tomb Raider8a *
182Gran Tourismo7b
184The Pinches Wall P1-5 Peak Boudering *f6A
185Pinches wall 1 *f6A
186Pinches wall 2 *f6A+
187Pinches wall 3 *f6A+
188Pinches wall 4 *f6B
189Pinches wall 5 *f6B+
190Pinches wall 6 *f6C
191Pinches wall 7 *f6C+
192Pinches wall 8 *f6C
193Pinches wall 9 *f7B
194Pinches wall 10 *f7A+
195Pinches wall 11 *f7B
196Pinches wall 12 *f7A+
197Pinches wall 13 *f7B
198Pinches wall 14f7B
199Pinches wall 15 *f7B
200Pinches wall 16 *f7B
201Pinches wall 17 *f7B+
202Pinches wall 4 variant *f7A
203Pinches wall 28 whaler's problem *f7A+
204Malcolm's Pinch Problem on Pinches Wall *f8A ***
205Pinches wall 3 variant *f6C
206Problem 12f6B
207Problem 13V1
208RockFax Peak Bouldering Problem 14V1
209Captain Skyhook *A2
210Mecca *A1
211Boy Band *f7C
212Girl Band *f7C
213Perverse Killer Footless *f8A+ *
214Bluehumps *f7C
215Ben's Roof sans kneebar *f7C+ *
216Kaabah is Futile *8c+ ***
217Malc's one armer *f8A ***
218Kristian's Got Contraband *f8A+ *
219Pinches wall 9 variation 1 *f7B
220Convert-A-Basher *f7C+
221Pinches wall 18 *f7B+ 6c
222Mecca Extension/ The Whore of Babylon *8b+ ***
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