Scugdale - Barker's Crags

Climbs 153 – Rocktype Sandstone (hard) – Altitude 310m a.s.l – Faces W

Crag features

The right hand extension of a pleasant edge of hard sandstone that extends along the rim of this quiet valley. The crag rarely reaches more than 10m in height; for the competent a rope is rarely necessary. Because of the lack of height, many routes only receive a technical grade, offers everything from pleasant slabs to technical cracks and aretes to pumpy overhangs.

Quieter and more secluded than Scots Crag.

Recommended: Fairy Tale Low 6c, Super Skunk, Fallen Arch 5a, Black Wall Traverse 6b, New Dimensions E3 6a, Grandmaster Flash E5 6b,

Approach notes

No dogs - farmland.
From Swainby (on the A172) head south-east on a minor road on the true L bank of the beck that flows through the village, until you can cross the beck by a ford. Continue with care up the road for 3 mi to the road head and park with care.
5 min walk leads to the crag.

Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

North York Moors and East Coast Bouldering (2014), Climb Online,
Out of print: North East England (2003), North York Moors (1985)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2SlabVB 4b 43
3Overhanging CrackVB 4c 30
4Flake RouteVB 4c 37
6Angel EyesHS 4b 49
7Stolen MomentHS 4b 16
8Roof RouteHS 4b *50
9AvalonHVS 5b 8
10Back to the wall *VB 5a *3
11Mantraf5 2
13Rowan Tree WallS 4a *31
14Rowan Tree CornerD 16
15Easy FlankVD 3
16Left AreteVS 4c 15
17Right WallHVS 5c 7
19Left AreteVS 4c 18
20Front OverhangVS 4b 23
22Barking Mad FinV1 5b *3
23Barking MadVS 5a 19
25Green ChimneyS 4a 29
26Hairlinenone 5a 4
27Problem WallVS 5c *25
28Outer WallVS 4c 45
29Pedestal CrackS 4a *93
30Walled OutVS 5b 4
31Walled InVS 5b *25
32Wall EdgeV0- 5a 4
33The NoseVD 81
34Pedestal ChimneyD 73
35Pedestal WallHVD 3c 44
36Pedestal Wall EliminateHVS 5b 32
37Hedgehog AreteVS 5a *5
38Flake ChimneyHD 48
39Flake Chimney and WallD 40
40Hard SellVS 4c 62
41Long ChimneyHVD 41
42Tall TalesVS 5c 5
43Fairy Tale HighHVS 6b * 
44Easter EdgeHVS 5c *11
45Fairy Tale LowHVS 6c 5
46The NoseHVS 5c *38
47SnuffHVS 5b 17
48Alcove CracksS 4a **111
49Alcove WallVS 5b 2
50Alcove ChimneyMVS 4b 53
51Alan's WallE1 5b 32
52Scoop WallE2 5c 8
53Mr Whippy/Born in the USAE2 5c 11
54Snatch AreteE2 5c ***9
55Empty IllusionsE2 5c 2
56Pioneer's ChimneyM 42
57Ancient PioneerVS 4b 8
58Ancient's AscentD *40
59Super Skunknone 6a 8
60Super Skunk - Sit Startnone 6b 2
61Natural Highnone 6b 2
63One For The RoadS 4a 32
64ShandyVD *31
65Shandy (overhang direct)HS 4b 15
66Chaser ChimneyHVD 24
68The FrogVS 5b 7
69Last But One ButtressVD 18
71Flake WallHS 40
72Joshua's NoseHVD *40
73Bilberry CracksS 4a *52
74Left AgainHVS 5c *15
75Dangerous GameHVS 5b *10
76Safety in NumbersVS 5a 25
77BreakoutVS 4b *38
78Belly ChimneyVD 38
79SnippetHVS 5c 18
80Jericho WallVD *35
81Evening WallS 4a 24
82Easy Goingf3 1
83Close Encounterf5+ 1
85The EyrieHVS 5c 3
87Fragile WallVS 5b 4
88SmilerVS 5b 4
89The BendsHVS 6a 3
90WildHVS 5b 1
91Flake AreteHVS 5c 4
92Short and SweetHVS 5c 2
93WindyVD 14
94Air Time-The TraverseE1 6b  
95BreezeHS 4b 10
97ArchitraveVS 5c 7
98Arch RivalHVS 6a 10
99Arch GullyM *20
100Over the TopVS 4c *7
101Fallen ArchHVS 5a **16
102Attic GullyD 21
103AtticismHVS 5c 1
104Foot LooseHVS 6a  
105Direct StartHVS 5c 5
106Attikismos TraverseHVS 5c  
108Auld Lang SyneVS 5a 2
109HogmanayHS 11
110First FootingM 19
112Black Corner - Left SideVD *33
113Black Corner - Right SideHS 4b *32
114Black WallHVS 5b 30
115Mandela's DayHVS 5c *24
116Timeless DivideS 4c *36
117Black BannedHVS 6a **20
118Billy No MatesHVS 5c 1
119Harry PalmerHVS 5c 3
120Big NoseHVS 5b 3
122Imperial MeasurementsS 16
123Leaning WallVS 5a *30
124The ChuteVS 4c *37
125Finger JamE2 6a *16
126EliminationE2 6b 4
127Monty's LeapE3 6b 3
128New DimensionsE3 6a **50
129Open up and GurgleE4 6c  
130HangoverE3 6a 9
131Circuit TrainingE2 6a 3
132Shorter's CircuitE2 6a  
133Chockstone ChimneyHD *31
134Sculptured WallE1 5a 31
135Sculptured AreteE3 5c *5
136HeartbeatE3 5c 4
137Cannonball RunE3 6a 1
138Grand Master FlashE5 6b ***9
139Mother Of All Ketchup BottlesE6 6b ** 
140Night EntryVD 16
141Rum DoodleVS 4c 21
142Rhum DubhV3 6a 6
144Black Anvil Traversef6C+ *2
145Lichen Itf5+ 1
146None More Blackf6B 1
147Bun E Kingf5 1
148Black Rabbitf5+  
150Minstrel WallHS 4b 20
151A Sack a DayVS 4c 14
152Slap HappyVS 5b 2
153M & Ms AreteVS 4c 11
155Beware the ThunderHVS 5c 5
156Living in SinE1 6a 2
157Impressionless LustE2 6a *2
158CinderellaVD 21
159The SlipperHVD 11
160Ugly Sister OneVS 4b 15
161Ugly Sister TwoVD 19
162WhazzupVS 5a 5
164The VirginVS 4c 17
165Flaked OutE1 5b 13
166Obsessions of the MindE2 6a 3
167Hard PlayE2 5b  
168Right Wall RouteS 4a 20
169Hocus PocusHS 2
170Back To BasicsVD 3
171Curtain CallVS 5b 21
172Final CurtainHVD 2
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