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Horseshoe Quarry

Derbyshire, ENGLAND

Climbs 315 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude 260m a.s.l – Faces SW

Crag features
The centre of mid and lower grade sport climbing in the Peak with many good routes between 6a and 7a, and a few below. Purchased by the BMC in 2005 for the good of the nation, access is now freely allowed (with the usual caveats) and is dedicated as CROW land.

Quick drying and a good year round venue. Popular on sunny evenings. The best routes are on the Main Wall, 23m high, reasonably sound, but often sportingly bolted. Bolts and lower-offs on some routes have recently been replaced by the BMC, but this does not mean that the bolt spacing is comparable to an indoor wall. Best routes are Rain Dance (F6c+), Legal Action (F6c), Run For Your Wife (F6c+), Private Prosecution (F6c+), Litany Against Fear (F6b+), Megalithic Man (F6b+) and Shot Your Bolt (F6b+).

Sectors on either side off the Main Wall, and indeed above it on the Upper Tier, have been developed more recently and tend to be more closely bolted. However the rock tends to be less reliable, and although the BMC has undertaken some stabilization work, care should be exercised. Wearing a helmet is advisable, particularly when belaying. Nonetheless there are good routes to be found in most of the outlying areas - such as Rage (6b) and Excavator(5).

A few trad routes remain - such as Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep (E1 5c).

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Access notes
Parking for about 12 cars at the quarry entrance, which is just off the A623 at SK 205760, 1-2km west of Stoney Middleton. Do not block the turning circle. If this is full (which it often is), drive a little further west and park in the lay-bys either side of the road. Take care walking back along the road.
Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

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Peak Limestone (2012), Peak District : Climbing (2008), Peak SE Pokketz (2007), From Horseshoe to Harpur Hill (2004), On Peak Rock (2003), Northern Limestone Route Database (2001), (1995),
Out of print: Northern Limestone (2004), Peak Limestone - Fax03 (1992)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGradex
2Monkey stole my walkman6b *11
4Pig in a Poke5c *5
5Bad Boys Ink6a 24
6Unruly Behaviour6a+ 13
7Treatment6b 15
8Therapy6b+ *31
9Porgi Amor6a+ *65
10Foreign Tongues6a *48
11Gouranga6c *19
12You crack me upE1 5b 2
13Minni Grip7a+ **3
15Tors Colon6c+ 2
16Vent Your Spleen7b *3
17Heart to HeartE4 6a * 
18Sliver6c+ *2
19Stomach Pump7a+ 1
20Skin Flint6b+ 1
21The Blood Bank6b 3
22Sharing Best Practice6b 1
23Taylor-Parkinson GullyIV 5 1
25Barney Rubble5c 33
26Chauvi's Slab5c 61
27Still Nacht5c 13
28Trog5a 74
29Neanderthal5c 133
30Men at Work5a 52
31The Quarrymen6a 45
32Excavator5a *292
33Slab Cake4c *125
34Spare Rib #15a *78
35The Cake Walk4a 129
36Christmas Pud4c 102
37Sago Slab4a 131
38Dream Topping4c 139
39Chocolate Blancmange Gullynone xvd 5
40Cinema RageE1 5b 1
42Elizabethville6a+ 1
45Victoria Falls6a 2
46Kariba6a+ 3
47Zanzibar6b 3
48Simonstone6c+ 1
49Out of Africa6b+ 4
50Madagasca6b 15
51Bird Island6a 26
52Seychelles6b 10
53Rainbow Warrior6c *19
54Weakened Warrior6b 3
55Sam In You Eye6a+ *5
56Ring Thane6c+ 2
59Greenpeace6a 5
61During the War6a+ 23
62Before the War5a 37
63Sahara6b+ 5
64Union Jack5a 24
65African't6b+ 3
66Desperate Dan6b 5
67Fine and Dandy6b 1
68African6b 5
69Bloodguard6c+ 3
70Grab yer Mandrakes6b 13
71Tirfin Mandrakes6a+ 5
72Tirfin USA6a+ 44
73Tirf's High6a+ 31
74Race of the Freuds6b+ 17
75Peckling Fever5c 179
76Senter Home6a 63
77Tirf 'er Off6a 31
78Mail on Sunday6b *45
79Bootiful Bernard Mathews6b *15
80Nowt Taken Out6b 13
81Foul's Bane6a+ 55
82Drool Rock Worm6b 10
83Stone Throat6b 17
84Slay the Gray6b 3
85Mr. Cellulite's Arete6a+ 26
86Bandolier6a 78
87The Little Thin Mexican Across the Border6b 12
88Desperate Measures6b+ 14
89The Mexican takes Lexicon6a+ 81
90Exceeding the Speed Limit6b 18
91Mind Your Head6b+ 14
92Desperate Housewives6a 19
93Collared6a 135
94Spare Rib #26b 45
95Eddie McStiff6a+ *35
96Pelvic Thrust6b 51
97The Hippy Hippy Shakes6a+ 28
98Due Care and Attention6a+ *142
99Any Old Iron6a 140
100Sunday Sport6b 215
101Austin Powers6b 60
102The Big Fat Texan on the Corner6a *380
103He Seems so Sumo6a 167
104Olive Oil6a 125
105Removal Man4c 193
106Some People6b 25
107Sag Ponir5a 335
109Pale Rider6a *798
110Rain Dance6b+ *153
111The Colostomy Finish7a 21
112Physical Fizz6c 23
113School's Out6a+ *593
114Rotund Rooley6b *394
115Wave of Mutilation7a 64
116First Day Of WinterHVS 5b 13
117Wall of Jericho6b *324
118The Leading Line6b+ 94
119Say it With Flowers6c **137
120Legal Action6c **182
121Run For Your Wife6c+ **46
122Private Prosecution6b+ **160
123Litany Against Fear6b+ **169
124Megalithic Man6b+ **355
125Megalithic Man (Direct Finish)6c+ **40
126Poisonality7a *32
127An Ancient Rhythm6c **60
128Demolition Man7a **60
129Shot Yer Bolt6b+ **226
130Southern Man7a+ *19
131Nice Face, Shame about the Ledge6b+ 61
132Flat World7a+ 24
133Lost Monolith6b+ 31
134The French ConnectionE4 6a 1
135ConformistE2 6a 1
136Screwy DriverE1 5b 17
137Harvey Wallbanger6b 3
138Sound as a CarpE1 5b 1
139Spring AwakeningHVS 5a *14
141Mutley Stole my Route Man6b 3
142Winter Fingers6b 7
143Mice Breaker6b+ 4
144Finishing off6b+ 7
145SpectophotometryE1 5b 7
14650 Bolts to the Gallon6a 75
147Like Fire Like Ice6a 5
148Like Ice, Like Fire (Trad)E1 5b *44
149Galening CrackHVS 5a *26
150CompromiseE2 5b 5
151Promises6a+ 23
152The Rottin' Word6c 5
153Decaydence6c 4
154Order Number 59E2 5c 4
155A Right Earful6a+ 96
156Clean Your Mouth Out6c+ 19
157The Dust Bunnies6c+ 11
158Lets Kill DillE4 6a 2
159Dalken Shield6b *55
160Hardcore! You Know the Score6b *115
161The Director's Cut6a+ 76
162Blade Runner6a+ *41
163Bruce's Bonus6b *110
164Androids DirectE1 5b *8
165Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?E1 5c *59
166Rage6b 87
 Climb nameGradex
167The Running Man6a+ 73
168The Dark Tower6b+ 8
169The Drawing of the Three6b+ 4
170Willie the Kid6a 55
171Calamity Jane6b+ 21
172Jeff Garrett6b 29
173The Dogs6b 24
174Derailed6a+ 44
175Passage of Time6b 61
177The Sewer6a+ 106
178Latrine5a 420
179Armitage6a 205
180Shanks6a 99
181Potty6a 131
182Psycho Ceramic6a+ 73
183The Bog6a 188
184Twyfords6a+ 216
185The Small Room6a+ 157
186Thomas Crapper6a 305
187Two Loos4a 219
188Montezuma's Revenge6b 131
189Latrec5a 235
190Toilet Graffiti5a 117
191Toilet Humour5a 90
192De Throne5a 114
193On Uranus6a 66
194Eau de Toilette6a 37
195Wipe it Clean6a 17
196Andrex6b 24
197Easy Come, Easy Go3 29
199Mickey3 9
200Minnie3 9
201Daffy4a 6
202Goofy3+ 5
203Donald3+ 5
204Pluto3+ 5
205A Tracky Little Problem4a 44
206Tracker Bar5c 4
207A Tracky Little Bleeder5a 40
208Gargle Blaster6a 254
209Uranus3+ 376
210Luke Skywalker4a 306
211Klingon4a *335
212Saturns Rings4a *218
213Vogon6a 239
214Dr. Who?6a 106
215Torchwood6a+ 64
216Beam me Across Scotty!5a 94
217Taking Liberties6c+ 4
218Statuesque6a 7
219Mucker's Wall6a+ 36
220A Fit of Peak6a+ 9
221Citizen's Arete5a 73
222Fredonia6b 3
223Drumming in a Lay-byE1 5b 1
224GreedorE2 5b *1
225The Whinger6a+ 20
226Off Limits6a+ 27
228Brew Thyme6a 2
229Thyme Out6a 2
230Whats the Thyme6a 3
231Bridge Over the River Thyme5a 4
232Bit of Spare Thyme5c  
233Fat Betty4c 8
234Take Your Tyme5c 11
235Porridge4c 15
236Crunch yer Nuts4a 17
237Soggy Bottom Boys6b+ *9
238Man of Constant Sorrow5c 23
239Big Rock Candy Mountain6a 43
240Everett's Arete5c 14
241Repulse5a 13
242Prince of Wales5c 10
243That Old DA Look4a 13
244FOP6a 19
245In The Jailhouse6a 6
246Po Lazarus5c 4
247No Way is Patience a Virtue6b *88
248O Brother Where Art Thou?6a 111
249Unnamed (Narrow Pillar)6a 6
250Dapper Dan6a+ 64
251Babe The Blue Axe6a 59
252Cretan6b+ 7
253Corinthian Spirit6a 22
254Theseus-Saurus6b+ 7
255It's all Greek to Me6b 24
256The Miner Tour6c+ 4
257Her Aklion6c 4
258Almost There5a 32
259Into the Labyrinth5c 89
260Into the Labyrinth (Trad)E1 5b 8
261By Zeus6a+ 82
262Spiteful Rain (First Prize)5c 117
263Second Prize6a 25
264Consolation5a 72
265Tawny Owl Pie5a 44
266The Owl6c 11
267White DoveE1 5b *13
268Nullo in Mundo Pax Sincera6c+ 4
269Supplementary Question (Slab and Corner)4c 98
270A Liberal Smear6c 5
271Labour Relations6c+ 19
272P.M.'s Question TimeE3 6a 3
273Booker Prize6a 50
274Sir Pryze6a+ *99
275Oy Missus6c 4
276Mr. Blue Sky7a 16
277Esso BlueHVS 5b 6
278Smoke Gets in Your Eyes6c 16
279Esso ExtraE1 5b 3
280Mumble Jumble7a 4
281Fargo6a 34
282Blue Sunday6b 37
283Do It Yourself6c 4
284New Bolts And Yankees6a 14
285Kushti6a 28
286Lovely Bubbly6c+ 4
287Slabby but Nice5c 57
288Sam And Mary5a 4
289Ma Marmalade6a+ 7
290Slam the Jam5c 48
291Jam Slice6b 3
292Red Rum5c 6
293NijinskiE2 5b 20
294Seated MoonE2 5b **4
295The Party Animal6b 30
296Café BleuE3 6a 10
297Dinky Toy6c *6
298Corgi Registered6b 4
299Hornby6a+ 4
301Ol' Dirty BastardE3 5c 1
302Monster TraverseE3 6a **3
303Hot ZippertyHVS 5a 2
304A Serial Affair 6b 2
305Two Flat Whites *6a+  
310First Prize5c  
311The Libertines6b  
312Nine Eleven6a  
313Seven Eleven6b * 
316The Fire Hang6b  
317Hang Fire6a  
318The Gobbler5c  
319Christmas Presence6c+  
322Broken to Bits6c+  
323Down to the Last6b  
325The Long Walk6c  
326The Soggy6b  
327Take Your Thyme5c  
329Shell Super6c  
330Don't Try This at Home6c+  
331Spare Rib6b  
* Climbs listed in red are waiting to be checked by a crag moderator, and may not be accurate.
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USER FEEDBACKLogin as Existing User to add your comments
Had a cracking day climbing here 21/04/14 round the toilet area, had no problems with rock falling off! The climbs were in good condition!
sam_whitehouse - 21/Apr/14

Climbed some lines on the slabs at the far end of the quarry on Saturday. A massive flake came off in my hands and split on the way down causing a chunk to hit my partners head. It has cracked her helmet and caused a slight head injury. I would seriously advise not to go up on here even if the lower grades are tempting as my piece wasn't the only piece that fell off!
Rhi Rhi - 22/Apr/13

Climbed a couple of lines on Guoranga Buttress Saturday and suggest avoiding them. It's all very loose and after doing a route we moved elsewhere for fear of doing more damage to the rock!
seanraby - 07/May/12

went there thursday last week and tuesday this week. did most of the 4+ on the slabs. good routes although the ground underneath is very eroded so be careful. Did latrine and removal man which were really good routes. good venue.
danimal - 10/Feb/11

Doodah Buttress is the short wall to the right of the upper tier. In the 1986 Stoney guide, but none of the more recent ones. Classics(?) include Pot-washer's wall (HVS 5b*) and Hot Zipperty (HVS 5a*). Rumour has it that this area has also been used for dry-tooling
Chris the Tall - 29/Oct/10

i just wanted to say thank you to the four guys who helped me on the 28-05-2010. i realy apreciate everything you did for me, from packing my gear to carrying it all out for me. but most of all for comforting clare while i was being treated. your a lovely bunch and i hope our paths will cross again someday, hopefully under better circumstances. best regards too you and a top venue. mike. no broken bones
mike-a-walton - 31/May/10

Horseshoe was one of the first of the peak district quarries to be developed to cater for the growing need of lower grade (sub 7s) sport climbing. It's amazing the place now sports over 250 routes although the quality of the vast majority of these is fairly poor. The crag is popular mainly because there are few other sport crags around that have many routes in the sixes and below. Being a disused quarry it's not exactly the most aesthetic place to climb but it's got a sunny aspect and it's far enough from the main road to at least be quiet. The main wall is by far the best part of the crag. The routes here lack natural lines: most are just blank walls linking up small features between the horizontal breaks. But good rock and interesting, and sometimes very technical climbing, more than make up for that. The bolts are in good condition, well placed and sometimes spaced far enough apart to add a little bit of excitement to the climbing too. If 6c is your grade Horseshoe has a handful of decent routes that make a visit definitely worthwhile.
stp - 19/Oct/09

i went last saturday , for my fisrt ever sport climbing day, apart from nearly pulling the routes off and leaving just a wall of soil, it was good, but it seemed as the routes get harder, it gets more polished, its a good crag but just needs a bit of getting used to. Ill be going back soon.
Liam Copley - 01/Jun/08

I agree with Wal's comments. But please don't light a bleedin' BBQ while people are climbing. There are so many varying sport routes here and still some excellent trad routes. I must have been here a dozen times over the last couple of years and tomorrow I'm going again cos it might be showery and it's easy to get off if you get caught in the rain - also there's nearly always something dry at Horseshoe if it's wet everywhere else.
Richard 261 - 09/Nov/07

Visited horseshoe for the first time on Sun 10 Jun 07 - after almost being put off by the earlier comments posted here. So glad I went! What a great sports climbing location! More than a hundred well bolted routes from 4 to 7, sheltered site, sun trap, tidy, no graffiti, no litter, easy access. What more could you want?
skyhigh269 - 11/Jun/07

Suitable for beginners/bottom-ropeing??? Right donw road from my aunties so is in fantastic location!
nolo - 24/Jun/06

When Iím hanging on by my finger-nails, I just donít seem to spend much time admiring the views!! For all its faults, there is a great selection of routes, itís very accessible and when the sun is out thereís plenty of space for Frisbees and barBQ.
Wal Holmes - 01/Jun/06

I must agree that the quarry is a good place to climb. And at what crag don't you get loose rock as all rock is vulnerable to weather conditions causing erosion.
MattieS - 09/May/06

i think it's a great place to climb there are just so many bolted routes at do-able grades. ok there's a fair bit of loose rock but if you're careful and wear helmets you'll be ok. it may not be beutiful and it may not be tranquil but the only time i've ever seen more climbable rock in one place was the grand canyon. in my opinion it's a great day out.
Josh - 01/Aug/05

After reading the comments above, I think there must be 2 Horseshoe quarries. In the one I go to, I have never encountered any polished routes. There are literally hundreds of good, well bolted routes in the 6a - 6c grades and even a few good trad routes. True enough, it's more like an outdoor climbing wall than a real crag, but my climbing is improving every time I go there. I'm looking forward to Pembroke in August, but I'll still keep going to Horseshoe.
Richard 261 - 26/Jun/05

Includes a gully at the left hand end of the lower tier described in On Peak Rock. "Quite Tricky, 50m"!
mad matt - 30/May/05

Been there today for the first time, i thought it was great and the sun was out.....cracking day! i know what you mean about the loose rock, bring on the adventure...............
JayJay - 12/May/05

I like it!
Adam Moroz - 18/Feb/05

There are sections of the quarry where you have to wonder "why bother?". If the BMC is to buy the quarry then serious consideration should be given as to whether some routes should be pulled down on safety grounds.
Bob - 06/Sep/04

So its not ideal, but what the hell, if you don't like, don't climb there, then it will not get so polished!!!!!!
Bob - 01/Sep/04

You might want to include a warning about loose rock and friable holds, particularly on the newer routes. Belayers should either wear a helmet or avoid standing directly below the route - or both - and even then you might not be safe!
Chris the Tall - 07/Aug/03

Well bolted but an extremely dangerous slab due to some very big loose rocks (especially on the first 2 routes from the left). If you are determined to climb there, a helmet is essential.
Antony - 16/Jul/03

Dont knock it. The best routes are good, particularly in the Legal Action to Megalithic area. Why would it be so popular if they were not? Beware some of the recent developmments though.
Harold - 24/Dec/02

I like it and most of my mates do as well, not a pretty place, but hey how many sports crags have we got? Some good routes on the top level. Stu
StuT - 08/Nov/02

A bloody awfull crag!!!! Dropped straight in the Peak from the Devil's backside. Embodies all the worst aspects of climbing, i.e. polished, badly bolted, chipped, quarried, ugly. We don't have to stoop to this....
Dave - 08/Nov/02

This place is so ugly people shouldn't be allowed to climb here.....actually I don't think you are allowed to climb here. [You are - UKC Ed.]
Stone Donkey - 08/Nov/02