West Nab

Climbs 206 – Rocktype Gritstone – Altitude 500m a.s.l – Faces S

Crag features
Well weathered grit, with quite pronounced crystals. Exposed to elements being on the highest point in West Yorkshire so dries quickly. Worth a trip for some esoteric moorland gritstone bouldering. Further details in the Huddersfield Bouldering Guide.

*Now updated with Over The Moor (OTM) guidebook listings including the "new" Slab And Arete Boulders section.*

Access notes
Should be no problems now since CRoW
Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

Over the Moors (2012),
Out of print: Huddersfield Area (2002)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Ian's ProblemV4 6b *1
3Easy Ledges - The MSC Boulder Problem 2 (OTM Problem 2)V0 5a 2
4MSCVB 4c *4
5Nose Fluting - The MSC Boulder Problem 4V0 5a  
6Final Scoop - The MSC Boulder Problem 5V0- 4c/5a  
8The Settee Boulder Problem 1 (OTM Problem 1)V0- 3a 18
9PillowVB 3b 19
10NeckrestV1 5b 11
11BedrestV5 6a/b *1
12HeadrestV0 5a 13
13The Settee Boulders Problem 7 (OTM Problem 9)V2 5c 4
14CushionVB 4b 12
15The Settee Boulders Problem 8 (OTM Problem 11)VB 4c/5a 10
16The Settee Boulders Problem 9VB 3c 7
17OTM Problem 12V0- 4a 14
18The Settee Boulders Problem 10 (OTM Problem 13)V0- 3b 17
19The Settee Boulders Problem 11VB 4c 5
20ArmrestV2 5c 8
22The Carved Slab Boulders Problem 1VB 3b 5
23The Carved Slab Boulders Problem 2VB 4b 3
24The Carved Slab Boulders Problem 3VB 2c 3
25The Carved Slab Boulders Problem 4VB 2c 3
26The Carved Slab Boulders Problem 5VB 4a *4
27The Carved Slab Boulders Problem 6V0 5a *4
28The Carved Slab Boulders Problem 7VB 3b/c 3
29The Carved Slab Boulders Problem 8VB 3b/c 4
30The Carved Slab Boulders Problem 9V4 6a * 
31The Carved Slab Boulders Problem 10VB 4c 1
32The Carved Slab Boulders Problem 11VB 3c 2
33The Carved Slab Boulders Problem 12V1 5b *1
34The Carved Slab Boulders Problem 13V0 5a 2
35The Carved Slab Boulders Problem 14V0 5a *1
36The Carved Slab Boulders Problem 15V1 5b 1
37The Carved Slab Boulders Problem 16V2 5c 1
38The Carved Slab Boulders Problem 17V2 3c/4a 1
40The Trig Point Boulders Problem 1 (OTM Problem 33)V0- 5a 14
41The Trig Point Boulders Problem 2 (OTM Problem 34)V2 5c 7
42The Trig Point Boulders Problem 3 (OTM Problem 35)V0- 4b 10
43The Trig Point Boulders Problem 4 (OTM Problem 36)V0- 4c 11
44The Trig Point Boulders Problem 5 (OTM Problem 37)V1 5b *12
45Hanging Arete *V4 2
46The Trig Point Boulders Problem 6 (OTM Problem 38)V0- 3b 11
47The Trig Point Boulders Problem 7 (OTM Problem 32)V2 5c *2
48The Trig Point Boulders Problem 8VB 4c 2
49The Trig Point Boulders Problem 9VB 4b 1
50The Trig Point Boulders Problem 10V1 5b  
51The Trig Point Boulders Problem 11VB 3a 1
52The Trig Point Boulders Problem 12V0 5a 1
53The Trig Point Boulders Problem 13V0 5a 1
54The Trig Point Boulders Problem 14VB 4b 1
55The Trig Point Boulders Problem 15VB 4b/c 2
56The Trig Point Boulders Problem 16V0 5a 2
57The Trig Point Boulders Problem 17VB 4a 1
58Early BathV1 5b *20
59Wet BootsV2 5c *10
60The Trig Point Boulders Problem 20VB 3a 2
61The Trig Point Boulders Problem 21V0 5a 1
62The Trig Point Boulders Problem 22 (OTM Problem 30)V1 5c *6
63The Trig Point Boulders Problem 23 (OTM Problem 29)V1 5b 6
64The Trig Point Boulders Problem 24 (OTM Problem 31)V1 5b 7
65The Trig Point Boulders Problem 25VB 5a 1
66Up The CreekV2 6a 1
67Access DeniedV10 6c *3
68The No Access MantleV4 6a *3
69Public Domain *V6 1
70The Trig Point Boulders Problem 28 (OTM Problem 20)V1 5b 8
71The Trig Point Boulders Problem 29 (OTM Problem 19)V2 5c 4
72Go Dutch *f6B+ v4 1
73The Trig Point Boulders Problem 30 (OTM Problem 21)V0 5a 9
74The Trig Point Boulders Problem 31 (OTM Problem 17)V0- 4c 13
75The Trig Point Boulders Problem 32VB 2c 2
76The Trig Point Boulders Problem 33 (OTM Problem 18)V0- 4c 13
77The Trig Point Boulders Problem 34VB 3a 5
78The Trig Point Boulders Problem 34aV0 5a 1
79The Trig Point Boulders Problem 35 (OTM Problem 16)V0- 3b 17
80The Trig Point Boulders Problem 36 (OTM Problem 15)V0 5a 14
81The Trig Point Boulders Problem 37V1 5b 1
82The Trig Point Boulders Problem 38 (OTM Problem 22)V2 5c 1
83The Comprehensive TraverseV6 6b *1
84The Comprehensive Traverse - Giant FinishV6 6a 1
85The Comprehensive Traverse - Pigmy Finish (OTM Problem 23)V6 6b 1
87The Azra Boulders Problem 1 (OTM Problem 39)V0 5b *21
88The Azra Boulders Problem 2 (OTM Problem 40)V0- 4b 26
89The Azra Boulders Problem 3 (OTM Problem 41)V0- 3a 23
90The Azra Boulders Problem 4VB 3a 5
91The Azra Boulders Problem 5VB 3c 3
92The Azra Boulders Problem 6VB 3a 4
93The Azra Boulders Problem 7VB 3a 4
94The Azra Boulders Problem 8VB 3b 3
95The Azra Boulders Problem 9 (OTM Problem 42)V0- 3a 23
96The Azra Boulders Problem 10 (OTM Problem 43)V0- 3a 24
97The Azra Boulders Problem 11 (OTM Problem 44)V0- 4a *31
98Paul's Wall (OTM Problem 45)V1 5b *15
99The Azra Boulders Problem 13 (OTM Problem 46)V2 5c 4
100The Azra Boulders Problem 14 (OTM Problem 47)V0- 3a 28
101The Azra Boulders Problem 15 (OTM Problem 48)V0- 3c 27
102The Azra Boulders Problem 16 (OTM Problem 49)V1 5b 12
103The Azra Boulders Problem 17VB 3c/4a 4
104The Azra Boulders Problem 18 (OTM Problem 50)V0- 4b 21
105Traverse Above Azra *V3 1
106Dead Lizard CrackVS 4c *23
107Who Nose?HVS 5a *14
108Cracked WallHS 4b 15
110Jiffy and Cocky Slab Problem 1VB 3a 1
111Jiffy and Cocky Slab Problem 2VB 3b 1
112Jiffy and Cocky Slab Problem 3VB 3c 1
113Jiffy and Cocky Slab Problem 4VB 3a/b 2
114Jiffy and Cocky Slab Problem 5VB 4a *1
115The Jiffy SlabVD 3b *6
116The Man and Cocky SlabHS 4b 5
117Jiffy and Cocky Slab Problem 9V1 5a/b *2
118Jiffy and Cocky Slab Problem 10V3 6a * 
119Jiffy and Cocky Slab Problem 11V4 6a/b  
120Jiffy and Cocky Slab Problem 12VB 4c *4
121Jiffy and Cocky Slab Problem 13V1 5a/b *4
122Jiffy and Cocky Slab Problem 14VB 4b 4
123This Blue Helmet Really Matche Your EyesV5 6a/b  
124How many "Es" in Eds?V6 6b  
125Belly SlapperV2 5c/6a * 
126Gritstone GibbonV2 5b  
127Jiffy and Cocky Slab Problem 20VB 3a 1
128Jiffy and Cocky Slab Problem 21V0 5a *1
129Jiffy and Cocky Slab Problem 22VB 3b *1
131The Bed Slab Boulders Problem 1VB 3a 1
132The Bed Slab Boulders Problem 2V1 5b * 
133The Bed Slab Boulders Problem 3V0 5a *1
134The Bed Slab Boulders Problem 4V4 6a *2
135The Bed Slab Boulders Problem 5VB 3c/4a 1
136Bed SlabV0- 4c/5a *2
137The Bed Slab Boulders Problem 8V1 5b  
138The Bed Slab Boulders Problem 9V5 6b * 
139The Bed Slab Boulders Problem 10V0 5a 1
140The Bed Slab Boulders Problem 11V4 6a * 
142The Square Block Boulders Problem 1V2 5b * 
143The Square Block Boulders Problem 2VB 3c 1
144The Square Block Boulders Problem 3VB 3c/4a 1
145The Square Block Boulders Problem 4VB 4b *1
146The Square Block Boulders Problem 5VB 3a 1
147The Square Block Boulders Problem 6VB 4a 1
148The Square Block ProjectV4 6a * 
150ArchenemyVB 3a *2
151Jeffrey ArcherV4 6a * 
152Arch BishopV1 5a/b *1
153The Two Arches Area Problem 4VB 4b 3
154The Two Arches Area Problem 5VB 3a/b 2
155The Two Arches Area Problem 6VB 3a 2
156The Two Arches Area Problem 7V1 5b  
157The Two Arches Area Problem 8V2 5c * 
158The Two Arches Area Problem 9VB 4c  
159The Two Arches Area Problem 10VB 3c 2
160The Two Arches Area Problem 11VB 4c  
161ArchangelV2 5c *9
162ArchaicV4 6a *4
163The Two Arches Area Problem 14 (OTM Problem 56)V3 5c *2
164ArcheryV6 6b *2
165The Two Arches Area Problem 16 (OTM Problem 58)V2 5c *4
166The Two Arches Area Problem 17 (OTM Problem 59)V0- 3b 15
167The Two Arches Area Problem 18 (OTM Problem 60)V0- 4b 16
168The Two Arches Area Problem 19 (OTM Problem 61)V2 5c 4
169The Two Arches Area Problem 20 (OTM Problem 62)V1 5b 8
170The Two Arches Area Problem 21 (OTM Problem 63)V1 5b 8
172Tattoo Boy BackbreakerV4 6a/b *2
173The Painted Numbers Area Problem 2V1 5b *4
174The Painted Numbers Area Problem 3VB 4a 5
175Fairy StepperV0- 4b *14
176The Painted Numbers Area Problem 5 (OTM Problem 65)V0 5a 14
177The Painted Numbers Area Problem 6 (OTM Problem 67)V1 5b 12
178Hours of PracticeV6 6b *1
179The Painted Numbers Area Problem 8 (OTM Problem 68)V0 5a 11
181Left Hook *V5 *1
182OTM Problem 69V1 5b 7
183Northern Quickstep (OTM Problem 70)V1 5b 3
184OTM Problem 71V0- 4b 5
185OTM Problem 72V1 5b 4
186Cling (OTM Problem 73)V5 6b 2
187OTM Problem 74V0- 4b 5
189End Boulders Problem 1V0 5a *1
190End Boulders Problem 2V2 5b/c 1
191End Boulders Problem 3VB 3b 1
192End Boulders Problem 4V4 6b  
193End Boulders Problem 5VB 4b 1
194End Boulders Problem 6VB 4c *1
195End Boulders Problem 7VB 4c *1
196End Boulders Problem 8VB 4b 2
197End Boulders Problem 9VB 3a 2
198End Boulders Problem 10VB 4c 2
199End Boulders Problem 11VB 4c 2
200End Boulders Problem 12V7 6b * 
201End Boulders Problem 13V6 6b  
202End Boulders Problem 14V2 5c * 
203End Boulders Problem 15V1 5b 1
204End Boulders Problem 16V0 5a 2
205End Boulders Problem 17VB 5a 2
207The Chip Shop Boulders Problem 1V1 5b  
208Anne's Wet PatchV1 5b * 
209The Chip Shop Boulders Problem 3VB 3c/4a  
210Friction and BalanceV2 5c * 
211Green but SureV5 6b *1
212Faith in FrictionV2 5c/6a *1
213The Chip Shop Boulders Problem 7VB 3c 1
214The Chip Shop Boulders Problem 8V1 5b 1
215The Chip Shop Boulders Problem 9V0 5b * 
216The Chip Shop Boulders Problem 10V2 5c  
217The Chip Shop Boulders Problem 11VB 4b 1
218The Chip Shop Boulders Problem 12VB 4c 1
219The Bowling Green TraverseV2 5c *1
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It should say now completely 'paved'.
Al Doig - 06/Jan/13
The muddy pool beneath Access Denied is no completely 'paved'. I will try to upload a picture at some point.
Al Doig - 06/Jan/13
OTM is useful for identifying problems, but there's still plenty more to be found in the out of print Huddersfield Area guidebook.
Alex Thompson - 07/Oct/12
True moorland bouldering - quiet, peaceful, great views and fantastic variety of problems :-)
PD - 03/Apr/12
There's plenty more micro-problems just waiting to be sent! Haven't been able to include the old projects identified in the guidebook, certain that some of these have been completed by now.
Alex Thompson - 12/Oct/10
Do you have more up to date information?

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