Snuff Mills Park

Climbs 73 – Rocktype Sandstone (hard) – Altitude 40m a.s.l – Faces SE

Crag features
Some quarries and natural buttresses. In the process of being cleaned up and developed for the forthcoming guidebook.

Avon and Cheddar (2004), Avon and Cheddar (1992)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
3The Robin's ProblemV1 5b 1
5Dire RheaHVS 4b 1
6FlightlessV6 6c *6
7Thin crack to treeV1 5b 2
8Slab to treeV1 5b 1
9I Love U RheaVS 4c 2
10More Than MoleculesE1 5b 2
11Quixotical AreteHVS 5a 2
12CelandineE1 5a 1
13SpeedwellE1 5a 1
15Morris Dancing on EcstacyVS 4c **3
16Je Suis CharlieE1 5c *2
17Hubble6b+ **3
18Chilam Balam6c *1
19The Face6b+ *3
20Just Do It6c 1
21LA Dura Dura7a+ *2
22Agincourt6c 2
23Action Direct6c *3
24LA Rambla(extension)7a **1
25Punks in the Gym6c+ *2
26Biographie6c+ *1
27Akira6c 1
28Mecca the mid-life crisis7a *3
30Drip teaseE1 5c 1
31Terror CottageVS 5a 2
32Terra-chaoticE6 6b 1
33The Kissing TreeE3 6a *1
34Right CrackE1 5c *2
35The Short ClimbVS 4c 2
36The Evening PlayHVS 5c 1
37The F.A CupE3 6a 1
39Shit Yer PantsE3 5c *1
40Fingertips TraverseV15 *1
41Fingertips 2V3 6a *2
42Fingertips 3V2 5c 1
43Fingertips 5V0 4c 1
44Fingertips 6V1 5b 1
45Fingertips 7V2 5c 1
46Fingertips 8V0 4c 1
47Anarchy Begins at 50HVS 5a 1
49This Way UpHS 4a 4
50The Obvious CornerVS 5a 2
51PhaneroE3 6a *5
52ApokalyptoE7 6b/c **5
53Would be knownE2 6a 1
55Grandpa NayV2 5c 2
56Darn Any GapV2 5c 1
57Angry PandaV3 6a *6
58Randy PaganV2 5c 5
60Battle For The AllotmentsE1 5c 2
63Schoolboy's ChimneyD 3
64TendrilsVS 4c 2
65Little HitlerE2 5c * 
66The RampVS 5a *13
67Cobweb WallVS 4c *13
68Snuffy JackVS 4b 1
69Snuff MoverVS 5a 1
70Halfpenny ClimbVS 5a 2
72Hottest HalloweenHVS 5a 2
73The NetherE2 5b *2
74Under the EavesE3 5c *1
75EavesS 3
76Eaves dropE4 5c 1
78SozoE2 5b 2
79BB GunsE2 5c 1
80Revolt Into StyleE1 5b 3
82Clean meV4 6b *1
83CleanerV4 6b *1
84Problem AV1 5b  
85Problem BV2 5c  
86Problem CV2 5c  
87Problem DV1 5b  
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Still trying to work out which area is which going by the names on here. The Angry Panda area is of course obvious when you see it and the Apokolipto(?) wall id neighbouring that, and Bridge Buttress approach is covered in the old CC guide, not sure where everything else is though.
Steve nevers - 19/Oct/14
More great work cleaning up by Mark, Guy and team! Some exciting trad routes and some ok bouldering.
tombeasley - 15/Jul/14
Been here this afternoon and did the two VSs "The Ramp" and "Cobweb Wall". Both in good condition and very enjoyable. Definitely worth doing!
pheotleyr - 07/Dec/13
Afraid to say this place is in a right state. Aside from being pretty overgrown theres a lot more damage done.. Using this photo as a guide I'll point out whats up. 1) Pretty substantial tree has come down from the top of the crag just to the right off this photo (about 6-10ft to the right). 2) Large firepit at the base of the crag (roughly bottom left of this photo) leaving a fair bit of soot staining the rock. 3) the 'cave' (just around the left corner) has two paving slab blocks in the roof ready to come down, looks like a half decent yank would pull them free. 4) Large(ish) tree at the top of the crag has exposed roots, and some herberts kindly lit a fire inside the root system, leaving it rather weak.
Steve nevers - 08/Apr/13
If you are looking at Bridge Buttress, up the hill and right there is a crag: I spent about 3 or 4 hours one evening clearing a line down the front of it of ivy and that. Certainly looked worth a centure - hope someone climbs there and appreciates my effort. Further up the hill and right yet a bit further (best approached from the small carpark up the top by the houses) there is a small outcrop: four metre high verticle dimpled wall of sandstong. I cleared this of ivy as well and put up a route on the left hand side. Move up and over the small overlap to reach a sloping ledge with hands, make a committing move up to get the arete and to the top. Probably V0 and called Leap of Faith. If someone checks it out, do get in touch, I'd be interested to hear what you think!
chembhoysh - 26/May/08
Replying to Tom above, I wouldnt recommend this crag to anyone without much experience of placing gear, or climbing outside generally. The rock (pennant sandstone) is not as reliable as limestone/granite/grit both in terms of holds breaking and gear placements possibly failing. The place doesnt get that much traffic, and there are big trees at the top, so I would say go along and top rope if you want to try it out - it is in a pleasant setting (apart from a bit of rubbish thrown down from the top :/) and the rock has a very different feel to most of the rock hereabouts (i.e. polished to death limestone) Have fun and be safe Rich
richtea21 - 01/Mar/08
I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but i would like to know if this is a good climb for some one who hasn't really climbed on many outdoor routes, but is a pretty good climber. Thanks for your help Tom
RapellingTom - 26/Nov/07
I love this place! I have only climbed around the cave but it's awesome! very funon the top-rope but I haven't had the heart to trust gear in the sandstone. Last time I was there me and a mate weigthed a friend in the roof of the cave and a housebrick sized piece of rock split off and nearly knocked me unconscious. If anyone wants to go message me, I live about ten minutes walk away, it'll be grand! Capt. Jack
phosphojesus - 25/Apr/07
I agree with richtea, the crag has 2 descent VS's and a few overhanging E3's which are a bit loose and and dirty. But overall it has a cool feel
s0458892 - 03/Dec/06
Visited this crag (Bridge Buttress) yesterday evening, having vaguely looked for it and not found it 10 years ago. Wish I had been more determined now. Easiest way to get to it is to park near the western end of the school just north of the crag, and walk down the big footpath that skirts the edge of the school and drops into the Frome valley. Just before the little footbridge nip throught the gap in the wall and you are there. Nice clean tower of surprisingly solid pennant sandstone, about 50-60ft with a handful of routes including two nice well protected VS's, as well as a couple of worthwhile steep walls and a huge overhang to play about on. Was expecting the top-out to be a jungle bash but it turned out grassy and flat with no nettles/brambles and a superb belay/ab point, or walk off. Makes a nice change from the local polished limestone, and although it looks like it gets some traffic, a bit more would help keep the lines clean. On a side note, for those with kids, about a mile further upstream, near the (now pedestrian) bridge at Frenchay Mill are a pair of 40ft walls. I know that the scouts use one for abseiling, but the second one (about 200 yeards along the upper path, heading downstream from the bridge) is great for taking kids to - my 7 year old loves it - and is very safe. Its a 40ft high, 50ft wide sandstone wall, about 75-80 degrees and climbable anywhere at v.diff/severe grade on lots of flat/slightly positive holds. Again, it is used a bit, but more traffic would make it better. Have fun. Richtea
richtea21 - 21/Jul/06