Climbs 200
Rocktype Limestone
Altitude 2m a.s.l
Faces S

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Crag features

There are two sections of cliffs. The tidal island itself, which has some sections of good rock on the South face and Swanbridge, on the mainland side, a little further East than the East end of the island itself. 

Sully Island is accessed via a natural tidal causeway, which disappears extremely quickly once the tide starts to rise. Visitors should check the tide times carefully, bearing in mind that it takes about 15 minutes to cross back to the mainland. Usually window is about 2.5 hours either side of low. The crag was visited by Phill Thomas, Andy Sharp and others in the early 1970s but no records of ascents are known - most of the obvious routes will have been climbed then, so if you have first ascent information, or have done the routes before 2010, please claim and name and they will be adjusted so. The bouldering is new.

It is a bouldering spot with a mix of rock types, both soft red sandstone and hard grey limestone. The bouldering is on the limestone with occasional use of the sandstone for footholds.

Swanbridge itself is sea-washed about an hour either side of higher high tides only. It consists of an excellent bench of very sharp crystalline rock with some good long traverses and a 15ft slab off to the East. It is accessed by walking East along slabs from Swanbridge beach. The bouldering keeps strictly off the red sandsone band for footholds unless specifically mentioned.



Approach notes

From the Penarth to Sully road, turn down the Swanbridge road sign posted to the Captain's Wife and park there to access the beach.


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Impression of some easier problems from 2012 :
joepremier - 29/Oct/14
This is a nice crag. Revidi is a great traverse. Well worth a look
fyfee8a - 18/Jul/14
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Sully Island 
 Union Barons 
4Cerith's VeinD 2
5Arthur Scargillf5 2
6Hugh Scanlonf6A *1
7Jack Jonesf6C *1
8Jimmy Knappf6A+ *1
 Viscount Stansgate 
10Post Office Towerf5 *1
 Barbara Castle 
12Breathalyserf3+ 1
13Motorway Speed Limitf4 1
14Jack Strawf5+ *1
15In Place Of Strifef5 1
16Jeremy Corbynf4 1
 Dennis Healey 
18Savaged By A Dead SheepV1 1
19Joe's Arete
f5+ 1
20TR-2f5+ 1
21Practical Old BruiserV1 1
22Joe's Rooff6A *1
 Froggatt Ledge 
24Clown's EliminateS 1
25Hot ChivesVS 5a **1
26The Sully Jokef5+ *1
27Spartacus Ring Your Mother!f5+ *1
28Blow JestVD 1
29Benign ChivesHD *1
30Sole DoubtVD 1
31NarcissicistVD 1
32Downhill Razorf4+ 1
 Joe's Garage 
34Joe's Garage Act IV0- *1
35Joe's Garage Act IIV0- 1
36Joe's Garage Act IIIV0+ *1
 Cerith's Boulder 
38Does The Pope Slab In The Woods?f4 1
39He Came, He Saw, He Slabbed In The Woodsf5 3
40Are Bears Catholic?f5+ 1
 Flying Crag 
42Russell's TeapotHS 5b *1
43Russell Grant's TeapotVD 1
44Martian Crocker's Flying CircusVS 5b *1
45Don't Fear The Rhi-ferE1 5c *1
46Rhi-naissanceVS 4c **1
 West End 
48Ministry Of Sully WalksS 4c 1
 The Parallel Egerton 
50I Wept For Alec Trenchf5 *1
51I Saved Jason Kingf5 *1
 Roy Of The Roaches 
53Brassieres In TimeVD *1
54Reset Portion Of Gallery 69HS 4a **1
55Recent Porking in Gallery of 69sS 1
56Eugene's AdzeVD 1
57Via Surfer RosaVD 1
58Val Qui RieS 1
59Slings Of UnreasonD *1
60A Fistful Of Chris' StoolsD 1
61Duog!VD 1
 Chee Dale Mk II 
636.9 Pounds OverweightHVD 1
64The Sea Has A 5p SurchargeVD *1
65Stone The RoachS 1
66Put Nicola Sturgeon Back In Her CupboardHS 4a 1
67Chee Tor Girdle Traverse IIIHS 4b 1
68Cistern MalfunctionS *1
69Daylight SnobberyVD 1
70Floored By The Piesf6A *1
71The Okraf3+ 1
72Golden Bilef4+ 1
73Whales Of The Riverbankf5 1
74Incremental Alabasterf5 *1
75Darl Pitch 3f4 1
76Battered By Water Wingsf3 1
77Naive And Sentimental Scrubberf6A+ *1
78General ImpertinenceD 1
79Major InsoucianceM 1
80Lethal Dozef5 1
81Lies Of A Sticklebackf4 1
82Tenth LifeD 1
83Seven Tons Overweightf4 *1
85CarpentryS *1
86PedwarM 1
87GravelM 1
88Pet WaspM 1
89Uncle DenzilD 1
90Second Most Famous Living Welsh PoetVD *1
91SiadwellS *1
 The Queen Of Wales 
93Kirk Spartacus Jonesf4 *2
94Catherine Spartacus Jonesf5 **2
95Michael Spartacus Jonesf4+ *2
96Eugene Traverse-Jonesf4+ *2
 Howard Marks 
98Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma Chameleon5b *2
99Hamilton McMillanf6A *1
100Donald Nicef6B 1
101Howard Marksf4 1
102Rho Rho Rho Your Boatf4 *2
 Pub Quiz 
104Frank Hovisf5 1
105Sophia Gardensf5+ *1
 Donkey Hotey 
107Facts Are The Enemy Of Truthf6B *1
109Geraint Pillockf5+ *1
110Mrs Hideousf6A *1
111Hugh PughS 4b 1
112Kenny TwattHS 4a 1
113Barry WelshD 1
115Grumbly And District Choral SocietyHVS 5c 1
116Ivor The EngineVD 2
117Jones The SteamVD *1
118Idris The DragonHVD 1
119Dai StationHVD 1
1212St8 The Obviousf5 1
122Look At the St8 of Uf4 1
123G8s of DeliriumV0- 1
124Over w8 And Out of d8M 1
125Llwelyn The Gr8D 1
126I H8s You FastbackD 1
127Battle Of The River Pl8f5 *1
129The 1990 Problemf5+ *1
130Shadowing The Deutschemarkf5 1
131Security Council Resolution 678f3+ 1
 Hibernia Boulder 
133Ad Hiberniam Non Veniamf6A *1
 Reveni Boulder 
135Esse Vel EsseneD 2
136Eram Quod Es, Eris Quod Sumf4 2
137Es Quod Esf4+ *3
138Esne Es Quod Sitf4 1
139Dai Iactus EstV2 2
140Backblock Traversef6B 5
141Backblock Aretef6A *7
142Ut Mihi Non Tenuesf7A *1
143Maledixif7A+ *1
144Nemo me impecunia lacessitV2 4
145Per Otium, Progressus SumV3 *5
146Implicari!V4 *4
147Canis malus iterum fugit!6b+ *12
148Puella Maior Minorem Vorat7a+ *1
149What's Weetabix in Latin?V0 4
150Caeci ErantV2 3
151Beati Silures Quibus Bibere Vivere Est7c ***5
152Maledicti Ordovices Quibus Respirare Praequeri Est7c **1
153Brigantes into Recessi7b **1
154Brigantes Into Revidi7b+ **1
155Revidi, Reveni, Revici7b+ **11
156Horum Omnium Fortissimi Sunt Brigantes (easy version)7c **1
157Horum Omnium Fortissimi Sunt Brigantes7c+ ***1
158Veni, Vidi, Recessi7a+ *12
159Silures Saltant Sobri Necf5+ *1
160Non Fluctuat, Nec Mergitur Hicf3+ 2
161Semper Idem Nonnumquam, Vidisnef6A+ 2
162Ystradgynlais Delendum Estf3 2
 Catatonia Wall 
164Things Are Getting StrangeD 4
165I'm Starting To WorryHD 2
166This Could Be A CaseVD 1
167For Mulder And Sully!S *1
168Road RageVS 5a *1
169When Barry Met SullyD 1
171Matt's Route 2HVS 5b *1
172Matt's Route 1HVS 5b *1
173Where Eagles AberdareE2 5b *1
 Merthyr She Wrote 
175The Pandy ClockHVS 5a *2
176Crawshay's CastleE1 5b *2
177Merthyr On The Orient ExpressVD *1
178Dowlais FlopVS 5a *1
179Breakoutf5 *3
180Breakawayf6A *3
 Twin Town Sector 
182He Wanted To Be Buried At Sea, See?S 4a *1
183Who?S 4a 1
184FattyM 1
185He Wanted To Be Buried At Sea!S 1
186Good Old Boy, FattyVD 1
187Nice Pot Of Sticky-StickyVS 4c 1
188Get Yer Own Fucking Glue!VS 4c *1
190Country SongHS 4c 1
191Moving In WithVS 4c *1
192Mad CyrilVS 4c *1
193Fat Lady WrestlersVS 4c *1
194PerformanceVS 4c 1
195Brain DeadVS 5a 1
196Lazyitisf6A **1
197RH Start to Lazyitis (needs a name)f6B+  
 Plinth Boulder 
199Beware The IDS Of March!f6A+ *1
200The Panama Papersf6B *1
 East End 
202She Was A Girl From Birminghamf5+ 1
 1914 Bench 
205Haelen Bridgef7A *4
206Yser7c **3
207Race To The Sea7c+ ***1
208CharleroiV4+ *4
209The Marne7b *3
210The Retreat From Mons7b *6
211The Aisne7b+ **2
212Le Cateau7a+ *12
213Smith-DorrienV3 *11
214Enola Gay7b+ *1
215Fat Man7c **2
216Window Lickers Of The World Unite And Take Over7c **1
217Bockscar7b *2
218Little BoyV4 3
219Roux De Sullyf6A+ 1
220Rue de SullyV3 *2
221Second Septermberprogramm For Junckerf6C *1
222Petit-Croixf6C *1
223Monsf5 5
224With General French7a+ *2
225One Way Ticket To Troisvierges Stationf6B+ *1
226Sully CatV2 2
227First YpresV3 2
228UnamedV2 *3
229PanthersprungV2 4
 Slabs Area 
231Sully AreteV0- 10
232Sully View Slabf5 **14
233Sully BuggersV1 *5
234Sully BullyV0+ 3
235Far Too SullyV2 4

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