Climbs 119
Rocktype Sandstone (hard)

Faces E

George McEwan enjoying a relaxed day at Latheronwheel © Hannah Appleton

Crag features

Tidal and Non-Tidal sea cliffs, with good climbs at all grades. Unspoiled and quiet area with lots of wildlife, including sea otters and seals.

The place to come for mid grade climbers, with Stepping Out and Don't Think Twice essential ticks.

Approach notes

No Restrictions, easy 10 min walk from ample parking at harbour. No bird restrictions, but quite a few present on cliffs.

First tried to climb here in October. There was an onshore wind and a high sea. The rock was incredibly greasy and the "non-tidal" slabs were being lashed by waves, so gave up. Returned in the spring to find lovely sandstone with the usual levels of friction! Really interesting rock, great setting, some really high quality routes. A fair number of nesting sea birds are present here and there on the cliffs in Spring and early Summer, but many (most?) of the routes are not affected. Curious seals pop their heads out of the water to investigate climbers and razorbills and guillimots fly past heading along the coast.
JiveWeasel - 19/Jun/12
Didn't look anything special from the top, but this is a lovely little crag with great rock, and well worth a visit if you are passing by
jonny taylor - 02/May/11
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Pinnacle Area North 
2Accapulco LatheroS 4b  
3Stick UpVS 4c  
4SysygyVS 4c  
 Pinnacle Area 
6Double JeopardyE1 5b  
7ZippergateE1 5b  
8Monica LewinskyHVS 5a 1
9Snow Way JoseVS 4c  
 Peninsula Wall 
11Sticky FingersVS 4c *15
12Smelly SoxHVS 5a 5
13Fancy Free
VS 4c *22
14Forgotten CornerS 4b 11
15Reach for the SkyVS 4b *22
16Far East AreteHVS 5a *5
17FootlooseS 4a 3
18PantsVS 4b  
19Positive Mental AttitudeVS 5a ***28
20SlideVS 5a *17
21SlitherVS 4c 2
22I, ClaudiusHVS 5a  
23PrayHVS 5b **9
24CoprolyteHVS 4c  
25Don't Think TwiceHVS 5a ***26
26More NoiseHVS 5b **9
27MysticHS 4b  
 Big Flat Wall Area 
29Surf and TurfE2 5b  
30Chance EncounterHVS 5a  
31Freaker's CrackHVS 5a **2
32Voodoo PeopleHVS 5a  
33Imperial LatherE1 5a ***8
34Pippit at the postS 4b *5
35Heavy DutyVS 4b **5
36TrundleHVS 5a  
37Empty BottleVD  
38We Are Not AmusedVD *3
39Border RaidS 4c **2
40BelaruskE1 5b * 
41Angel of SleepHVS 5a  
42Eye of the StormHS 4b **2
43Soap on TyreVS 4c  
44Primary CornerS 4b * 
45Kelp LineS 4b  
46Thank Cod for FriendsHVS 5a  
47Buoy RacersVS 4b * 
48Gle MhaVS 4c **3
49IlluminationsE2 5c ** 
50Macallan's ChoiceHVS 5a **1
51Cassin's CrackHVS 5a **3
52The Other LandscapeHVS 5a ***10
53Morning TideE1 5b  
54Gervasutti's WallE2 5b **1
55Free FallVS 4c *1
56Welzenbach VariationVS 4c *3
57WelzenbachHVS 5a *2
58The Grey CoastVS 4b *3
59The Grey CoastlineVS 4b  
60The BeastVS 4c **5
61Looking for the LineHS  
 Stack Area 
63Salt and SauceS 4a  
64Personalized DwarfS 1
65Sun SpotVS 4c *3
66Two Bit RamS 4a *3
67Underneath The ArchersHVS 5a *10
68Nobody's CrackVS 4c *5
69PistachioS 4b **32
VD **8
S 4a *13
72The LamaE4 6a **2
73LaphroaigHVS 5b **29
74Stepping OutS 4b ***70
75Out of ReachVS 4c *8
76DabbleS 4a 1
77DibbleS 4a  
78Silly BluntVS 4b  
79Yellow StreakVS 4c  
80Catching The WormS 4b 1
81CoasterS 4b **21
82Two Good FriendsVS 4b *7
83Puffin AttackVS 4c **42
84ShocketS 4b *26
85The SerpentE2 5b *2
86Guillemot CrackHVS 5a ***24
87Rig-Raped SeascapeE2 5b  
88Summer Days
E2 5b 1
89Wallace and Christie - A Grand Day OutE2 5b *** 
90FalloutHVS 5a *9
91FreewheelerHVS 5a 1
92Freewheeler DirectHVS 5b *1
93Unknown LineHVS 5a 1
95First AscentVD *14
96Unclaimed RouteD *6
97Fred Flintstone
VD 2
98Freddie FlintoffS 4b **3
99Bam BamS 4a **10
100Bully for BrontosaurusVS 4b *1
101Rubble TrubbleVS 4b *1
102Sorry ScorryVS 4b *1
103Right BarneyVS 4c *2
104Pebbles DashVS 4c *1
105Thinking of WilmaVS 4b *1
106BouldermobileVS 4c 1
107Hang LooseVS 4a 1
 The Crusty Wall 
109Dog on a StringVS 4c * 
 South Corner 
111DreamVS 4c * 
112Night SweatHVS 5a ** 
113SomnambulistVS 4c **2
114Wet DreamE1 5b * 
115Night ShiftVS 4c **2
116Bed PostVS 4c  
117Night MovesVS 4c  
118Thief's ForkS 4a  
119Gym JamHVS 5a * 
120No Coping OutVS 4c  
121The Morning LineHVS 5a *2
122Winter BluesVS 4c  
123ShearwaterHVS 5a **2
124SunstrokedVS 4c * 
125DilemaHS 4b 1
127Shocket (direct start) *VS 5a 1
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