Windmore End

Climbs 200 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude 400m a.s.l – Faces SW

Crag features
A long escarpment of quarried limestone. The crag is exposed to the elements and quite capable of living up to its name. The rock is quick drying and climbable at any time of the year.

Approach notes
From Brough take the B6276 towards Middleton in Teesdale. After two miles a minor road branches off to the right. To reach the left-hand section of the crag, continue past this and park beyond the next bend near a gate on the right. Go through this gate and walk up the field to the crag. For the right-hand section, take the minor road. There is room for several cars in a small space beyond the cottage of Windmore Green. Further along the road a gate allows access to the field, and the crag is quickly reached by slanting up the hill below an old lime kiln.

Shut all gates and take care not to damage any dry stone walls!

Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

Eden Valley & South Lakes Limestone (2012),
Out of print: North of England Rock Climbs (1992)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2ScarfaceMVS 4b 6
3WiselocksVS 5a 4
4Cow HoweMVS 4c 5
5PollaxedHS 6
6Jingle WallVS 4b 6
7Jingle CrackMS 7
8Fingers WallHVS 5b 3
9Continuous CrackVS 4b *7
10Blank WallHVS 5b *4
11Corner and WallVS 4b 5
12Phreatic CrackVS 4c *5
13Phreatic TwinHVS 5a *5
14Twin CracksHS *15
15The MantleshelfHS 12
16Coral AreteHS *7
17Coral SeaVS 4c 4
18BarnarmVS 4b 6
19View to Mount IdaVS 4c *3
20Seavy RiggHS 5
22Filter TipVD 20
23TabendS 18
24The HumHS 19
25The BuzzHVS 5a 9
26Verteris OutlookVS 4c *11
27AgrippaMVS 4b **38
28CassandraVS 4c *8
29StratagemVS 4c 5
30RomulusMVS 4b *34
31RemusS *37
32LongmanS **29
33AugustusMS *6
34GumbarleyMVS 4b 4
35H.T.Z.HS 18
36Colin's DilemmaVS 4c *16
37Mike's OverlapVS 4c 10
38FingersVS 5a *21
39Wild ThymeHVS 5b **7
40AeolianE1 5b **7
41The Baggins EffectHVS 5b *7
42HarebellsMVS 4b 10
43Kel FloffS 13
44Well HeadVS 4c *4
45The PlaygroundHS 4b 2
46HeadstoneHS 10
47The TombVD *13
48SnowflakeS *16
49Mike's AreteVS 4c 6
50Andy's AreteHVS 5a *12
51Rain Stopped PlayHVS 5a *6
52Spiders DinnerVS 4c 3
54BowlineVS 4b 3
55PlumblineHVS 4c 6
56SerendipityVS 4b *6
57HobbitVS 4c 4
58StaircaseHS 2
59First ChoiceVD *5
60Pork ChopHVS 4c 2
61Second BestS *2
62MealybugsHVS 5a *3
63PurkS *3
64Little PinkieVS 4b *9
65ComebackVS 4c 1
66Brass Monkey JobHS *10
67Hughie's RouteVD *4
68Most SincerelyHS 4
69ArtyS 3
70AndonVD *7
71ChockyVS 4c 2
72StranglerE1 5a *4
73Confidence TricksterVD 4
74Moss TrooperVS 5a *3
75A Week Before The BeastE1 5b **4
76Short and SweetHS *1
77Steppin' OutHVS 5a *2
79Room 101HS 3
80WorkoutS *5
81Pump It UpVS 4c *4
82Postman's KnockHS 2
83Second Time AroundHS 3
84Teatime SpecialS 3
85Pint SizeVS 4c 1
87RottweilerV3 5c *4
88WinalotV1 5a *2
89DistemperV1 2
90DoglegV1 5b **12
91H.T.J.S *15
92ConsolationS 5
93Zoot RouteVD *2
94Fern CrackVS 4c **6
95Lastra WallE3 5c **3
96La'al WallE4 6b **3
97Lost on 66E4 6a **1
98Windy PopsE3 6a **2
99SauronS *17
100ChinookV2 5c * 
101ArchtypeS *17
102EpitaphVS 4c **23
103Scoop and WallE2 5c *10
104ArdroxHVS 5a *13
105Yellow PerilHVS 4c *9
106Gulliver's TraverseHVS 4c  
107Nature TrailS 3
108SimulatorHVS 5a **8
109The HelmE3 6a **1
110The MotivatorHVS 4c *14
111CoffastroniE2 5b *1
113SneakthiefHS *17
114BloodbathHS 10
115CenturionHS *14
116LegionHS *18
117Legion SlabVS 4c *8
118ZephyrE1 5b *3
119Palace GuardE1 5b *5
120Zero RouteHS **14
121MistralE3 6a ** 
122White WallE3 5c **12
123A Scent of OrchidsE3 5c **5
124SerutanVD 5
125Rubstic directE3 5c **2
126RubsticE2 5b *7
127SciroccoE2 5c *5
128JizzleVS 5a *14
129SuntripS *12
130CranchVD *17
131RibbleHS *17
132DifferentialVD 18
133Parson's NoseVD 19
135Light BulbVS 5a *6
136SamoonHVS 5a *5
137Smoke RingS *24
138Far GrooveVD *21
139Windy NookD 30
140Flake CrackVD 30
141AnticlimbaxVS 4c **35
142No ProblemE3 5c 1
143Trouble Without a CauseE4 6b 4
144Right Trouble Without A CauseE4 6a **2
145Rebel Without a PauseE3 5c ***29
146AlvertonE2 5c 11
147Low Level TraverseV2 5c 9
148Viva Garibaldi!E3 6a **16
149StrangewaysE3 5c **7
150Rock and a Hard PlaceE4 6a **9
151Touching the VoidE3 5b **9
152Chill FactorE3 5c *6
153Becher's BrookE1 5a **44
154Squeeze My LemonHVS 5a *21
155Squeezed CitrusHVS 5c 4
156Lime StreetS *34
157Wall StreetVS 4b 22
158Grassy CrackVD *54
159Beanz Meanz...E3 5c *14
160HeinzE2 5b 8
161Wind PowerE1 5b **34
162Cool ManHVS 5a *10
163Windy MossS *50
164Windy MillerHVS 5a *19
165Wind BreakerVS 4c 35
166Wall of WindHVS 5b *25
167Fresh BreezeVS 4b 8
168Sue's ledgesS 1
169Sue's RouteVS 4c **59
170Hurricane ForceE2 5c *13
171Hurricane Force DirectE3 5c 2
172C.90E1 5b **44
173Crozzly WallE3 6a *21
174TamalinE2 5c **20
175Speeding Like A JetE3 6a **13
176April FoolHS 4c 27
177Far Wall TraverseV6 *2
178Round the BendVS 4b 5
179That Slanting FeelingVS 4c *5
180Worker for the WindE1 5b *8
181Months of RageE2 6a *3
182Underneath the ArchesE1 5b *4
183Beside the ArchesHVS 5a 6
184Endless StormHVS 5a 2
185What care the windE1 5c 5
186Force 7 Coming in StrongHVS 5a 3
188Wind of ChangeS 8
189Pissing in the WindVD 7
190Written in the WindV0+ *4
191Portent of WindV0+ 2
192VeeringV0 3
194Wind Began to HowlV0+ 2
195StormbringerV0 2
196TempestV0 3
197Perfect StormV0+ 2
199Swing LeftV0 3
200Swing RightV0 3
201Swinging GateV0- 4
202HayturnerV0 2
203Todd'sV0 2
204Big Troublef7B+ ** 
206Rebel Rebelf7C  
207Big Surf7A+ *** 
208SupremoHVS 4c **2
209Upmanhowe *V1  
210Shadow Of The Wind *V0+  
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USER FEEDBACKLogin as Existing User to add your comments
One of if not the best highball circuits in the lakes. Good to see the routes in order of L to R but there is still some climbs missing and climbs graded wildly wrong. The grades are all over in general, i suggest giving them a bouldering grade.
KristopherHall - 16/May/14
I can't find "Lost on 66" or "Right on 66" on here but its in the FRCC guide?
KristopherHall - 16/May/14
This crag is now soorted, in line with the current FRCC guide. Some routes have been merged from the old FRCC PDF.
Climbster - 19/Dec/13
Sorting this lot may take some time, I've started by putting routes in order from left to right.
Climbster - 16/Dec/13
Climbster I expect to see some sensible regrading and restarring now!
Fiend - 16/Dec/13
Further corrections to the ridiculous upgrading in the new guide: Wind Power should still be HVS, Crozzly Wall should still be E2 (or even E1) but 5c for the start, Speeding Like A Jet should be E2 5c. That's for padless leads, all of them are highball boulder problems V1-V3 with pads. Scoop And Wall is easy E2 5c. The Helm is correct in the new guide at E3 6a ** to lead.
Fiend - 30/Nov/13
Got the new guide. Great detail but some very strange things going on with grades. Trouble Without A Cause E4 6b?? It's an easy V4 6b, it wouldn't even be a highball boulder problem let alone a micro-route. Rock And A Hard Place E4 6a?? Soft E3 5c as it always was. TBH most of these climbs should be given primarily highball bouldering grades, and trad grades second, as per the newer BMC guides.
Fiend - 28/Nov/13
Half of the flake on Anticlimbax has fallen off of this climb and the top half of the flake has some movement in it.
Ben_Megson - 16/Aug/13
falling rock...
jules1990 - 01/Mar/13
There are loads of loose rock on a lot of the climbs here, a friends brand new rope got cut by a falling rope at exactly the halfway mark.
jules1990 - 01/Mar/13
According to the new FRCC guidebook, the left hand section of this crag is currently banned.
Bob - 29/Jul/12
Pleasant little crag, worth a drop into for a quiet evenings soloing on the way to the lakes on A66. Friendly holds, good landings, friendly grades and good moves. The stars on UKC aren't the same as the forthcoming FRCC write up, there are some grand micro-routes here.
Dave Warburton - 01/Jun/10
ive been to have a look at this place - 'Windmore End- certainly lives up to its name cos i travelled from Lncashire to 'Appleby -climbed 'The Hoff' crag a few months ago and agin last week, then onto 'windmore end' again and it was Misty as hell and the crag was very slippery ! wot im saying is that other areas cud be nice and sunny whilst 'Windmore End' is a sheet of mist !
pinkie - 15/Sep/06
Well worth a visit, delightful setting overlooking Eden Valley with a level meadow base, landings for solo climbers, beware loose finishes and sometimes friable protection. Stake belays abound.
Andysomething - 30/Aug/06