Portlethen (Craigmaroinn)

Climbs 313 – Rocktype Mica schist – Altitude ? – Faces SE

Crag features
Most problems documented in SMC NE Outcrops guide

Mats are very useful as landings are often on big boulders.

Access notes
Park carefully in village and do not block resident's gates. If necessary, use carpark of pub up the road.


Hi there,

I live in the very small cul-de-sac which is the gateway to this climb. Most times there is no problem with parking here but when we have deliveries such as heating oil the driver can not deliver.

There is plenty of parking near the Neuk pub only 50yds up the hill.

So please please be considerate to local residents.

Many thanks


April '09

North East Outcrops (2003),
Out of print: Bouldering in Scotland (2008), North East Outcrops (1994)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Easy Traversef3 44
3Low Traversef5+ 5c 2
4The Bossf5 5a 4
5Flat Landf4+ 4c **5
6Ledge Eliminatef5 5a *6
7The Linx Effectf6B+ **42
8Linx Effect/Arete link upf6C **11
9Crimp of the Devilf7A+ **3
10Get in the Groovef7A+ *9
11Move to the Groovef7B ***31
12Crank Yer Tankf7A **8
13Shake Yer Bootyf7A *23
14Shake Yer Booty Sit Startf7A+ **7
15The Aretef6A **59
16Dance Dinof6B *13
17Elastic Manf6C ** 
18Rampantf7C *** 
19Hideously Crimpyf7C * 
20Crimp Like a Chimpf7B+ *** 
21Crimp Like a Chimp Variationf7A+ * 
22Conga Reelf7B ***1
24Downhill Dynof7A+ * 
25Out to Lunchf7B **5
26The Shieldf5+ ** 
27Sare Crackf6C  
28Coco Traversef6A 1
29Milk Chocolatef4+ *1
30Dark Chocolatef5  
31Dark Chocolate Sit startf6A * 
33Short Haulf5+ 5c *4
34The Long Haulf5 **63
35The Long Fallf5 ***58
36The Faultf3 86
37Sidewinderf3 47
38Kama Sutraf4 *39
39The Long Haul Traversef5+ *4
40Smear or Disappearf7A * 
42The Razor's Edgef4+ *37
43The Pendulumf6C ***77
44The Pendulum Variationf7B 11
45The Notchf6B 6a *4
46The Buzzf7B ***39
47The Pitf7A ***115
48Piterf7A+ 6b **1
49The Pit (left hand)f7B+ **7
50Georgie Boyf7B+ **8
51Shamelessf7C **1
52The Painf7A ***89
53Pain Extensionf7A **44
54Pit of Doomf7B+ *4
55Pit Bullf5 24
56Pendulum Finishf6A 86
57Pendulum Finish Block Startf6A+ *24
58The Pit and the Pendulumf7B 21
59Pendulum and Painf7B 18
60The Pain into Pendulumf7A+ 6
61The Buzz into Pendulumf7B 2
62Kaylaf7C+ 6
63Kayla Variationf7C **2
64Kayla Variation (Block Start)f7B+ **5
65Liar's Lairf7C **3
66Twlight Princessf8A 1
67Twilight - Buzzf8A  
68Twilight - Pitf8A 2
69Watch Yer Backf6C 1
70Mind the Gapf6B+ 1
71Death Trapf6A 1
72HVSf3 1
74Roof Crackf6A 2
75Rankins Rooff7A ** 
76Block Startf6B+  
78The Jagged Edgef6B+ 6
79Superswingf6B *1
80Just Superf7A 6b+ * 
81The Neukf6C+ **8
82Bite Yer Lipf7B+ ***5
83Savage Mantelf6A 21
85The Howlingf5 *38
86The Howling Sit Startf6B+ **40
87The Howling Eliminatef6C+ 6b **9
88Wee Screamerf7A+ * 
89Wee Screamer Variationf6C+ 6b  
90Crying Wolff6C+ *1
91Little Dog's Sore Pawf4 49
92The Dog's Bollocksf5+ 25
94Done Waitingf5 20
95Done Waiting Sit Startf5+ 6
96Snooze You Losef6A *8
97Snooze you Lose Sit startf6A+ * 
98Snooze You Lose Variationf6B **1
99Snooze you Loose Variation Sit Startf6B+ ** 
100Waiting on the Edgef6C+ **2
101Edge of Reason Variationf7A **1
102Edge of Reasonf7A+ **5
103Beyond the Edge of Reasonf7C **2
104High Ballf6A *15
105The Groove (Highball Slab)f5 5b 8
107Moss Slab Mantelf4+ 33
108Moss Slab Hand Traversef5+ **13
109Moss Slab Hand Traverse Extensionf6A *1
110Ramp Ragef6A+ *2
111Arete Thingf6A **4
112Arete Thing Variationf6B 6b 2
114Easy Crackf3 17
115Cornflakesf5 *7
116The Flakesf5 *26
117The Flakes (Sitting Start)f6A **16
118Square Puzzlef6B 6a **2
119Rough and Ready (left side)f5 **23
120Rough and Ready (right side)f4+ ***33
121Slim and Thinf5 ***47
122Right Anglef3 4c *56
124Out the Spoutf3 4b 7
125Out the Spout Sit Startf5 3
1265af3+ 5a 3
1275a Sit Startf4+ 1
1285a Variationf5 1
129Spout Lipf4+ **1
130Spout Backf4+ *1
132The Turtle's Edgef4 28
133The Turtle's Headf5 27
134Turtleneckf3 2
135Touching Clothf5 *16
136Touching Cloth Variationf6A *1
137Turtle Traversef7B ***2
138Turtle Traverse part 1f7A+ ***1
139Turtle Traverse part 2f6C ***1
140Fat Slapperf6C **8
141Plop Aretef6A *8
142Shell Shockf6A+ *10
143Shell Shock Original Variationf6B **3
144Turning the Turtlef5+ *26
145Turning the Turtle Variationf6A **7
146Belly Slapf6B **10
147Belly Slap Variationf6A+ *3
148Belly Slap Extensionf7A+ ** 
150Pocket Wall Traversef4 5a 3
151Pockety Wall All-inf3+ *2
152Pocket Wallf5 5c *2
154Back Slapperf5+ *6
155Layback Crackf6A 8
156The Scoopf6A 11
157Back Baconf6A 6
159Rock Around the Blockf6A *13
160The Rock Upf4+ 47
161The Peedie Prowf4 **144
162Peedie Prow Directf4+ **68
163Peedie Prow Super Directf5+ *5
164Peedie Prow Eliminatef6A 6b *5
165Mantelf5 32
167Cracked Lipf4+ 24
168Crack Traversef5 16
169The Scallopf6C *9
170Scallop Eliminatef6A **3
171The Dark Sidef4 5a 7
172Dark Side Cave Startf6A 1
174Left Cheekf6A 61
175Cheeky Slapf6B 18
176Stretch Armstrongf5 6
177Big Stewief5+ 14
178Big Stewie lowf7A  
179Big Stewie Sit Startf7B  
180Prow Mantelf6A 6
181Sea Pinkf7B+  
182The Prow Left-Handf7A+ ***3
183The Prowf6C ***80
184The True Prowf7A ***25
185Super Prowf7A+ ***15
186Crack of Dawnf6B **70
187The Rampf5+ 94
188Ramp Extensionf6A 43
189Loin Traversef7A+ 2
190Full Housef6B+ 27
191Bingof5+ 35
192Pig Dynof6A 6a *10
193Pork Cracklingf6C+ 2
194Pork Scratchingf7A+  
195Shelf Eliminatef6B 3
196Bum Crackf4 6
197The Groovef5+ 26
198Hind Quarterf5+ 1
199Hind Legf6A 2
200Guy's Routef6A+ 18
201The Dog WalkVB 3a 19
202Pigs earf3 4
203The Lipf5 **46
205Lip Stickf6B+ 6a  
207Left Edgef3 53
208Left Edge Directf6A 6a 4
209The Scoopf5 79
210Friction Testf6A+ 6b 8
211Side Pull Sit Downf5 119
212Side Pull Lie Downf6A 1
213Side Pull Extensionf5+ 60
214Side Pull extendedf5+ 1
215Side Pull Extension Lip Variationf6A+ 5
216Side Pull extended lip variationf6A+ 2
217Secret Gardenf6A **74
218Secret Garden low startf6B 9
219The Snakef6B+ 6
220Slap and Ticklef6B+ ***119
221Slap and Tickle Variationf6C 5
222Sit, Slap and Ticklef7A ***6
223Round the Gardenf6C+ *** 
224The Barrelf7A+ 16
225The Barrel Extensionf7B ***2
226All Inclusivef7B+  
227Barrel of Slappersf7A+ 8
228North Wallf5 31
229North Wall Sitting Startf6A **25
230Flake Traversef4+ *19
231Eliminate Wall problem #3f6A 1
232Eliminate Wall problem #4f6A+ *4
233Eliminate Wall problem #8f4 13
234The Tufa (Eliminate Wall problem #9)f7A+ 6c  
235The Tufa lowf7B+  
236Dime Timef7B  
237Cold Slapf7A  
238Sloper Eliminatef7A  
239Jake the Flakef7B  
240Flag Itf6C+  
241Day Dream Believerf7A+  
242Hand Traversef4+ 5b 1
244Spike Traversef5 2
245Muir Mantelf5 3
247Shite Stanef6A 4
248Nootkaf6A 7
249Nootka Low Startf6B 2
250Turnspitf5 12
251Turnspit Lowf6A+ 2
252Tosaf6C+ *8
253Mastyf6C+ *7
254Masty (Block Start)f6A 3
255Lippyf5+ *3
257Micro Aretef6B+  
258Micro Arete Directf7A  
259Mantel shelff4 1
261Egg Traversef6A  
262Egg Reversef5+  
263Pop Outf4+ 1
265Dwarf Mantelf5 2
266Dwarf Traversef5+ 1
268Mussel Traversef6B+ 1
269Mussel Traverse (All In)f6A+ 1
270The True Lipf6C  
271Mussel Mantelf7A  
272In Reversef6B+  
273There and Backf6C+  
275Borzoif6B **25
276Salukif6B **10
277Saluki Sit Startf6B **3
278Razor Backf6C 6b ***2
279Razor Back Sit Startf7A *** 
280Buzz Houndf6B *3
281Ancient Breedf3 17
282Borzyef5 *4
283Hound's Arsef5+  
284Razor Boif7A  
2865b (High Wall)f4+ 1
287Whippetf5+ *1
288Whippet Variationf5 2
2895a (High Wall)f4 1
291The Mantelf5+ 9
292Wall Sit Startf6C  
293The Crackf5 15
294The Crack Sit Startf6A 1
295Crack Eliminatef6C  
296Wall Eliminatef6A+ 5
297Wall Eliminate Variationf6B+  
298The Crucifixf5+ 20
299The Flakef5 11
300The Flake Sit Startf6A 2
301The Bitchf6C+  
302Bitch (sit start)f7A 6c **2
303Snack Boyf6A 6a 1
304Crossoverf6A 8
305Palmist Eliminatef6A 5
306The Aberdonianf6A 6a 1
307The Aberdonian Sit Startf7B+ 6c  
308Big Dynof5 4
309Little Dynof5 5
310Bite Me!f6C+  
311Droopy Flakef3 2
312Bulgyf5+ 1
313Razor Likef6B+ 1
315Reachyf5+ 3
316Reachy Sit Startf6B+ 2
317Petes Eliminatef6B  
318Tims Mantelf7A  
319Robertson Rock Upf6B+ 1
320Pocket Problemf6A+ 1
321Another Pocket problemf6A+ 3
322The Traversef6A+ **56
323Traverse and Crucifixf6C 6
325Collie Corner5a 37
326Long Dogs6a 33
327The Lurcher7a *60
328Dogs of War7c ***26
329Gone to the Dogs7b+ 1
330Stray Dogs8a *2
331Portlethen Terrier7c+ **8
332Power Hound Variation8a+ 1
333Stigmata7b * 
334Dogs Abuse7a+ 4
337The Incredible Sulk7b  
338More Kayla variation f7B+ **1
339Stay Lowf6C+ 6a ** 
340Stay Low (part 1)f6B 6a ** 
341Stay Low (part 2)f6B 6a **1
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Great haunt! I'm biased cos' I'm always going down there - no boulder buddies in a Trad kingdom!! Top five problems anyone? 1. The Pendulum and Pain , Font 7a+**. (The Pit Boulder.) 2. The True Prow, Font 7a****. (Sea Pig.) 3. Shake Your Booty, Sit Down start, Font 7a**. (Sports wall) 4. Slap and Tickle, Harder variant, Font 6c****. (The Brocolli Garden) 5. Cross Over, Brit Tech 6a** (Warm-Up Wall) P.S. Those hawk-eyed individuals will notice that the 'crimp of the devil' on the sports wall has snapped off! Crimp of the Devil has now become even harder, bugger!
Chris(cface!) - 25/Nov/05