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These details were last updated on 09/Apr/2014

Vall de Guadar (Echo Valley)

Benidorm, SPAIN

Climbs 188 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude ? – Faces SE

Spain : Costa Blanca (2013),
Out of print: Costa Blanca (2005), Costa Blanca. Mallorca, El Chorro (2001), Costa Blanca. Mallorca, El Chorro (1998), Costa Blanca. Mallorca, El Chorro (1996)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGradex
2Espolón de Echo3 (VDiff 21
3Vía de Polop5+ *2
4Through the Looking Glass6a **9
5Capricorn Encounter6a+ (E2) *1
6El asesino y redención7a (E4) **1
7Hi Flyer6c (E4) *1
8Secundo Veces6c+ *5
9Stone Roses7b **9
10Bastistot Route Four7b 1
11Chilling Out8a (E7) * 
12Bastistot Route Six8a  
13The Assassin7a (E4) *1
14Spanish Gold7a (E4) *14
15Chorizo man *7a *1
16Long Stretch Left *7c  
17The Long Stretch6b **3
18Velcro Man7a+ ***1
19The Dawning6b+ *10
20Trafico de Influencia7a+ ***3
21The Chimney6c 1
22Indigo8a ** 
24Death Pulse8a+ (E9) ** 
25Asteroid Storm7c+ (E7) ** 
26Andromeda (pitch 1)6b+ **1
27Andromeda7a **2
28Shelter8a **1
29Super 'G'7b+ ***1
30Iratika7c+ ** 
31Path of Excess Power7c **6
32Mad DogE5 6a *** 
33La gloria escondida7a+ **4
34Enigma del puerco7a *** 
35Gloria Pitch 16a+ *5
36Gloria Right6a+ *1
37Dreammaker6b *6
38Dreammaker Right6c+ 8
39Diedro Edwards6b **8
40Voyage to Orion6c+ (E4) ** 
41The Silent Sleeper5 (VS) *9
42Sea of Dreams6a+ (E3) *1
43The Sickle6a+ (E2)  
44Cumple años 61st.6b (E3) *1
46Diedro de Naranja6b (E3) ***5
47The Prayer to the Raven and the Crow7c ***1
48Solstice8a (E8) *** 
49Naranja Directa7a (E4) ** 
50Going Nuts8a *** 
51Midnight Runner7a+ (E5) **1
52Children of Laughter7a+ (E5) **1
53Espolón Encantada5 **20
54Vía los palmeras5+ *3
55The Visionary8a (E8) *** 
56Dust to Victory7a (E6) ** 
57Rock Dancer 26a (E1) ***25
58Taurus6a (E2) *3
59Kfour6c (E4) * 
60Yes to Dance6b+ (E4) * 
 ECHO 1.5  
62Romero's Birthday4 35
63Espolon Alderlon4 52
64Marian Jones6a 32
65Sin chapa6a+ 12
66Phalanges5+ 67
67Central6b 28
68Synovial5 52
69Tony's Route5+ 33
70Sesamoid4+ 29
71Flake Drum4+ 76
72Bicton itc 084 67
73Aero4+ 77
74Zac-e-than5 111
75There Ain't No Party Like A "Tea Party" Party3 3
76Made in Exmouth6a+ 99
77X.M.A.S.6a 142
78Regalo por Ali5 149
79FFMB *HVS 5a 1
80Phantom5+ 133
81Shield3+ 88
82Fat Boy3 87
83Christmas Is Awesome6a 3
84Live Wire3 78
85Pro-wire3 71
86Luke's a big bumblebee *5 2
87Am I bothered? *5 1
88Bad Biscuits *4+ 1
90Maiane6b *38
91Chapa Pallá6b+ 25
92Buho6a *83
93Buho Variant7b+ *9
94Bitman7a+ *6
95Papel de Lija7b 10
96Patas de pollo6b+ *47
97Anarkia y birra fría6b *57
98Edwards el colonialista6b *71
 Climb nameGradex
99Salsika timbanki7b 22
100Llagrimes de pedraProject  
101La Paella7a+ **19
102El puchero de m'aula5+ **94
103El minxto5+ *86
104Che, pero com, pero qui6a *47
105Soplamela6b 36
106La saga de los coletas7a *23
107Cervezas y porros7a+ **33
108Waka Plaka7a *17
109Tarzan7a *17
110Lagartija Sai7a *17
1115th Marcha Directa6c *39
112El pas de la Forella6a *53
113Cuarto d'Aseo4+ *50
114Avispilla6a *45
115Sabine bonsai6b *35
116Avispofobia7a 2
117La abeja mayi6b+ 3
118Bretaña no es España6c 8
119Diagonal Vertical6b *2
120Autopista parabólica6a *9
121Little Bootie4 (Sev) 37
122Big Bootie4 (Sev) 30
123Árbol directo4+ *19
124Domingo negra6a+ (E2) *7
125Vino tinto6b (E3) * 
126Salir por encima6b+ (E3) **6
127Strongbody6a (E1) *5
128The Wasp4+ (VS) *46
129Mosca3 (VDiff 19
130Mosca derecha3 (VDiff 14
131Mosca directa4 (VDiff *24
132Scorpion4+ *57
133A Game of Two Halves6a 1
134The October Sessions7b+ ** 
135Revelation7b * 
136All aboard!7c ** 
137Wasp Route Ten7a+ ** 
138The Cut6b * 
139Cosmic Messenger6a (E1) *1
140Force of Nature7c (E6) * 
141The Edwards-Lee Pillar6a+ (E2)1
142The Mark of Zorro6b (E3) * 
144Mistaken Identity5 2
145Vía Carob6b+ (E3) * 
146Cracks for Angels6b (E3) 
147The Pod6b+ (E3) * 
148Prophesy8a (E8) ** 
149Pictures of Perfection5 (HVS) *5
150Rock Factory6a+ (E4)  
152Diamond Solitaire6a 4
153Diedro Edwards6a+ 4
154Movimiento mágico6a+ (E2) *7
155The Wizard6b (E3)  
156El murciélago6a (E1) **11
157St Valentine's6b+ (E3) 
158Initiation5+ (E1) *2
159Second Blood5+ (HVS) *5
160Rough-Rider6c (E4) *1
161Deception6a (E1) **10
162Vía Diagonal5+ (HVS) 4
163Design and Form6a (E2)  
164Un Rincón de Placa4+ (HS) *31
165Vía Esther4+ **84
167Joaquin4+ *153
168Er nu5+ 140
169Pituland6a *120
170Monudos zone5+ *134
171El pilar6a+ *78
172Basillus5+ *172
173Follaora5 *160
174Coco6a+ *60
175Clitoris salrane6a *67
176Arandelon6a 48
177Tas kedao sin birra6a *81
178Tris Tras Trus5+ *78
179Torre6a *29
181Casta Blanca 4+ 3
182Sentinel 4+ *8
183Espolo'n Izquierda 4+ *3
184Olla Ora 5 *6
185Playboy *6a *5
186Boquete *3+ *3
187The Lekkerkerkerker *3+ *5
188Por encima de todo *4 *5
189Right Arete 5 *1
190New Route 1 *6a+ 1
191New Route 2 *6b+ *1
192New Route 3 *5+ *1
193New Route 4 *6a *1
194New Route 5 *6a+ *1
195Mexicano *S 4a 2
196Derecho surco *6a 1
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Visited the sector2 (top car park) 02/01/2014 and tried several routes. Left confused, dissapointed but intrigued. There's some good climbing here, but route definition is poor, whether by topography or grade. Did 2 combos of Gloria / Dreammaker which didn't fit the topo description.
LeeWood - 04/Jan/14

Just back from an afternoon at 'Crag X' as detailed in the Rockfax guide. Warmed up on the 3+'s (not done many this trip as usually they're uninterestingly easy). These required quite a bit of thought and very hard for the grade. Moved onto the 4 just to the left (por encima de todo), this was about the same difficulty and all 3 climbs felt 4+ Then tried 'Pass the Dutchy' 6a - yes I should have known better given the very steep and blank look of the rock on this one. The first 5 metres or so give steady climbing at the grade and bolts always nearby. The move by the 3rd bolt felt absolutely desperate and after many attempts and a few little falls my arms were so wasted I had to call it a day and retreat. The step up seems to be a high rock over with ok handholds at foot level but a blank wall above. Maybe I was missing something. Certainly didn't feel like 6a. Fingers no stinging lots from the super sharp rock. We finished with 'Right arete' 5 - this is on the massive boulder below the main crag. Good, steep climbing until the final moves where it all gets very loose feeling. Neither of us was willing to commit to the top moves for fear of bringing down loads of rock so bailed on this too. Shame as the rest of this route is really good.
A Mountain Journey - 27/Dec/13

There're five new routes in Castillo Lower area; they are located beetwen routes "El Minxto" and "Che, pero com, pero qui"... From left to right I felt like... 1.- 6a+, 17m 2.- 6b/+, 20m 3.- 5b, 20m 4.- 5c, 15m 5.- 6a, 15m If somebody knows please share info Tnks
Biggo - 01/Dec/13

Hi MelH, I wonder, if you really love climbing, or if you really know what you are talking about? I think the answer is NO. The spot is pretty, quiet, wild sights and walls, many routes near the car, do you need more?...climbing is much more than the grade of the routes...don't you... if the grades seems you hard, work and train harder... in fact, the grades of this crag, are well known hereabouts, like mild at the grade in mostly of the routes, so don't cry and fight.
Biggo - 28/Mar/12

Echo Playa should be renamed Echo Sandbag. Almost every route we tried (apart from the grade 4+ felt hard for the grade)
MelH - 05/Apr/11

Echo Playa - Route names on rock don't match Rockfax guide. Good place to hide form sun and nice routes.
krikoman - 12/Oct/09