Anammer Crags

Climbs 126 – Rocktype Quartzite – Altitude 1676m a.s.l – Faces S

Crag features
A superb series of short buttresses right above the roadside in Afantinzar. Short walk-ins, easy descents, and some excellent technical climbing particularly in the low to mid grades make this a great spot for some roadside cragging in the sunshine.

Tafraout Pocket Guides (2014), Tafraout - Rock Climbing in Morocco's Anti-Atlas (2013), Morocco Rock (2012), Moroccan Anti Atlas North - Climbing on the North Side of Jebel el Kest (2010)

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
1ATBHVS 4c *
2The Puppies of WrathHS 4a
3EcuadorHVS 5b ***
4Sunshine AreteE2 5a **
5We Are But MenS *
6Heart of AsiaMVS 4b
7The SheriffHVS 5a *
8Be You AngelsVS 4c ***
9Essex StreetD
10Chaffinch WalkD
11Tom TowerVD
12Cheney LaneVD *
13Learning to FlyE2 5b *
14Iffley RoadE1 5b **
15CornmarketVS 4b **
16Rose LaneHVS 5a *
17Golden RoadVD **
18Floral DanceMVS 4b **
19Beaumont StreetHVS 5b *
20B3MVS 4c ***
21Headington HillMVS 4b *
22Woodstock RoadHS 4b *
23Bridge of SighsHS 4a *
24High StreetS **
25Baby EricVS 4c
26Knight's MoveE1 5b **
27Pygmy CrackS
28Cranham StreetVS 4b
29Folly BridgeS **
30AnzarHVS 5a **
31Wall of the Early Morning LightVS 4c
32Kingston RoadS **
33Farmboy's MumHS 4b *
34Amazir CrackHS 4a *
35Little Clarendon StreetS
36Walton StreetVS 4c *
37KraminssnHVS 5a *
38JerichoVS 4c ***
39Radcliffe CornerE1 5c **
40Plantation RoadMVS 4b
41Park End ChimneyHS 4a **
42Park EndE3 5b ***
43St.Clement'sHVS 4c ***
44Black Crow CrackE1 5a *
45St. Aldate'sHVS 4c **
46Greyhound CrackHVS 4b *
47Angel CrackVS 4b
48IntercontinentalVD *
49Ants of AntarcticaS
51Hardcore AfricanVS 4b
52IsisVS 4c **
53Asian FeverS
54Pillar of AmericaVD
55Cherwell StreetHS 4a *
56OsirisVS 4c *
57Ears BetweenS
58Full of FishS
59Banbury RoadVS 4b *
60SambaE2 5b ***
61Time to BurnE1 5a **
62Holywell StreetHS 4b **
63Popeye's PipeD *
64Third RibS
65Third CrackD
67Piece of CakeVD
68Alternative Tuck ShopD
69Sherbert DipD
70Belvedere RoadS *
71CinderellaD ***
72Y Mixi MiqueHVS 4c **
73J'aime la CremeMVS 4b **
74The Oxford StoryVS 4b ***
75Numa NumaS *
76The Turf TavernHS 4b *
77Sounds of the ZodiacE1 5b *
79Bevington RoadVS 5a
80Jackdaw LaneS *
81Keble RoadVD **
82LittlegateHS 4a
83Hither and ThitherVD
84MitrananVD **
85IsuzuE1 5a *
86IzikiHS 4b **
87Campbell RoadS *
88TouaregVS 4c
89Magic BopVS 4c
90Dish DashD *
91Mmm BopD
92Da Pa Do WapD
93Jingle RidgeM
94NutcrackerVS 4c **
95Pinnacle RidgeD
96Catte StreetD
97Gritstone FugitiveE1 5b ***
98The Primates GameHVS 4c *
100MattHS 4a *
101Captain CarpetS *
102Mornington CrescentVS 4b **
104Look Around YouHS 4a *
105Synthesizer PatelD
107Ground NutmegD *
108Burnt SiennaD *
109Cracked PepperD *
110Bagel DownD *
111Apple PieD *
112Cinnamon GullyM
113Danish PastryD *
114The Morning AfterHS 4a
115Maroon RacoonE1 5a *
116Home By TwoHS 4a
117Bed by TwelveHS 4a
118Blue GnuS *
119Snakes and LaddersD *
120Scorpion StripperVS 4b
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