Kentmere Boulders

Climbs 144 – Rocktype Rhyolite – Altitude ? – Faces ?

Crag features
Although Kentmere is only a short deviation from the main road into the south lakes, it has retained a backwater feel, with no tourist infrastructure - and all the better for it. In recent years this beautiful valley has quickly developed into one of the major bouldering venues in the Lakes.

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Access notes
Turn off the A591 at Staveley and follow the signs up the valley. On entering Kentmere village, limited parking can be found beside village hall - please pay at the honesty box. From the parking, follow the tarmac road up, round a sharp left hander and into a group of houses. At the end of these take a sharp right signposted for the Garburn track. All the areas lie left and right of this track.

Lakes Bouldering (2006), LakesBloc Website

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
1Traversef6B **
2Problem 2f6A+
3Problem 3f5
4Problem 4f4+
5Problem 5f5
6Problem 5.5f7A
7Problem 6f6A+
8Problem 6.5f7A
9Problem 7f5 *
10Problem 8f3
11Problem 9f4+
12Problem 10f3+ *
13Laybackf3 *
14Badger Aretef5+ **
15Badger Arete (ss)f6C+ **
16The Scoopf5+
17Problem 14f6C+
18Problem 15f5 *
19Problem 16f4 *
20Problem 17f6B **
21Finger Traversef7A+ *
22Problem 19f6B *
23The Slabf7A
24Problem 21f6A *
25Problem 22f4 *
26Blaycock's Traversef6A+ **
27Problem 2f4+
28Problem 3f3+
29Blow Yer Ballastf6B **
30TransAlp Boysf3+
31Problem 5f5+
32Problem 6 (Pine Stone)f4+ *
33Middle Earthf7B
34Common Trollsf6C *
35H's 5c eliminatef5
36Dynosore Eliminatef6C
37Bass Line Venomf7B *
38The Wayf6A *
39Sheep Fliesf4+
40Ian's Slapf6B
41Loungin'f6A+ *
42Elven Clawf6A+ **
43Problem 16f6A
44The Holef7A+ *
45Negative Reality Inversionf6C+ ***
46The Karma of Treesf8A *
47Stegasaurusf5 *
48Problem 21f4
49Rounded Aretef3
50The Cavef6B
51Runs on Weaself7B *
52Problem 25f7B *
53Resident Weaself7A *
54Problem 27f5+
55Problem 28f5+
56Shell Fishf4
57Bravery Award for Pigletf7A
58Problem 29f6B+
59Little Womenf8A+ *
60Little Women (stand up)f7B+ *
61Shadow Playf8C **
62Reinvented Bright New Colourf8A+ *
63Tourniquetf7C+ ***
65Supercalifrjalistic-expialigobalisticf7A *
66Excavated at a Later Datef6B
67Problem 38f6B
68Ent Hugf5+
69Cynfarch The Dismalf6C
70Problem 2f6A+
71Problem 3f6C
72Problem 4f6A+
73Problem 5f6A+
74Left Aretef6B *
75The Crackf4
76Saint Ceneuf6A+
77Noggin the Nogf7A **
78Highball Aretef5+
79Problem 11f4+
80Owein the Giantf5+ *
81Problem 13f5
82The Slabf6A+ *
83Problem 15f5+
84Orien of Rhegedf6C+ **
85Problem 1f5
86Problem 2f4
87Problem 3f6A+ *
88Problem 5f5+
89Problem 6f6C+
90Right Sidef6A
91Problem 8f6A+ *
92Coel Hen LHf4+
93Coel Henf5+ *
94Trianglum (AKA Aequipedus)f7C *
95Problem 13f5
96Cwrast the Raggedf6C+ **
97Problem 14f4+
98Problem 15f4+
99Meirchion the Leanf6A+
101Problem 2f6A+
102Paradigmf7C **
103Problem 4f6A
104Problem 5f6C
105Azimuthf7A+ *
106Equipoisef7B+ **
107Problem 8f6A+
108On the Skuntf7B+ *
109Problem 10f6A+ *
110Cynosuref7A *
111Release the Pressuref6B **
112Phantasmagoriaf7A+ **
113The Symbiantf6B *
114Problem 15f5
115Problem 16f5 5c
116Problem 17f7C+
117Quixotic Aretef6A **
118The Traversef6C
120Problem 1f5
121Problem 2f5
122Problem 3f4+
123Problem 4f5
124The Groovef4+
125The Monof4+
126Problem 7f4
127The Classic Traversef6B+ ***
128The Low Traversef7A *
129Slab Leftf3+
130Slab Centralf3 **
131Slab Rightf3+
132Lion Heartf7B+ **
133The Karma of Trees (stand up)f7C **
134Negative Reality Inversion (ss)f7A+ *
135Vertex (ss)f7C
136Strongbone Tacticsf7B
137Shadow Play Stand Upf7B *
138Knights Templarf6C+ *
139Suzi's Laughingf7A
140Weasel Powerf7B+ **
141Hungry Fishf6C
142Babelf7C **
143Problem 3.5f5+
144Problem 4.5f6B+ *
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For some reason Little Women -rh- has been completley missed out of the topo. Originally climbed by myself & repeated by John -V13 it was the hardest in the Lakes for some time, & absolute classic on the giant stone - arguably the problem that brought so much attention to Little Font while I was establishing it as a venue... Worth speaking to Greg or John for adding the info. Si
Si O'Conor - 23/Mar/06
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