Coniston Bouldering

Climbs 205 – Rocktype Rhyolite – Altitude 379m a.s.l – Faces E

Crag features
The bouldering areas are centred around the small village of Coniston, which has the usual amenities. The bouldering is mainly on excellent rough rock and set in superb mountain scenery.

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The most extensive and up to date guide available for the Virtual Crag is available here:

A guide covering the Dow Crag Boulders, Nettle Crag and the Coves Stones can be found here:

Access notes
Coniston village is about 20 minutes from Ambleside on the A 593. For the fell gate and access to Pudding Stone and walna Scar areas take the first turn right up the hill after the main road crosses the river in the centre of the village and follow this up the very steep fell road until the tarmac ends. For the V Crag turn off this road about 3km short of Coniston.

Lakes Bouldering (2006), LakesBloc Website

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
2Stinger Traversef7C ***
3Acid Housef7C+ **
4Problem 1f5 *
5First Crackf5 *
6Walna Whipf6A
7Hound Crackf4+
8Flakes Wallf6B **
9Road Housef7C ***
10Weird Sciencef7C **
11Ly'al Fella's Wallf6C+ **
13The Crack Foxf5 *
14The Crack Fox (SDS)f6A+
15Dancing on ISONf7B+ *
16Shaman Juicef6C+ **
17Cove Aretef6A+ *
18Solar Kissf7B *
19Mr. Toddf4+
20Tommy Brockf3
21Daggermouthf7B **
22Wee Crackf6A
24Basil Brushf6B+
25Crack Denf6A
26Boom Boomf6C
30Left Edgef2
31Left of Centref4+
32Tarn Facef2+ **
33North Goes Westf4+ *
34Red Sonjaf7A+ *
35Gottardo Dreamingf6C
36Red Bullyf6B *
37Surfs Upf6B+
38Boiler Roomf3+
39The Pillarf4 *
40The Pillar SDSf6A *
41The Ribf4
42The Pitf6C
43Black Opsf6B *
44Black Ops SDSf7B **
45Moon Dogf7A
46Moon Dog Lowf7B+
47Cool Breezef7A+ *
48Neutopiaf7A+ *
49Deep Greenf7B+ **
50Deep Green (stand)f6B+ *
52The Sloobf3+
53Caved Aretef6A
54Track Wallf6B
55Anodynef7C *
56Pocket Traversef2
57Pock Facef3
58Monkey Planetf6A+
59Monkey Leftf6A+
61Ricky Spanishf7A
62Slimy Slimf4
63Ogopogof6B *
64Scree Monsterf6B **
65Tip of the Ziodbergf6A+
66Red Cloverf7A+ *
67Ribofunkf7A+ **
68The Old Man and the Seaf7B *
69Red Clover SDSf7C ***
70The Genef7A *
71Supergenef8A ***
72The Paradef6C *
73Casaf7B ***
74The Haçiendaf7C+ ***
76Hopping RouteV0 5a
77The Full TraverseV2 5c
78Winnerah's ClimbV1 5c
79Problem 4V4
80Problem 5V1 5c
81Problem 6V1 5c *
82Problem 7V0 5a
83Half Crown TraverseV0+ 5b
84Murray's SlabV0+ 5b *
85Murray's CornerV0 5a ***
86Bowers ScoopV0+ 5b **
87Problem 12V1 5c *
88Problem 13V1 5c *
89Problem 14V2 6a *
90Lip TraverseV3 **
91Multim in ParvoV0 5a *
92Problem 17V0+ 5b
93The ScoopV1 5c *
94Grooved AreteV0- 5a
95Plumf5 **
96Problem 1V1 5c
97Problem 2V0+ 5b
98Problem 3V0- 4c
99Problem 4V0 5a
100The EdgeV1 5c *
101Left AreteV0+ 5b
102The Crackf6B ***
103Crack Rockf7B **
104Right Aretef6C *
105Arete Wallf7A *
106The Facef7A **
107Problem 5V0 5a
108Back CrackVB
110Electric Planetf4+
111Electric Planet SDSf6A
112Bluetoothf7A+ *
113Bluetooth Fairyf6C+
114Hackers Homelandf6B
115Hacker's Homeland SDSf7A *
116Digital Decadef7A+ *
117Technobabblef5+ *
118Technobabble SDSf7A **
119Technologicf7A *
122Hyperlink SDSf7A+
123Silicon Slavef7C+ **
124The Cloudf7B
125Qubitf7B *
126Shockwavef7C *
127Shock Valuef8A *
130Cybersex (better than)f6A+
131Browser Warsf6A
132Skynet Highf7C **
133Skynetf8A **
134Full Valuef8A *
135Birkett's Bandwidthf6C+
136Problem 11f4+
138Tilted Traversef6A+
139Monolithf7A+ *
140Principiaf7A+ *
141Principia Standf5+
142Booze Baronf7C
143The Death Clockf7B+ **
144The Crackf6B
145Smoking Gunsf7B+ **
146Bothy Traversef6A
147Traci Lordsf8A ***
148Traci Lords SDSf8B+ ***
149Shyla Stylezf7C **
150From the Earth's Cauldronf6C ***
151Black Cauldronf7B+ **
152The Slabf3+ *
153Lard Lad (Problem 16 in Rockfax)f6B+ *
154Spinal Caressf7A
155Spinal Tapf6A+
156Block Roof (Problem 9 in Rockfax)f6B
157Stoned Lad (Problem 10 in Rockfax)f7A *
158Aye Ladf6C
159Warm Up Traversef5+ *
160Warm Up Wall Rightf6C *
161Groove Armadaf7C+ ***
162Warm Up Wall Centref5
163Warm Up Wall Leftf5
164Finger Tinglerf3+
165Dry Tooling Undergroundf5+ *
166Underground Butlerf7B **
167Crack Butlerf7B+ **
168Artoisf6C+ ***
169Arc of Despairf7C
170Stellaf7C **
171Wife Beaterf7B **
172Mike's Prowf7B
173Lancaster Bomberf7C **
174Man Powerf8A **
175Warstarterf7B+ **
176Warstarter RH Startf7C **
178Axis RHf7C
179Hades Lairf7A **
180Hades Lowf7A+
181Hades Lair RH startf7B *
182Rocko's Modern Lifef7A+
183Battalystf7C **
184Axis Powersf7C+
185Cheap Seatsf6C
186Cheap Seats Extensionf7A
187Hobbledehoy (Problem 11 in Rockfax)f6C *
188Bella Rooff7A+
189Bella Despectusf6C *
191Slanting Arete (Problem 15 in Rockfax)f6A
192Sky Highf3 *
193The Six Grand Skipf6A+
195Rudy Manchegof7A+
196Problem 2f6C+
197Problem 3f6C+
198Pig Ironf6C
199Angle Ironf7B *
200Problem 6f6C+
201Problem 7f6A+
202Problem 8f6A+
203Bonsai Callunaf7A **
204Loose Cannonf5
205Undercut Wallf5+
206Pontipine Ridgef7A *
207Problem 13f6B+
208Problem 14f6C+
209Left Browf6B+ *
210Low Browf7A+ *
211Clever Sounding Wordf7A **
212Problem 18f6A+ *
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