Climbs 95
Rocktype Limestone
Altitude 12m a.s.l
Faces NW

Rob Lamey on Vennerne, 7c+, ShipWreck Cove © simon rawlinson

Crag features

One of Gower's finest sport crags! super steep 25mtr routes straight of the golden sand of Rhosilli.

Home to the largest concentration of sport climbing on Gower, Shipwreck cove has something for everyone. The 4 sectors are all a short walk along the beach (on the left looking out to sea), And offer a range of climbing from short slabs to monstrous lactic battles in the sky.

The area is a sea cliff and as such should be treated with a degree of caution, their is some loose rock in places and a helmet would be advisable. that being said the majority of climbing is on great rock in an idillic setting.

There are still a few projects at the crag which are clearly marked as such on here and other tops, please respect.

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Approach notes

Tidal crag - access 3hrs either side of Low water for Shipwreck cove and Black Wall genrally 2hrs either side of low for Castaway Cove and Mermaid wall.
Neap tides could shorten this time for Mermaid wall.

Parking in the large carpark above Rhossili beach. This is know owned by the National Trust, and Pay and Display,  £4 for the day or members displaying badge Free!

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Car park is now £4 all day
partz - 04/Jul/15
Aimed to climb at Mermaid Wall today - but even at low tide the sea was lapping at the base of the wall. Low tide height according to the National Tidal and Sea Level Facility was 2.6m, so bear that in mind!
Matthew Edwards - 11/Apr/15
The hold is now back on Air Show
sam - 26/Sep/14
A vital crux hold has broken off Air Show (8a+). Air Show, Gun Show and Euro Fighter are not currently climbable. The hold will be glued back on and I will post on here when its done.
sam - 20/Sep/14
Rope thief beware,the gearing rope you stole recentley has seen hard service(pretty obvious)not many would risk using it too even abseil on but best of luck(all you deserve)if you use it for climbing.Will keep my eye out for you as it's quite an easily recognisable "rope"-sad thief.
freelunchprovider - 29/Jun/14
yes they are closed,mine are too easy for you any way. Warm up on the other easier ones and read the SWMC wikki or UKC before you come as they are up to date re new routes/projects. Better still get some kit from the fund and put up your own.
freelunchprovider - 20/May/14
Good crag. The only place locally to give Pant Quarry a run for its money.
goi.ashmore - 04/Sep/13
Beautiful beach, shame about the crag. For it to be in condition it needs to be hot and sunny enough to dry the crag but not too hot to climb, a breeze to help with that, low tide to be at 6pm give or take and make sure it hasn't rained too much in the last week or two. Maybe wait for the planets to align and go then
Laurence Everitt - 09/Aug/13
Thanks for the info Simon, and good beta on the weather. probably see you there in the summer.
brices - 01/Apr/13
Projects are Closed, sorry all new routes are close to being sent by there equipers we just need some warmer weather as its baltic at present! personally i would not recomend this spot until may/june as it get very little/no Sun till then the exsisting lines are fantastic and well worth the visit email if you need any more Gower info Happy climbing Simon
simon rawlinson - 28/Mar/13
Im thinking of heading here this year anyone know if the projects have been climbed and at what grade? if not are they still closed projects?
brices - 26/Mar/13
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Black Wall 
2Thieving Parasites6a 13
3Wittle Lankers4c 19
4Fats Waller6c+ **25
5The route with 2 pockets7b *3
6Black Adder6c **36
7this ain't Pretty6c+ *1
8The Strongbow flyer6b 6
9Rum Thieves6b *20
 Shipwreck Cove - East Wall 
11Where has Stu gone?6c+ 18
12Stuart's Stolen Project6c 7
13Mutiny CrackE4 6a **2
14Wrecking Ball7b 38
15AttritionE5 6a * 
16Marine Layer7a+ **28
17One Ton Depot7b+ ***50
18Vennerne7c+ ***45
19Air Show8a+ ***31
20Eurofighter8b 1
21Helvetia8b+ ***26
22Delta Dagger8a **8
 Link up's 
24Gunshow8a+ 6
25Euro Fighter8b 9
 60 Degree wall 
27Cannonade7c+ 1
28Achilles' wrath8b ***6
29King George vs the Suffragettes7a+ **54
30Elvis Was a Longboarder6a+ **1
31Cocky Black Chauffage6c **1
32Cross Incontinents6c ** 
33Nice Day for a Fake Wedding5c 2
34Jack Ketch's Dance6b * 
35Dylan's Delight6c * 
36Blockiness6c+ ***50
37Sand Man6b *31
38Par 36b+ **85
39John's Route6b+ **46
40First Handout6a+ **68
41Make a Splash6a+ *35
 Castaway Cove 
43Top Drawer5c 15
44Bottom Drawer6b 20
45Dirty Drawers6b+ 2
46Sticky Tissue Issue *7a+  
47La Doux Parfum de la Lingerie Utilisť6c 3
48Dry Blood Beast6a *29
49Cinders Catch5c 23
50Dirty Innuendo5b 19
51Geez Louise5b 33
 Mariner's Wall 
53Bored of Toad Hall6a 3
54The King's Shilling6b *2
55Captain Jacque Hof6b+ *3
56Concrete Cows6a 2
57Smeaton's Stump5c 1
58Good Ship Venus5c 3
 Mermaid Wall 
60Crass Word Pizzle4a *9
61Landlubber4a *15
62The Naughty Corner4a *8
63Ursula4a *13
64Ceasg4a *11
65Turtle Apocalypse4a *14
66No Father Day5b *13
67Lara5a *22
68Scurvy Dog5b **21
* Climbs listed in red are waiting to be checked by a crag moderator, and may not be accurate.

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