Climbs 130 – Rocktype Sandstone (hard) – Altitude Tidal – Faces S

Crag features
Best described as 'adventure sport climbing', with most routes requiring the leader to top out and be seconded to retrieve quickdraws. Well bolted.

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Access notes
No problems - ample parking and a tarred path approach. Some of the walls are tidal - check the guidebook for details.

7aMax Scottish Sport - A Guide to Climbs from 2-7a+ (2015), North East Outcrops (2003),
Out of print: 7aMax Scottish Sport - A Selected Guide (2012), North East Outcrops (1994)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Low Traversef6C 6b ***1
3Middle Traversef4+ 5b *1
4High Traversef3 4b *1
5Stag Night5c 43
6Strut Yer Stuff6b 17
7Burning with Anxiety6b+ 15
8Road Rage6a+ *25
9Flaked Out5a **48
10Stuck in a Rut6a 19
11The Shelff4 5b *1
13In at the Deep End7a ** 
14Take the Plunge6b+ *1
16In with the In Crowd6c 1
18Smokies6b+ *6
19Ride 'em Cowboy6b+ **18
20Waves of Emotion6b *21
21Parsons Nose6b+ *6
22Caught Red-Handed6c **10
23Impaled on the Horns of Indecision6c+ *1
24Cast Adrift on the Ocean of Uncertainty7a+ **2
25At the Crossroads of Destiny and Desire7a **2
26Foundering on the Rocks of Obsession7a *3
27Seaside Special5a 29
28Original Route3 *9
29Original Route Direct Start5c *19
30Climbers Wear Platforms6b *11
31Towing the Line6a *8
32Rubbin salt into the wound6b+ **3
34Swimming against the Tide of Tradition6c+ **1
35Out of the Red and into the Black. At last!7a *1
37First Night Nerves6c  
38Shore Beats Working6b  
40Wall of Hate5a  
41Meaty Hefts4a **2
42Declaration of Intent6a *2
43The Krab6b * 
46Buoys of summer6b+ **4
47E'evil Dead6c ***2
48Flesh E'eter7a+ ** 
50Looney Tunes5c 35
51Fred Flintstone3+ 34
52Disney Look Too Bad6a 38
53Cow And Chicken3+ 46
54Top Cat4a 41
55A Grand Day Out4c 57
56The Wrong Trousers4a 48
57Pinky and the Brain4a 46
5862 West Wallaby Street3+ 47
59The Pearls of Penelope Pitstop6a+ 39
60Rugrats Revenge5a 33
61Fantastic Four3 26
63Silver Surfer4a 11
64Be Calmed5c 21
65Parental Guidance6b+ *14
66Layin Down the Law6b+ *7
67"O" Zone Slayer6b+ *5
68Pushin the Limpets7b+ **2
70Grounded7a+ ** 
71Not for cChildrens E'en6c * 
72Loose Lips Sink Ships6a+ 2
74Steppeladder4a 15
75Steppes Back in Amazement6b 5
76Kazakhstani Castaway6b+ 5
77One Steppe Forward6b 12
78Two Steppes Back6a+ 18
79Put Out to Grass6a 22
80High Stepper6b 13
81Steppin' Out4c 18
82Steppe in the Right Direction6b *4
84Dread Knot6b 3
85Broad Side6b+ 2
87Minitial4a 12
88Minitiation4a 11
89Minimal4c 12
90Minimical6a+ 7
91Miniquity4c 5
92Minitiative4c 5
94Silence of the Clams5c ***10
95Galley Slave6c *1
96Swindlers List6a+ ***8
97Short Arms, Deep Pockets6b 3
98The Peem Machine6c+ **2
99Haarbinger6b+ **1
101Haven Fun6b 4
102A Close Shave6c 2
103Shaven Haven5a *2
104Haven Can't Wait6a+ 3
105Don't Bridget Neilson6b 1
106Dark Sar-Chasm5c **1
107Vulgar Display of Power7b+ **2
108Knockin' on Havens Door7b **3
109Davids Route5a *5
111The Grade Escape5c *4
112Sun Seeker6a+ *3
115Artillery Arete5c *2
116Bringing Out the Big Guns6b+ ** 
117Every Ready Arete7a **2
119Heave Ho!5c *7
120In Too Deep6a+ **10
121The Jug of Jug Haul6c **1
122The Siren6c ***2
123Air Raid7a **1
125Sweet Dreams are Made of This7a+ **2
126Satans Serenade6b+ **6
127Mushroom Treatment6b **14
128The Deil's Heid5c ***45
129Between the Deil and the Deep Blue Sea6c+ 5
130The Frozen Wavef6B+  
131Wave Left Handf6A+ 1
132Deil Or No Deil *E8 6b **1
133The Selfish Shellfish *6a 2
134Dickenson's Real Deil *E7 6c *1
135Deil Me In *E5 6a 1
136Mudda *5c  
137Haggis Breakfast *5a  
138For the Future of Climbing *2  
139Rockstars *3+  
140Sunrise *5c  
141Sunset *2+  
142Azzy Spongy *4c  
143Dangerzone *3+  
144No! D'Oh! Nuts! *4a  
145Cornerrama *4a  
146Follow the White Rabbit *6a+  
147Trust me, I'm an Engineer *5c  
148Solar Eclipse *5c  
149Avertical *5b  
150STAUMC *5b  
151Midnight Topout *5c  
152Spring Tide *3+  
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The SMC guidebook lists a number of numbered posts on the cliff path, these are no longer in the same place, adding to much confusion finding the routes.
lemon - 04/Oct/09