Climbs 1000
Rocktype Pillow lava
Altitude 1835m a.s.l
Faces all

Wish I could climb like that © jcw

Crag features

The Owens River Gorge contains the highest concentration of sport climbing in the Eastern Sierra. The climbing is varied, though endurance pitches on gently overhanging walls with pockets / flat edges predominate. Highest concentration of routes is in the 5.10-5.12 range, though easier and harder pitches can be found. There are lots of good pitches, though overall the climbing is not really worth a trip from UK / Europe on its own. If you're on the Eastside for bouldering / alpine routes, the gorge can make a good change of pace. It's possible to find sun / shade at any time of the year but conditions are best November - March.

It's worth noting that many of the routes were originally established ground-up with bolts placed from stances, or sometimes from hooks etc. This means that the bolting can sometimes appear somewhat erratic and you may not feel like you're sport climbing. This is particularly true of routes at 5.10 and below. Having said this, there are plenty of routes at all grades which are fully sport-bolted and most of the more recent / harder routes were established top-down.

Approach notes

Approaches differ for the different areas of the Gorge. The most commonly used are:

1. For the Lower Gorge, approach via the DWP road which leads to the power plant. This can also be used to access the Central Gorge.

2. Most often used approach is the Central Gorge approach which follows a well maintained trail down a gully. This leads directly to the Warm Up Wall. Lower Gorge, Central Gorge and some of the popular Inner Gorge areas are a short walk from here.

3. For the Upper Gorge drive the road until you reach a gate. Park and walk past the gate for about half a mile. Keep an eye right for a trail down into the Gorge. The best trail down is a good one, there are others which are loose and not enjoyable.

Consult a guidebook for more details and for information on accessing the Sub-Gorge and North Gorge areas.

Access Advice

No access issues other than to note that a lot of the land around the Gorge (and in the Gorge itself) is DWP owned. Stick to established camping / parking areas to ensure that access doesn't become an issue.


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Couldn't agree less: I thought it was great.
cem - 30/Sep/14
The routes climb quite well but the setting is not very atmospheric to say the least. Better off sticking to the bouldering round bishop.
loundsy - 05/Mar/14
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Sub Gorge - Silent Pillar Wall 
2Nicely Displayed But Wrappers Weren’t Included5.10d * 
4Life in Electric Larvae Land
5.10b **2
5Left For Dead5.11b ***1
6Right For Life5.10c * 
7Buried Treasure5.10c ***2
8Safety In Numbers5.10c  
9Don’t Nuke Nevada5.11b  
 Sub Gorge - Volcanic Meltdown Cliff 
11Slab Metrical Illusions5.10d  
 Sub Gorge - Old Fart's Formation 
13Head Banger
5.10c **1
 Sub Gorge - Splashdown 
5.11d 1
 Sub Gorge - Inyo Mono Line Tower 
17Praying Mantle5.10b * 
18Fixings For a Sandwich5.10c  
19Flashing With Jeckyl Juice5.11b  
20Scratch ’n Sniff5.10a * 
21Three Stooges5.10a * 
22Pick a Finger5.11d * 
 Sub Gorge - Truck Tire Graveyard Tower 
24Michelin Man5.10c  
 Sub Gorge - Slander Crag 
27Slander Session5.10b  
 Sub Gorge - Mental Ward 
29I'm Like This Because I Live In My Van
30Too Crazy To Be Gripped5.10b  
 Lower Gorge - Big Tower 
32Brief Intermission5.10a  
33Held Over5.10c * 
34Bust a Move5.12a  
35Exit Stage Left II5.10a  
36Big Screen5.10b  
37Little Crack5.5  
38Bonus Features5.7  
39Coming Attractions5.8 **2
40Anonymous Bolter5.5 **2
41Sneak Preview
5.9 *1
42Guns & Poses5.11d  
 Lower Gorge - Pink Face 
44Natural Lite5.6 *2
45Rapscallion5.7 *3
46Leave No Trace
5.4 *3
47Mile High Crack5.8 **1
48Wowie Zowie5.10a ***2
49Shell of a Man5.10b *1
50Naked Gun5.10c  
 Lower Gorge - Grey Wall 
52Flash or Splash5.9  
54Bot's Folly5.11a  
55Grey Hair5.7  
57Bad Light5.7  
58Gunnin' For a Heart Attack5.10b  
59Grey Scale5.10a  
60Half Tone5.11a  
 Lower Gorge - Diamond Face 
62Look Out Below5.11a  
63Daughters of a Coral Dawn5.11a  
64Zig Zag5.10a  
65Mickey Mantle5.11b  
66Uncontrollable Urge5.10a  
67Bob & Eric Crack5.10a  
68Mad Cat5.10b  
69Dirt Pile5.8  
 Lower Gorge - Blocky Top Wall 
72Membership Has Its Privileges5.11a  
73Short Cake5.11d  
74Death By Mudhen5.10b  
75Blocky Top5.8  
 Lower Gorge - Dead Crow Buttress 
78Corvus Mortis5.6 1
 Lower Gorge - Greenhouse Wall 
80Global Warming5.10c *1
 Lower Gorge - Warning Signs Wall 
82Warning: Laser Beam5.8 * 
83Boating Prohibited5.10a * 
84Batting Cage5.10c  
85Watch For Rocks5.8 * 
86Red Circle With a Slash5.10c  
87No Lifeguard on Duty5.10d  
88Power Surge5.10b  
89Unnamed WS5.11a  
90Warning Signs5.10d ***5
91PG135.9 **1
93Enter at Your Own Risk5.10d * 
94Results May Vary5.10b * 
95Surgeon General5.10a  
96R. P. #45.10b  
97Land Before Time5.10a  
98Time Will Tell5.10a  
99Time Variation5.10c * 
101Oompa Loompa5.8  
 Lower Gorge - Pitstop 
104Late For Work5.10a  
105High Octane5.10d  
106Low Octane5.9 * 
 Lower Gorge - Powerhouse Wall 
108L. A. is Burning5.9  
109Some Kind of Wonderful5.11c  
110Valley 5.8
5.10a **2
111If I Told You I'd Have to Kill You5.11a * 
112Thing That Wouldn't Leave5.12d  
113Electric Vex5.12c  
 Lower Gorge - Penstock Rock 
115Cement Overshoes5.12b  
116D.W.P.5.11c **2
117Flashflood5.12b ***2
118Pumping Groundwater5.11d ***2
119Save Mono Lake5.11d  
120Funky Cole Patina5.11b * 
121Penstock Slab5.10d  
122Stress Puppet5.11a  
 Central Gorge - L. Alien Wall 
124Idol Maker5.12a  
125Dynamite Face5.11d  
126Custom Made5.12c  
127Shout Around5.11d  
128Spare Change5.10d * 
129Dollar Three Ninety Eight5.10b * 
130Upwardly Mobile5.10b * 
131Electric Launderland5.8  
132Positive Approach5.9 * 
133Approach Pitch5.10b  
134Cadillac Desert5.10c * 
135Humjob5.9 ***1
136Humdinger5.10a **1
137Go Back Where You Came From5.12a  
138Worst Enemy5.9  
 Central Gorge - Banana Belt 
140Northern Lite5.7 **3
141Wedge-O5.10b *3
142Environmental Terrorist5.10c ***1
143Nuke the Whales5.9 *1
144Love Over Gold5.11b * 
145Love Stinks5.11a ***1
146Makayla5.10b 1
147Rim Job5.11a  
148Pocket Dance5.10c ***1
149Butt Wipe5.10a  
150Paradise5.9 ***3
151Monsters of Rock5.11b *1
152Range of Light5.10c  
153Spread Eagle5.10b  
154Hip Pockets5.11a ***1
155Worm Drive5.11a  
156Numb and Number5.10a  
157Bloody Pawprints5.11d ** 
159Timeless5.10d ** 
 Central Gorge - High Tension Towers 
161Sparky Does Power Tower5.10b * 
162Brothers In Arms5.10d ** 
163Scorpion5.10b * 
164Hatchett Job5.10b  
165Black Chicks In Heat5.10a * 
166Just Under the Wire5.10a  
167Electric Kachina5.9 * 
168Double Insulated5.10c  
169C.L.O.T5.10c * 
 Central Gorge - Pub Wall 
172Wonderbar5.10d *6
175Gary Gray5.10b **7
177Abitarot5.10a ***27
5.9 ***7
179Not Too Stout5.7 2
180Homebrew5.11b **3
181Hardly Wallbanger5.10c ***24
182Hungover5.11b ***17
183High Ball5.11d **2
184High Ball - High Sobriety Variation5.11a ***5
185Menace to Sobriety5.11c **2
186Hammered5.11b ***5
187Set Free5.10c * 
189Light Within5.10c ***17
 Central Gorge - Riverside Island 
191Unbearable Lightness of Beans5.11d * 
192Noble Mouse5.11a  
193King Rat5.11b * 
195Old & In the Way5.10b  
196Me So Horny5.12a * 
197Skin Tight5.12c * 
198Going Back to Cali5.12a  
199Oceanside5.11d * 
200Malibu5.11a * 
201Conquistadors Without Swords5.13b **1
202Embrace This5.12a * 
203Hard Copy5.12a * 
204George Bush5.10b ** 
205Barbara Bush5.8  
206Right Wing5.10b  
 Central Gorge - Social Platform 
208Unrepentant Sinner5.11d  
209One Holer5.10b ** 
210Butterknife5.8 * 
211Fork It Over5.10c  
212Nirvana5.10a ***11
213Feudal Beerlords5.10d ***2
214Road Kill5.13a  
215Offramp5.10d * 
216Expressway5.11b ***14
217Darshan aka Ripoff5.12b ***10
218Ned Guy's Proud Pearl Necklace
5.11d **5
219Spinal Fracture5.11a * 
220Chillin' at the Grill5.11d ***6
221Orange Peel5.10c ***13
222Fresh Squeezed5.11c *1
223Skeleton's in the Closet5.11b ***4
224Scrutinized5.11c * 
225Book of Bones5.9  
226Bone Up5.10d ***5
227Bury the Bone
228Tumbling Dice5.10d *** 
229Return to Forever5.12a  
230Hotcake Flake5.10a  
231Santana5.11c ***5
232Abraxas Finish5.11c *** 
233Unbearable Lightness of Beans5.11d  
 Central Gorge - Negress Wall 
235The Procrastinator
236Better Late Than Never
237Imprisoned Behind Lies5.6 **4
238Black Ice5.10c * 
241Malcolm X5.12b * 
242Broken Battery5.11d  
243Chocolate City5.11d  
244Botswana Baby5.9  
245Fear of a Black Planet5.10a **13
246James Brown5.11b ** 
247Z Dong5.10a **2
248Ambassadors of Funk5.10b ***10
249Sweet & Sour5.10a  
 Central Gorge - Warm up Wall 
251Welcome to the Gorge
5.9 **20
252Clip Jr.5.6 ***7
253High Seas
5.7 ***15
254Crowd Pleaser
5.9 ***26
255Right Wing5.10b  
256Humbly Mumbly Jumbly
5.10b ***18
257Babushka5.8 ***25
258What Up?5.10b *7
 Central Gorge - Pop Tart Towers 
260Pop Tart5.11b  
261Kinder Gentler Arete5.10d  
262That's a Cold Shut, Darlin'5.10c * 
2633. B. A.5.11c  
 Central Gorge - Faulty Tower 
266Baby Duck5.11b * 
267Hill's Little Hill5.11c  
268Free Falling5.11d * 
269Forkash and Riches5.12a  
270Finger Food5.10d  
271Over The Top5.11b **1
272Fender Strat5.10a 5
273Sly Little Fart Blaster5.11d  
274Stradivarius5.8 ***5
275Desert Storm5.12a ***1
276Slot Machine5.10a 1
277Lalaland5.11c ***2
278From Chocolate to Morphine5.11d ***4
279From Chocolate to Chossman5.9  
280Ballet Recital5.10b  
281Cry baby5.12c 1
283Crash Landing5.11a ***2
284Perched5.10d ***2
285What's its Face5.10b * 
286Double Take5.8  
 Central Gorge - Attila the Hun Wall 
288Ped-Xing5.9 *2
5.11c ***1
291Helga's Holiday5.7 *1
292Rubble with a Cause
294Louisiana Liplock5.10b  
295White Dwarf5.12a * 
296Criss Cross5.11d  
297Attila the Hun5.10d  
 Central Gorge - Health Club 
299Flush Twice, L.A. Needs the Water5.11b  
300Ringtail Cat Walk
301Start Me Up5.10b  
302Scrotal Hotpack
5.10a **2
303Scrotal Squeeze5.10c *1
304Health Club5.8 **1
305The Hills Have Eyes5.9  
306Center Court5.8  
307Fashion Racket5.10a ***1
308Sneakorama5.9 **1
309Hand Over Fist
310Bow Down to the Standard White Jesus5.11a  
311Flex Your Bazooka
5.9 **2
 Central Gorge - Mystical Tricks Cliff 
314Tricks in Motion5.10a ***2
315Little Miss Tickle5.7  
316Done With Spare Change From Mikeys Pocket5.10b **2
317Baby Got Back5.11a  
318Advocates of Babbling Thought5.11c  
319Brian's Song5.11a *1
 Central Gorge - Roadside Boulders 
321Rapid Fire5.12d  
322No Chapas5.8 **2
323Get Your War On5.12a  
324Narcolepsy5.8 ***2
 Central Gorge - Great Wall of China, Right Side 
327Go For Gold5.10c * 
328Marco Polo's Boys Go Dirty Dancing5.8 **2
 Central Gorge - Great Wall of China, Center 
330Mandarin Orange5.11b ***7
331Peking Duck5.10d ***5
332Yellow Peril
5.10c **9
333Yelow Peril - Yellow Belly Variation
5.9 **3
334Tiananmen Square5.10c **7
5.11c ***1
336Yellow Streak5.13a ** 
337Beijing5.10d * 
338Geisha Girl5.11c **1
339Ghengis Khan5.11b **5
340Wrath of Khan5.11c ***3
341Kung Pao
5.11b **2
342Kung Pao/Wrath of Khan Link Up5.11c ***1
344Confusing Confuscious5.10d **1
 Central Gorge - Great Wall of China, Left Side 
346Aurora5.13a *** 
347Cornercopia5.11b * 
348Cornucopia5.13b *** 
349Child of Light5.9 **9
350Heart of the Sun5.9 ***16
351Fortune Cookie5.9 *3
352Enter The Dragon5.8 *3
353China Doll5.8 ***11
354Tsing Tao5.10b ***14
 Central Gorge - Solarium 
356Awful Offwidth5.9  
358Hocus Pocus5.13c  
359Direchossimo5.11b * 
360Psmead5.11b * 
361Snake Eyes5.12a  
362Venom5.11c **5
364Monkey See, Monkey Do5.10b  
365Power5.11d **2
366Focus5.11b **1
367Black Hole5.12b ***3
368Flux Direct5.12b  
369Flux Capacitor5.12c **1
370Split Decision5.11a **3
371Morning Wood5.11a ***2
372Static Cling5.11a **2
373Sendero Luminoso5.10b ***11
374Sabado Gigante5.8 * 
375Menace II Society
5.10b *1
 Central Gorge - Emergency Room 
377Unnatural Silence5.9  
379Body Count5.12a * 
380Dead on Arrival5.11d  
381Vital Signs5.12a  
382Dial 9115.10d  
383Thanks for the Mammaries5.11b ** 
384Cabaret5.11a *1
385Show Us Your Tits5.10c ***10
 Central Gorge - Shaded Wall 
387Guy With a Doberman5.11c  
388Short But Steep5.10c  
 Inner Gorge - Staying Power Towers 
390Direct North Face5.11b *1
391Optimator5.11c * 
392Bender5.11b * 
393Members Only
5.10d ***2
395Ya Shoulda' Killed Me Last Year5.11c * 
397To Knee or Not to Knee5.10a * 
398Don't Look Down5.9 * 
399Don't look up5.10b **3
400Blood Sugar Sex Magik5.10d ***2
401Insane in the Membrane5.12b ***2
402Thieves In the Temple5.12a ***1
403Elephant Gun5.10a  
 Inner Gorge - Weird Corner 
406Weird Al5.7 * 
407Creaky Hollow Fracture Show5.10c  
408Hey Bubba Watch This5.10c **1
409Don't Make Me Laugh5.9 *1
 Inner Gorge - DMZ 
411Berlin Wall5.10d * 
412Breaking the Law5.10a * 
413Holocaust5.10b ****1
414Fingertip Ledge of Contentment5.10c **1
415Brandenburg Gate5.7 ***1
416Doesn't Anybody Work Around Here?5.10c **1
417No Fly Zone5.11d  
418People Are Weird5.9  
419Come of Age5.11a  
420Pump up the Trust Fund5.11c  
421Cobbler's Delight5.9 1
425Blockbuster5.12d * 
426Easy Enough5.10a **1
427Gecko5.10d *1
 Inner Gorge - Eldorado Roof, Towering Inferno 
429Towering Inferno5.11b ****2
 Inner Gorge - Eldorado Roof, Right Side 
431Sniveling5.13a ** 
432Slacker5.12a ** 
433Brewtalized5.12d *** 
434What Me Worry5.12b *1
435Downward Spiral5.12d  
436Flakenstein5.12b * 
437Maximus Cauldron5.12c ** 
438Civilized5.12b * 
439Godzilla Does the Dizzy Tango5.12a ***1
440Chonging' in the Hood5.12c ** 
441Cowering5.13a *** 
442Sneak5.13c *** 
 Inner Gorge - Eldorado Roof, Left Side 
444Independent Worm Saloon aka the Worm Rig5.12b ** 
445Longest Yard5.12c  
446Gape Index5.12c ***1
447Proctology Exam5.12c  
448Loony Left5.12b  
449Loony Binge5.12c ***2
450Letter Bomb5.11c **1
451Billion Million5.12d *** 
452Loony Tunes5.13b *** 
 Inner Gorge - Land of the Giants 
454Drilling' Time Again5.12b * 
455Enraged Pixie5.11a  
456Probation Violation5.11d *** 
457Wiggly5.11a *** 
458Disco Inferno5.11a ** 
 Inner Gorge - Mothership Cliff 
460Excelsior5.12d ***2
461Sea Monkey5.11a  
463Pirahna5.12b **2
464Barracuda5.11c *1
465Catch-n-Release5.11d ** 
466Bird of Prey5.11c **2
467Holey War5.13c  
468Living Dead5.11c ***1
469Northern Pike5.11a ** 
470Fight Club5.13b *** 
471Blood Sport5.13b * 
 Inner Gorge - Fun House 
473Thumbs Up5.11c ** 
474Escapade5.11a *** 
475Melts in your mouth5.10c ***2
476Unemployment Line5.10a  
477Expensive But Worth It5.7  
478Win, Lose or Claw5.11a  
 Inner Gorge - Dilithium Crystal 
480Next Generation5.11c  
481Enterprise5.12b ***2
482Not For Sale5.12d ** 
483Dr. Claw
5.11d ***3
484Impulse Power aka the Trouble With Tribbles5.10c *1
485Photon Torpedo5.11b ***5
486Mind Meld5.12b ***3
487Phasers on Stun5.12c ***2
488Phasers on Stun, Variation 15.12d *** 
489Phasers on Stun, Variation 25.12d *** 
490Lieutenant Uhura5.11c ***6
491Romulan Roof5.12a ** 
492Klingon5.12a ***4
493Star Date5.9  
494Lava Java5.8 1
495Coffee Achiever5.10b *1
496Extreme caffeine5.10b 2
497Liquid Fire5.10d *1
498Shuttle Craft5.11c  
 Inner Gorge - Crystal Corridor 
500Klingon Crabs5.9  
501Romulan Roids5.10b  
502Vulcan Jock Itch5.10a  
 Inner Gorge - Rob's Rock 
508Clip Jockeys5.9  
509Dellinger5.10d * 
510Dust In the Wind5.11d * 
511Sulu5.8 * 
512Mr. Check-off5.11a * 
 Inner Gorge - Megalithic 
515Divine Sculptor5.12a ** 
516Megalithic5.11a * 
517Nectar5.11d * 
 Inner Gorge - Local Trivia Tower 
519Focus Marty5.10a  
520Fobes 405.9 * 
521Another Day In Paradise5.11d * 
522Another Day In Hell5.9  
523Jesus Built My Tri-cam5.10a *** 
 Inner Gorge - Narrows West 
526Megalomaniac5.11c ** 
527Smokey the Beer5.10b * 
528Coffin Lid5.11d * 
529Supergroveler5.10d * 
 Inner Gorge - Narrows East 
531Astroboy5.12b * 
5.11b ** 
533Mal a la Gorge5.10c * 
534No Known Cure5.11b  
536Destination Oblivion5.10c * 
537Marty Party5.11d ** 
538Missing Link5.11b * 
539Malt Linker5.12b  
 Inner Gorge - P.T. Barnum Wall 
541Out of the Pit5.11a * 
542Candy Colored Clown5.13a * 
543Circo Gringo5.12b ** 
544Pennywise5.13a * 
545Shafted5.11c * 
546Oblique Slanting Dihedral of Death5.10d  
547Party on Sean5.8 * 
 Inner Gorge - Monkey to Monk Cliff 
549Clearcut Beaver
550Fear of the Facial
551Full Stainless Skivvies
552Smell the Glove5.12a  
553Scorched Egos5.11b  
554Stowaway5.10c * 
555Know the Drill5.10c * 
556Have a Little Faith5.10b  
 Inner Gorge - Supreme Wizard Formation 
558And Now For Something Much Cleaner5.10d * 
559And Now For Something Completely Different5.11b  
560Chipmunk Pancakes (with Batbrain Syrup)5.10a  
561Pretty In Pink5.10b  
562Lat Machine5.12a ** 
563Gravitron5.12c ** 
565Love of Jesus5.10a * 
566His Spirit5.9  
567Drill Sergeant5.8 1
568Corporal Clinger5.10b  
569Hacking & Spitting5.12a * 
 Inner Gorge - McCracken Wall 
571Micro Pete5.12a  
572Ego Unchained5.10a ** 
573Buddha Bless5.11c  
574Squeezin’ the Buddha’s Titty5.7  
575Release the McCracken5.11d * 
576End of an Era5.12b * 
577Lone Star5.11c  
 Upper Gorge - Lower Elbow Room, Left 
579Gila Blender5.10a  
58030 Miles to Water5.8  
581Elbow Macaroni5.11b  
582A Life Shared is a Better Life5.9  
583Roller Coaster Ride5.12a  
585You Don’t Want None5.10d  
586Don't Kid, Minibike5.9 **1
 Upper Gorge - Lower Elbow Room, Right 
588Phoenix5.7 ***1
589Iceberg II5.9 **1
590PetTrackers5.10a ***1
591P.D. Time5.7 ***1
592Aunti Vigilante5.10b  
593Quail Trail5.10b * 
594Quail Crack5.10a  
595Chuckers5.10d * 
596Slip ’n Slide5.9 ** 
597Palm Reader5.11d  
 Upper Gorge - Joe's Garage 
599You Are What You Is5.11a  
600Bongo Fury aka Frank Zappa Memorial Buttress5.12b ** 
601Good Thing5.12d * 
602Bad Thing5.12b * 
603Soul Music5.10b  
 Upper Gorge - Gorgeous Towers 
605Engorged5.11d * 
607Mumbles the Guzzler5.11b  
608Pippy the Zenhead5.9 **1
609Rap It Up5.11c  
610You Have Been Nothing......5.11b **1
6112 Feet to Hell
5.11a **1
612Gorge and Purge5.12a * 
613Gorgeous5.10b ***26
614C'mon Knucko5.11b ***12
615Knucko's Pride of the North5.11b ***11
5.11b **4
618Giveaway5.10a ***17
619Sea Cow5.11a ***1
620Wacked Scenario5.10b ***4
 Upper Gorge - Triple Play Cliff 
622Gorge Corner5.9  
623Cat In the Hat5.8 1
625Bill’s Black Book5.8 1
626Jizz Soaked Action Pix5.11a  
627Snapping Pussy Doll5.10a ***4
628Hey Amigo5.7 1
629It's the Gaaazzz5.8 ***3
 Upper Gorge - Holy Trinity Wall 
631Pick Pocket5.11a ***10
632Please Baby, Baby, Baby, Please5.12c  
5.11d ***4
634Sex Packets5.12a ***1
635Faith No More5.12c * 
636Dowutchyalike5.11d * 
 Upper Gorge - Staging Tower 
639Enslaved by the Belle5.10a * 
640Dummy Up5.11a  
 Upper Gorge - Flavin Heaven 
642Gunned Down By Goofy5.10a  
644Tore Down5.11a * 
645Jaws of Life5.10b ** 
646Nice Jugs5.9 * 
647Hole In the Wall5.9  
648C-4 Yourself5.11a * 
649Pyroclasm5.11d * 
650Air Walk aka See What Happens When You Force It!5.10c  
651Lava Haul5.10a ** 
652Kicking Ash5.10c  
653Caldera5.11c ** 
654Tephra Sampler5.10b  
655Exit Stage Left5.9  
 Upper Gorge - Middle Elbow Room 
657In Your Red Truck5.9  
658Pumice Facial5.10c  
659Monkey Bean5.10b  
660Spivey For Breakfast5.11a * 
661Init5.10a * 
662Loony Bar5.10a  
663Buddha’s Bivy Buddy’s Biddy Booty5.9  
664Original Gorgeous5.9 * 
665Neanderthal5.12a * 
 Upper Gorge - Upper Elbow Room 
667Induced Labour5.10d **3
668Post Partum5.10a **4
669Sparky the Drillhead5.10a **2
670Sunset Sam5.6  
671For Patricia5.7 ***3
672Frank5.9 ***3
673Stella5.8 **10
674Cajun Barbecue5.10b * 
675Stella’s Fella5.10a  
676Kelly’s Heroes5.10c  
677Walk the Yellow Line5.11b ** 
678Serial Driller5.12c * 
 Upper Gorge - Warm Out Wall 
680Home Skillet5.10d  
681Chicken Belly5.10a **2
682Herniated Bone5.10c * 
683Meringueutan Arch5.11a  
684Ace Cashier5.10a **1
685Mini Me5.11d  
 Upper Gorge - Failsafe Wall 
687Maltese Flamoingo5.11a  
688Thrill Pig5.11d ** 
689Drill Rig5.11c ** 
690Crumb Donut5.11b * 
691Captain Crunch5.12a  
693Controversial Insert5.10d * 
694Failsafe5.12a * 
695Chompin’ at the Bit5.12a * 
696Crotch Pasta5.11c * 
697My Name’s Not Harold5.12b  
698Fever5.11c ** 
 Upper Gorge - ICBM Tower 
700My Mom Can Crank5.12a  
701Child’s Play5.12b *** 
702Size Doesn’t Matter5.10b  
 Upper Gorge - Trestle Wall 
704Pop Goes the Weasel5.11b **1
705White Zombie5.12c * 
706Bazooka Country5.12a ***2
707Ascension5.13b ** 
708Redemption5.12c * 
709Main Vein5.12a * 
 Upper Gorge - Underground Cliff 
711Seam’s Difficult5.11b * 
713King Spud5.11a  
714You Like It Sideways?5.10b  
715Freaks of the Industry5.11d ** 
716Get Over It5.10c ** 
717Be Prepared to G5.11b  
718La Pavoni5.11d * 
 Upper Gorge - Junior Wall 
720Sport Trac5.12a  
721Junior Achievement5.11d ** 
722Dimples5.10d * 
723Jump Start5.10c * 
724Pre-erosive Force5.12a * 
 Upper Gorge - Mini Buttress 
727Nose Ring5.11a  
728Family Man5.11d  
729Who Knows?5.9  
 Upper Gorge - All You Can Eat Cliff 
731Sting of the Honeybee5.12c * 
732Fine Dining5.7  
733Alfred Hitchcrack5.8 **2
734Cinderella5.9 ***13
735Trundle of Joy5.12b  
736Step Right Up5.8 *6
737Posers on the Rig5.11b  
738O Henry!5.11c **1
739Crotalulsley Challenged5.6 *4
740Carnubiator5.10a *2
741Elephant’s Butt5.10d  
742Stay Hungry5.10b  
743Szechwan Bambi5.10c ***2
744All You Can Eat5.10c  
 Upper Gorge - Franklin's Tower 
746Franklin’s Frosty Funeral5.10b  
747Help on the Way5.12c * 
748Tower Line5.12a  
750Gimme the Helmet, I’ll Be the Stuntman5.10a  
751Steel Monkey5.12c *** 
752Cruella5.10c * 
753Roberto Clemente5.9  
 Upper Gorge - Gotham City 
755Silence of the Poodles5.8 1
756Superfly5.10c ***2
757Wooly Bugger5.12d *** 
758In the Pink5.10c  
759Boy Wonder5.10d **1
760Bat Angel5.11d * 
761Joker’s Acid Bath5.12d  
762Riddler5.11d * 
763Mr Freeze5.11c * 
764Penguin5.12b ***1
765Grindrite5.11b ***6
766Double Flipper5.9 **6
767Machine Gun Jumblies5.10a ***8
768Dr Evil5.10a ***7
769She's a man, man5.11a **3
770Flex Your Head5.11c ***1
771Anaconda5.13a * 
772Kingsnake5.11c * 
773You’re Soaking In It5.10c  
774Stronger Than Dirt5.9  
775More Than Just Mild5.10c  
776Tall Dollar
5.10b **3
 Upper Gorge - Cracked Towers 
778M. O.5.9  
779Scalded by Spivey5.12a * 
780Flying Tigers5.11c  
781No Mo’ M. O.5.7  
782Left Barley Crack5.10b  
783Right Barley Crack5.10b  
785My Favorite Animal is a Liger5.10b  
786La Chappeau5.10a  
787Swamp Thing5.9  
788And Monkeys Might Fly Out of My Butt5.11d * 
 Upper Gorge - Dihedrals 
790Bombay On the Rocks5.11c ** 
791Mini Jones5.11b  
792Chossman of The desert5.10d ***3
793Chossman’s Dessert5.12a  
794Good Friday5.10c **2
795Delicate Mechanism5.10b * 
796Too Proud To Ignore5.10b  
797Not Proud Enough to Name5.8  
798Gangsta Lean5.8 ** 
799Mildew Encrusted Shower Stall5.10c  
800Towel Rack5.10d **2
801Life During Wartime5.10a  
802One Armed Bandit5.10b * 
803Bonfire of the Panties5.11b **1
804Pumping the Slots5.9 ** 
805Bushfire5.13a * 
806O.R.G. asm5.11a ***4
807Slackjaw5.10a * 
808Super Fine Booty5.11b * 
 Upper Gorge - Sanitarium 
813Neurotic Waltz5.11d ** 
814Paranoia5.11d * 
815Basket Case5.12b ** 
816Shock Treatment5.11a ** 
817Insanity5.11d * 
 North Gorge - Savage Garden 
819Savage Garden5.11b  
 North Gorge - Organ Pipes 
821Shadow Catcher5.9  
822Super Pipe5.12b  
 North Gorge - El Pollo Grande 
824Light Rangers5.12a * 
 North Gorge - Chuckwalla Wall 
826Trigger Finger5.11c * 
827Wounded Knee5.10a  
828Chuckwalla Wall5.11a  
829Adventure of Gladys Stokepamphlet5.11a * 
830Wafer Thin Mint5.11c * 
831Hanging Garden5.11b * 
 North Gorge - Last Frontier 
 Not Checked 
834Randal's Sandal5.10a 1
835Vulcan Variation *5.11d *1
* Climbs listed in red are waiting to be checked by a crag moderator, and may not be accurate.

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