Climbs 120
Rocktype Gneiss
Altitude 260m a.s.l
Faces S

Perfect autumn conditions at Brin Rock. © Alastair R

Crag features

These four buttresses lie on the south side of Creag Dhubh above the B851. Many boulders lie scattered below the crags and offer all styles and grades of problems. Details of the traditional climbs on Brin Rock can be found in the SMC Highland Outcrops Guide and a guide to the bouldering can be found at

Brin Rock now has a selection of sport routes on two separate buttresses. The routes on Crag one are best described (and parking/directions) in Scottish Sport Climbs. For sport on the Zed buttress follow directions in Highland Outcrops and park as for the bouldering.

"Airy and exposed climbing on very sound rock! A good head is required as protection is fairly spaced but this makes the climbing all the better! Access is hard work up a steep densely vegetated slope but well worth the effort!!"

Approach notes

Please ask permission from the gamekeeper by knocking on the door at his house GR 656287 before parking. He does not mind people parking but would appreciate people asking first.

Great venue{despite the dreaded Midge} Alot of problems are getting vegitated due to the lack of traffic....Also Projects galore if you dont mind a bit of gardening. Middle of the Big Black Roof has a possible 7c/8? if your brave enough. Sussurus Bloc may have a couple of hard lines/projects as well
scragrock - 25/May/15
Some boulders have been fully reclaimed by the forest. Little britian is an inch deep in moss and psikabloc has a tree on it. Most other boulders remain clean. Good winter venue as it's south facing.
Hamfunk - 16/Dec/14
Good trad if you can hack the boulder and heather bash, and a great bouldering circuit that deserves more attention and a proper write-up on here (where is Brin Done Before?? :0). Worth noting that despite the comments on the classic Spank The Ramp, there is no point ruining it by somehow ignoring the good hold directly in the middle of the problem - it is a proper line not some shitty eliminate....this is not bloody Boltsheugh!!
Fiend - 27/Feb/13
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Crag One 
2CatweazleE1 5b 1
3Pink RibS 1
4The GangplankHVS 5a **9
5The path6c 7
6Gillette6b 9
7Keep calm and carry on climbing5c * 
8Run the gauntlet6c+ *** 
9Confessions of a serial climber6c * 
10Snow on the Ben7a *3
11Despicable Me
7a+ *12
12Pink wall7b ***18
13Dodged a Bullet7c+ 4
14Brin it on7c **8
15Whinging consultants7b+ **8
16Snake in the grass7a+ *13
17The one and only7a ***46
18Austrocelt sound systemE6 6b **2
19Treasure IslandE2 5b **7
20Captains of crush6c **48
21The power of 3.7b+ *7
22Overdose7a+ **11
23Christmas 19377b+ **5
24The Secret Garden7a *9
 The Needle 
26The ProwE1 5b *4
27Gold DiggerE3 6a ***1
28Turkish Cracks
HVS 5a  
E2 5c **2
 Zed Butress 
31The power of resin7a+ *3
32The rockness monster returns7a+ **16
33Jobsworth6b+ *4
34Making MoviesE1 5a *5
35The Wild ManE2 5b **3
36Zorro7b+ *7
37Go go gadget arms7c **3
38Gone in 60 seconds7c+ **4
39Trick of the tail 28a+ ***1
40The Force Direct8b *** 
41The Force8b ***7
42The Fury8a *1
43Dave's arete of doom7c  
44Little minx7b **10
45Zed's dead baby6b *30
46Quartzite contrived shite6c *6
47Brick7c+ ***8
48It's high end 8!7b **4
49Heather bashing7a+ *1
50No Fatties Allowed5b 9
51Rails of Disappointment6a+ 10
52Giant Flake
HVS 5a  
 Block Butress 
54Screen Test
HVS 5a  
55The Block
HVS 4c *2
 Brin Boulders 
 The Block 
58BlockheadV1 2
59Lip Tripf6B  
60Berlingo Boysf7A  
61Hit Me
V4 *13
62New Boots and Pantiesf6C+  
63I Wanna Be StraightV0 4
64Clever Bastardf6C  
66PreppyV3 **17
 Beat Wall 
68Up Beatf7A+  
69Down Beatf7B  
70Beat Upf6C  
 Happy Bloc 
73The Dreaded DreadlockV3 5
74SpiritedV5 **16
75Spirit LevelV6 4
76Jump for JoyV3 **3
77Jump for Joy ExtentionV7 *1
78Rhuaridh's Crack
V1 2
79Carpet SlabV0 4
80Monkey BoyV1 *12
 The Prow 
82Brin Done Beforef7A 3
84When Mike Met Benf7A  
 Black Roof 
86Big Black Roof Aretef6A  
87Big Black Roof Leftf6A  
88Fire and Brinstonef7A 1
 Dusty Bloc 
90Mushroom Cloudf6B+  
91Gold Dustf7A+  
 What Bloc 
 The Pit 
95Ingrid PittV1 3
96Pitt Bullf7B  
 Tree Slab 
98CentreV1 2
99Tree Slab Right
V0 1
 Arete Bloc 
101Snowy AreteV0 3
 Time Bloc 
103Business Timef6B  
104Part Time Modelf6C  
 Fallen Tree Bloc 
106Forest Mechanicsf6A  
 Steve's Slab 
108Steves Slab Leftf6A+ * 
109Steves Slab Centref5 * 
110Steves Slab Rightf5+ 2
112MichaelV5 1
 Sussurus Bloc 
114Sussirusf7C+ ***7
115Keyser S÷zef8A ***1
 Little Britain Bloc 
118Little Britainf6C  
 Swamp Block 
121Lichen Storm
V2 ***6
122Lichen ItV0 7
123The Flakes, Swamp Wallf6A+ ***7
124The ScoopV2 5
125ExposÚV0- 1
 The Den 
127Spank the RampV4 ***29
128Graeme's PinchV5 **17
130GuillotineV0 3
131Left Wall V1V1 5
132Clean RibV0 8
133Clean Rib S/SV3 *4
 Bog Bloc 
135Big Bog TraverseV0 2
136Big Bog FlakeV0 6
 Scissorhands Bloc 
 Clapton Bloc 
142Old LoveV6  
144Hedgehogf5+ 2
145Porcupinef6A 3
146Sting in the tail (Porcupine variation)f6B 2
147Scorpionf6B+ 2
 New Shoes Bloc 
149Put My New Shoes Onf7C ***2
 Scientist Bloc 
 White Wall 
152The Crack (white Wall)f6A+ ***1
153White Wallf6B **1

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