Millstone Edge

Climbs 263 – Rocktype Grit (quarried) – Altitude 330m a.s.l – Faces W

Crag features
The greatest of all the gritstone quarries with sheer walls, stunning smooth corners and crack lines that are pure inspiration. Although cracks have become untrendy over recent years the ones you find here are not the dreaded off-widths. Many of the routes were originally aid climbs up hair-line cracks and the repeated inserting and removing of pegs widened the crack enough to allow access to (thin!) fingers, pointed toes and plentiful medium-wire protection. It is worth putting a bit of extra thought into your rack before setting off up one of these of finger-sized cracks since often you will need to make repeated use of the same size wire. But it is not just about cracks since there are also many fine corners and arêtes formed by the thoughtful quarrying of the various bays. The section from Green Death to the Keyhole Cave could not have been designed better even if a climber had been in charge of the dynamite. Well maybe they might have done something about the unstable finishes since some of the exits are a little dangerous where sub-aerial weathering had started to erode the rock before it was exposed by the quarrymen. These 'crisp-bread' finishes require care and it is always a good idea to place an extra bomber-wire or two before trying to top out.

Access notes
Try not to belay to the fence posts!
Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

Eastern Grit (2015), Peak Bouldering (2014), Peak District: Bouldering (2011), Peak District : Climbing (2008), Peak NE Pokketz (2007), Eastern Grit (2006) (2006), Burbage, Millstone and Beyond (2006), On Peak Rock (2003),
Out of print: Peak District: Bouldering (2004), Peak Gritstone East (2001), Peak Bouldering - Fax09 (1998), Bouldering in the Peak District Vol 2 (1994)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2BrindleVS 4c 6
3ScrimselVS 4c 6
4BrimstoneE2 5b **246
5Satan's SlitHVS 5b *25
6Anything is Possible in CartoonsE4 6b  
7Gates of MordorE3 5c **110
8Pin PrickE2 5c  
9HacklespurHVS 5b *31
10Cauldron CrackE3 5c *12
11Freight TrainE4 6a *2
12EstremoHVS 5a **103
13GimbalsHVS 5b **82
14London PrideE5 6b **2
15Mother's PrideE6 6c ***14
16PerplexityE6 6b ***6
17ApoplexyE7 6b **2
18PlexityHVS 5a ***405
19Remembrance DayVS 4c **118
20Day DreamVS 4c *37
21Rainy DayVS 4b 18
22Southern ComfortE3 5c * 
23OwzaboutthatthenE4 6b  
24CommixE2 5c *31
25Top LoaderE7 6c ***1
26Bohemian Grovef8A * 
27DrifterE7 6c *1
28Saville StreetE3 6a ***78
29Shape ShifterE6 6b *1
30Soho SallyE1 5b *18
31ObscurityE6 6b *1
32Learn to ForgetE6 6b 2
34Brigadoonf7B ** 
35Salinela SunsetE4 6a  
36Fat and JealousE5 6c  
38Slack AliceE1 5c  
39BamboozleVS 4c 1
40Dolorous GardE2 5b 1
41Fluted CornerHS 4b 6
42February FoxE1 5b *20
43March HareE2 5b **61
44April ArêteHVS 4c **152
45Dextrous HareE3 5c **110
46DexterityE1 5b **575
47Cioch CornerS 4a 164
48MaydayHVS 5a *261
49Supra DirectHVS 5b *294
50The HackerVS 4c *98
51Close ShaveS 4a *307
52BoomerangS 4a *262
53Cioch DiagonalHVD 17
54Brumal DirectHVS 5b 2
55BrumalVS 4c 35
56Straight JacketE5 6b  
57Eskimo Blue DayVS 4c 5
58Cornerstone ClimbHS 4a 18
60Only JustE2 5b *79
61EarthaHS 4a **626
62Slime CrimeE4 6a  
63Bowling GreenVD *23
64F.A.T.D.HS 4a *30
65F.A.T.D.HS 4a * 
66Rough PuffHS 9
67Flaky PastryHS 15
68Sudden ImpactE1 5b  
69Dune FlakeVS 4a 1
70Dune CrackVS 4a 1
71The Pittsburgh EnigmaE4 5c 1
72Wuthering CrackHVS 5a 9
73Evening PremiereHVS 5a *16
74Evening Premiere Direct FinishE1 5b 1
75Creaking CornerHS 4b 1
76Crumbling CornerHS 4a 1
78Crumbling CracksHS 4a 1
79SveltHVS 5a *373
80Gibbering Heap of PussE3 5c  
81The Psycho PathE6 6b * 
82VelvetE2 5c 3
83The Snivelling ShitE5 6a **116
84Election SpecialE3 6a *6
85The Moronic ChippingsVS 4a 142
86The Great SlabHS 4b **999
87DinoE4 6b  
88Sex Dwarvesf6B+ *49
89LoricaVS 4c **129
90Cake WalkS 4a 19
91Bun RunHVS 5a 17
92WindrêteE2 5b **51
94Breeze MuggerE5 6b 1
95Meeze BruggerE5 6b *5
96ErosE1 5b **297
97Frank Sinatra Bows OutE5 6b  
98AcheronVS 4c  
99Mean to MeHVS 5b  
100Lyons Corner House DirectHVS 5a **226
101AfricanE3 6a ** 
102Lyons Corner HouseHVS 5a ***505
103ErbE2 5c ***322
104TwikkerE3 5c ***135
105LubricHVS 5b *14
106The Bed of Procustesf8A+ *** 
107Pinstone StreetE2 5c *51
108Grist to the MillE4 6a *2
109Diamond GrooveHVS 5b 12
110Shady WallVS 4c  
111Helliconia SpringHVS 5a  
112Black CrackS 3
113OptimusE1 5a  
114FlapjackVS 4b *131
115NeatfeetHVS 5a *33
116S.S.S.VS 4c *66
117Winter's GripE6 6b **4
118KeelhaulVS 4c 38
119Crusty CornerS 4a 4
120QuiddityHVS 5a *45
121FindusHVS 5b 1
122BillingsgateE1 5b **348
123Sea CreatureE4 6a  
124PiledriverE3 5c  
126Nib NobHVS 5b 3
127Stone DriE2 6a *48
128CrewcutVS 4c **164
129YourolympusHVS 4c 10
130MyolympusHVS 5b  
131Under Doctor's OrdersE2 6a *24
132Jealous PensionerE4 5c *39
133King EllmoreE6 6a *3
134XanaduE1 5b **16
135Xanadu DirectE3 5c **14
136The Trumpton AnarchistE5 6c 2
137Adios AmigoE5 6b **1
138Cherry Bank RoadV10 7a  
139Great West RoadE3 5b ***172
140Edge LaneE5 5c ***91
141Green DeathE5 5c ***34
142Green Death Left-Hand StartV3 6a 5
143Green Death StartV4 6b ***32
144Green Death Superdirectf7B **6
145Master's EdgeE7 6c ***20
146Pure NowE9 6c * 
147The Bad and the BeautifulE6 6c ***9
148Great AreteE5 5c ***6
149Stranger in ParadiseE5 6a  
151KnightsbridgeE2 5c ***299
152Scoop CrackVS 4b 173
153The ScoopD *258
154DiscoveryHVS 5b 4
155DetourE2 5c **33
156The Hunter House Road ToadE5 6b 10
157Clock PeopleE6 6c * 
158Watling StreetE3 5b *15
159By-PassHVS 5a *78
160Great North RoadHVS 5a ***1223
161Quality StreetE5 6b *3
162Deaf DogHVS 5b 13
163Master Cheff7B **7
164Master Chef Sit-StartV9 6c **1
165Technical Baiterf5 *64
166Technical Master Left-handV5 6b ***64
167Technical Masterf6B ***323
168Technical Master One HandedV8 6c 5
170Blind BatE4 5c **26
171Embankment 1E2 5c **445
172Embankment 1 - First PitchVS 4c *301
173Who Wants the WorldE5 6a  
17410,000 Maniacs/Elm Streetf7C+ **1
175Embankment 2VS 4c **1462
176Embankment 2 Eliminate (Right-Hand Crack Only)E1 5c 117
177Scritto's RepublicE7 6c **6
178Embankment 3E1 5b ***1078
179Tip TopV9 6c  
180Time for TeaE3 5c ***457
181Tea for TwoE4 6a ***42
182Time for Tea OriginalE1 5b ***138
183Embankment 4E1 5b ***674
184WhitehallHVS 5b **123
185The Jasmine CorridorE6 6c *1
186LottoE1 5c *48
187Lotto DirectE3 5c *4
188Little Lotto Arêtef5 *132
189Seventies Style Wallf6B+ *36
190Handy PocketV1 5b **17
191Handy Pocket RightV4 6a *8
192Green SlabV3 6a *6
194Covent GardenVS 4b **947
195ScruplesE5 6b 2
196Bond StreetHVS 5a ***1389
197MonopolyE7 6b **9
198Great Portland StreetHVS 5b ***1135
199The Impetus for Stranger FacesE5 5c  
200White WallE5 6b ***62
201The MallVS 4c ***1257
202London WallE5 6a ***86
203Urban SprawlE6 6b  
204Badly BredE1 5c 3
205Lambeth ChimneyHS 4b *361
207Old Kent RoadD 19
208Whitechapel Road *HVS 5a, 4b *2
209AlopeciaHVS 5a 9
210Brittle Road to FreedomE1 5b  
211Petticoat LaneHVS 4c *40
212Bow StreetHVS 4c *47
213Metal RashE1 5b 5
214The Metal Rash Traverse *V1 5b *1
215Brixton RoadVD *307
216EkelS 11
217SkywalkVS 4b **152
218The EconomistE6 6b *1
219Adam Smith's Invisible HandE6 6b **3
220The RackE5 6a **10
221Oxford StreetE3 6b *59
222Littleheath RoadE3 5c  
223Keyhole Traverse 1V5 6b 1
224Keyhole Traverse 2V6 6b 1
225Keyhole Traverse 3V7 6b  
226Keyhole Traverse 4V8 6c 1
227Piccadilly CircusE2 5c **246
228Coventry StreetE5 6b **115
229Jermyn StreetE5 6a ***42
230Jermyn Street Direct FinishE5 6b  
231TransmetropolitanE3 5c  
232Regent StreetE2 5c ***696
233Regent Street Direct StartE3 5c *12
234Wall Street CrashE5 6b **9
235Shaftesbury AvenueHVS 5b *160
236The WhoreHVS 5b *114
237GimcrackVS 4c *426
238At-a-CliffHVS 5a 15
239Wings of SteelE3 5c  
240Happy WandererVS 5a 19
241Wash and Brush UpE1 6b  
242Charing Cross RoadHVS 5a *1
243OrielVS 5a *79
244Keyhole CopsE2 5c  
245Trio CrackS 10
246Two Shot Holes (Pot Leg Wall)V2 5c *28
248Bent CrackHS 4c *12
249Piper's CrackVD 1
250Butter-essHVS 5b *16
251CrosswaysHVD 12
252Key's ClimbHVS 5a 3
253Straight LegVS 4b 1
254Flared BottomHVS 5a 2
255Flank CrackVD 33
256Chiming CracksHS 4a *577
257Hells BellsHS 4b *453
258JuniperE1 5b 17
259MidriftVD 339
260Giant's StepsVD 295
261WonderlustE4 6a  
262Street LegalE2 5c *94
263Blood and Guts on Botty StreetE5 6b *18
264Helping handsE1 5b 7
265Annabella SuperstellaE2 6b  
266WilfredS 17
267SqueakVS 5b 12
268Beneath the Pavement Lies the BeachE4 6a  
269PipS 8
271FireworksV5 6b 1
272DamageV4 6a 1
273HalloweenV4 6b 1
274Big AlV0 5a 4
275Humpty DumptyE1 5b  
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i absolutley love this crag, also a black diamond c4 (blue) left on the crag, its jammed.
coreybennett - 22/Apr/14
Put some new cord on the coventry street peg. Hard to tell whether the peg itself is in any fit state.
remus - 29/Sep/12
Aren't these two routes the same... Embankment 2 Eliminate (Right Hand Crack Only) E1 5c Compromise E1 5b
slacky - 28/Mar/11
Thanks, route updated. You can always send route updates for this sort of thing if you want.
Ropeboy - 27/May/10
The grade for Embankment 1 P2 is wrong, should be E2 5c. Happy to moderate this crag if you have too much on your hands Ropeboy.
Jonny2vests - 27/May/10
Cheers Dan, recently took over moderating this crag, along with a couple of others, and there is a substanial back log, as you are aware, that takes time to bring up to date.
Ropeboy - 26/Sep/08
"Ropeboy" please can you keep the crag upto date. Dan
Dan Lane - 26/Sep/08
Absolutely beautiful and inspiring crag. However, be warned all of the routes are desperate and very difficult. Easy access from the car park where there is usually plenty of parking. Mr. T took me up and I fell off everything, he subsequently humped up most of the routes. Not the best place for a shandy drinking southerner like myself to enjoy the pleasures of grit.
JoHNY - 08/Jul/04