Sad Boulders

Climbs 250 – Rocktype Volcanic tuff – Altitude 1323m a.s.l – Faces S

Crag features
Similar to the Happy Boulders, except a bit more claustrophobic in places, as problems have been climbed in old water runnels and caves. The Ice Caves area has slightly cooler temperature and lots of shade.

Access notes
No problems, but avoid parking near the Kindergarten area, instead use the pull-out on Chalk Bluff Road - see the Rockfax miniguide / Bishop Bouldering guidebook for details.

Bishop Bouldering Guide (2010)

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
1Problem 1V0
2Problem 2 (Bird Boulder)V3 **
3Problem 3V3 *
4BruiserV6 *
5Easy CoolV3 *
6Birth of CoolV6 *
7GuantanameraV3 **
8JoseV5 *
9Problem 9 (Sun Trap Boulder)V0
10PinballV7 *
11Dumb LuckV2 *
12Fumble in the DarkV3
13Your Sloper is a Two-Dimensional DressV1
14Problem 14 (Brown Slab Boulder)V0+ **
15Problem 15 (Brown Slab Boulder)V0-
16Problem 16 (Brown Slab Boulder)V0+ *
17Problem 17 (Brown Slab Boulder)VB *
18Humpty Dumpty Left StartV6 *
19Humpty DumptyV3 **
20Humpty Dumpty Low StartV7 *
21Problem 21 (Hidden Roof Boulder)V6 **
22Problem 22 (Hidden Roof Boulder, Exit Right)V4
23Problem 1 (Project)V0
24Boneless HerringV0 *
25Fish SticksV2
26SalmonV4 *
27Kipper SnapperV1 *
28The Sardine Can'tV1
29Sit-Down JobV0
30Big SlabV0 ***
31The Space SuitV3 *
32RewardV0 *
33TreasonV1 *
34Environmental MasqueradeV1 *
35Kung-Fu Grip LeftV2 *
36Kung-Fu GripV5 **
37HonaleeV8 *
38Enter the DragonV9 *
39Exit the DragonV11 *
40Cow SkullV5 *
41Problem 19V0
42Problem 20V3
43Problem 21 (Project)V0
44Problem 22V0 *
45Problem 23V0
46Maximum RelaxumV3 **
47Ice Cream Against TimeV3
48I Hardly Know HerV1
49Strength in NumbnessV6 *
50Strength in Numbness - Sit StartV9
51Rio's CrackV6 ***
52Chicken LickenV9 **
53Luebering Direct StartV8 **
54Luebering With IntentV8 **
55Leubering BypassV6 *
56Luebering WithoutV5 *
58El BarrachoV1 *
59Anti-HeroV5 ***
60Evil EyeV5
62Death Star 2008V8 *
63Problem 6V3
64XinguV6 *
66First the Garden, Next the WorldV4
67Lawnmower ManV7 ***
68Slick ToesV4
69Los LocosV7 ***
70Vibrating Lawn EquipmentV8
71Lines of CocaineV0
72Brothers and SistersV0
73Feel the VibeV0
74Pocket TraverseV3 ***
75The ExtrapolatorV6 *
76The Great DominionsV1 *
77Head HeritageV3 *
79Molly Left StartV6 **
80Molly VariationV6 **
81Molly Variation Left StartV7 **
82SmithsV0+ **
83Molly DynoV0 *
84World Shut Your MouthV2
85Chewed OutV4
86China DollV0 **
87MothersV0 *
88Girl CallV0
89Sue MeV1
90Have a CigarV1 *
91Riding the Gravy TrainV1
92Which One's Pink?V2
94Bouncing BabiesV0
95Sleeping GasV2
96Problem 21 (Central Joyless Area)V4
98Feral ChildV3
99Any Which Way But LooseV1
102French PressV6 ***
103Press That!V8
105The Black StuffV1 ***
106Problem 10 (Project)V0
107Problem 11 (Project)V0
108The Flake CrackV0
109Problem 13 (Flake Boulder)V3 **
110Problem 14 (Flake Boulder)V3 **
111Problem 15 (Flake Boulder)V4
112The ArkteV0- ***
113The GrooveV0- ***
114East ArkteV5 *
115Ow OwV8 *
116Pow PowV8 ***
117Still LifeV2 **
118Oil On CanvasV1
119Problem 5V1 *
120Water ColorsV7 *
121Hands-Free SlabV0 **
122Hands-on SlabVB
123Sun SpotV2 *
124Sun Spot RightV4
125Feeding FrenzyV7 *
126The FangV4 *
128Parrot FashionV0
129Arse La VistaV4
130Syd BarrettV4
131Bertie BluntV0
132BlueV2 **
133NorwegianV4 *
136Sad ParrotV3 *
137Mad ParrotV0
138Bad ParrotV0 *
139Rad ParrotV7 **
140Bob ParrotV3
141Bob Parrot SitV6
142Bob Parrot (Of Maine)V2 **
143Tight ArkteV1
144Problem 20V0 *
145Community SpiritV1
146Problem 2V2
147Strength in NumbersV5 ***
148SIN VariationV6 ***
149Come TogetherV7 *
150Let The Happiness InV4 *
151Chemical RomanceV2 *
152Problem 8 (Sad Boulders)V2
153The Crack ProblemV4
154EmmaV2 *
155Problem 3 (Emma Boulder)V1
156The Short ArkteV3 *
157The Overhanging NoseV0+
158Low-Angle ArkteVB
159Gotta Be Kidding Me!V5
160Sir Isaac HayesV1
161Hauck a LoogieV3
162Hauck a Loogie Sit StartV5 **
163Hauck a Loogie EliminateV7 **
164Slice and DiceV0
165Problem 14V1
166Funkadelia BdeliaV0
168Hot PantsV5 ***
169Up For The Down StrokeV4
170Problem 19V1
171Line to right of Problem 19 at the Sad BouldersV0
173Chef's ArkteV5 *
176Erotic TerroristV6 **
177Mecha-StreisandV8 *
178Layback CrackV0
179The Ninth WaveV9 **
180Problem 8 (Project)V0
181Rorschach TestV11 ***
182Problem 10 (Project - The Ice Caves)V0
183ChizamV5 **
184Chizam Sit StartV10 ***
185Undercling ProblemV4 *
186Byrolian TraverseV6
187Fueled by HateV5 **
188It's All About loveV8 ***
189Darkness at NoonV8
190The Mothership ConnectionV4 **
191The Mothershop Has LeftV7 *
192The Mothership Has Left Sit StartV8 *
193The Mothership ConnectedV6 *
194BeefcakeV10 ***
195Beautiful GeckoV11 **
196Beefy GeckoV11 **
197WindchillV9 *
198Feel Like A BarnacleV7
199Problem 8 (Project / Unknown -The Ice Caves)V0
200DiamondV2 **
201CrystalV3 *
202Unsung GemV4 *
203Local Boy Does GoodV4 *
204The Hysterical Bear IncidentVB
205Porn Again ChristianV2 *
206Jerry Falwell, Porn StarV1
207FlawlessV7 *
208Prozac NationV2 **
209Pencil Dick (Sit Start)V5 *
210Pencil Dick (Stand Start)V3
211Problem 11 (Prozac Nation Boulder)V4
212Pocket PussyV1
213Garden PestV0+
214The CrackV0 *
215The SnapperV5 **
216Fire PitV2 ***
217Crack and WallV0
218Laughing CowV1 *
219What Mick MissedV0
220Pop-A-WheelieV4 *
221No TalkV1
222Talk TalkV4
224Problem 24 (Valium Boulder)V1
225ValiumV2 **
226Thread the NeedleV2 **
227Bishop Bomber / Pound SignV0
228Caveat EmptorV0
229Shop Till You DropV1
230Teen AngstV0
231Lonely Teenage BedroomV0
232Problem 1 (Parking Boulder)V1
233Problem 2 (Parking Boulder)V1
234Mr FrostyV8 **
235Problem 4 (Mr Frosty Cave Boulder)V7 *
236Problem 5 (Mr Frosty Cave Boulder)V6 *
237Problem 6 (Near Mr Frosty Cave Boulder)V3
238SlunkV9 **
239White Men Can't JumpV0
240Problem 9 (Slunk Boulder)V1
241Problem 10 (Beano Boulder)V2
242Beyond BenoV1
243Problem 12 (Beano Boulder)V0
244Psycho Billy CadillacV2
245Whiskey, Beer, and Splif Hits For BreakfastV4 ***
246Give Me a Rim JobV6 **
247Professional WidowV4 ***
248Aquatic Hitchhiker *V10 *
249Chizam SDS *VB *
250Anti -hero *V5 ***
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