Man's Head (Carrick Du)

Climbs 158 – Rocktype Greenstone – Altitude 5m a.s.l – Faces ?

Crag features
All information taken Barnaby Carver's guide (which includes topos) at

MANíS HEAD, the area of cliffs at the western end of Porthmeor Beach, St. Ives, has long been a venue for scrambling, short problem climbs and even some limited deep water soloing. Although there is bouldering on the head itself the highest concentration of problems can be found in the small coves just to the west. There are many fine problems of V2 and below (U.K. technical grade 3a-5c), whilst the few classic V6-V7 problems (U.K. 6b-6c) make this a not-to-be-overlooked crag for the hard-core boulderer. Delightful on sunny summerís days and just a short distance from the centre of St. Ives and its beaches with climbing at all states of the tide, this area has much to offer.

Access notes
Approach: (Approximately 3 minutes.) From the car park at the western end of Porthmeor Beach join the South-West Coast Path and follow this west between Beach Road and Porthmeor Bowling Club for about 150 metres. The outcrops of the Double Overhang and Beginnerís Crack Areas should now be obvious.

The problems of the Double Overhang and Beginnerís Crack areas and Campground Wall are well above sea level and can be climbed at all states of the tide. Babel Cove can be accessed for three hours either side of low water whilst the bottom of the Approach Gully to Babel Cove, Minitower Cove, and The Twin Boulders are more tidal. The Sharkís Fin area needs to be visited half an hour to an hour either side of low water.


Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
21VB 3a- 3
32VB 3a- 4
43VB 3b 5
54 Double OverhangV0 5a *6
65V2 5c *1
76V0+ 5b 1
87VB 3c  
98VB 3a-  
109VB 4a  
1210VB 3a *10
1311 Beginners CrackVB 3b **12
1412VB 3c 9
1513VB 4a 9
1614VB 3c 1
1715VB 3a 1
1816VB 3b  
1917VB 3c  
2018VB 3c  
2119VB 4b  
2220V0- 4c  
2321V0+ 5a * 
2422V2 5c * 
2523V1 5b ** 
2624V0 5a  
2725V0+ 5b  
2826VB 4b * 
2927VB 4c  
3028V0- 5a  
3129VB 4c  
3230VB 4b * 
3431V1 5b/c  
3532V1 5c  
3633VB 4a  
3734VB 4a  
3835VB 3c  
3936VB 3b  
4037VB 4b 1
4138VB 4a **1
4239VB 3a 1
4340aVB 4b  
4440bV2 5c * 
4541V1 5c *1
4642aVB 4a  
4742bVB 3a-  
4843V0+ 5b  
4944V1 5c  
5045V0 5b *1
5146V0- 5a * 
5247V0- 5a  
5348V0+ 5c  
5449V0 5a/b  
5550VB 4a  
5651VB 4c  
5752VB 4b  
5853VB 3c  
5954VB 3c  
6055VB 4a  
6156VB 4a  
6257VB 4a  
6358V0- 5a  
6459VB 4a  
6560VB 4b  
6661VB 4c  
6762VB 4c  
6863VB 4a  
6964VB 4c *1
7065VB 5a 1
7166VB 4b 1
7267VB 4b 2
7368VB 5a/b 1
7469VB 4c 2
7570VB 3b 2
7671VB 3c 2
7772VB 3c  
7873VB 4a  
7974VB 4b * 
8075aVB 4a  
8175bVB 3b  
8276VB 3c  
8377VB 5b  
8478VB 4b  
8579VB 4c  
8680VB 4b  
8781VB 4c  
8882VB 4b  
8983VB 4b  
9184 The Shark's FinV0+ 5b **1
9285V1 5c  
9386V0- 5b * 
9487V0- 5b *2
9588VB 4c 2
9689VB 3a-  
9790V0 5b  
9891V0 5b 1
9992V0 5b  
10093aV1 5c  
10193bV3 6a/b  
10294aV0 5b  
10394bV4 6b * 
10495 SnorkelV6 6b/c * 
10596V2 5c  
10797V0 5b  
10898VB 4b  
10999V3 5c/6a  
110100aV3 6a/b  
111100b No Pain, No GainV6 6b/c ** 
112101V2 5c ** 
113102V0+ 5b * 
114103aV0- 4c ** 
115103bVB 4b  
116104V0- 5a 1
117105VB 4b *2
118106VB 4b *2
119107VB 3c 2
120108VB 4b 2
121109VB 4a 1
122110V0+ 5a ** 
123111 Minitower Traverse (a.k.a. Three Egyptians)V7 6b *** 
124112V0 5a  
125113V0+ 5b  
126114aV0 5a/b  
127114bV0+ 5b  
128115VB 3c  
129116VB 4c  
131117VB 4a  
132118VB 4a  
133119V2 6a  
134120V2 6a  
135121VB 3a  
136122VB 3a-  
137123VB 3a  
138124VB 3a-  
139125VB 3a-  
140126VB 5a  
141127VB 4b  
142128VB 4c  
143129VB 3a  
144130VB 4a  
145131VB 3b  
147132VB 4b 3
148133V0- 5a  
149134VB 4a 2
150135V0+ 5b  
151136V0+ 5b 1
152137 Campground WallV1 5b/c ** 
153138V2 5c * 
154139V6 6b ** 
155140VB 4c 2
156141VB 4b/c 1
157142 WorkoutV1 5b **2
158143VB 4a  
159144VB 4b  
160145VB 3b  
161146VB 3c  
162147VB 3a  
163148VB 4b ** 
164149VB 5b  
165150VB 4a  
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