Climbs 170 – Rocktype Granite – Altitude Tidal – Faces W

Crag features
Golden hand-ripping granite with routes up to 90 ft. Many sub-E1 popular routes makes this a popular venue for learners. Even the experienced will enjoy Demo Route (HS 4b). Also includes top-notch hard routes, most the work of Mark Edwards, such as 29 Palms (E6 6c) and Tears of a Clown (E7 6b). Bouldering as you like it on the wide platform.

Access notes
Mostly not tidal but CAN BE DANGEROUS with swells. People have been washed out to sea from the non-tidal platform - beware.

>From the A30 (Penzance-Land's End) turn W (R from Penzance) to Sennen. Park in the Sennen Cove car park at very end of high street.

From the (redundant) coastguard lookout, either (1) set up a careful abseil to the platform, avoiding interference with climbers on routes and padding the rope against sharp crystals or (2) downclimb Griptight Gully (Diff) which faces N towards Demo Route; or (3) walk S past the lookout, to a split boulder and down a narrow gully that lines up with a strange-looking offshore rock. Scramble leftwards towards the main platform. Beware swells - you can get swept off into the sea.
Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

South West Climbs Volume 2 (2014), West Country Climbs (2010), West Cornwall & Supplement (2000),
Out of print: Bosigran and the North Coast (1991)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2The Forgotten WallE5 6a  
3Placa del EdwardsE7 6c/7a  
4The Paragon ReturnsE7 6b  
6ProwE4 6a * 
7High Street BluesE5 6a **3
8DelilahE2 5b *63
9Cool CurlVS 5b  
10Zig ZagHVS 5a *282
1129 PalmsE6 6c 3
12The Tracks of my TearsE8 6c ***1
13Tears of a ClownE7 6b ***12
14Ace of SpadesE4 5c *4
15Thieves CarnivalE6 6b  
16Norge CornerHS 4b 41
17Skid MarkE4 6b  
18Slight PauseVS 4c 12
19Slippery ChuteVS 4c 36
20Slab HappyE3 5b 5
21Slippery SlabVS 5a *117
22Dark ComedianE3 5b 1
23Congo RouteVS 4c, 4c 7
24Trip across the SlipE2 5c  
25Much Ado about NothingE6 6c ** 
26Congo CrackE1 5b 17
27Congo TributeE2 5c 5
28AmazoniaE7 6c *** 
29Rainbow WarriorE7 6c *** 
30Genge's GrooveHVS 5a *46
31Let the River LiveE6 6b ** 
32EenyHVS 5a 2
33MeanyHVS 5a  
34Genge's Right HandHVS 5b  
35FinaleE2 5c 9
36A Swift Flight of FancyE3 6a **29
37Red RoseE8 7a  
38SamsonE5 6b 2
39The Rock HopperM 6a  
41The Wipe-out ZoneE3 5b  
43Samson Arete / Parthian ShotE2 6a *164
44DemolitionE6 6a 54
45Demo RouteHS 4b ***1736
46Intermediate RouteHVD 532
47AndrimneS 4a 117
48Corner ClimbVD *898
49Corner CrackS 4a 184
50ProteinVS 4c 25
51Hot TunaHVS 4c 20
52Post the PostmanVS 4c 4
53Civvy RouteHS 4b 433
54Walter's ChimneyD 46
55LetterboxHS 4b 446
56Griptight GullyD 128
58Gully Wall Left HandS 2
59Gully Wall Right HandVD 2
60Centre PitchVS 4a  
61The FlakesE1 5b 23
62Banana CrackHVS 5c 21
63Left Banana FlakeD 97
64Orange SliceVD 57
65Black GrooveVD 26
66Banana FlakeVD *819
67Banana SplitHVS 5a 16
68The AreteVS 4b *321
69Main Face ClimbD 335
70Fruit SaladVD 30
71Black JackS 95
72GilliwiggleS 36
73MarionetteE2 5c 12
74No Pack DrillE2 5c 3
76Black SlabVD *427
77No NameHVD 268
78No NumberVS 5a 38
79StaircaseD *791
80SkewcrackS 4b 68
81Truescrew CrackVS 4c 2
82Overhanging WallVS 4c 83
83Overhanging CornerVS 4c 134
84Mark Up Another OneE6 6b **1
85Africa RouteVS 5a *521
86Whtie Mans BurdenVS 5a 28
87Double OverhangVS 4c *550
88DevoVS 4c 15
89DevoteeE1 5b 4
90DexterVS 4c *251
91DextroseHVS 5a 124
92Windows of PerfectionE5 6b 8
93Water Spout ChimneyHS 4b *8
95Sinner's RouteD 309
96White WeddingV3 6c  
97Stairway To HeavenE1 5a 6
98Windows of PerceptionE5 6a 1
99Black WidowE3 6b  
100Messenger from the FurnaceE5 6c/7a ** 
101ExodusE3 6b  
102Angel's HighwayE2 6a 32
103Comunion CrackHVS 5c 26
104The QuakerE1 5c 96
105Church WindowVD 188
106Church Window Variation 1aHS 4c 12
107Church Window Variation 2aHVS 5a 2
108Catholic GirlsHVS 5c 26
109Altar RouteVS 4c 63
110Altar Route variation finishHS 4c 1
111TombstoneE1 5b 5
112CatacombsE6 6b 2
114OvermarkedHS 4a 14
115Senior's RouteD 385
116Junior's Route (aka Cliff Assault Wing Route)D 331
117International GrooveE3 5c 1
118Pots AreteHVS 5a 23
119Monday FaceVS 4b 345
120SlimVS 5a 115
121Vertical CrackVS 4c **588
122Squeeze MeE3 6a 5
123GillianE3 5c ***129
124ExSqueeze MeE5 6b 1
125Gillian (direct start)E4 5c 12
126GolvaE2 5c **155
127Tango In The NightE3 6b *1
128SmeagolHVS 5a 11
130SquirtHS 4b 2
131Cut Price Comedy ClimbHVS 4c 2
132Dolphin CracksHVS 5a *142
133Terrace CracksHVS 5a *101
134Slanting CrackHVS 5a 26
135SuperjamE5 6b *** 
136A Flair for the TheatricalE4 6a **2
137HayloftVS 4c 228
138Hayloft CracksHVS 5a 19
139DonnaHS 4b 33
140On Your MarksHVS 5a 12
141Hayloft GullyD 63
142PluckyHVS 5b 2
143The Green BeretE1 5b 4
145Slip SteepVD 4
146Six Blade KnifeE2 5b **11
147OstrobogulousVD 4
148Commando CrackVS 5a 10
149GrotVS 4c 1
150CampanologyS 4a *4
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