Baslow Edge

Climbs 247 – Rocktype Gritstone – Altitude 300m a.s.l – Faces W

Crag features
Baslow is a quiet little back-water, lacking any of the great grit classics of its near neighbours, it has long been a neglected venue, mainly frequented by explorers looking for an escape from the crowds that inhabit the cliffs further north. The fact that we saw fit to leave it out of the first edition of Peak Gritstone East speaks volumes, clearly pointing to the fact that it is the least significant of all the outcrops between Stanage and Chatsworth. Despite this, Baslow is worthy of a visit or three, for a little peace and quiet.

Access notes
Approach from the North from a car park at Curbar Gap (SK 261747) or from the village of Baslow to the South (car park at SK 257721).

Peak Bouldering (2014), Peak District: Bouldering (2011), Froggatt to Black Rocks (2010), Peak SE Pokketz (2007), Eastern Grit (2006), Peak Climbs - Froggatt (1991),
Out of print: Peak District: Bouldering (2004), Peak Bouldering - Fax09 (1998), Bouldering in the Peak District Vol 2 (1994), Bouldering in the Peak District Vol 1 (1994)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
3Corner RouteHVD 4a 106
4Rib routeD 15
5Curbar CracksD 109
6Cracked WallHS 4a 71
8Rum and PepHVD 4a 142
9BacchanaliaE1 5b *7
10Bacchanalia StartV0 5b 12
11Mauvais PasVD 4a 117
12BitterHS 4c *87
13ShandyVD 122
14Polar ClimbVD 51
15Stile GuruV0- 4b 24
16OuchV0 5a 20
17The MeagleV0+ 5b 5
19Left-Hand Flake CrackS 4a 161
20Central CrackVS 5a *85
21Flake CrackD 184
22Wall Right of Flake CrackV0- 4b 7
24AlisonS 4a 163
25Death to KhomeiniVS 4b 60
26Niched WallS 4a 87
27The MeerkatV2 5c 15
30Left ArêteV0- 4c 49
31Square DanceV3 5c 11
32Short WallV0- 5a 54
33Square WallV3 6a 46
34CubistV3 6a 15
35Square ArêteV0 5a 47
36Square Arête RightV2 5c 24
37Front FaceV1 5b 34
38TherabandV7 6b **5
40Has Shaun Got False TeethV3 6a 4
41Dick's DilemmaHS 4c 62
42BrownieV0- 4b 15
43Brownie LowV1 5b *1
44TruancyE1 6a 15
45Wasted YouthHS 4b 121
46Groove and WallVS 5a 19
47Flying Crag GrooveHS 4c *113
48Don's MantelE1 5b *23
49Flying Crag CrackHVS 5a 17
50Rebel Without a PauseE5 6b 1
51Slanted and EnchantedE6 6b 1
52Mustn't Crumble. *E6 6b *1
53The Flying CragVS 4b *30
54Baslow FlypastE1 5b 2
55John WilsonV3 6a **4
56Flying StartV2 5c **34
57Line Right of Flying StartV1 5b 3
58Flying GrooveV0 4c 13
60Laicifitra 1VS 4c 98
61Yarg SinnedE1 5b *7
62Laicifitra 2HVD 4a 154
64Second Hand GoodsVS 4b 59
65Batu MotelV7 6c 1
66Quarry WallHS 4b 115
67Quarry CrackVD 4a 40
68Cold DiggertyE4 6b 6
69Hot ZiggertyE2 6a 20
70Arise Sir Freddie!E1 6a *10
71Whatisit?HVS 5b *87
72Hanging SlabS 4a 17
73The GrooveVD 13
75Route 0D 289
76Chipped SlabD 31
77Route 1VD 413
78Traverse 1S 4a 20
79Route 1.5S 4b 281
80Route 1.9S 4a 227
81Route 2VD 403
82Route 3VD 227
83Route 3.5VD 275
84Stepped GrooveM 293
85ResurgenceHVS 5b 272
86RenaissanceHVS 5b **297
87Grounded BeesVS 4c 254
88Left-Hand GullyM 110
89Gully WallD 369
90Gully Wall VariationVD 4a 261
91Right-Hand GullyM 168
92Shallow RibD *263
94Blocked GullyM 148
95Little PillarVD 4a 11
96Triple JumpM 18
97Twin RoofV1 5b 19
98Twin Roof RockoverV3 6a 4
99Left-Hand TowerVS 4c 24
100Left-Hand Tower StartV0+ 5b 5
101Broken ButtressVD 218
103Grooved RibM 20
104Shallow GrooveHVD 4b 1
105KifinguHVS 5a 2
106ShakeVS 4c *93
107Pinch 'n' PushV3 6b 16
108UndercuttingV7 6c *10
109The Balls TestV4 6a *76
110Green CrackHVD 4a 60
111The RipperV7 6c **28
112Black CrackD 89
113Truffle PigV6 6b 5
114RiblessVS 4c 62
115Ribless VariationHVS 5a 7
116The Rib DirectHVS 5a **43
117The RibS *67
118Rib WallHVS 4c 2
119The CrackD **92
121The WalnutV4 6a ***129
122NutjobV2 5c 35
123Walnut FlakeV2 5c *11
124Complete NutterV1 5c 49
125Whip Me Whip MeV5 6b ***29
126Nuts to BrazilV0- 4c 23
127Nut CrackerV1 5c 17
128Little RichardV6 6b *37
129Walnut WhipV8 6c **14
130Chunky NutV3 6a *19
131The ChokerV10 7a  
132NutrockerV1 5b  
133Percy Feels SickV7 6c  
134Hazlenut WhirlV3 6a *11
135Dry RoastedV1 5b 16
136PralineV2 5c 21
137Praline DirectV0+ 5b 5
139Matterhorn ArêteM *15
140Matterhorn FaceVS 4c 10
141Bone At It DirectV7 6c 1
142Smutt RidgeV6 6b  
143LionV0+ 5b 2
145Coarse CommieHVS 5a 97
146Rough Wall ClimbVS 4c *247
147SashVS 4c *6
148Jolly RoughVS 4c 26
149Jolly Green DwarfVS 5a *165
150Mad BilberriesHVS 6a 52
151Jolly Green ElephantE1 6a 13
152Pensioner's BulgeVS 5a **127
153Gun ChimneyHVD 4a 75
154Santa Claus RetreatsHVS 5a *12
155The Man with the Gritstone GunHS 4b 10
156Hair Conditioned NightmareHVS 5b *67
157Hair Conditioned Nightmare ArêteV2 5c 8
159CoinkydinkHVS 5b 2
160Kicking StepsHVS 5b 4
161BackstopVS 5a 3
162Booby TrapE1 5b 1
163Wall GrooveHS 4b 14
164LarcenyHVS 5a *17
165Gary's Little Joke BookE3 6a 3
166Problem WallHVS 5b 14
167Fingers CrackHS 4b *91
168Cracked FingersV0+ 5b 7
169Work the WallE1 6a 1
170Finger WallE1 5c 9
173Religious GatheringHVD 4a 5
174Cliff CollegeE2 5c 4
175HeathenV5 6b  
176Hidden SectE2 6a  
177Angle ClimbHVD 4a 10
178Dusty CrackHS 4b 5
179DepressionVD 4a 14
181Wigible ChimneyM 12
182Wigible ArêteD 16
184JuddoD 7
185NailodramaVS 4c  
186Index ClimbHVD *75
187Index Climb DirectVS 4c *23
188Heather ClimbD 36
190Sewer PlumbVS 4c *11
191The BendE1 5b 2
192DelseyHVS 5b 2
193KlingonVD 6
195Above and Beyond the Callisthenic BarrierHS 4a *34
196Left-Hand Gully ButtressHS 4b *28
197PoppersE5 6c **2
198Poppers StartV7 6c **3
199The Grand PotatoE7 6c **9
200The Cave GullyVD **42
201Cave RibE1 5a *20
202Cave Climb IndirectHS 4b 42
203Cave Climb DirectVS 5a *17
204Social ClimberHVS 5a 5
205Left BreakVS 5a 2
206Right-Hand BreakHVD 4a 8
207Block ChimneyM 15
208Leaning BlockVD 21
209Cold ComfortHVS 5a 1
210Broken CrackM 14
211Broken ChimneyVD 1
212Jam and Blast ItHVS 5b *27
213Corner CrackVS 4c 16
214Jam and Blast It/Corner Crack CombinationVS 4c 3
215Heather WallVD 40
216Not Now JohnHVS 5c 9
217I've Gotta Get OnVS 5c 7
218Capstone ChimneyVD *32
219Capstone Chimney CrackS 4c 25
220Sir Fred GoodwinE4 6a 2
221Lost FortuneE2 6a 1
222Twin CracksHD 49
223Easy CornerM 6
224SlapdashE1 6a  
225Pothole WallVD 3
227Men OnlyV0- 4b 78
228A Fist Full of BeaglesV7 6c *34
229Beagles AboutV2 5c **86
230For a Few Beagles MoreV8 6b **24
231The Good the Bad and the BeagleV6 6b *24
232A Beagle Too FarV3 6a **80
233The Bright ConceptV8 6c *** 
234Dreaming the BeagleV8 6b *6
235The Beagle Has LandedV6 6b **51
236Where Beagles DareV7 6c *39
237Like a Beagle over Troubled WaterV3 6a 6
238RoundaboutV3 6a *12
241Heroes Left ExitV6 6b **1
242HeroesV8 6c **5
243The NoseV7 6b  
244LilliputV7 6b **6
245The Globe *f7A *1
246Shakespeare's Theatre *f6B+ 1
247Spinal Fjord *V4 1
248Flatworld Left-HandV8 6c *24
249FlatworldV9 6c ***34
250Hurry on SundownV4 6b **33
251Hurry on Sundown Sit-StartV6 6b *27
252Lichen SlabV2 5c *19
253Milk of AmnesiaV4 6b  
254Elmer Fudd - Left-HandV5 6b *6
255Elmer FuddV6 6b 19
256Fat WorldV3 6a ***58
257Introductory CrackHVD 4a 9
258Higher GroundV9 7a  
259The Last PostV3 5c 5
261Railtrack FlakesV0 5a 1
262Pain is Only Fear Leaving the BodyV6 6b  
263Dirty BeechV2 5c  
265Results Day *f6B+ *1
266Fact HuntV7 6c *17
267That Which Does Not Kill Me Makes Me StrongerV9 7a  
268Dirty BitchV6 6b 44
270CheekboneV3 6a  
271Glove LoveV6 6b 1
272The GenieV3 6a  
273HoneypotV4 6b  
274RubbyV1 5b  
275Judge Phillip BanksV5 6b  
277Registered RhymenecologistV5 6b  
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