Lands End

Climbs 179 – Rocktype Granite – Altitude Tidal – Faces W

Crag features
A complex series of cliffs and zawns offering challenging (and often committing) climbing. The area consists of many separate crags, with the best climbs in the E3 and above grades, such as Longships Wall (E3 6a), Day Tripper (E4 6a).

Access notes
Tidal in most areas. Beware large swells: secure yourself on wave-washed platforms.

The Lands End complex is privately owned. Climbers can park in the complex for free though (provided you explain you just want to climb - see BMC access notes), or up by the First and Last House for some of the more northerly cliffs.

South West Climbs Volume 2 (2014), West Country Climbs (2010), West Cornwall & Supplement (2000),
Out of print: Chair Ladder and the South Coast (1992)

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
2Route OneVS 4c
3CandyHS 4b
4Espron NegroE3 6a
5Pump ItE2 6a
6Yet AgainVS 4c
7And AnotherVS 4c
8Fast LaneE4 6a *
9OK CorralHVS 5a
10High NoonE1 5b *
11Tumble WeedVS 5a
12Pony ExpressVS 5a
13True GritE2 5b
15Bulging AreteHS 4b *
16Mind BubbleHVS 5b
17Sunset CrackHVS 5a
18Fading into BlackE2 5c
19the Long ReachE4 6b
20Double TakeVS 5a
21Looking over the EdgeE1 5b
22Children of LaughterE4 6b
24Hadrian's WallHVS 5a *
25SPQRE2 6a *
26Haidrian's NoseE1 5b
27CassioE2 5c
28BrutusHVS 5b
29Caesar's GrooveE2 5c
31Infinite DesignE4 6a **
32A Winking CrackE4 6a **
34April FoolE1 5b
35Exit VisaHS 4b
36Copy CatVS 4c
37Perfect PrescriptionE3 6a
38Soloer's ParadiseS 4b
39Born FreeHVS 5a
40Easy Way OutVD
41New ReleaseE2 5c **
42Second ChanceE1 5a *
43RecycledVS 5a
44Time OutE3 5c **
45Land's End Micro ClimbHVS 4c
46BlitzkriegE1 5b
47New WavesHVS 5b
48Edge of TimeE3 6b **
49Heritage of FolliesE5 6b
50Mark in TimeE5 6a **
52The Crypts of LieberkuhnE1 5b
53Irish WhiskeyHVS 5a
54Hors-d'oeuvreVS 4c
55Magnet FeverE6 6b *
56SynchromaticE4 6a **
57TechnotronicE4 6b **
58LindyE3 5b
59A Sudden SplashE3 5c *
60Cormorant SlabS 4a *
61Cormorant's BenE2 5b
62Cormorants BillHVS 5b **
63Lost SoulsE5 6b *
64The Last DanceE4 6b **
65Last DancerE5 6c *
66The Edwards EdgeE8 6c ***
67Split MindsE1 5b
68Johnstone's RouteS 4a *
69BacklashE1 5b
70Witch HuntE2 5c
71Edge of LightE3 5b *
72Black PowerE2 5b *
73Oliver TwistHVS 5a
74Dancing on CrystalsE5 6b *
75Tide RaceVS 4b
76Day TripperE4 6a **
77A Bridge Too FarE5 6b **
78Flash ControlE3 6a
79Currying FavourHVS 5a
80Edge Control IIE5 6b ***
81Virgin on a CrisisE6 6c **
82Svetio Polacek's RouteM
83The Prodigal's ReturnHVS 5a
84Black WednesdayE5 6b
85StrongbodyHVS 5a
86ProcyonVS 4c
87Sunset WallE3 5c
88The DawningE5 6b **
89World's EndE1 5a *
90The Outside ManE1 5b
91Zawn Face RouteHVS 4c **
92The Time LordHVS 5a
94EchoesE3 5c
95VoicesE3 5b *
96The ParasiteE2 5b *
97Edge ControlE3 5b
98InitiationE2 5b *
99Nineteen Eighty-FourE2 5c
100The MaidenHVS 4c
101DeceptionHS 4a
102Silent ShadowE5 6b
103Piton RouteHVS 5b
104Sabre CutHVS 5b
105This Year's ModelVS 4c
106Old GenerationsHVS 5a
107MotivationE1 5b
108Hidden SecretE2 6a
109Land's End Short ClimbE1 5b
110Down the LineE2 5b
111Bring On the NubilesE1 5b
112Come to My AidE5 6a
113Rockin'E1 5b
114The GannetHVS 4c
115Death Rattle GulchE2 5a
116Loose GirthVS 4c
117The Quartz BandVS 4a
119Fair DinkumVD
121Longships ChimneyVD
123BlueHS 4b
124Longships CrackVS 4c
126Escape RouteD
128PyjamaramaE4 6b ***
129ImaginationS 4a
130Bongo WallE4 6a
131All's Wall that Ends WallE5 6c **
132Rubber Dinghy RapidsE7 6c **
133Mildly MoistV2 5c *
134AntennaE4 5c **
135Longships WallE3 5c **
136New EditionsE4 6b **
137Blade RunnerE7 6b **
138Southerne BelleE2 5c
139GloryE5 6a
140Yankee DoodleE2 5b **
141Counting PixiesE6 6b
142Well That's Just DandyE3 5b
143LucindaE2 5a
144Hands Across the OceanE6 6a
145Kingdom of the DeepE7 6b
146TitanicE8 6c
147Atlantic Ocean WallE5 6a ***
148AstrodomeE6 6b ***
149The Great Green WaveE6 6c
150Western ApproachesVS 4c
151Rap City in BlueVD
152Farewell to FriendsMVS 4c
153Longships CornerE3 5b
154First and Last WallE8 6c ***
155The PirateE3 5c **
157Rock StarE3 5c
158Rude AwakeningE2 5c
159CastawaysHVS 5a
161ChiotteS 4a
162Giant's StaircaseHVS 4b
164Land's End Long ClimbVD **
165Pinnacle RouteHVS 4c
166The TierHS 4b
167The Bearded ClamE1 5b
168The VeinVD
169The Hairy LobsterE4 6a
170Hotel ChambermaidE1 5b
171Capillary CracksVS 4c
173Spare RibVS 5a
174MatadorHVS 5a
175Silly Old MooHVS 5a
176Aberdeen AngusE2 5c *
177Iron HandE2 5c *
178Desert HawkE6 6b **
179Birds of PreyE2 5c
180Cactus CrackE1 5b *
181Diamond LifeE7 6c ***
182Crystal FingersE3 6b **
183GemstoneE5 6a
184DynosaurusE3 6c
185Quartz CrystalVS 5a
186The High TraverseVD
188The JousterVS 4c
189Armed Knight CrackHVS 5a
190Call to ArmsE3 5c
191The MaceHS 4b
192The Brave WarriorE1 5b
193Jester's BluesE3 5c
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The buttress with Black Wednesday (E5 6b) has been swept away from half height (above bolt) by the 2014 winter storms. Descent route down VDiff on seaward face of World's End buttress still present!
Lumbering Oaf - 12/Sep/14