Paynes Ford

Climbs 250 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude 28m a.s.l – Faces W

Crag features
Paynes Ford is of the climbing mecca's of New Zealand with something to satisfy most needs - from the hard rock junkie to the mellow hang - out types. It's got easy access; there are a variety of grades and types of climbing. The steep solid limestone dries quickly and climbing is only inhibited by the wettest weather - it’s even good in mid winter (when the friction is better).

The excellent “Hangdog Camp” lies within minutes walk from the crag and a great swimming hole can be found just across the road. You can buy the local guide booklet from Hangdog (camp) which includes most of the climbs in the Golden Bay region, or Rock Delux / South island rock are the options for a nationwide guide book.

Check out the Mussel Inn (Onekaka), the Wholemeal Cafe and the Cinema. Summer is usually enlivened with a variety of live concerts, raves and other entertainments.

Approach notes
Golden Bay is in the top left corner of New Zealand. If you know where the Abel Tasman National Park is then you are almost there. Takaka is over the hill from Motueka. Follow State Highway 60 on a very windy road (about 50 minutes drive). The Paynes Ford cliffs are in a Scenic reserve 4 km south of Takaka township, just beside the Paynes Ford road bridge. Hangdog camp is 2 minutes walk from the car park.

South Island Rock (2005), Rock Deluxe (2004), Golden Bay Climbs (2003)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
3Big sharks at night22  
4Terror, illness and rebellion18 1
5Zen Navigation16  
6Herbal Infusion19 *4
7The Darling Buds of May23 1
9Blobbet16 *41
10Good Bye Cream-Poofters17 **46
11Why would you wave at a one armed man riding a bike?25 *2
12Re-election Blues16 19
13Golden Years14 12
14Midwife Crisis13 25
15Calling all hobbits12 *20
16Elvis Lives in Takaka18 *29
17Blockbuster19 *15
18Bite my Chunk19 *8
19The Fearless Vampire Killers20 *24
20Gorgonzola Goes16 *13
21Cheddermaster's Choice15 *7
22Hula Yula6a+ 14
23Spotty Brit24 *7
24Tongue in Groove20 6
25Sweet Dreams22 *1
26Hunting Tartan6a+ 10
27Wasp Factor18  
28Something Precious21 *1
29Rawhide22 ***14
30Rumplestiltskin23 1
31Golden Bay Connection24 *4
32Serac Attack21 4
34Granulated chicken booster22 *1
35Humpty Dumpty18 **3
36All The Kings Horses21 *1
37Savage Honeymoon20 1
38Woop Woop Pull Up22 *6
39Last call for flight 91121 *2
40Bang your head20 2
41Bob and Betty go mating22 1
43Tales By Firelight21 *3
44Rat Up A Drainpipe20 **22
45Blibo's Great Adventure21 **13
46No rest for the Wicked22 **7
47Immaculate deception22 **6
49Spitfire19 *7
50Seafire21 *4
51Seven Days a Week25 1
52Jericho22 2
53Temples Of Stone18 ***37
54Jimmy the torn piece of paper gets a hand from fred the friendly6b 8
55R for Ranger, D for Danger21 3
56'D' for Danger Direct21 **5
57Space Invader20 2
58Stone Symposium6c **6
59Stroking The Tiger18 **13
60Wazzo Jugs18 *7
61Sacred Forest19 *9
62Autumn Leaf18 *10
64Fluffy Duck21 3
65Hi, I'm Dr Terrific20 **18
66Headplant21 **9
67Walk the Line20 *6
68Loose Unit20 **15
69Go with the flow22 **19
70Fat Cats19 *15
71A Shout Towards Noon16 13
72Badgers mount16 1
73Bent Badgers19 2
74Lapsed Catholics22 1
75Romancing The Stone16 **15
76Grey Warbler (17)17 6
78Pousse Ton Froc27 2
79Happy Motoring22 *1
80Grey Warbler14 11
81Electric Sunroof23  
83Carnage at the crossroads6a+ 9
84There Is No Spoon27 3
85Skiing Off A Convex Slope25 ***7
86Responsible Lunges25 **9
87No Fly Zone22 1
89Primal Scream22 4
90State of Mind14 1
91Three Poms and a Swedish Farafetta20 2
92Daves belay slave gets bored18 9
93Bondage for Beginners17 *11
95Dread Fever14 2
96Super Blonde20 *10
97Feisty Red6a+ 17
98Burly But Sensitive22 12
99Red Lining To The Max23 **11
100Calling Guthrie20 1
101Voice of the Beehive20 *14
102Effervescing Elephants19 1
103Sweetest William27 2
104High Voltage24 8
105Master of Puppets23 2
106Six Foot Thruster21  
107Daves Arete25 ***2
108Suparete27 **1
109Dancing on a Skewer28 * 
110Amino Max27 3
111Amino Pro24 *4
112Recidivist20 6
113Make my Grumpy Cat Dance21 **21
114Feeling Lucky Punk26 **4
115Make My Day25 **5
116Power Failure23 *4
117Stoned Monkey28 *2
118Papageno27 **2
119Greenday ?10 3
120Electricorp Production22 ***13
121Send a Gorilla23 ***11
122Feral Pakeha23 2
123Positive Energy23 2
124Superconductor23 ***8
125Creative Confusion27 **5
127Fauvism29 **1
128Wreck Tangle21 3
129Clutch Cargo22 3
130Procrastination26 **1
131Bulga-nomics25 3
132Juan Bautista24 **1
134You're Either Dead Or You're Not22 **7
135Tolkiens World26  
136Short Circuit22 1
137Lights Out22 1
141The Infidel25  
142Pembroke Calling19  
143Rupert Bear Goes Hiking20  
144The What Of What? Said Pooh21  
145Beas Knees17 1
146Peter Rabbit Discovers Drugs16 *1
147No Whack Only Dangle18 3
148Morepork Pie18 *10
149Lush19 **8
151Indecision16 *5
152Alternative Lifestyle17 *5
153Arachna-obeeelisk17 5
154Champagne Cruise14 *5
156Wrinkle16 25
157Candy Man18 *23
158Jerry Garcia16 *30
159Lost Soul21 **24
160Ecological Itch14 34
161Doolittle16 **40
162The Wrong Trousers15 27
163Wobbly Bits13 *25
164Lucy in the Sky with Prismatic Rain Drops15 *25
165The Bellringer11 *28
166Mind the Hebes12 *21
167Damsel in Dis-dress15 *18
168Knicknack Paddywack18 *28
169Mea Culpa27 5
170Porkage24 2
171Bury Me in a Y Shaped Coffin21 6
172Release the Bats18 2
173It's a Beautiful Day18 *7
174Misery21 **3
1761080 And The Letter G23 ***14
177Typhoon Tongue22 3
178Java Jive23 1
179Burn, Hollywood, Burn21 2
180Wilt21 *1
181Intensive Scare24  
182Big Mama Jama27 1
183La La Land23 *2
184Flesh Device25 1
185Bicep D'elan22 1
187Dread Carefully24 ***3
188African Head Charge26 ***4
189Jive Bombing24 **3
190Smells Like Fish27 **1
191Fish On Heat26 **2
192Fish On Heat25 **1
193Fish And Chips26 3
194The Good, The Bad And The Dread23 *4
195Subliminal Seducer24 **4
196American Spoon22 1
197Slaprobatics24 2
199Gobble, Gobble, Yum Yum19 **8
200The Great NZ Clobbering Machine22 3
201Rhinoceros19 **18
202Black Eyed Beauty22 2
203Berlin Wall26 *3
205Stamp Collection22 1
207Redgates15 *6
208Bored of the Rings19 **9
210System of the Down26 *2
211Trust Me20 1
212Want Some Candy?17 1
213The Red Hand of Ulster19 1
214Fraulein Foreskin23 1
215Vertebrae26 1
216Fellatio28 1
217Dutch Jugs27 *1
218Night in the Dog Box24 **1
219The Last Fish25 1
220Overkill26 **2
221Dirty harry18 2
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