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Hound Tor


Climbs 151 – Rocktype Granite – Altitude 380m a.s.l – Faces SW

Crag features
Hound Tor is a popular place in the Summer for many reasons.

Firstly it was made famous after Sherlock Holmes encounter here with a grim and fearfull beast that can still be seen on nights of a Full Moon. In recent times its popularity stems from its sheep trimmed lawns which are a Picnicing Paradise (great place for the family while you climb), the local car park (with "The Hound of the Basketmeals" mobile cafe) and the views from the summit, all of which bring holidaymakers from far and wide.

After giving up on finding Stegadacea Chimney, the Trad climber will no doubt seek out the excellent Suspension Flake and Aerobic Wall before wondering which monkey put up Hung like a Baboon.

The Boulderer could look to P6 to warm up before visiting the essential Sharks Fin Boulder, 5C Wall, the mean P23 & the jug filled P102. Feeling lucky, the hardcore Boulderer can consider Prowed, Cosmetix, The Barrel Rockover & The Cream Traverse amongst others.

Finally either trad climbers or boulderers can try out Skin Graft just to ensure they have absolutely no skin left at the end of the day.

The Nick White guide includes major routes but for a much more comprehensive view of this Granite Gem (IMHO essential) go to the website.

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Boulder Britain (2011), West Country Climbs (2010), South Devon & Dartmoor New Routes Supplement (2007), South Devon and Dartmoor (1995)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGradex
2Kisvaen CornerE3 6a 6
3The HobbitE5 6b  
4Sheep May Safely GrazeS 4a 102
5Perched Block ChimneyM 39
6Hob Hound EasyVD 7
7HobhoundE3 5b 26
8HobbleE5 6c  
9Toltec TwostepE5 6b ***14
10Toltec Twostep DirectE5 6c 1
11Suspension FlakeVS 4c ***643
12Cantilever DirectHS 4b 41
13Cantilever CrackVS 4c 67
14JanelleHS 4b *9
15Last FlingerHVS 6a 35
16P5 (Javu)V3 6a 20
17P6 (Javu)V2 5c **62
18Wall on slopersV1 22
19P7 (Javu)VB 3c 94
20P8 (Javu)VB 4c 93
21P9 (Javu)none 4c 58
22P10 (Javu)V4 6b 7
23P11 (Javu)V4 6b 4
24P12 (Javu)VB 4c 13
25FogouVS 4c *42
26P13 (Javu)V0- 4a 16
27P15 (Javu)V0 5c 5
28Dead Dog RibE2 5b 15
29P19 (Javu)none 4c 7
30P 22 (Javu)VB 4c 25
31P23 (Javu)V4 6b ***29
32P24(Javu)V4 6b **8
33P26 (javu)V0 5a 13
34P27 (Javu)V5 6a/b 5
35P28 (Javu)none 5a *9
37P29 (Javu)V0- 5a 138
38P30 (Javu)V3 6a *80
39Shark's FinV1 5c ***305
40Sharks Fin Double DynoV1 5b ***43
41WishV5 6b 37
42The Wish (low start)V7 6c 4
43MakoV11 2
44P34 (javu)V7 3
45P36 (Javu)V0 5c 21
46P37 (Javu)V1 5c 9
47Barnaby's CrackV2 6a 4
48Ozzie's WallHS 4b **20
49Problem: 40 (Javu)V2 6a **6
50Problem: 42 (Javu)none 6a **5
52Problem: 44 (Javu)S 4a *33
53Top HatM 27
54P45 (Javu)none 4a 46
55P46 (Javu)none 5a 36
56P47 (Javu)none 4b 43
57P48 (Javu)none 4c 41
58P49 (Javu)none 5a 32
59P50 (Javu)none 3c **62
60P51 (Javu)VB 3c 33
61Pr52 (Javu)none 5c 9
62Project P: 53 (Javu)none  
63P54 (Javu)V2 6a 9
65Aerobic WallE2 5c **268
66P56 (Javu)E2 6a 5
67Limbo DancerE4 5c *40
68P58 (Javu)E4 6a  
69P59 (Javu)E3 5b 1
70Aerobic TraverseV2 5c **57
72Skin GraftV2 5c *76
73CosmetixV5 6b *40
75P62 (Javu)VB 4c 43
76P63 (Javu)none 6b 23
77P64 (Javu)V0 5a 54
78P65 (Javu)V3 6a **54
795c WallV1 5b **164
80P67 (Javu)none 6b 25
81Filet MignonVB 4a *5
82Chav-WagonV1 5b *8
83The HornV1 5c **108
 Climb nameGradex
85P69 (Javu)none 5a 6
86Anaerobic WallE1 5c **57
87Anaerobic AreteE2 6a 41
88P72 (Javu)none 5b 6
89P73 (Javu)none 5b 4
91P74 (Javu)V1 5c 2
92Top ProwV3 6a **9
93William CrossingV5 6b 1
94P77 (Javu)V2 6a 2
96ProwlerVS 5a 102
97Little Prow (boulder problem)V2 5c **93
98Little ProwE1 5c *73
99ProwedV5 6b **39
100P81 (Javu)none 6b 2
101P82 (Javu)V0 5b 32
102Little Prow TraverseV5 6b/c *13
103P84 (Javu)V6 6c 3
104Raw Onion BoyzE2 6a *4
105ScornE4 6a 7
106P87 (Javu)V0 5b 7
108Stegadacea ChimneyD 32
109Stegadacea Chimney (variation)S 4a 3
110AvariceE3 5c * 
111Hydraulic AreteHVS 5b *145
112Right ChimneyVD 28
113The ViceVD *256
114PaddyM 313
115PulpitVD 362
116P91 (Javu)HS 5a *58
117DevonleighHVD **207
119Liars DiceS 4a *587
120P93 (Javu)VS 4b 39
121Liar's areteVD 34
122P94 (Javu)HS 4b 25
123P95 (Javu)V1 5c *31
124P96 (Javu)none 6b 10
126Downward BoundE2 5c *18
127Rob's Cracknone 5b 8
128Rob's Bum Cracknone 5c 5
129P100 (Javu) aka Overhanging JugsV0- 4c ***39
130P100b (Javu) Jugs sit startV7 *3
131It Goes at About VdiffVD 7
133P101 (Javu)none 4c 5
134P102 (Javu)V1 5b **58
135P103 (Javu)V2 6a *38
136P104 (Javu)none 4c 33
137Teenage Mutant Ninja SlippersHVS 4c 16
138Full MoonE3 5c *2
140P107 (Javu)V4 6b 3
141TuppyV9 6c 1
142The Barrell RockoverV5 6b *7
143Stray Dog (Gone Defective)V9 6c * 
144?V8 **7
146Skuzz BucketE4 6a *1
147Hung Like a BaboonE5 6c *1
148Never Trust a MonkeyE6 6c  
149P112 (Javu)V3 6a 2
150P113 (Javu)V5 6b 4
151Alan SmithV9 7a *9
152Project P: 115 (Javu)none  
153The Cream TraverseV8 6c **12
154The NewtD 4
155Skin Graft TooVB ?? 2
156BICTON!!!f6B+ ***3
157PROB 102 + A BIT MOREV1 6a  
158The Savile Feeling *E5 6b *4
159Wall on slopers sit start *f6B 2
160Groove *f4 3
161Arete *f4 3
162Easy Wall *f4 3
163Left edge 5c WallVB 4b 1
164One Move Wonder *HS 4c * 
165Shark's Mouth *V4 1
166WISH-ISH !! *V2 *3
* Climbs listed in red are waiting to be checked by a crag moderator, and may not be accurate.
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Access notes
From the M5, continue onto the A38 then follow signs to Bovey Tracey.

From the Bovey roundabout (the second, look for the Granite block feature), turn left following signs firstly for Moretonhampstead, then left to Widecombe in the Moor.

Keep on going up the great big hill that eventually brings you out at Hay Tor. Hound Tor is on the other side of the valley to Hay Tor so keep on going round till you can turn right onto the other side of the Valley. If your going down a big hill turn around.

Another mile on, Hound Tor becomes visible (on right), turn right and park up. Two minute walk in.

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Note also that Hound tor is quite special in tha way that many of these problems are somewhere in the grey area between bouldering and soloing *ahem* "highball". The grading system works where V grades apply to normal length boulder problems, if there is no Trad grade but a tech grade it probabally doesnt deserve a rope but then again you probabally don't want to fall off the top.
John_Warner - 29/Apr/07

With help from some others, especially freelancer_85, (nearly) all routes and boulder problems have been added. However - many of these routes have no descriptions - or stars, this isn't because the crag is pants, theyre just unknown. So if you climb a route make sure you vote on it, and if you have a sensible description that differs from the Javu one feel free to add it. Cheers
John_Warner - 29/Apr/07