Auchinstarry Quarry

Climbs 126 – Rocktype Dolerite – Altitude 100m a.s.l – Faces S

Crag features
Has great character with good protection. Dubious safety work by the council has obliterated some old classic lines but there is plenty left. Some of the rock is sublime.

Safety report for the quarry

Approach notes
Regular train service to Croy which is only 1 Kilometre away to the south.

Some routes start straight from the car park.

For routes overlooking the pool, walk left (east) and through a wire fence to the top of the quarry. Scramble or abseil from stout trees to the water level.

Lowland Outcrops (2005),
Out of print: Lowland Outcrops (1994)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Undercut WallV0+ 5a 4
3Shield Bugf4 2
4Crimpy WallV3 6a 1
5Easy FlakeVB 4a *12
6Bruddaz Gonna Work it Outf6C 2
7Green OnionHVS 5a 62
8I-spyE2 5c *89
9Mr MenVS 4b **274
10Mister, Ye Can Walk Up Roon The BackS 190
11Mister, You're On Fire MisterVS 5a 19
12First FooterE1 5c **94
13No Stone UnturnedS 5a 27
14Just stand upE1 6a 7
15Access RouteD ***462
16slab left of ScreamE2 5c 99
17ScreamS 4b 675
18WhimperS 53
19AnarchistVD 352
20TarS 289
21TardisS 3
22Three Cheers for Yer Uncle BobVS 5a 53
23Knock BackE1 5b **196
24Slinky LizardHS 4b *535
25CubigoruasryHS 5a 12
26Cat's Whisker'sE2 5b 97
27Death is the HunterE5 6b/c ***25
28Nijinski is the HunterE3 5c *8
29NijinskiE5 6a ***132
31Blade RunnerE4 6a **40
32Blade Runner DirectE5 6b *16
33Promontory RunnerE4 6b  
34Promontory DirectHVS 5a ***567
35Plumline AreteE3 6a 6
36Plumline CrackHVS 5c *54
37SpirogyraVS 4c 333
38CarouselambraE5 6b **8
39In through the Out doorE5 6a  
40Fish risingE2 5b 2
41Twilight ZoneE4 6a * 
42Tit for TatE2 5c 3
43The Surf ShackE5 6b  
45Newcastle BrownE1 5b 2
46Roll UpVS 4c 3
47Soft MachineE2 5c  
48MaypoleHVS 4c 6
49High DiveE3 5c *20
50Surface TensionE5 6b ***20
51MascaradeE1 5c *20
52WhiplashE1 5b 10
53Red LeadVS 5a ***333
54White SlabHS 4b **189
55Demons & Dead LizardsHVS 5a 30
56Spanking the RustbucketE3 5c 3
57Harry Goes WestE2 5b 1
58Hopelessly Treading WaterE4 6a 1
60The seven year planE2 5c *2
61Amnesiac PullHS 6
62Cracked AreteVS 4c **128
63Cruisers CreekE1 5b 9
64Orange FlashHVS 5a **120
65Danger! U.S.RHVS 5a *15
67CaftanHVS 4c 14
68BazaarHVS 4c 13
69Solstice SlotVS 4c 9
70Ice EdgeVS 4c 8
71MastalgiaVS 4c *100
72Higher BeginningVD 14
73Stir CrazyHVS 5a 14
74BouldermouseHVS 5a 6
75Lion CubVS 4b *114
76LionHVS 5b **155
77The Return of the KingE2 5c ***67
78ADNIL (aka Auch!)HVS 5a *11
79SunshineHVS 5a **9
80Kelvin Way DAMAGEDE1 5a 2
82Mac's WallHVS 5a 3
83Short ReachE1 5b **20
84Pigeon HoleVS 4c 2
85ExorcistHVS 5b  
86Separated EdgeHVS 5a 2
87Christmas CornerHVS 5a 4
88Glass DirectE1 5a **3
89GlassE1 5c  
90Dream MachineE4 6a/b ***7
91Quick BuckVS 5a *19
92Think of ScotlandE6 6b ** 
94Glasgow No MoreVS 4c 17
95The JavelinE2 6a *16
96A Stroll with MarigoldE1 5b *4
97ReplicantE3 5c 8
98Sunday SlabVD 5
99TrundleVS 4c **541
100Fool's GoldE3 5b *4
101Walk on the Wild SideHVS 5a ***320
102Inca TrailE1 5a *3
103Midas TouchE1 5b ***155
104The Gold BugE3 5c 11
105Gold RushE1 5b ***292
106After the Gold Rush (DAMAGED)E2 5a 4
107After the Grave DigE1 5a *70
108GolddiggerHVS 5a 14
110Deep Throat RevivedE5 6a 1
111Power PlayE1 5b *33
112Foxy WoxyE3 5c **13
113Shiny Happy PeopleE3 6a ** 
114Crazy DaisyHVS 5a 4
115Think PositiveE2 6a 1
116Shot In The DarkE1 5a *3
117Evasive ActionVS 4c 1
119B.C.'s ReturnE1 5b 1
120UreaVS 4c 1
121Stool PigeonE4 6b  
122Both Toes BurningE3 6a 1
123The Colour PurpleE1 5b 2
124Red SnapperE2 5c  
125Band AidE3 5c  
126Race Against TimeE3 5c  
127FootlooseHVS 5a 1
129Kein Trink WasserHVS 5a 3
131Jerk Outf6A **4
132Diagonal CrackVB 4a 19
133Zigzag CrackVB 4a 16
134Tiny AreteVB 5a 9
135SpidermanVB 6b 3
136Wide CrackVB 4a 16
137Finger FlakesVB 4a 11
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Currently a family of bats in a crack on the white slab (part way up red lead)
James90 - 23/Jun/15
Please can people stop top-roping Nijinski (and adjacent routes). It's an amazing line and a great trad testpiece that really deserves better than avoiding it's true lead quality. FWIW with enough RPs and Offsets and the skill to place them, it's closer to E4. Something to save for the future if you can't lead it.
Fiend - 17/Dec/13
Council work has affected the tops of some of the car park area routes, as shown here This seems to be leading to more dirt and water coming down these lines.
Roberttaylor - 13/Feb/13
'Starry is looking a little woebegone. Other than Red Lead/Mascarade buttress and Trundle slab there's an awful lot of grass and neglect. Couple of public spirited locals needed for gardening.
IanMcC - 14/Jun/12
2 Youtube clips of the view of Auchinstarry Quarry.
Denpov - 14/Aug/10
From the Croy Train Station the bus nunber 349 also passes the quarry. 50 pence fare August 2010. The buses take about 2 minutes.
Denpov - 10/Aug/10
From the Croy Train Station a bus service from 7.43am (no 43) goes past the quarry and is every 15mins during the day, but there may not be an evening service. Get the bus at the bus stop outside the train station Cost 1.25 August 2010. :o)
Denpov - 04/Aug/10
Currently updating the crag and getting all the routes in order. if you have a description of the last 50 or so routes especially it'd be helpful!
JamieSparkes - 27/Nov/08
Auchinstarry is a good venue for middle grade climbers in the Glasgow area. It is a disused dolerite quarry with a wee loch which folk fish and kayak on, with newly- landscaped and imroved grounds. It has excellent routes mainly in the VS- E2 range. Some of the routes have great atmosphere, such as Red Lead (VS 5a) which ascends an improbable looking wall and crack from a semi hanging belay right above the water. Watch out for local savages hurling rubbish and rocks off the top however.
I am the God of Stratheyre - 11/Apr/05
A 15 minute walk from a train station served by fairly regular trains makes this an ideal crag for someone in glasgow without a car. Personally never had any problems with the locals myself but have heard stories.
alrobertson - 18/Apr/04