Craig Cywarch (aka Craig Cowarch)

Climbs 356 – Rocktype Welsh igneous – Altitude 300m a.s.l – Faces E

Crag features
A massive complex cliff-line in a superbly quiet location. This vast rambling mountainside, interspersing sheets of rock with towering gullies and vast amounts of heather terraces, will ideally suit strong-stomached mountaineers who can brave the "full mountain day out", or canny crag rats who will find the isolated clean walls and revel in some hidden gems. The climbing varies from long rambling easy classics to marginally accessible extreme testpieces, and polish is unlikely to be a problem.

Approach notes
Turn off the A470 at Dinas Mawddwy and take take road toward Aber-Cywarch before following a minor road up the Cywarch valley.

North Wales Climbs (2013), Meirionnydd (2002),
Out of print: Scrambles & Easy Climbs in Snowdonia (2005), Central wales Climbers Guide (1973)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
3PortcullisS 1
4The Cywarch Finger FlakeE5 6a  
5Kangaroo MoonE6 6b  
6StrongholdS 4a 3
7BattlementsHS 4a 1
8Higher than the SunE3 6a  
10White RibbonHS 4a *1
11The WizardS 1
12Green WallE2 5c 1
13DunsinaneHS 4a 1
14The StingHVS 5a  
15GryptychHS 4b  
17Paper BackHVS 5b  
18Basil Brush StrokeE6 6a * 
19Room at the TopHS 2
20PencilheadE3 5c  
21Penpushers GrooveE2 5c  
25SharkfingE2 5b * 
27The WallHVS 5a  
28Taranu CrackHVS 5a  
29FlashbackHS 4b  
33Shady SaunterS  
34Darkness on the Edge of TownE3 6a  
35Shouts in SpaceE3 6a  
36Chariots of FireE2 5c  
37Sulpher MountainE5 6b  
38The Devil WithinE6 6b  
39Tithing ManE4 6a  
40BarbarismE5 6b  
41Bapteme de l'AirE1 5b  
42The StudE5 6c  
43TobiasE5 6b  
44Girdle TraverseVS 4b 1
45General GaltiereiHS 4a  
48South West AreteVD  
49Concorde DirectE1 5c  
50The Clivierd LineVS 4c  
51Beggars BanquetHVS 5b  
52Buzzard's BalconyS 3
53Little Red RoosterE2 5c  
54Dream RacerE2 5c 6
55Lucy in the SkyHVS 5a  
56The DoghouseE6 6b  
57Sci-FiE7 6b 1
58The PurgeE2 5c *2
59SveinstockHVS 5a 1
60Crozzly WallE4 5c 1
61RolairE3 6a  
62Fleet Air ArmE5 6c  
63The GrafterE3 6a 1
64HeistE2 5c 1
65Tumblin' DiceE2 5c  
66The CrabHVS 5a 1
67ThymeHVS 5b  
68Nicht Schlafen TraumaE5 6b  
69LanchesterHVS 4b 3
70IncapabilityD *3
71The GemHS 4b ***7
72Jack Of DiamondsHVD 6
73Hot PantsVD 2
74Wright's RouteS  
75SiftaS 1
76Salt FreeHVS 5a  
77CerebosS 3
78Square-Cut GullyM  
79Square ChimneyVD  
81MigraneHVS 5a 1
82Black WallVS 4c  
84Sheep's ClimbM 1
85JungleVS 4b  
86Short CircuitVS 4b  
87The GraveyardHVS 5a 1
88Frigid PinkE1 5b  
89ScourgeE1 5c 2
90The Mind's EyeE4 5c  
91The OverlapE2 5c **1
92Old GloryE4 6a  
93China ShopVS 4b  
94Live Like a KingE5 6b  
95WedgewoodHVS 5a 1
96Loon PlageE5 6b  
97Bear CageE4 5c  
98TapdanceE5 6a  
99PeacekeeperE3 6a  
100SoldierE1 5b  
101DelfrHVS 5a  
103The SteepleVS 4b  
105Frontal CrackVD 1
106Little GullyD  
107Barad d'UrS  
109Fritz The CatVD 1
110Flu '69HS 4b 2
112Sweet Baby JamesHVS 5a **10
113Mud Slide SlimVS 4c *14
114OreadVS 4b 2
115DerwentVS 4b 1
116Electric RailHVS 5b  
117RaindropVS 4c 1
118Bluebell BabylonVS 4b 16
119Will o' the WispHVD ***190
120Pear Tree BluesVS 4c 3
121KatmanduHVS 4c 2
122Katmandu, Direct StartE1 5c  
123A Touch of ClassVD 2
124Oh CalcuttaVS 4b  
125Elephant WallS 4a 1
126Diagonal AreteD  
127BaskervilleHVS 5a 1
128Dancing ManHVS 5a 1
129The FortifierVS 4c 2
130Central RouteS 1
131ThungVS 4b  
132Bric-a-bracVS 4b  
133Brick WallE1 5b 2
134George MachineVS 4c 1
135The ComediansHVS 5a  
136Second FoundationE2 5c  
137Auto-ManHVS 5a  
138Tombstone BluesHS 4a  
139Ring WraithHVS 4b 1
140The Yellow PolicemanVS 4c  
141QuartzbergHVS 5a  
143Tower of BabelVD *4
144The DomeVS 4b 1
145AliciaHVS 5a  
146Great GullyD  
148Shade of PaleE1 5b **4
149Shade of Pale Right-HandHVS 5a  
150Lone RangerHVS 5a  
151GrimbarianVS 4b  
152The MekonS 3
153The WormHVS 5b  
154The ArchS 2
155Lectern DirectVS 4c 1
156YggdrasilVD 1
157PealHS 4a 1
158RecuperationD 2
159RestorationVD 7
160First AnniversaryM 6
161The ArcherVS 4c  
162Lincoln GreenVS 5a  
165North GullyHS  
166Rolling StoneS  
167All in a DayE2 6b  
168Time After TimE2 6b  
169Mothers PrideHS 4b 1
170Big BoyE3 6a  
171Sickle WallS 4b 1
172The ScytheVS 4a 1
173ApolloVS 4b  
174Half Moon CrackS  
176For Hyll DremE4 5c  
177WunderstuffE5 6b  
178Hot House FlowersE3 5c  
179South Face CrackHS 4b  
180Don't Even Think About ItE5 6b  
181BunduVS 4b  
182Wig WalkHS 4a  
184PhoebusVD 2
185LetheD 1
186Free AranE5 6a  
187AGMVD 1
188StyxVS 4b 1
189The TechnicianE3 5c  
190Technician DirectE4 5c  
191HadesE1 5a 1
192Hell's GateE2 5b  
193Stygian WallVS 4c *8
194StrobeE3 6a 6
195CarrionE1 5b  
196Trouble MakerE2 5c  
197Tech NoirE6 6b  
198CharonE1 5b 1
199PlutoE3 5c  
200Sweet SeptemberE6 6b  
201Midsummer's Day DreamE5 6b  
202Girdle TraverseE1 5b  
204TrendVS 4b  
206VulcanHVS 5b 1
207AcheronHVS 5a **27
208KaisepakteE1 5b  
209The MuleE1 5b  
210DoomVS 4c ***45
211Italia 90E2 5b  
212GuillotineVS 4b  
213NorthernerE2 5c  
214MidlanderVS 4c  
215The Big CleftHVS 5a  
216Man of KentVS 4c 1
217The Magic DragonHVS 5a 1
218ClickVS 4b 1
219Jugs GrooveE3 5c 1
220Mad RayE5 6a  
221Girdle TraverseHVS 5a  
222Pick n' ChooseE4 6a  
224Hope StreetS 4a  
225Learning to FlyE3 5c 1
226HopsitHS 4b  
227The WhisperHVS 5a  
228Quartz WallE1 5c 1
229First VisitHVS 5a 1
230QuartizoneE6 6b  
231Cat a' Nine TailsE2 5c  
232Quartz ButtressHVS 5a  
233Powder MonkeyE2 5c  
234Hard RainE2 5c  
235PlankwalkHVS 5b 3
236Keel HaulE2 5b ***6
237GornikS 4a  
238Ceramic ChimneyS  
239SybariteHVS 4b  
240SpartanE2 5c  
241CrimeaE5 6a  
242HereticE2 5c  
243Quartz VeinVS 4c  
244King Edwards ArmyHVS 5b  
246Bubble WallHS 4b  
247Ronkle Boot ChimneyD  
248The Little Red HelmetS  
249Where Eagles DareHVS 5a 1
250WhirligigS 4a  
252Whistling in the DarkE3 5b  
253Strolling in the ParkE2 5b  
254First fruitV0+ 1
255The Ponytail ParadesV0- 1
256Kestral CracksVS 4
257Tappers AreteM 4c 1
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At time of posting Tap Y Gigfran is effectively inaccessible due to the scramble approach to the ramp being blocked by gorse and brambles, as well as having serious fall potential.
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