Cheddar Gorge North

Climbs 370 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude ? – Faces S

Crag features
Sunshine until mid-afternoon (Pride Evans Cliff is to low down to see the sun in mid-winter). Mostly hard and steep climbing. Mixture of sport and trad.

Collection of small crags on the North side of the gorge near the village. Lion Rock, Pride Evans Cave, and The Remnant.

All feature mostly hard and steep climbing and a mixture of sport and trad.

Access notes
Climbing is allowed year round on most cliffs on the North side though the access situation is sensitive, due to the high visibility of these crags and the risk of stones being dislodged.

Don't approach The Remnant from the car park directly below - follow the path from Lion Rock.

Avoid Prospect Tier and the bay to its right during summer.

Check online with the BMC regional access database.
Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

South West Climbs - Volume 1 (2012), Avon and Cheddar (2004), Avon and Cheddar (1992)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Lion's ShareHVS 4c 1
3Pussy GaloreE4 6b 1
4Human Zoo7b+ **30
5Lions Pride8a ***4
6Cheddar Death Knell7b+ 26
7Taming of the LionE6 6c ***11
8Circus, Circus7c ***35
9Circus Finale7c+ ***1
10Shadow Walker8a+ ***15
11Roy Walker connection8a ***5
12Lion sleeps tonight8a *12
13The SnarlE4 6b *1
14SimbaE1 5b **49
15Lion in WinterE3 6a *4
16Tonight at Noon7c+ *2
17Valley of the Blind7c ***114
18English Cheddar GorgeousE5 6b **1
19Seriously Strong CheddarE6 6b ***1
20ECGE5 6a 2
21LeadbellyVS 4c 8
22Rock Junky7a+ 43
23The ForestVS 4b  
25Under SuveillanceHVS 5c  
26Game OverS  
27Fred the ShredE4 6a 2
28No Purchase NecessaryE1 5c 10
29Easy PickingsVS 4b 17
30Immaculate Conception6c+ 57
31Days in the Desert6b+ 122
32NumbskullE1 5b *10
33Das Goot, Yah?6b *177
34My Bones, My Bones, MyE4 6b  
35Old BonesE5 6a  
36Bristol Weed8a+ 16
37Homegrown8a+ 20
38Drug Store Cowboy8b *1
39The Wrist Business7c+ 38
40Just Say No8a **15
41Try to RememberE5 6b 7
42Right-Hand Man8a 63
43Buried AliveE5 6b 1
44It's a Kind of Magic7b 218
45SkeletonE2 5c 10
46FossilE3 5c 7
47The Empire Strikes Back8a+ 5
48The Death Star8c *1
49Everyday Lives of Ordinary People7c 98
50Skullduggery7a+ 176
51Spider Down My Vest - Cardiac Arrest!E5 6a 1
52Bouncing Barry7b+ 10
53Bouncing Spy7c * 
54Spy in the Sky7b 111
55Act of Vengance7b+ 16
56Star Wars: The TrilogyE7 6c 1
57The MessageE3 6a  
58A Question of SportHVS 5a  
61Gordon's Big Nose6b 37
62Can't Give a Finger6a 47
63Sprechen Ewe Loos6b+ 38
64CrèvecoeurE3 6a  
65Enemy of the StateE2 5b 1
66Fred's Project8b *2
67Ultra-Violence7c *5
68Jihadi8a *7
69Secret Cabaret7c+ **18
70Jewel in the SunE5 6b ***2
71Jewel of a Son7b+ *35
72Piglet's GrooveVS 4c *3
73Sing a Mean Toon, Kid7b+ **80
74Pyrotechnician (Left)7c+ **18
75Directoonima7c ***8
76Burning Ambition8a **5
77House Burning Down7b+ ***184
78Pride Evans Locker7c *7
79Pyrotechnician8a **2
80Mini Cooper7c+ *1
81Rustler6c *114
82Privy PurseHVS 5a 4
83SolsticeHVS 5b/c  
84It's Behind YewHVS 5a  
86Yew Who!E3 6a 2
87Parallel CracksM  
88Goldilock's ZoneE2 5c 34
89HepatitisVS 4b 62
90Silence of the Lamb ChopsE3 5b 11
91What's All This Then?5c *338
92Hot Enough?6a *380
93The One-Armed Man6a 334
94In the Waiting Line4c *283
95Dwain Dibbly6a+ 168
96Take HartE2 6a 27
97Moai6a 107
99Like a VirginE3 6b 1
100Dead on Arrival6a+ 193
101The Bloodshed Begins6a+ *177
102Ritual Slaughter7a *54
103Millimetre War7c 41
104To-ally Wick-edE1 5b  
105The Gift6b+ 55
106Billy Crystal6b+ 44
107Crystal Gale7a+ 13
108Grope the Slope6c *35
109Three's Company6b+ 67
110The Minstrel7a+ *92
111Real Runners'E3 5b/c 3
112G Whizz7b+ 9
113Mutant Frenzy Bug6c+ *96
114Toxic Shock6b 308
115Islands in the City7a+ 130
116Greed7b+ 11
117Utility Cock7c+ 7
118Insatiable7b+ *170
119Raw Deal7a **396
120Bursting the Wave7c+ *18
121Holdloss7c 1
123Bee Keeping in a War Zone6c+ 19
124Seven Months Later7c 53
125Ebee G BeesE1 5a 3
126Missing on the Somme6c 13
127Split Rambo7b+ 16
128Liquid Crystal8a *21
129A Day Called Zero8a *8
130Sophisticated7a+ *10
131Psycho-Babble6b+ 59
132Hell's a Hard Place7a+  
134Who is the Enigmatic Mystery Climber?6a+ 20
135Three Dark Nights6c+ 12
136Joyride7a 104
137Liquid Sky7a+ 8
138Les Trois Chevres7a+ 29
139One for the Northern Brats7b+ 5
140Sweet Tufa8a 12
141Ya-Boo Yorkie!7b+ *16
142Hard Bass Religion7c 5
143Gob Blob7b  
144Moonmilk7b 4
145Bick Zoomhead7b  
146Velcro Wall7b 16
147Dope on a Slope7a+ 20
148On Beachy Head7b 8
149Stoned to Death6a 31
151Night VisionE6 6a 1
152Hard LimeE5 6b 1
153Dangerous DuskE5 6a 1
154Thin TowersE4 6b 1
155Above and Beyond the I'm So Pathetic BarrierE1 6a 2
156Secrets of 2002E4 6a 1
157No Gear - Oh Dear!E3 5c 1
159Wham Bam Thank You Ma'amVS 5a  
160Hair CutVS 4c 17
161MohicanE1 5b 4
162Gentlemen in Red Trousers'E4 6b  
163Short CutS 4a 18
164Surprise CockfagsVS 4c  
165Your DestinyE4 6a  
166CentrefoldE1 5b 8
167ChargeVS 4c 34
168Le soupçonS 4a *3
169Watching the Days Go ByE4 6a  
170Digit AreteE5 6a 2
171Digit WallE2 5b 15
172Pot of CrockE4 6a  
173Wild FrontierE6 6b 1
174No Fit State7a+  
175FartE2 5c 2
176Vic BondE4 6b  
177Maker's NameplateE5 6b 2
178Jon LukeE5 6b  
179Rigorous Self AbuseE5 6a  
180The WinkE2 5b 10
181The NodE2 5b 6
182Mary JaneVS 4c 27
183Prospect EliminateE4 5c  
184Madcap LaughsVS 4b 21
185AsylumHVS 5b 2
186Lonely PrideE4 6b 2
187Sub-MescalitoE2 5c  
189Forgotten SacrificesHS 60
190Brass MonkeyHS 4a 97
191Weasel WordsE4 6b  
192Inter-continental Ballisic BonzoE3 6a 7
193Condensation CanyonE4 6a 2
194Funny BoneHVS 5a 36
195HumerusS 90
196RiotsvilleE2 5c 10
197Forward ThinkingE5 6a 4
198Greg's Little Wall of HorrorsE2 5c 29
199In-between BoobsE5 6a 3
200Readers' WivesE1 5a 2
201LetcherE5 6a 4
202Consenting AdultsE2 5b 42
203Craitor TraitorE5 6b 3
204Heart Leaf ClimbS 4a 32
205Heart Leaf DirectE3 6a 6
206Au Bout de SouffleE5 6a  
207Harley StreetE4 5c 3
208Driller Killer, Q'est-ce Que C'est?7c 21
209Fettered Trajectory7b+ 60
210Air to Air Exit7b+ 5
211ConcordeE5 6b 4
212TumbletotE5 6b  
213La Tour NoireE5 6a 11
214La Tour Noire SuperE6 6b 4
215Dinner DateE1 5b 84
216My Wife's Apple CrumbleE5 6b 2
217Mescalito7c 45
218Rave Party7a+ 30
219Make It Snappy!4c 52
220I Can't Believe It's a Texan5c 66
221I've Lost My Canadian5a 77
222Pregnancy Rocks Boyo!6c 28
223Keep the Home Fires Burning6a 61
224Old RomanticsE2 5c  
225The Three BombadiersE2 5c  
226Nameless ScoopE2 5c  
227Just My ImaginationE2 5c  
228Once AgainE2 5c  
229Robertson's JamE4 6a 2
230Lean Burn7b 14
231Stanton Warriors8a+ * 
232Me No Stereotype7c 10
233Will Stanton8a ***9
234Still Wanton7b  
235Gorilla TacticsE3 5c  
236SentinelE3 6a  
237Sentinel DirectE4 6a  
238Mix a Quick Fix7a+ 1
239VanguardE3 6a 6
240Bollocks to Broccoli7b 14
241What Lies Beneath6c+ 14
242Editorial AxeE3 6a 1
243Pitchfork RebellionE5 6b/c 1
244Gubia7b+ **34
245Rainy Day - Dream AwayE5 6b  
246In from the StormE4 6b  
247Bikini Amber7a+ 36
248A Day for FeetE2 6a 9
249Look Around to See What to Look Up forE3 6a 2
250No Grappling; No Ska6a 12
251The Great Dane and Other Tall TalesS  
252MicawberismHVS 5a  
253Cyclists Advised to WalkE2 5c  
254AvalonVS 4c  
255Sell Your SoulE1 5a  
256So This is ChristmasHS 5a  
257Another Year OverS 5a  
258Mare's NestVD 3
259The GrailE2 5c  
260Can-CanVB 5b  
261DanemarkHVS 5a 1
262GroundrushE4 6a  
263Assassin!E6 6b 1
264ThrillerE3 5c 1
265PsychoE1 5b 1
266KayVS 4c  
267Slow ReturnE2 5b  
268First a FenceE6 6b 1
269Dead StopE5 6a/b  
270Poisoned IvyE4 5c 1
271Free FallE2 5b  
272The Dimming of the DayE2 5c 1
273Peg Leg CrackHS 4a 3
274Mon DieuE3 5c  
275Zut Alors!VS 4c  
276Elizabeth RouteD 7
277North-West AreteE3 6a  
278Original RouteD 5
279Mariette RouteVD 15
280A Slice at the WifeE1 5b  
281Emily's DogVS 4b 2
282Burial RouteD 9
284I Got One!5c 131
285Sound Your Horn7a+ 32
286Where The Sun Don't Shine6b 139
287Keep it in the Family6a+ 157
288Maiden Flight6b+ *105
289Hill 625a 172
290White Smoke4a 230
291That Hollow Feeling6a+ *44
292Like Father Like Son5a *305
293Drukpa Dzong4c 157
294Totally Elched6b 85
295Spoon Jar Jar Spoon6a *208
296Rush Hour6a 26
297Fez6a 124
299Three Pounds Per Tonne4a 330
300Oh Pretty Woman!5c 277
301Lapse In Taste5c 304
302Mr Ripple6a *391
303Big Budget Productions6a *324
304Waiting for GorditoE1 5b 14
305Room With A View6a+ *295
306Lady Cassidy6a+ *204
307Galena Colada6c *162
308Get Kimitri!E5 6a *11
309No Time to Lose6b *170
310No Time at AllE5 6a 2
311Snug as a Slug on a Jug7a+ 61
312Screwballed!7a *219
313Keystone Cop-OutE4 5c 5
314Playboys7b+ *100
315All Hands to the Pump7b *228
316Stone Town6b+ *272
317Off the Wall6b *429
318Breezes6c 110
319Cascara CrackS 4a 82
320Hug the Jug5a 457
321Don't Fear the Bleater5c 451
322Un-named Severe, Arch RockS 4
323As Happy as a Slug in SlimeE4 5c 11
324Cross-Town Traffic6c 5
326Mokee Dugway Backway6c 77
327Chilli Cheesedog6a 335
328StreamlineE1 5b 22
329Where the Hell Is Hanksville6c *102
330No Saanich in Salsa6a+ 60
331Stepped WallVD 186
332MatanuskaVS 4c 125
333Little HopperVS 4b *182
334Always Tomorrow7b *27
335Tomorrow Never DiesE4 6b 1
336Odds against TomorrowE5 6a *4
337Cryogenics7a+ **82
338Bluepoint7a+ *75
339Bullsblood6c+ *36
340Decimation7a+ 60
341Subcutaneous TissueE2 5a 4
342Little M6b 172
343Stepping Back6c *134
344RoamertherapyE2 5b 4
345What5a 124
346Problem AV0 *11
347Problem BV0+ 5a *14
348Problem CV1 5c *9
349Problem DV0+ 5b *12
350Problem EV0+ 5b *11
352Whose Line Is It Anyway?7a *195
353Airborne Attack6b+ *212
354Arcadia5a 398
355LuciferaVD 145
356Mojave Dust6a 314
357Busking for bolts4c 382
358Think Again4a 294
359EastenderHVS 5a *76
360Comfortably Numb7a+ 35
361The Heavy Brigade6b 186
362Berlin Wall6a+ 183
363Groove Armada6a *292
364The Only Fear Is a Flat Planet6a+ *202
365There's Always An Angle5c 216
366HairlineE1 5c 1
367Absolutely Amazing Climb IIE2 6a 1
368The Unrelenting Wit of David TurnbullE4 6b 3
369Death of Fridays6a+ 17
370problem F *V3 6a 11
371Problem G *V2 5c/6a 8
372Problem H *V2 5c *3
373Prospect GullyD 1
374Peregrines Picnic *E1 5b 1
375Nails vellardVS 4c 1
376Thanks For A Lovely Girdle6b 2
377Ghetto Bouteille8a ***1
378All About That Bass7c 1
379Tonight at Noon Direct8a+ *2
380Drugstore Cowboy Variation8b+ ** 
381Cellar Traverse V7 **1
382Fallingwater8c *1
383Fallingwater (Left)8a *1
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James Moyle - 14/Jun/09
Cycled past this today (5th july) and theres been a big rockfall. Seems to have taken out a lot of the right hand side of the wall. Probably safest to leave the entire thing alone untill it gets cleaned up.
remtherockclimber - 05/Jul/08