Dalkey quarry

Climbs 350 – Rocktype Granite – Altitude 82m a.s.l – Faces ?

Crag features
Location: Ireland - Co. Dublin

Guidebook: Dalkey, published by the MI.

See Also: Bouldering In Ireland, David Flanagan,ISBN 978-0-9567874-3-9

Access notes
Located in a public park (Killiney Hill Park)

10 min walk from DART (Dalkey Station)

Ample free car parking in park, entrance via Dalkey Avenue. Please don't park on Ardbrugh Road.

Dalkey Quarry (2005)

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
2ArrowHS 4b
3Arrow HeadVD
4No SweatVD
6Faery FeetVS 4b
7Tipp ToedVS 4c
8Gwynne's ChimneyVS 4c *
9Hoochie Couchie CouloirE1 5c *
10SalaciaVS 4b
12CenotaphHVS 5a
13SepulchreVS 4c
14AiseiriHVS 5a
15Long Arm Of The LawE1 5b *
16Superior AirsE1 5b
17Central RibVS 4c
18RaptureE5 6b **
19Great Central RouteE3 6a **
20MariconE3 5c **
21Pink Fluffy CloudsE4 5c
22South Central AreteD
23Great GullyD
24Morning ShadeHS a1
25SlapstickE7 6b **
26SpandexE6 6b **
27Return of the JediE5 6b *
28Yellow Line RiderE1 5b
29Central ButtressE1 4a,5b, ***
30Hari Kari GrooveE3 5c **
31Porn for FunE4 6a **
32Soft TouchE4 6a
33Port CullisE4 6a ***
34AstrodogE2 5c **
35Clito From SpacoE3 5c
36WindhoverHVS 5b
37XanaduE1 5c
38SpiralS 4a
39Brown SugarHS 4a
40Savage GullyVD
41Savage AreteVS 4a,4b *
42Savage RibHS 4a
43Cathy CrackersVS 4b
44Toasted SpecialHVS 5a
45DistrustVS 4c
46Distrust DirectHVS 5a
47ThrustHVS 4c,5a ***
48Crime in the CityE4 6a **
49Myasta JunctionE5 6a *
50ArcadiaE2 5c
51PreambleVS 4c
52Giant's StaircaseS 3c **
53Gulf CrisisE3 6a *
54Bitter AftertasteE6 6a **
55The PrisonerE5 6a ***
56Graham CrackersHVS 5a ***
57Cell Block HE1 5b **
58After MidnightE2 5b *
59Tower Ridge DirectE2 5c **
60FrenzyE1 5b *
61Praying MantisE3 5c *
62Tower RidgeD **
63Flake OutHS 4b
64Boulder RibM
65Chockstone GullyM
66ShadowdancerE1 5b
67Crom DubhS 3c
68Time BurnerHS 4b,3c
69HeliosVS 4c ***
70HotheadE2 5b **
71In AbsentiaHVS 5a ***
72Ultima ThuleE1 4b,5b *
73HyperionVS 4b,4c ***
74HyjackE2 5c
75SamsonE2 5b
76Brain DamageHVS 5a
77QE2 5c
78Jody Sue on the BrainE1 5c
79FalconiusHS 4b,4a
80PurgatoryE3 5c *
81PreacherHVS 4b,5a *
82Visions of the Emerald BeyondE3 5c
83Wits EndD
84PrealpinaS 3c
87Black Hand GangVD
89Butler ArmsD
91North GullyM
92GraveS 3c *
93PilasterVS 4c ***
94Crash LandingE1 5b **
95Pan PanE3 6a
96Cruise AreteE4 6b
97Solitary ConfinementE5 6b ***
98BushmillsE1 5b *
99Creeping ParalysisE2 6a
100Sham GullyVS 5b
101CyquestVS 5b
102Cirrus MinorE1 5b *
103Bracket WallHVS 5a **
104Five-Two-QE2 5c
105CharlestonHS 4b *
106Charleston DirectVS 4c **
107NotoriousE2 5c **
108Blood CrackHVS 5b *
109Slab and NotchD
110West Valley ChimneyS 3c
111KeyholeVS 4c
112Flat Slab GroovesS 4a
113Flat Slab DirectVD
114SiestaVS 4b
115SpailpinE1 5c *
116KowabungaE1 5c *
117MahjonggVS 4c **
118Died IntestateHVS 5b
119LevitationHS 4b *
120Gardener's JoyD
121FragileHS 4b
122Paradise LostVD ***
123MoonlighterVS 4b
124Still StormingVS 4c
125Solid StateVS 4c
126Jacob's LadderVD
127ScarfaceHS 4b
128Central Gullynone
129Mason's RouteVS 4b
130ScavengerVS 4c **
131ExertionHVS 5a *
132A RouteD
133C RouteHS 4b
134D RouteS 4a ***
135E RouteVS 4b **
136Body FluidE5 6c *
137Body StretcherHVS 5b *
138F RouteHS 4b **
139GapHVS 5a
140West WallS 4a
141AsteriskE6 6b **
142The Green FoolE5 6b ***
143Gargoyle GrooveHVS 5b ***
144Gargoyle Groove DirectE1 5b ***
145TantalusHVS 5a
146Fifth AvenueHS 4b *
147Twenty Third StreetHVS 5a
148Easy Gully Escape RouteHVS 5b
149Not So Easy GullyE3 6a
150Easy GullyM
151Hen's RaceVD
152FrescoS 4a
153Winder's FunnelVS 4c
154Rasberry RippleVS 5a *
155Winder's SlabVS 4b **
156Little WingE1 5b *
157Winder's CrackD **
158Bird BrainE6 6b
159Northern ExposureE6 6b
160Paul's EdgeHVS 5a **
161Illegitimate GullyD
162LushE7 6c *
163SchizoE4 6a *
164Brain DrainE5 6b *
165For Your Eyes OnlyE3 5c
166Peter PanS 3c
167Pit PatS 4a
168ChomolungmaE6 6b **
169Torchie Flies WestHVS 5a
170Great EasternHVS 5b *
171Southern ComfortVS 4b
172Dillon's DawnE5 6c
173The GnasherE2 6a **
174BinglesteinVS 4b *
175Fall OutS 4a
177GrabberVS 5a
180Ground HogHS 4a
181BadgeHVS 5b *
182Jameson 10VS 4b ***
183Tom TitE2 6a **
184SuperetteHVS 5a **
185DelectissimaS 4a *
186CalypsoS 4a
187TrampVS 4c **
188ShuffleE1 5c
189Dirty DickVS 4b *
190The RackE3 6a
191DamphommerVS 4c
192PseudoS 4a
194Orcist Goblin-CleaverHS 4b
195Ivy SoapHVS 5b
196K-SquaredVS 4c *
197SquuezyE2 5b
199BlackwindS 4a
201Ivy ChimneyS
202Ex-Ivy WallHVS 5b
203DamoclesS 4a
204YeppS 3c
205TenashityE1 5c *
206You and MeHVS 5a
209Hanging AroundE2 6a
210HolymoacHS 4b
211Holymoac DirectE2 5c
212ErewhonE2 5b **
213Street FighterVS 4c **
214The ShieldE2 5c ***
215Waiting For The SunE4 6b
216Lucky ManE4 6b
217OzymandiasE4 6a **
218Fraggle RockHS
219Eliminate AVD ***
220Eliminate A DashVS 4b **
221Return to InnocenceE3 5c
222Eliminate B DashVD *
223Eliminate BD *
224Up Slide RunVS 4c
225Eleven's a CrowdVS 4c
226Eliminate CD
227Eliminate DD
229Eliminate D DashVD
230Sentry BoxD
231Eliminate ED
232Jelly BeanS 4a
233Jelly BabyHS 4b
234Nelson's EndS 3c
235Smouldering StirrupsE2 6a *
236Mad as a HatterE3 6a
237Blazing SaddlesE2 5c **
238JoasVS 4c
239DiademE1 5b
240Jingle BellsE2 6a
241The ragged EdgeE3 6a
242Alter-EgoE2 6a
243Ground ZeroE2 6a
244Custodian ConductE3 6b
246NecropolisE1 5b
247DetritusVS 4c
248Re-EntryHVS 5a
250High True Buffer ClearHVS 5a
251Ice CreamE4 6a
252Greenland CrackE3 6a
253The AreteVS 4c
254BrachialS 3c
255DactylicS 3c
256The MusketeersS 4a
257Waltzing MatildaD
259SuasS 3c
261Appetite for DestructionE5 6a **
262RipsnorterE5 6a **
263Indecent AssaultE7 6c **
264AlexandriaE6 6b **
265The GhostE2 5b ***
266HauntedE5 6a ***
267The Bogey ManE6 6a
268The Phantom Rasberry BlowerE5 5c ***
269SpectreE6 6a
270PoltergeistE4 5c *
271The ExorcistE2 5c
272Yorkshire PuddingHS 4b **
273Hung OverE3 6a *
274Honeypot CrackS 3c **
275The CrucibleE3 6a
276MasochistE3 6a *
277El CaminoE4 6b
278Space ShuttleE3 6b **
279Lunar LandingE2 5b
280Voltas, Vortic, VectorE3 6b
281LumberjackS 4a
282Silver LiningHS 4c
283Slab RouteD
285OggieS 4a
286FangHVS 5a **
287Skid RowHVS 5b
288Stereo-TentaclesHVS 5a ***
289HiatusHS 4b
290Drifter's EscapeVS 4b
291ShattS 4a
292EclipseS 4a
293SubpoenaHS 4b
294AssassinHVS 5a *
295TriptychVS 4c
296DiphthongS 4a *
297Slabs WallD
298Drinker's DirectVD
299Drinker's DelightVD
300Need a DrinkE4 6b
302Inside StraightHVS 5b
303Occam's EdgeHVS 5b
304Enter CertE2 6b
305DynamicS 3c
307Up a Gum TreeD
308Pooh's CornerD
310Ivy Wall Problem 1f5
311Ivy Wall Problem 2f6A
312Ivy Wall Problem 3f5+
313Ivy Wall Problem 5f5
314Ivy Wall Problem 6f4
315Ivy Wall Problem 7f4
316Ivy Wall Problem 8f5+
317Ivy Wall Problem 9f4
318Ivy Wall Problem 10f4
319Ivy Wall Problem 12f6B+ **
321Traverse Wall Problem 1f4+
322Traverse Wall Problem 2f5+
323Traverse Wall Problem 3f3
324Traverse Wall Problem 4f5
325Traverse Wall Problem 5f5+
326Traverse Wall Problem 6f4
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A decent city crag with a great veriety of climbs. Advice worth passing on is to stay away at weekends and bank holidays when the place is "Full of BBQs & top ropes"
PaulWatson - 27/May/09