Ailladie (Burren, Co. Clare)

Climbs 200 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude ? – Faces W

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Best coastal limestone in the world! Fact!

Climbs in the Burren and Aran Islands (2008), Climbing Guide to The Burren (2008)

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
1CrippleVS 4c
2DodoHVS 5a
3CraterS 4b
4GogoHS 4b *
5CeiliE1 5c
6Open Air FlakeVS 4c
7O'Connor's CornerD
8LisdoonfaroutHS 4a
9Altered ImagesE1 5c
10UncontrollableE4 6b *
11No ControlE3 6a
12Ground ControlVS 4c **
13PhoenixHVS 5a
14JumboHVS 5a
15Jumbo (direct)HVS 6a
16WaspE2 6a
17MosquitoE2 6a
18JetHVS 5a
19SpitfireE1 5b
20The OceanE2 6a
21OrcaE2 6a
22UndertowE3 6a
23DaggerE1 5a
24MutcherHVS 4c
25AngelE3 6a
26Atomic RoosterE1 5b **
27PreacherE1 5a/b
28Preacher-HecklerE1 5a
29GenesisHS 4b **
30StonedE3 5c *
31Bonnain BuiVS 4c **
32Substantial DoubtsE4 6a **
33NutrockerHVS 5a
34Up in SmokeE3 5c
35Saddleback SowHVS 5b
36Pink Posy SlabE1 5b
37AmhrasachHS 4b
38Son Of SamE1 5c *
39Route 32E2 6a **
40BlasketE1 5c
41RollerballE3 5c **
42Forbidden KinkE6 6c
43Gallows PoleE2 5c ***
44Marchanded CrackE2 5b **
45Midnight Summer DreamE3 5c **
46Desolation RowE4 6a **
47SunbaneE6 6b/c **
48SunstoneE3 6a ***
49EliminatorE5 6b ***
50KleptomaniacE3 6a ***
51EarthlingE6 6c
52Grey DawnE5 6b **
53Point BlankE4 6b **
54PointlessE4 6a
55LucyE2 5c **
56StigmataE6 6b ***
57BlockheadE5 6b ***
58SkywalkerE2 5c **
59Moments Of InertiaE3 6a **
60High ProfileE3 6a
61Moon RillVS 4c *
62StardustE3 5c *
63Very Big SpringsE6 6b ***
64Line of FireE2 5b **
65Ice QueenE5 6a ***
66Wall of fosselsE4 6a ***
67Fall of wosselsE4 6b ***
68Hang AboutE2 5c
69LaddaVS 4c *
70Box of Chocks HVS 5a
71Promised Land E1 5b
72Hooked on CrackE1 5b
73Flaws In The GlassE5 6a **
74RefractionE5 6a ***
75Virtual imageE4 6a ***
76The CutterE4 6a ***
77Through the Looking GlassE3 5c ***
78The RampE1 5b ***
79QuicksilverE5 6a ***
80Obscene SardineVS 4c *
81TemptationE4 6a
82Black BaronE2 5b **
83JokermanE6 6b **
84Damm the TorpedoesE6 6b ***
85SharkbaitE5 6b ***
86Pis FliuchHVS 5a ***
87Pis LargoE3 5c
88GarbhE2 5b **
89Western PrideE2 5c **
90The Horizontal DanceE2 4c, 5b
91Jug cityVS 4c **
92The WeedE4 5c
93The EmigrantE2 5c **
94The RackE5 6a **
95SirenE3 5c **
96Song to the SirenE2 5c *
97Heart Full Of ArrowsE5 6a ***
98The Happiness that HurtsE7 5c, 6c ***
99Black WidowHVS 5b
100SeabirdE1 5b ***
101Thin IceE3 6a
102The Vein7b ***
103The VeinE7 6c
104ReprieveE2 5c
105The Crosley Show7b ***
106Bing Crosley7b+ ***
107The Keep? E3 5c
108Splash DownE1 5b
109Doolin RougeE1 5a
110Great Balls of FireHVS 5a ***
111Black MagicHVS 5a ***
112Salt RopeE3 6a *
113The Power of the HoboE7 6c ***
114Peanut Butter Special *VS 4b **
115Key Largo *E3 5c **
116Peanut Sheller *HVS 5a *
117Dart *HS 4a
118Pink Cleft *D
119Route 1 *HS 4b
120Nostril Capers *HVS 5b
121Ying Yang *HVS 5b
122Lisdoon Farout *HS 4b
123Mad Mackerel *HS 4a
124Jonathan *MS
125Zebedee *E4 6a **
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Utterly brilliant crag!
submariner - 28/Aug/13