Boulder Ruckle

Climbs 219 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude 22m a.s.l – Faces S

Crag features
A good selection of routes in the VS to HVS range as well as a few harder challenges. Committing abseil approach and difficult escape typical of the Ruckle. Mostly non-tidal.

Access notes
No climbing on parts of the crag, 1 Mar-31 Jul due to nesting birds.

Walk down the tarmac road from Durlston Car Park then head west (right - looking out) along the coast path. A cliff-top track runs below this and the abseil stakes are found near this lower path. The first area arrived at takes a 10 minute walk and the furthest area takes 20 minutes. 14 fence posts after the first stone wall passed on the Coast Path, a small path leads straight down to a large tubular ‘Old Faithful’ abseil stake (with back up). This is 200m from the lighthouse and leads to a larged fin-backed boulder.
Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

South West Climbs - Volume 1 (2012), Dorset (2012), West Country Climbs (2010), Dorset Route Database (2000),
Out of print: Dorset 2005 - Fax19 (2005), Dorset 2000 - Fax11 (2000)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Paradise StreetS 4b *4
3The Roaring Forties *E2 5b 1
4SiriusE3 5b *20
5Wild at HeartE4 6a 1
6Punks in PowerE5 6b **2
7The Lean MachineE5 6a ***30
8Surge ControlE5 6b ***5
9The Roaring BoysE6 6b * 
10Apex CornerE1 5a, 4c 6
11Charge of the Wild HorsemenE1 5b 2
12Charge of the Light BrigadeE1 5b 2
13High NoonE2 5b 2
14Primrose HillE1 5a 2
16Le Jaune MechaniqueE4 5c *1
17BarracudaE4 5c ***32
18Tuna LickE5 6a * 
19Ocean BoulevardE3 5b ***149
20Mother AfricaE4 6a ***44
21The Great Hunter House Milk RobberyE5 6a *1
22Wall of the WorldsE5 6a ***49
23The Last Hurrah of the Golden HordeE3 5c 8
24The RampS 4a 23
25The White RabbitVS **2
26The Mad HatterVS 4c *2
27Indian PacificE5 6a ** 
28The First Och Aye of the Tartan ArmyE3 5b *1
29Screaming Blue MessiahE3 6a  
30Queen of CarpE5 6b  
31Old Ghosts (Scare Me Most)E3 6a 2
32JonahVS 4b 11
33Road to RuinE2 5b 1
34In TriplicateHVS 5b 1
35Due Care and AttentionHS 4a 18
36Displacement ActivityE1 5b 3
37HigginsVS 4c 10
38Jericho GrooveHS 4b *159
40Cold ComfortHVS 4c 1
41Cold Comfort VariationVS 4b *1
42VicissitudeVS 4c 4
43Black SunshineHVS 4c **163
44Dark Side of the SunE1 5b **29
45Springbok RouteVS 4c 1
46Nassty SpiderE2 5c *23
47AventuraHVS 4c **220
48Judgement DayE2 5c 4
49Death is a GiftHVS 5a 12
50Bottomless ButtressHS 4b *283
51The Red QueenHVS 4b *2
52The Dead Can't JudgeHVS 4c *3
53AndycapHVS 4b, 4c 2
54TimHS 7
55Silhouette AreteVS 4c **200
56The FinE5 6a **1
57Cima PetiteE4 6a **2
58LukeE1 5b 2
59RhinoHVS 4c,4c 6
60Tomorrow's GriefVS 4c 23
61FetishHVS 5a 3
62MidgeE2 5b 2
63The CorpseE1 5a 1
64MoonrakerVS 5a 4
66Sun StreetsE2 5b *16
67SnowdropE1 5b *26
68St. Elmo's FiréE3 5c **12
69ThunderballE1 5b ***110
70JoHVS 5a ***172
71ThorHVS 5b *11
72Relax and SwingE5 6a ***2
73Sardine SpecialE5 6b * 
74Jug IndexE4 6b * 
75Future PrimitiveE4 6b * 
76DogwatchE3 5c 2
77Coral SlabsE3 5c 2
78MongooseE3 5b 2
79RainbowVS 4b 3
81AspVS 4c **23
82EnosVS 4c 2
83Mr PunchE1 4c/5a *2
84Cloud NineHVS *5
85Hard Day's NightHVS 4c 3
86Prayers for RainE3 5c *2
87The Grim ReaperE1 5a *21
88Alas, Poor YorickE4 6a * 
89ScytheE3 5b *3
90Talking to the AngelE4 6a 1
91Razor Blade SmileE5 6c * 
92Blow the House Down (rockfall 2014)E3 5c *1
93Gold FeverE4 5c * 
95IliumE1 5b 2
96Larus (pre 2008 Rockfall)E1 5b 18
97Larus (reclimbed after 2008 rockfall)E1 5b 4
98Joe 90E5 6a **4
99Flying FinishE2 5b *13
100Alice (flying fish to Buccaneer link up)E2 5b *2
101Billy PiggE1 5b **82
102RattlerE1 5b *26
103Fish SupperE3 5c *9
104SinbadE1 5b **67
105Mickey MouseE3 6a ***23
106BuccaneerE2 5b ***94
107IshmaelE3 5b 1
108CutlassE5 6a * 
109Bosun's WallHVS 5a *16
110Coxwain's RouteVS 4c 2
111SheerlineVS 4c 10
112KittiwakeVS 4b 5
113DiagonalHVS 5a,4c 12
114High Tide and Green GrassVS 5a 7
115No DiagonalHVS 5a *2
116DandruffHVS 4c  
117Smokestack LighteningE1 5b 2
119Koo-KooE2 5c *6
120RIPHVS 4c 11
121Wide Awake in AmericaE6 6b **1
122Sweet and SourVS 4c 3
123Boatpusher's AreteE5 6a *1
124Finale GrooveHVS 4c ***431
125The Cheshire CatHVS 4c **1
126Rif RafHVS 5a/5b 2
127'B' LineVS 5a **52
128Buzz LightyearHVS 5a **44
129Sweet SAVS 5a **90
130Sea LionHVS 5b, 4b *4
131All Guns BlazingE3 6a *6
132The Heidelberg CreatureVS 4c **247
133The CaterpillarE2 5b **1
134Children of the SunE2 5b **7
135The ToolE2 5b **48
136The Tool ( Bad workmen Finish)E3 5b 2
137Man or MuppetE2 5c *1
138Bert and ErnieE2 5b **5
139Promotion to GloryE3 6a *1
140Tatra DirectE2 5c 8
141Vysoke Tatry (Tatra Direct - new top pitch)E2 5b/c **7
142Tatra (before 2014 rockfall)VS 5a ***215
143Tatra (after 2014 rockfall)E1 5b **16
144Marmolata AreteE4 6a *4
145Marmolata ButtressE3 5c **27
146Marmolata CombinationE1 5b *26
147MarmolataE2 5c 7
148The Mock TurtleE2 5b **2
150Director's GrooveHVS 5a *90
151Director's Groove / Ashes and Diamonds comboVS 4c 7
152FreddyE2 5c 3
153Ashes and DiamondsE1 5b 26
154Windy CityE1 5a 11
155Canned HeatE1 5b 7
156Lightning WallHVS 5a ***393
157Lightning Wall DirectHVS 5a/b ***7
158ElysiumE1 5b ***255
159The Adventures of Portland BillE2 5b **34
160BrisingamenE5 6b *2
161Singing WindsE4 6a **18
162Dune DustE4 6a **18
163Thunder GrooveHVS 5b **97
164GypsyE2 5b ***135
165StrongbowE1 5b **82
166VorticesE2 5c **30
167The MaceE5 6b * 
168AcapulcoE4 6a **10
169StrophanthinHVS 5a 16
170The PlanetE3 5c **10
171White DwarfE2 5c *7
172XimenesE2 5c ***44
173Tiger MothE1 5b 4
174The MutinyE1 5b 1
175GimcrackVS 4b *33
176QuasimodoHVS 5a 2
177Leave It to the BirdsE3 5c 1
178Fury 161E1 5b 1
179VictoriaVS 4c/5a 3
180Winters TaleE3 5c 1
182October LadyE1 5b **36
183Ice QueenE5 6a **1
184Sun KingE4 6a *5
185JasperHVS 4c *58
186NunentityHVS 5a 5
187Via ConcordiaE2 5b *5
188Big BerthaE2 5c *7
189Old FaithfulVS 4c **198
190Nineteen to the DozenHVS 5a *7
191Baker's DozenVS 4c *22
192Black CrackHVS 5a *10
193ArgoHVS 5a **30
194The Ancient MarinerE2 5b **3
195The Golden FleeceHVS 5a **58
196Moose's ToothE3 6a **6
198BehemothHVS 5a ***106
199Soul SacrificeE3 5b ***40
200On Life's EdgeE4 6a * 
201Kingdom ComeE6 6b ** 
202White HorseE2 5b *10
203Dublin PacketHVS 5b **7
204Anger is an EnergyE5 6b * 
205PoseidonHVS 4a,5a 4
206HermesVS 4c 6
207SparkyE5 6b * 
208Let the Punka BurnE3 6a *1
209Too PreciousE6 6b ** 
210LaurenceE2 5b *2
211PrudenceHVS 5b **30
212GanymedeE1 5b **15
214In the Heat of the NightE1 5c *1
215CallistoHVS 5b *7
216InsectitudeVS 4c *5
217Airy LegsVS 4c **49
218Nutcracker Exit 2HVS 4c **36
219InsecticideE2 5b **5
220WarriorsE1 5b *15
221WarHVS 5b *22
222IntersectionS *36
223The Long GoodbyeHVS 4c **24
224Seventh WaveVS 5a *18
225Second SightVS 5a *15
226Loony on the LooseE2 5c 1
227The Boulder Ruckle Girdle TraverseE1  
228Jugs in Space *E4 6a 1
229Silouette Arete *VS 4c 1
230Jericho Grove *HS 4b 1
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in all likelyhood t-shirt weather
uncontrollable - 08/Dec/12
does anyone know what, this place is like in January?
konna - 14/Jan/12
Do NOT rely on Larus as an escape route, or a route for that matter. Easiest solid route in Boulder Ruckle Central is now E1. The rockfall appears to extend close to the break and belay half way up. May affect routes immediately left of Larus (only in CC guide) as well.
IainAM - 31/Aug/09
I meant Larus HS
lmarenzi - 07/May/08
Abbed in off Marmolata Buttress on May 2nd. Either my eyesight is going or what used to be Jason HS is now mostly part of the boulders in the sea.
lmarenzi - 05/May/08