El Chorro - Lower Gorge

Climbs 104 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude 300m a.s.l – Faces all

Crag features
The massive defile of El Chorro's signature feature 'The Gorge' is one of Andalucia's most famous landmarks, made all the more significant by the Walkway (or Camino del Rey - King's Path); the narrow man-made walkway that clings to the walls of The Gorge. The Walkway was built in around 1905 to enable access and inspection to the workings in The Gorge and named after the visit of King Alfonso XIII in around 1921. Over the years the Walkway has fallen into disrepair and some sections have disappeared or been removed.

For climbers the Walkway has become one of the great attractions of El Chorro since it offers an atmospheric approach to many of the routes, and adds dizzying exposure to the climbing right from the first move. Despite these attractions, the climbing focus in El Chorro has moved away from The Gorge in recent years and many of the routes are becoming neglected although the best climbs still see ascents, especially in hot weather. The two big multi-pitch classics of Africa and Zeppelin remain as popular as they have ever been.

Approach notes
Follow the road uphill past the El Chorro Refugio and take the first left at a sharp bend. Follow the road past the entrance to the campsite and along the side of the lake until the road turns inland and a huge railway bridge comes in to view - park on the left. Walk up the higher track above the gated road (the gated road leads directly on from the parking) that climbs to a point that overlooks The Gorge entrance, Green Bridge and railway entrance tunnel (this is where the guards are usually positioned). From here, drop down to some tall railings and traverse left on the outside, above a culvert, to where they end. Then go down left of the bridge to a scree slope that leads to the start of the via ferrata. Using this approach avoids the need to cross any of the rail tracks or the Green Bridge). The Walkway can then be used to access all the sectors in The Gorge. It is also possible to pass through The Gorge, drop down and cross the river to access Los Cotos or El Polvorin.

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Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
1Rayito de lunaE3 5c ***2
3Diedro de Hercules6b+ 1
4Luz verde7b * 
5La cupla la tiene el bar de Isabel7a 2
6Fruto prohibido8b  
7Valla plan6c+ 1
8Arco de Goliath7c+ *** 
9Ace ventura8a ***7
10El ultimo rayo del sol7a+ **27
11Ventura con dos tacones7b+ *1
12Ventura con bragus mojadas7a *3
13Aixa matinae7c 1
14Les cutres6b+ *3
15Demócratos y christianos7a+ *2
16No seas pesada nena6c+ *5
17Camino Shuffle7b *4
19El techito del pirata6a *7
20La ampola6a *1
21Octopus dei6c *6
22Victima de la evidence6a *1
23Empotrador atómico5c *1
24Zapatillas jebe7a * 
26Ventana en el tropico7a+  
27Camino sin ander6a+  
28Sendero luminoso6b 1
29Polva de angel?  
30Apache7a+ **2
31Hartelo7b **2
32Sangre latina6c **2
33La tregua del pedal7c+ **1
34Santimonia6c+ **9
35Desos de domino7a+ **3
36Jabega7b+ 1
37Moco de hierro6c 6
38Libertad de movimiento7a+  
39Lobo de mar7a+  
41Chupa la gamba6c * 
43Enimigo público7b+  
44Jauja7a+ * 
45E por doquier8a+ *1
46Granainos '856b  
47Atlética y llorica7b 1
48Una española nunca mea sola7b+ **1
51Page Maker7b+  
52Cangreo8c+ * 
53Monsters Forever8b * 
55Material belico6a * 
56Africa6b+ ***19
57La bella y la bestia7a+ **2
58Chiripitiglauticos6b+ **2
59La dame del viento7a ***1
60Cuando se lo diga a mis amigos6c+ *1
62Verdonia5a 2
63Moloko plus6c+ *1
64Enano pagano6c+ *1
65Harte drogadisto5c 1
67Pixci6b+ 3
68Dixci6c+ 3
69La canastera7b+ **2
70Sangre nueva7a **6
71Tipo sueca7a ***30
72Caligula (Pitch 1)6c+ **5
73Calígula7b+ ***3
74El campista7b+ *2
75Musas inquientantes8a ***4
76Todos pretenden saber6c+ **1
77Los gozas y las sombras7a ** 
78King Kong6b+ *5
79Indio Jumeli6c *4
80El Recodo6a+ *8
81Six Vicious6b+ *5
82Tu mismo7a+ *2
83Sietebe del plumero7b+ *3
84Miss dedos6c+ *3
85Cachito6c 2
86Nachito6b 2
87Iriquieza7c+ **5
88Iriquieza (P1)7b+ ***2
89Hari-kiri8c+ *** 
90Bon Voyage6c ***10
91Lluvias otoñales5c *3
92Epi y blas5c *21
93La musa chica6c *8
94Rasta de posta6b+ *7
95Come unas6a+ *14
96Bob Marley7c **1
97Los capitalistas7c+  
98Rovicunda6b *16
99Haale Bop6a+ *6
100Maestro Golpeador6b 1
102Zeppelin6c+ ***74
103Mar de Venus8c  
104Shaka zulu8b ***1
105Perspectiva neiwski8b+ * 
106Gresca gitana8a+ ** 
107Camino del Rey2 ***300
108Calvon7c 1
109Camino del ReyVF1A 35
110Apache L16b *2
112Jabega izquierda8b+ *** 
113Polva de Angel8b+ ** 
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Does anybody know the situation now that the Camino has been repaired and opened to the public? Is it still possible to climb in the gorge?
Kieran Duncan - 20/Aug/15